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Victoria in Kiev
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Absolute shock stepping off of the airplane and into a Midwestern American Airport; it seems that each time I come back to America, the people get bigger and bigger.

Fast forward 3 or 4 days – I went to the mall to drop my watch off at the jewelry store for repairs and I saw this creature near the center plaza. At first I couldn’t make out its sex. Surely it is a man.

Or is it?

It has breasts, but then again, some large men do have breasts. It has tattoos & piercings, but does that define sex any more? I looked again, I studied for some time and I really couldn’t determine if it was man or woman. Very sad indeed.

I watched for a bit longer and then I heard it speak, sure enough, it was a woman.
No doubt, another victory for feminism.

You know, the Spiderman camouflage was almost effective; my eyes were pulled to the red and blue and web design and I almost didn’t see overhanging gut…  yeah, right.

Where in the world has our society come to where this is acceptable for a woman to dress like this in public? Sure, we have occasional oddballs, and I suppose it is cool for some men and women to be different, but as I look around, this has become the “new normal.”

Sad state of affairs indeed.

As I’ve said in the past, American (and Canadian, Brit & Australian) men are every bit as feminist as the women. Well, perhaps the Aussie Men get some points for machismo, but politically they’re every bit as feminist as the average veggie eating-pot smoking-tree hugger in Portland.

And its not just that we (as men) are feminists, many of you have become metro-sexuals too. It was a new term for me; while I’ve been out of the country, the term metro-sexual has become en vogue and from what I’ve heard it describes a heterosexual man who tends to his appearance more than the average woman. In other words, a man that spends waaaaay too much time in the bathroom, shopping for clothes, getting his hair done, etc. Or, a guy who acts gay even though he is straight. I don’t think I know any metro-sexuals.

And then, as I passed the “What is it?” creature, I saw these young men sitting in barbers chairs.

But the lady wasn’t giving them a shave, or a hair cut, or even a massage. She was holding a piece of string in each hand and in her mouth. She formed a triangle between her mouth and hands and pulled the thread so that it made a rolling motion.

I’ve seen this in India; the women get their eyebrows plucked using string in this manner; as it pulls the hair out by the root it does not grow back as fast.

But no, these men can’t be getting their eyebrows done, can they?

And then I saw the business name:

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

Lovely eyebrows! Can you believe it!? I couldn’t. Actually, I still can’t believe it. What has our society come to? Men should be out mowing the lawn, drinking beer, not getting their eyebrows threaded! That this business has enough customers to stay in business should tell you something about our society.

Men, if you do this. Stop immediately. Go and drink a beer, watch some sports, and on your next holiday, get over to Ukraine!

Just a few days ago as I found my transfer flight to Moscow, I happened to be standing next to a young couple. We started chatting and I came to learn that he is from Connecticut and she is from Russia. They did the “long distance relationship” for about a year and then they both applied for residency visas. His Russian visa was issued almost immediately, her green card is still “in process” after many months. She still has a tourist visa for the US and they come back and forth to visit friends and family when they aren’t working. They both work in the cruise-line industry and have a good deal of flexibility in deciding where to make residence and for now, they keep an apartment in Moscow.

He was (to my eye) an “average looking” fellow who looked like he was from a Puerto Rican family, he had some acne scars on his face and a little bit of a beer gut. In the US, this guy is probably lucky to date a fat girl with a bad attitude. His bride? She was quite pretty, blue-green eyes, long straight brown hair, and a body from a woman who looks like she does cross-training 5 days a week. And of course, she was wearing skin-tight black stretch pants that left little to the imagination.

As we waited for luggage, I saw another woman from my flight in similar pants – equally good looking and I couldn’t help but thinking how much hotter Russian Women are than American women.

As I think about it, a few flights back I saw another gorgeous woman at the airport in Moscow, let me see if I can find her pic(s). Yes, here we are.  Now, do realize, this woman is quite “average” in Moscow.  Not only are the women beautiful, but they are in wonderful physical shape and they dress very elegantly:

When you first come to Russia or Ukraine, you will probably have a sore neck after the first day because your head will be on a swivel – the hot women are so numerous. I hear this from (Western) guys that I meet over here all the time. They just can’t believe how many beautiful women there are here.

