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Update: Looks like Victoria has found a man ~ we hope that it was a WWS subscriber! :-)

I’ve got another reason for you to go East – if you haven’t been to Eastern Europe yet, what are you waiting for?  This is Victoria who lives in Kiev, Ukraine.  She’s looking for a Western Man to start a new life with.  Her stats include fluent English, German & a bit of Spanish.  She is into fitness (clearly), sports & cooking.  How many American women are “in to” cooking?

I was just at a bar-b-que the other night.  I’m always asked if I have a photo of Alana when the subject comes up.  The reaction is always the same, “I’ve got to get to Russia!”  I hear the same when I’m in Eastern Europe – especially from the men on their first trip – most are in culture shock, they can’t believe the proportion of beautiful (and thin) women.  If you haven’t ever been to Eastern Europe, what are you waiting for?

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Most Americans that I talk to go to Cancun or to Hawaii for vacation.  You know, you can visit Ukraine for less than a trip to Hawaii.  Of course, you’ll miss something in Ukraine that you’ll find everywhere in Hawaii – bitchy, fat & feminist women.  I went to the mall a few days ago and I couldn’t believe the women in my own town.  I’m not just talking overweight – that’s a given.  I’m talking about the metro-sexual women’s dress – baggy clothes, short dikey hair, lip rings and bright pink hair.  It is almost as if some Western women have said, “Well, I’m fat and ugly, I might has well put the last nail in the coffin.”  It really is incredible how bad so many of the women are in America and the men eat it up as if it is normal.  Well, I guess it is normal, if you don’t know any better.

Let me just say this, I’ve NEVER met a guy at the airport as we are flying out of Russia or Ukraine saying, “I wish I had never come here.”  The ONLY thing I hear is guys talking about how much time they have to “serve” at work before they return East.

Well Men, if you haven’t made the journey East yet, give it a try.  For those of you that have been to the East and/or have dated an Eastern European Woman, we would love to hear from you – please leave a comment.

If I haven’t convinced you that you need to go to Eastern Europe, I leave you with this final reason:

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Feminism, its everywhere
What is it?

13 thoughts on “Victoria in Kiev

  1. wow your experiences are the exact same as mine are.

    I was just sitting in the mall here in Canada on a bench and resting watching everyone go by…

    I noticed all the fat ugly women… I mean really fat and ugly…
    The clothes to were really bad with most wearing sweat pants and hoodies or jean with all these holes in them… I also noticed many of the early 20’s girls with facial piercings, Gothic makeup, punk outfits…I mean it is incredible just how ugly and low the western women have become.

    Most look in desperate need of a haircut, shave and a bath I kid you not LOL…

    The only women I was remotely attracted to were the odd Asian girls walking by who must have immigrated to Canada in the last few years and still have a nice slender body and look after themselves a little bit.

    I also have some staff working for me and noticed their wives really looked great, they were Ukraine women, they seem nice and easy to talk to with very little or no attitude unlike the Canadian women here. I noticed this one Ukraine woman here in Canada even dressed up her young 6 year old daughter in a nice dress to go shopping in the mall, I not seen that here In Canada in years.

    I been going to Asia for years and really like the women their, I been researching about Ukraine now for 3 years and am tempted to go someday by reading this blog.

    Have you any experience with Asian women in the past like Philippines and how they compare to Eastern European women?

    Keep up this great blog it is a great inspiration to us all.

    • First, thanks for your comment. I’ve been meaning to write a post entitled “What is it?” and I think, after reading your letter, I’ll write it today.

      Yes, I’ve been to China 4 times, and to Thailand maybe 8 or 10 times. I had a Thai girlfriend some years ago. She was a stewardess for Emirates Airlines and we dated in Dubai. She was phenomenal; “Let me whip up a ‘quick lunch’ for you meant a 5 course meal that included steamed rice, fried chicken, beef on wooden skewers, spicy soup and some other delicious dishes. I liked her a lot and was sad that it did not work out.

      What I can say about Thai Women is that they view relationships just like any other transaction: the man provides income to the family, the wife keeps a clean house, cooks and raises the children. Of course Thai Women want to be romanced and swooned, but they are much more pragmatic about a Man’s role in the relationship. AND, they are willing to contribute their fair share. Find me a Canadian woman who will come home from a 3 day business trip, while you’ve been sitting on your ass watching TV and make you a 5 course meal. This was my situation and it further cemented in my mind what a waste of time Western women are.

      I suppose the biggest difference between a Ukrainian Woman and a Thai Woman is that there is a larger cultural divide. Sure there are differences between Canada and Eastern Europe, but at least both come from a similar Christian Society & the people are more ethnically similar. Really, so long as you find a Woman outside of Canada – who hasn’t been polluted by feminism, you’ll be WAAAAAAY ahead of the game. The second step is to check your own feminism – yes, if you grew up in the West, your a feminist. I’m a feminist, I have to fight it every day. “Fake it ’til you make it,” is what I’ve been doing and I’m becoming less and less feminist every year. And do you know what? My Russian Woman very much respects me for it.

