Feminism, its everywhere

Victoria in Kiev

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, American Men are every bit as feminist as American women. Whenever I talk about this subject at a bar-b-que or a cocktail party, often the men argue with me more than the women. One time I had a man tell me that women and men were equal in every way and he wouldn’t want it any different. As he was talking, I watched his wife and she looked embarrassed. If I could read her mind I could almost hear, “I wish my husband wasn’t such a pussy.”

But once you begin to analyze how Western Society has transformed from thousands of years of male-female relations you begin to see how we have twisted the natural order of the relationships between men and women. Sometimes, as in the bilboard above, feminism is subtle, it invades and permeates our entire society and our children are indoctrinated to believe that equal = normal. Sneaky little subversions of masculinity and traditional femininity pervade our society until it becomes normal and if you suggest otherwise, you are some kind of deviant.

The billboard above, I saw it on arrival back to the US at one of America’s busy airports. It seems like a nice enough message, help young women in Kenya. The whole “save Africa” theme has been a Western favorite since the original famines in Ethiopia in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Have a look at this billboard. Do you see what I mean?

Even if you like the idea of helping out young women in the third world, this ad just reeks of anti-male based feminist bashing. I quote the first sentence:

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Working with communities to provide education for young Kenyan girls who would otherwise be forced into early marriage and a lifetime of hardship. (emphasis added)

In one sentence, this ad subtly suggests that – for women – marriage equals a “lifetime of hardship.” It isn’t bad enough that we go around the world and dictate to everyone else how to live their lives, but to go and say that your way of life is inferior, you should change to mine, I think it is disgusting. And now, we’re collecting donations to go and change the society in another country because we don’t like their male-female relations.

About a quarter to a third of American women have psychological conditions and the highest rate for clinical depression among American women is in the 25-44 age bracket. What is happening in the lives of American women from 25 to 44 that causes “clinical depression?” For those without children, it is probably a lack of a traditional female role that their DNA misses. For those with children, they are bombarded by feminist-media assertion that being a mother or wife is inferior to a “Sex and the City” style of partying in a big city. Many women get conflicting influences and feel like they are missing out on something.

Fortunately, most women in Eastern Europe (and in Asia and South America) don’t have these hangups. It is very refreshing when you meet women who rejoice in being women. Women who neither want to be men nor want to compete with men.

If you haven’t noticed how much feminism pervades our society, start looking for it. Once you are a bit sensitive to it you will probably find yourself quite surprised at how pervasive it is.

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Victoria in Kiev

17 thoughts on “Feminism, its everywhere

  1. Scott,
    as always,
    well said, well done, good thinking…and fresh one too.
    why should i accept the idea behind that billboard ?
    why helping others in need has to have such a sick twist ?
    who is behind such sick thoughts….? …where they going with it ?
    whats the goal ?..and why ?

    I lived in the great USA all my life almost, by choice, and i have always said to my friends from middle east where i was born, that : there will be so many men from America in heaven one day, when they ask me why, i say, these guys have put up with so much crap from their second half on earth. so much of it…. :-)

    cheers, and keep up the good work Sir.


    • hahaha

      Enjoy heaven later for enduring American women today… now that’s a thought to think about!

  2. Here here and well said!

    Why should the ChildFund be doing anything at all to change marriage rituals in Africa? I dont see these organizations condemning the Catholic church for the 33% positive HIV cases in many African countries, but they will focus on this BS.

    And, well said about the mental illness of feminism in America…you reap what you sow…to all you crazy women: when you are feeling down on yourself because “it’s just never enough,” do us all a favor and permanently remove yourselves from the genetic pool. This is the best thing that you can do to ensure the happiness of future generations of women (and men).

  3. You’ve twisted the message of the billboard it does not have a sick twist. Children aren’t ready for marriage and sex ,it’s peadolatry. Also the roles of women in marriage and relationships are not affected by education ;indeed it helps some women feel happy they have a worth ,does you’re girlfriend have a job..