Before I resized this photo for the website, I pulled crop of her face – you’ll notice that her hair and makeup are done impeccably. Now, scroll back up to the top of this post and compare with the Spiderman-she-thing.  Really, there is no comparison.

WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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Victoria in Kiev
I'm a Feminist

11 thoughts on “What is it?

  1. Amazing simply amazing….

    Scary really, it is like a hideous monster of sorts…

    It’s getting hard to tell what the women are here even, then to top it off all there complicated ways…

    That last woman if she is average in Moscow I know were I am going next trip.. lol… I have to be honest in saying this that I never seen a girl look that good in a mall in Canada for many years, I mean her figure, dress, and grooming are off the charts… Here in Canada guys would crawl across the floor covered with broken glass on their bare hands and knees just to have the opportunity to talk to such a girl here.

    If such girls are like this in Moscow & Ukraine it would make me so happy to go their and plan a trip, and if they treated a guy great on top well that would be the cherry on top of the cake for me.

    If you think about it to have a wife that looked like that plus treated you nice and had that Russian accent would be very exotic indeed…
    Only guys who could even dream of having a girl half a fine as her are like sport or movie stars, but likely would not even look as good plus be a feminist bitch to boot.

    If you could do it again Scott were would you spend your time and effort in getting the right girl for you in Russia or Ukraine? Or would you try both? Are the girls about he same in each or would it be easier getting a girl friend in Ukraine? I say this about Ukraine since it is a poorer country and maybe less guys going there so it might be easier for us guys..

    If you could write something comparing the two countries sometime it would really be great. I learned years ago going to asia that it was better to concentrate in a country and certain cities in that country to save time and money in traveling.

    Just a point I was thinking was this.

    I always wanted to own a ak-47, and noticed several companies here had them for sale in north America that came from many eastern bloc countries…

    But the one company imported direct from Russia then rebuilt them here to make them legal but kept the original receiver on them.. And to see the name ak-47 and “made in Russia” compared to other ak’s made in other countries was a awe inspiring moment to see those words that it came right from mother Russia.

    That’s why in a way I love to get a great girl from Russia, it is like an exotic collectible or sorts lol…

    Sad to tell you but here in Canada alot of the girls here look almost as bad as the she spider-thing…

    So the contrasts of women and pictures are very shocking but all to real…

    I appreciate all the work you do putting this site up and putting your comments and experiences here so we can all learn… we all appreciate it very much.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip…

    • I am not sure that comparing a Woman to a rifle will get you many points :-p
      Nor, do I think you should refer to an Eastern Woman as a “collectible.” LOL

      Ukraine is getting a lot more visitors since 2007 when they waived the visa requirements for US travelers. Now any man from the US can come and go as he pleases. As a result, the “dating industry” as grown tenfold and the scams are wanton and aggregious. I get daily emails from men asking me “is this site legitimate” or is “that site good?” I say the same to all of them, the simple litmus test that will tell you if an agency is a scam or not. Do they allow you to talk to the woman directly? Do they give you the woman’s contact info? If yes, I say that it is fair to give them a try and meet women at your own risk. If you can only contact the women through them and their “interpreters,” then I can guarantee that the site is a sham.

      The ONLY reason that any site would block you having access to the woman directly is if they don’t want you and the woman to talk. You aren’t talking with the woman, you are talking with some agent of the company. Every site I’ve ever subscribed to, EVERY woman I emailed was interested. Wow, I must be some stud, 100% positive response rate. In reality, it is quite different. I’m in my mid-40’s, good physical shape, I’d say “average” looking. At Elena’s I had about a 50% reply rate with the women that I emailed. Of the 50% that replied, about 1/2 of those fell off after 1 email leaving 25% Of those, another 1/2 fell off after 3 emails. In the end, there were a handful from an original 40 or 50.

      Any site that you sign up, don’t post a photo and a bunch of model-looking 23 year old women are emailing you, sure scam. Don’t let it fluff your ego, it is a lie, it is a sham – think with your big head, not your small.

