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In an episode of “Modern Family,” Phil uses his wife’s day spa pass and has a chance to chat with a bunch of ladies who are getting facials, manicures & some other beauty treatments. In this scene, the women “school” Phil to not offer advice to his wife, instead he should only listen and give her emotional support. The photo is linked to copy of the video, click on it and have a listen. As funny as this show is and as much as I enjoy it, Phil is the poster child for the modern Western Wuss of a Man.

Some time ago I had a similar epiphany about Eastern European Women’s mindsets as Alana “schooled” me on the “proper” roles of Women and Men. We had some quarrel a few hours earlier and she was a bit upset with me. I tried my best to reason with her using logic (as Men often do) and she didn’t want to hear it because she was feeling emotional (as Women often are). Later, as we talked in a less agitated state, I asked her why was she so mad, I was talking to her using sound logic and it just made her madder.  Her response shocked me.

And it should. I was raised a feminist having lived my whole life in a country that advocates for and brainwashes men, women and children into thinking that the feminist mindset is the correct and proper way of thinking. When I repeated to Alana that she did not respond to my calm and intellectual arguments, she asked me, “When your child becomes angry or is ‘acting out,’ do you try to reason with it? No, you tell it to calm down and after it has passed out of its emotional state, then you reason with it.”

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Sometimes, I want a beer and I want her to get me one.  If I had an American girlfriend, I wouldn’t think of asking lest I get some diatribe of “why don’t you get it yourself” flak.  I almost cringe out of fear that Alana will say something similar as I (almost sheepishly) say, “Dear, get me a beer will you?”  She brings it right over, smiles, says “my pleasure” and hands it to me with a kiss.  I find, daily, that Alan’s happiness is tied to how happy I am.  She gets a lot of pleasure from making me happy and I find that I am always looking for little things to do for her to make her happy.  I would have to say that my relationship with a Russian Woman is give give whereas most relationships I’ve ever had with American Women were based on everyone measuring fairness.  “I got the beer last time, its your turn this time.”

It really is hard to describe in words, on a blog but the men that have Eastern European Women know exactly what I’m talking about. I suppose that a lot of it is the societal peer pressure that American Women get from so much feminist thought that if they fetch their man a beer that somehow they are less of a woman in this subservient role. Eastern European Women are happy to be in a “beta” role – for them it is natural and there is no

If you read this and you are shocked, well, like me, you are probably a feminist. Eastern European Women want, and expect a man, who will act as head of household. A man who acts like the Captain of a military unit.  He doesn’t negotiate, he dictates and those in his unit (family) comply. Anything less and the Women here look at you as though you are not a strong man. They expect a Man who leads and is decisive. Most Western women like a strong & decisive man, but only so far as they get what they want.

Every time I act like a man from the 1950’s I cringe a bit thinking that Alana will explode at me. And this is because I’ve been programmed to think like a feminist. I’ve endured years of having this reply from Western girlfriends. It is taking some getting used to, but once you learn to assume the role of a man in a traditional (old fashioned) relationship, you find a rewarding comfort in it. When I think back to past relationships with American women I can’t even believe I put up with 10% of the crap that they dished out.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a hundred times more. If you’ve never been to Eastern Europe, I suggest you make it your next vacation destination.

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What is it?
Pregnant and Dating