    • Western woman,

      I’m not sure what is “peadolatry,” – I thought you had stumped me with a new word but I can’t find it in the dictionary so I’m not sure what you mean.

      My point is this, who are we to go and meddle in the affairs of some other country? Why is it our “role” to save this country’s women when 2/3rds of our women are in therapy or on meds, our divorce rate is sky-high and we have so many social problems. Really, Western Society is going to teach what country ANYTHING about the “proper” roles for husband and wife?

      As I go around the world, I see that the women are much happier than in America. I saw women in Morocco doing HARD labor in the fields while the men sipped chai tea – and those women were much happier than our fat-thigh Starbucks guzzling urban Princesses. Most American women are unhappy not because of the role that they have. They are unahppy because feminism sold them a bill of goods that is bogus.

      Yes, my girlfriend has a job. Actually, she runs her own business and is very successful. And, she still makes breakfast and dinner every day. And I’m not talking soup out of a can, I’m talking gourmet meals.

      Let me ask, do you have a man in your life?

    • Now we are sending over our military to end child soldiers as well. $16 trillion in debt and we’re going to send spy drones and spend billions to save child soldiers in Africa. What a freaking waste of money and time – the founding fathers taught us to stay out of foreign wars. We should stay out of other country business because we are a mess here already. Look at divorce rate, we have no business telling any country how to conduct marriage rituals. Foolish.

    • I guess everything depends on perspective – you say that the message does not have a “sick twist.”

      What does a non-American Eastern European think about this message?

      I showed a copy of this pic to Alana last night and she said, “What is this for?” I said, “To save these young women from marriage.” To which she replied, “But they are happy. This is their role in their society and they are happy with it. Who are you (Americans) to come and tell them different? Your country has the highest divorce rate in the world. How arrogant.”

      And then she told me about a study she read that followed hundreds of thousands of Indian Women, (in India, US, Canada, & UK) it asked if they would change the circumstances of their “arranged marriages.” With few exceptions, they all said that the mate that their parent selected for them was much better than they would have done for themselves.

      Tell that to a feminist and listen to her arguments.

  4. All the above comments + the original post — lots of assumptions. I believe the key word in the billboard above is ‘forced’. I don’t know what goes on in Kenya but all of you seem to know.

    • Who said forced? The AD says forced, have you been there? Have you seen it with your own eyes? Any Woman – anywhere in the world – who CHOOSES marriage, and also happens to be in a patriarchal society, is deemed “forced” by feminists.

      • First, I mean no disrespect. It is your blog. I like reading and thinking about the different viewpoints I find in your blog. Yes, the ad says forced, and no, I have not been there are seen anything with my own eyes. That was my point; I don’t presume to know, but you and previous posters do. Your assumption is that the author[s] of this ad use the word ‘forced’ to promote a Feministic agenda. You are simply assuming what you are trying to prove. This is circular reasoning. Maybe girls in Kenya ARE forced into marriage…I don’t know. Assuming that they are not is just as illogical. I posted to this string because it is [seemingly to me] shrill and laden with emotional ‘thinking’…reminding me of…you-know-who. I guess I want you to think about it.

        • Yes, maybe they are forced into marriage.

          So what.

          How is that our business?

          How does this mean that they will have unhappy lives?

          Alana was just telling me yesterday that she has Russian Girlfriends that married men from and live in Iran, Egypt and Turkey. She says, “Guess what, none of them are unhappy. None of them are ‘missing’ this ‘so-called women’s freedom’ that is so cherished in America.”

          As Americans (and other Westerners) we are very ethnocentric and believe that our standard of life is the best. And worse, we insist on pushing our lifestyle and values on others.

          This poster asks unhappy women in America to send money to Africa to “free” women who are happier than the women who are asked to send the $. Where is the logic in that?