      • I’m in the middle of a divorce after 25 years. I’m sure you have heard the story before. I was shocked when I looked at the online dating sites like match. Then I found your site. It opened my eyes and if I get married again I don’t think it will be with a western women.

        I was very interested in your last comment about us be feminist too. I’m sure I’m one. Heck I think I was in high school. How do you fake it? Before you do or say something, what lens do put it through to catch it? I think it would be a great blog post (hint).

        Thanks for a great blog.

        • A story I’ve heard (and seen) dozens of times over. A close friend of mine, married over 20 years, raised 3 great kids, he’s in good shape, still looks young, loves his wife – really, he spoils her. She’s never had to cook or clean, they had a nanny/cook/driver of sorts, all she had to do was whatever she wanted. He has a nice house, nice cars, boat, business, loves her, buys her flowers, etc. Not good enough, she meets some schmuck on Facebook who promises her the world and poof, 23 years of marriage is over. Of course, the guy on FB was a “one pump dump” scammer douchebag, but the damage is done. Western “Sex & The City” feminism teaches American Women that if they should expect to come home to rose pedals on the floor, a hot tub with fragrenced bubbles & cold champagne, a man to rub their back and listen to their woes and then give them 2 hours of oral sex and the man will expect nothing in return.

          And so, we have a lot of great men out there, who stray away from their wives. Why? because their wives don’t take care of them, don’t give them sex, they don’t treat them like men. Is it a surprise that a starving man will sneak food when no one is looking?

          Sure, there are good women in America, and men who are dogs. But it seems to me, as I talk to so many of my colleagues at work, friends and relatives at bar-b-ques and chat with people that I meet, it seems that Western women want a strong confident man, who is good looking and will listen to them for hours, and in return, he will look the other way while the dishes go unwashed, her ass grows ever larger, her appearance becomes more like an overweight Elen Degenerate, the children are unfed and she’s off at Starbucks gossiping about who’s doing who.

          My Alana greeted me at the airport in high heels, a tight skirt and she was made up like she was going to the prom. She is thin & fit and when we came home I found a fully stocked refrigerator & chilled champagne. Dinner was already cooked and as I sipped some cold bubbly, she reheated the succulent chicken she had made earlier with a side of boiled potatoes and a fresh salad. Despite being a full time working woman, she is still a gourmet cook who (daily) finds the time to cook all of my meals for me. Last night I tried to wash the dishes and she said that it was her “duty.” I did them anyways and said that because she is working and I am home all day, I can do them – and someday when I am working and she is at home with children, she can do them. She smiled and said I was the best man in the world.

          If this sounds foreign to you as an American/Brit/Aussie – you are probably younger than 50. This is how your father used to have it.

          As for being a feminist, yes, it is hard to shake this “idea” of “equality.” Alana and I talked about this and she laughed saying, “So, on the football team, everyone gets a vote? No, this won’t work. In the Army, everyone in the Platoon get’s to vote on when and where to attack? Sure, if you want to get everyone killed. In the Army, the same as in marriage, you must have a Captain.” I told her that she is going to be a lot of fun at cocktail parties in the US if she talks like this. She smiled and said, “You think I will upset the fat women?” We laughed…

          I’ll post more on “how to fake it til you make it” on feminism in the days/weeks to come.

  2. I been looking for a guy like you for a great many years Scott… What I mean is that a guy who I can talk to who has had my experiences and such….

    I wanted to hear from guys who have been to Thailand, China, Philippines etc but also to Eastern Europe who could compare the women and types of women in the countries and to see if it would be for me…

    Women from the west are the worst, I have not dated a western woman in in….

    Well since my teenage years, I had enough of that then already lol..

    I love Asian women alot, but when I started seeing pics from those Eastern European girls I thought it was to good to be true.

    My other problem is getting past all the scams in EU… As you know it is hard to find a website for dating and chatting you can trust and that is also in English for EU…In Asia there is so many, even many free ones are now a dime a dozen and so many speak English on those sites, and I like to try to get to know a girl first before I get on the plane to go halfway around the world…..

    In Eastern Europe I think I might have more in common with the traditions, foods etc. So this is why I looking this avenue now to, just that I could not find a site I could trust, Believe me when I tell you this I chatted and wrote many women before my trips to Asia and was trying to find the same for EU since I do not want to go blind…

    I now believe that Elena models just might be the missing piece I was looking for. With my experiences I can spot the scam sites a mile away and I think that Elena’s models looks the most legit to me of any of those sites plus the girls speak English in most cases so you can chat before you go to see if you have anything in common.

    I have not signed up yet, but I can tell alot just by looking at the site there is not girls popping on screen wanting to chat every 5 seconds like on other sites.

    I look forward to more articles by you as they are most interesting, and I can tell you I agree with you 100% with everything you have written on this site.

    Would you ever consider going back to Asia again Scott or is EU probably the place for you now?