19 thoughts on “I’m a Feminist

  1. Hi

    It’s very sad to be reading this. I told you earlier that I am from a country that sits in between two cultures and sometimes our women get silly on the head as well, but from reading what you American guys have to go through, I don’t think I will ever apply for a visa to the states.
    I was shocked when a friend of mine asked his girlfriend with a begging voice to put the kettle on with the usual word please to start off like he was addressing a colleague. This is in the UK of course. It’s absolutely normal for me to just say “can you make me some tea?”.
    I’ve read somewhere how foreign cultures look at all this western non-sense and say “You put the woman in a man’s place. Your courts favour the woman in case of divorce, so no one wants to get married. Women want to build careers, so no woman wants to have children. Your civilisation is getting older and weaker, and no one wants to admit why. You’re reversing gender roles and then expect men to bear children, which will never happen.”.
    I wouldn’t have a child with a western woman because she would probably know less about taking care of a child than I do. Especially if she started taking the child to the family restaurant called McDonald’s, because she’s too lazy to learn how to cook or remember what medicine the child’s been taking recently. My mother knows all the names, brands of medicines woken up in the middle of the night. She knows what works when and why. Which vaccines I took as a child and what I am allergic to. What I need to test for to check the thyroid etc. She’s not a doctor at all, but she hears something once and knows it’s important. She can cook too, because she had to learn. She never allowed herself to buy a prepared sandwich from Tesco, because it’s 500 calories of chemicals.
    Make no mistake about something else either, if you all you do is watch TV all day, grow extremely fat and miserable, any Eastern Woman will just leave you, because you broke the contract who does what. It goes both way, she will fetch you the beer as long as you are the man and earn more than she does or earn enough, so she doesn’t have to work and can remain pretty for you.

    All the best. I am very happy for you.

    • Very well said.

      I took a picture of dinner because Alana makes the table and meals look restaurant quality – I sent the pic to my Mother who is ever skeptical of foreign marriage. And Mom admitted something: she admitted that while working with some college-aged American women last week, they had a task of cooking something simple. She took out the measuring cupts (1 cup, 1/4 cup, 1/4 cup) and all of the AMERICAN WOMEN said, “What are those?” They had never seen a measuring cup before.

      Not only would I never marry an American woman, for the past 8 years I don’t even look at them anymore.

  2. Thank you for this. On your beer test, I would have got up and got it myself to avoid the sigh or her bringing it up three weeks later that I “always” make her get me a beer.

    This seems healthy to me. You serve her, she serves you and everyone is happy. Let me ask, if you get up and get the beer are you depriving her of a chance to serve?

    A few years back when my son was in high school, we had to work the concession stands. When things where really busy, I thought my wife was behind me and I barked out an order for another hamburger. I turn to see another women looking horrified at me. She couldn’t believe I made an order like that. It didn’t help when I said I thought she was my wife. She went around the room making sure everyone knew that I was some kind of low life wife beater. I’ve never raised my hand to my wife. I never called her names. I never told her she needed to loose weight when she did. I was “Phil”.

    Looking back now, I should have been the leader. The one with the plan. Barking out orders when necessary. Speaking the truth when needed. Being the man. Things may have been different.

    • I once dated a Woman in Central Russia. She brought her sister and the sister’s boyfriend as chaperons for us. I will never forget as we walked into the restaurant, the boyfriend led, opened the door, walked in and let it slam behind him. It almost took the sister in the nose. She caught the door and followed him right in. She didn’t think anything of it.

      I open the car door for Alana and people look at me as if I had just created cold fusion.

  3. Scott…

    I have to be honest with you that after reading this last article I was shocked and had a hard time analyzing such data since I never heard such information before.

    And it is like hard for me to even cope with such information.
    Yes I guess I must be feminized as well.

    Did other girls you dated in Eastern Europe say this to you to or is it just your girl who is saying these things that you might want to hear…
    Please don’t mind our doubts of this all, it is just that it is such a strange concept and thoughts for us guys to read about that it is like we are a pc that is about to crash and we have to reboot in order to even cope with such information as you have given.

    How about I hear stories on the bride forums were guys bring a Russian girl to America, and she bosses him around and takes him for a ride, yes she is 1 in 100 scammer and maybe this is the only ones we hear about…
    This is why I was scared to go after the Russian girls…

    I wondering if you ever had a chance to talk to guys who have been married to these kinds of girls for like 5 years and if the girls still say this.?
    Maybe your Alan is one in 100, it is really amazing to hear all of this.

    It is just so hard for me to cope with this information. Sorry if I am all mixed up and questioning you, it is just amazing to hear this.

    For Alan to say she wants and needs a captain, is really something I not heard before.

    I had to read your article a few more times..

    You mean to say if i write to girls on Ellens models and they ask me what kind of a role between men and women I am looking for, what should we say? Is it ok if we say this, will it make them happy, or maybe they not write me back then? lol

    Well keep up the articles, I just a little bit confused by all this, I just thought Russian women were a strong and demanding women by the way they looked and all. You know they look all sophisticated and all, and I thought they would thus be a very demanding type of woman with high expectations and demands, and such a woman that look like that here wound be big big trouble and huge maintenance and so spoiled and demanding for us to put up with.

