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I was at a buddy’s lake house for the weekend and as we had some beers and a bar-b-que I was flipping through the channels. I saw that Titanic was about to start and I thought that it might be fun to have it on in the background. It was playing on the Women’s channel, I think it is Oxygen or something. It has been over a decade since I’ve seen Titanic and watching it now, with my feminist-detector goggles on, wow, what an interesting form of feminist indoctrination that show is. The next time it is on, have a look at how pervasive the subtle feminist agenda is in this show. The husband to be is a tyrant, the woman who yearns to be free is trapped in a life of misery (in actuality, wealth and privilege).

It is still an entertaining movie, but when you watch it, primed for a diatribe of feminism, it stands out quite blatantly.

During the commercial breaks, there were advertisements for a new show called “Pregnant and Dating.” I thought surely it must be a mistake. There is now way that they are encouraging pregnant women to go out on the dating scene. Oh yes. They are.

As I watched, in utter horror and disbelief, I thought to myself how this must surely be a sign that our civilization is peaking and about to collapse under the weight of stupidity. For those of you in other countries who are a bit perplexed by my rantings about American women, have a look at some of the pics and descriptions of this show and maybe you’ll see what I’m always harping about.

The commercial trailer starts off with some dramatic music and shows some hot woman and a subtitle on the screen reads, “Sexy:”

And then the scene changes and the subtitle reads “single:”

A husky woman’s voice in the background narrates the subtitles, “Sexy, single..” and then the scene pans to a bar scene with a lot of young and good-looking people mingling while sipping cocktails:

And then finally, the scene changes and the voice and subtitle reads, “Taking control:”

Taking control. Think about that for a moment. If ever there was evidence of the feminist agenda going wrong, here it is. It isn’t bad enough to encourage women to bypass men completely and have children on their own, now they are being encouraged to enter the dating scene while pregnant. I can’t even count how many ways this is wrong.

I’m in a new relationship now and it is enough for us to keep each other happy. How on earth is a woman who is pregnant and going through huge emotional and physical changes supposed to conduct a romantic relationship with a man? It is rude and selfish. But then again, isn’t that the point of feminism? “Get what’s mine, men be damned.” This doesn’t mention that it is selfish to the baby. The last thing an expectant mother needs to do is get into a new romantic relationship while she is preparing her life for a new life.

Am I the only one that thinks that this is sick and wrong? Maybe I’m just too old fashioned.

In the last week, I’ve had some angry women come on this site and call me loser, old man and one even said she wanted to spit in my face. All because I dare to criticize the sacred cow of feminism. I wonder how many women will offer their voices of condemnation for this bastard of a TV show?

The commercial then goes on to show some excerpts from the show’s episodes. Women are preparing for dates, then sitting at dinner having the “get to know you” conversation: “What type of music do you like? Do you like outdoors. Are you a cat or dog person,” etc. Then, the woman says, “You need to know, I’m pregnant.”

Wow, what a way to start a first date.

The guy’s look is either horror, disgust, surprise or a combination of all:

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You can’t know how much editing occurs from the raw tape to the show but I think that it is safe to assume that 99% of the men would (in usual circumstances) get up and walk away from a woman that announces she’s pregnant and starting to date. Peer and societal pressure influences how people act and any men that stick around for the show are probably afraid of being the “bad guy” or perhaps they are aspiring actors and want to get some noteriety on TV.

When it comes to dating and marriage, don’t ever be afraid to be the bad guy. If the woman you are dating isn’t good for you, dump her. You only have one life, be happy. Select a woman that is good for you. Don’t worry about trying to “do the right thing” by her. Don’t worry about what Mom will say when she doesn’t get any grand kids right away. Just look at our divorce rate and how bad you will get ass-raped in divorce court and then choose what is best for you.

A few of the men “stick around” for the pregnant women and I’m sure that this horrid show will be a hit with a whole new wasted generation of female viewers:

What is this guy thinking? Perhaps he’s thinking, “Well, she’s not showing yet. AND, if I get laid I can’t get her pregnant,” LOL – but I doubt that any of these relationships will last. Other commercials that were running during the playing of “Titanic” were scenes for the upcoming, “Bridezillas, where are they now?” – without fail, almost every Bridezilla that was married on the show is now divorced. Some didn’t even make it to Tuesday before they were seeking an annulment. No surprise that women watch these shows and think that acting like a prima donna spoiled young woman is what is “normal.”