          • Well, the poster is about *forced* marriage, which is a real thing – where YOUNG female children are married off to older men by their parents, which is different from your relating it to marriage as a societal value or thing in general, and from adult women marrying into cultures western women may see as oppressive. Whether those people are happy or not is different. If you believe the poster, that is what apparently happens in Kenya. Forced = coercion, against your will, hardly a progenitor of happiness no matter what your age.

            I think that bitterness is making you see Feminazism where it is not. I once had a friend who probably could be thought of as a Feminazi – once while we were out we had a flat tire and were off on a side street changing it. We both had the ability to ‘work on cars’ or whatever you want to call it, so we weren’t having any trouble. A man pulled over, got out of his car and asked us if we needed help. She just laid into him and said something like ‘oh, you think we are women so we don’t know what we are doing? No we don’t need help’. I bet he was very sorry he tried to help. She was really a bitch to him and I was horrified and embarrassed. The guy was just being nice and most of the time women would need help, but she was just hell bent and was seeing the ghost of male repression/sexism whatever, when it was not there. Really she was very ugly at that moment.

          • Sure Jennifer, you’re right, if you believe you, we all do.

            You write, “that is what apparently happens in Kenya. Forced = coercion”

            Your entire argument hinges on the point that the young woman (child as you call her) is “forced.” Says who? The person COLLECTING DONATIONS FOR THEIR CHARITY says so – this same person draws a salary from said charity. And even if I do believe it, once again, WHO CARES?

            It isn’t your country, your culture, your fight or your right to even complain. You complaining about how women are treated in Kenya is as ridiculous as a Wahhabi Saudi complaining that you get to use the internet and go into public without a male escort.

            America (and Americans) are so ARROGANT as to believe that we must “save” the women of the world from oppression. These are women who DON’T WANT TO BE SAVED.

            Its none of our business how they treat their women – I don’t buy the argument in the first place but even if you do, its still none of your business.

            Look at every country that has been INFECTED with feminism – feminism that starts off as “lets save these ‘girls’ from coercion and ‘forced marriage.'” It starts off there and then ends in the polluted society we have of destroyed families, broken marriages and women that no one wants to marry. Feminism in America ensures the existence of thriving sperm banks and miserable men (and women).

          • These women should spend their money fixing themselves up, learning some domestic skills, and learning how to shut up; then they might have a chance of being more of a woman than the so-called little girls they are trying to save. The funny thing is most of the women sending money to these non-profits would not have the balls (they wish they had) to go to these countries and try to talk or pull their sh#t!

  5. Oh come on! Taking two sentence fragments and combining them to take what i wrote out of context?? What you ‘quoted’ is misrepresentative and does not represent the idea behind what I actually wrote.

    • The whole point of your argument is that we should protect child brides in other countries. I’ll quote Alana, a woman’s responsibilities should be the following:

      1. Take care of her husband
      2. Take care of her children
      3. Take care of her parents

      if there is any energy left over, deal with “world issues.” Child brides in Kenya is at #4 on the list. I don’t see any billboards in the airport urging American women to take care of their husbands – instead, we should stick our fat noses into some other culture and insert out values.

      A “girl” becomes a “woman” in the US at age 18. Does that mean that a 14 year old bride in Kenya is a “girl?” No, girls become women in Kenya when they menstruate. You are taking YOUR culture and values and IMPOSING them on another country. This wrong, it has no place in the world and I seem to be the only one blasting it. We should all stand up for butting out of the rest of the world’s problems.

      I find it hysterical that a bunch of women in America, women without husbands, who will send money to this so called charity to fix a problem THAT DOESN’T EXIST.

      • I agree 100 percent. These American and Western women see that they can’t stack up to non western women. So what do they do? Instead of scrubbing and cleaning their own toilets, they spread their crap against the walls of others. I literally see it that way. Western women are the ones that are sick but instead of going to the doctor to treat their illness; they would rather attempt to spread their disease to others, so they can feel normal.

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