    Sorry I have to lye down for a while to think more about what you wrote.

    Please comment more on what I just said, I need more information and help.

    • American Women want the same – you’ll often see descriptions like they want a “confident man.” This is Western Speak for a Man who is assertive, confident and leads. And so, Western Women want a Captain, but only so far as it does service to their wants. When it comes time for them to hold their end of the bargain, they don’t want to be told what to do – as I talk to more and more Western Women I find that they have this sense of confusion, they want a strong man but don’t want to be told what to do – they want their hair pulled in bed and maybe a smack on the backside – deep down inside they crave a strong man but their feminist sisters have taught them that this internal drive is wrong and unnatural. The only difference in Russia is that a strong man a woman that follows him is more common.

  4. I guess I better go to Russia someday…

    That Olga above in the pic who is 33 she looks like a dream from Ellena’s…

    Yes I have to admit after thinking about all of this all day, I did not know that I was a feminist as well. What a refreshing change it would be to have a women like you describe, it is just hard to believe a woman is looking for a captain.. But if you say it is so, well I guess it is.

    It is just like wow and it hits a person like a ton of bricks.

    • They aren’t all like that; feminism is creeping East. Just as in the US, if you go to rural Oklahoma you’ll find a more traditional Woman than in Los Angeles or New York – same is true in Russia, if you get out of Moscow or St. Pete’s you’ll find the same. But, you can also find traditional women in the big cities above and in Kiev, you’ll just find a higher percentage of feminist leaning thinking. But even then, probably the most feminist Russian Woman is on par with a conservative American Woman.

  5. Hello Scott, I’m from Brazil and my country is filled with the same feminist shit which you are used to live in USA. Personally, i’ve been educated to be a man, so…I’m kind what feminists hate and that has been a showstopper for me in relationships.
    I’m following your blog since a couple months ago and it has been a light in the end of the tunnel for me, thanks to you I finally found the kind of women i’ve been always looking for.
    I’ve been having some issues with the online dating things cause I don’t have much experience with that, but I probably will go to the eastern europe next year with a lot a of hope to at least make some contact and who knows what happens next.
    Looks like things have been great for you and Alana, I wish you both the best!
    And thanks for all the hints in this blog, it helped me a lot xD

    • Paulo, great to hear it – wish you the best!

      By the way, a little saddened and surprised to hear that Brazil is sliding the way of feminism – I’ve known many men who swear by Brazilian Women. If you have any additional insight about Brazilian Women, I am sure that there are many here who would like to hear your comments.

      • Well, basically, almost all the women who were born in 70s and 80s are still worth it, but the ones born in 90s…they’re too feminists.
        Just for an example, I have a colleague at my economics degree which was in my group for work about economics and financial law, she has a boyfriend which is studying at law school, and using her words, as he is the one who’s studying law it’s his obligation to do anything that has to do with that. In other words, women from the 90s wants pets that’ll do everything they need while the girls from the 70s and 80s were made to be brides and have a family.
        I love brazilian women, but I rather find a bride overseas than being a pet.

  6. This will all change soon(within then next 10 to 20 years) when there will be a full time revolution in the Western world, whereas the masses of the poor and disposessed men will dismantle ALL the Western governments and claim their land and freedom back. Then there will be anarchy for a while, no more government welfare, no more free doctors, no more protection from the government. and then you can see how quickly all these spoiled Western women will run after a man to protect and feed them. Right now, Western women are still “married” to the government, but that mass “divorce” will happen soon…and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it…It will be better for everyone…

    • I’m always on to say “never say never” or never try to predict the future – not sure what our future economies might hold in store for us but one thing is sure – the welfare state that we have created in America cannot be sustained.

      • This is an interesting prediction above but life is too short to wait for that to happen. I’d rather be sitting on the sofa with my arm around my future Argentine or Russian wife, etc…and watch that particular circus unfold on the news outside the West.

  7. I noticed the same thing with Brazilians/other Latinas as well…many times I don’t even have to ask…they ask me if I want some more food or another drink.

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