      As for Russia & Ukraine, for an American, Ukraine is an easier visit. Cities like Odessa & Kiev – the women have come to expect men to show up, spend money on them and then leave. So many women are now “employed” as professional daters that it is hard to find the legitimate women who are marriage minded. Be forewarned.

      As with any country in the world, women in the big cities will be jaded to some extent. If you go to a smaller town in Siberia, where the conditions of living are a bit harder, you will find a woman who is much happier to live in the suburbs of Anytown, America to live a “normal” life. Having her own car and home and a man that loves her might be easier than waiting for a bus each morning during driving snow storms in the Winter.

      Don’t think that you will sign up to any agency, meet 3 women online, go to visit her and be married the next week. My first visit to Russia, Ukraine & Belarus was 10 years ago. I met some beautiful women, on my own efforts and began a relationship with a Woman in Minsk, Belarus. I went back again to visit her a year later but it did not work. She didn’t speak English, I didn’t speak Russian and you can’t take an interpreter to bed! But, I really liked the Eastern European Women and I decided to make a bona fide attempt to find a wife in the East starting in 2008. 3 trips to Ukraine, 1 trip to Belarus and 3 trips to Russia later and I found Alana. Some men are lucky and find the woman of their dreams on the first trip. Some men may never find an Eastern European Woman that they are compatible with.

      But look at the alternative; a life of misery with a fat feminist woman. Or worse, ass-rape in divorce court. Ask JimF who just posted a comment on the Victoria in Kiev post – he is going through divorce after 25 years of marriage. Basically, you can take 50% of his net worth and it just vanishes. I’ll bet he could have flown to Moscow or Kiev or Minsk a hundred times or more with the money he will lose in divorce court.

      Dating in America isn’t cheap either. Dinner and movies will set you back a hundred bucks if not one fifty. Add this up over weeks and months & it isn’t cheap. Most single men take a vacation & where do they go? Cancun? Hawaii? You can get a nice apartment in Odessa and many cities in Russia for $50-100 per night. After a thousand bucks for an airline ticket & the money you save on dating fat women, you’ll probably come out about even if not saving a few bucks. Heck, bring your buddies along and have a time of it. Imagine going to a night club and most of the women are smoking hot and dressed to the 9’s. I’ll say that the nightlife in most Eastern European cities smokes the best in Los Angeles or New York.

      As I’ve said previously, I’ve NEVER met a man at the airport as we fly back to the West who said, “I wish I never came.” Even the men who went with some “waste of time bride tour” company all say, “Wow, I’ll be back.” If you’ve never been to Eastern Europe, give it a go on your next vacation & then report back and let us know your impressions.

      • All true. I got two wonderful kids out of it. Partly because I made enough that she got to stay home with the kids. She stepped out on me but it doesn’t matter. I’m sure I will be paying a nice monthly sum to her for the rest of my life. I have the income potential to recover somewhat from it, but I will have to work my ass off.

  2. “I watched for a bit longer and then I heard it speak, sure enough, it was a woman. No doubt, another victory for feminism.”
    —– ——
    There’s one in our office building…it’s not fat…but has a Skrillex type of haircut…many of the guys (and gals!!!) in our building still haven’t figured out it’s sex yet. I’m thinking to myself “what in the world? I can’t even determine it’s sex! This is some scary…”

    • We have a tall, thin, leggy creature at my work that wears high heels and dye’s it’s hair green. It also has a bowl cut and uses the men’s restroom. Goes by the name of “Trinity”.

      The front checkouts of certain big-box establishments are commonly referred to me by less politically correct customers as “the Freak-Show”.

      What a time to be alive.

      • Too much time on their hands.

        I recently talked with one of my contractors and we noticed that there isn’t any Chinese grafitti. Their kids are too busy in commerce to waste time spray painting on walls.

        Today’s woman has waaay too much time on her hands and she finds problems everywhere.

        • Except when it comes to protesting, drinking, and eating…plenty of time for screaming and shoving excessive calories down their throats.

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