    One thing I liked about the Philippines compared to Thailand is the fact it was also a christian society and all the girls spoke good English which was a big plus for me as compared to when I went to Thailand.

    Women outside of the west are the way women should be…. Caring loving, giving, romantic with feelings and compassion, not like the wo-(man) robots here they become.

    Plus they look like women and want to look like women and are proud of the fact that they are women…

    Women here in Canada love to play and watch hockey, and dress in hockey shirts and act like men and it is all to much for me to try to understand and to cope with let alone try to decipher..

    I must say you are a real education and I had to do thinking at times to search my mind and soul after reading your posts as they are most enlightening.

    Few guys have seen what we have seen and analyzed and figured all this out for themselves, so my hat off to you for that Scott and this wonderful website as well so others like myself can learn more.

    Take care for now and thank again for this site…

    • Thanks for the follow up reply. As for Asia, yes, I’m sure I’ll be going back, but probably as a honeymooner or a married man on vacation. I’m in a committed relationship with my Russian Woman on a fast track to marriage, so I have pretty much “cashed my chips in” when it comes to dating. I will be traveling back and forth to Russia visiting family, and other countries for work, so, as time allows, I’ll continue to blog as work and time allow. Just FYI, I arrived to Moscow only 3 or 4 days ago and as the jet-lag clears and I have some time to write, I’ll be putting up some more site content.

  3. All this is is desperate-for-a-green-card eastern euro trash women. Way to pose near a lamp post like a common street walker. Desperate to get into North America and out of your war-torn hell hole. And a ton of NA women enjoy cooking. You sound like an idiot!

    • I am always amused when Western women comment on this blog using Men’s names. As if we will take their arguments with greater weight if we think we’re talking with a bro.

      Well Jay, I can say that your argument is flat wrong an based on insidious stereotypes:

      Most Eastern European Women aren’t clamoring for a Green Card. Of ALL of the retired Men I’ve met, most of their Women prefer to stay in Eastern Europe and have their Men immigrate to them (Eastern Ukraine being the latest exception). This is a regular tactic of fat & feminist Western women who can’t compete for a Man – bash the competition! It is no different than a labor union crying about foreign labor that does it faster, better, cheaper and with a better attitude.

      As for your vile accusation that a thin and feminine dressed woman looks like a “prostitute,” shame on you! You should merely say how pretty and feminine they are – no doubt while you bemoan your inability to walk 150 meters or to put down the bag of Cheetos.

      I’ve never heard of nor seen a thin-American woman, who is a mother of 3 calling a thin Ukrainian Woman a “prostitute look-alike.” i only hear comments like this from uncouth Western women who are so laden with cellulite that they haven’t seen their own pubic region (without the use of a mirror) since their teen years.

      AS for your comment that I sound like an idiot, if I sound like an idiot to Western women, then I’ve done my duty. Because, to Western Men, I sound like a genius!

    • Jay, do me a favor and take a flying leap off the nearest bridge. You are the idiot, MF’er. Take your irritating, abusive and flagrant BS somewhere else. This site is for Mature Audiences only.

    • Hi Jay (is that short for Jenny, Janna, or Jamie?)!
      I have yet to meet an American woman under 40 that is normal (thin), dresses well, has a pleasant attitude, and enjoys cooking homemade meals for her man every single day without bitching about it. I bet your dumb ass doesn’t have a passport.
      The last sentence is interesting you really meant…there are a ton of NA women that enjoy eating lots of fast and prepackaged food…that’s why they weigh a ton.
      The US is the country with the most whores and on top of that American whores don’t even deliver what they promise. No where else on earth do see sub-average women demand so much but never deliver anything of equal value in return.

  4. Another thing Jay (short for Jamie??),

    “Way to pose near a lamp post like a common street walker.”
    Her pics are tame compared to the Facebook pics, selfies, and vids the average young American/Western woman posts to the internet…from acting like lesbians in the clubs/bars (even though they are not really lesbians???) to posting vids of them having sex on the internet with bad boys and thugs without any shame…wow…so classy. Did you know American women have the highest rate of HIV and other STD infections?

    Talking about whores???….most porn stars are American women…right…go jump off bridge Jay.

  5. So true…
    Most Americans that I talk to go to Cancun or to Hawaii for vacation. You know, you can visit Ukraine for less than a trip to Hawaii. Of course, you’ll miss something in Ukraine that you’ll find everywhere in Hawaii – bitchy, fat & feminist women.
    I just bought my plane ticket for an undisclosed location in SA and just noticed (again for the thousandeth time) the scam you mentioned above, when comparing prices to other locations in the US or Western Europe. So while the suckers are spending their time in resort or hotel hell, I’ll be enjoying myself, friends, and the company of others down south for a couple of weeks later this year.
    Another thing I noticed, my ticket to SA cost about the same as a ticket to EE. So I already have my mind made up where I’m probably going to visit next year. Not some place like the UK…unless I have a connecting flight.

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