One woman (pictured just below) is incensed that the man she announces her pregnancy to is not interested in dating her.  “How dare he” not want to go out with me is the attitude. As though there is something wrong with the man. I showed Alana these pics and she reiterated her suggestion that I should move to Europe rather than her to America. Looking at these pics again, her logic makes more and more sense each day.

I see this “Pregnant and Dating” show and I see that the “new normal” is shifting ever farther to the left…

The show flashes scene after scene of young & vuluptuous women going about their “dating scene” while newly pregnant. The tempo of the music, the smiles on the faces & the theme present the idea that going out to bars, dating men & getting laid while pregnant is normal and should be celebrated:

In what must be the final insult, the commercial ends showing a woman from behind & the subtitle “Pregnant and Dating:”

Her body looks attractive and your eyes are drawn to her waist and bustline; her form is blurred in the mirror beyond. And then, after a slight pause, she turns to the side:

… revealing her pregnant belly.

I predict that in a decade this will be the new rage – dating while pregnant.

Are American Men really this desperate? I hope not.

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I'm a Feminist

20 thoughts on “Pregnant and Dating

  1. I’m posting this in before the following:
    “You monster, how do you know those women weren’t abused/raped/dominated/pressured by the patriarchy?”

    I also wonder what those men thought the reason their dates were being video’d for before the girl drops the bombshell. I hope they have some footage showing girls who are clearly showing their pregnancy getting picked up, that way I can totally lose my faith in most of my American brothers. On a similar note, I wonder if they will come out with a show featuring men called, “Dating when my Ex is Expecting.” So many thoughts!

    In any event, I don’t feel like your warning only applies to pregnant women, but to any single mother in western culture. When I bring this point up some idiot always tries to pull a hardcase (rape, widowed, etc), but any sane and rational human in western culture can tell you that single motherhood is at a much higher rate than what it should be. Here is a link to some very good points I found in regards to that topic.

    P.S. When are you goint to get around to telling us the best way to set up a trust fund for yourself?

    • This show is a symptom of the melt down of values in Western Society & feminism is another contributing factor.

      The advice I’d give to all men is to not get married unless they want a family. If you don’t want to get married, what’s the point? Just have a long-term girlfriend. If you do want a family, select a woman who is thin and cares about her appearance and who has the kind of values that you want. A stinking feminist prima donna attitude is not what I consider attractive. And of course, if you want to get married, protect yourself financially & establish a trust. The concept is quite simple: you divorce yourself of your money and put it into a trust. Legally, in the courts and on paper, you no longer own the $ – so, in case of a lawsuit or divorce, you are broke and the $ cannot be touched. To set mine up I hired a good lawyer and paid a rather large sum for it – after looking around, I’ve seen some lawyers that charge less – not sure about the quality of their work. I thought it was better to spend the extra $ and have the confidence to know that my papers would stand up in court. I’ll post a link to one website that I found that can set up a trust for about $1,000 or $1,500 – a small amount when you think of the pain you’ll save in ass-rape divorce court should all go bad.

      • Hi Scott. I was one of the original cast members on the show Pregnant and Dating and I felt the need to write you as all of your assumptions are incorrect. None of us women wanted to be pregnant and single. Some of us, like myself, were in a long term committed relationship with a man who voiced he wanted children and marriage too. I believe in the traditional family, although now fleeting, and never thought I was to be pregnant and single. My parents have been married for 60 years and their values of love and family are instilled in me. However, that does not matter if the partner you choose does not understand nor has experience a strong sense of family. “Jumping ship” is easy to do these days it seems – even w baby on the way. My ex decided he wanted to be taken care of rather than take care of. I found humor and solace in the other readers reply about naming a show “dating while my ex is expecting” – clearly that is acceptable!! And clearly “she” dating my ex while I am expecting is acceptable too! But me dating was not!?
        This show isn’t about feminist women not needing men, but about women making the most of an unpredicted situation. Dating while pregnant was a way to take back my power, beauty and dignity. It was coffee or a lunch – not a relationship. And so what if it was. Why lay down for 9 mos for a man who decided you and his baby were no longer a priority? Double standards and stigmas are for the depression. I am about empowering women and letting them know that you can be beautiful and strong even during the most challenging of times. Would I have rather been in a traditional family and made it work with the Father – absolutely. Did I need to hide my face, get fat and lonely during, what’s supposed to be, the happiest time of my life? – absolutely not. I hope I encouraged women out there who are struggling with the same challenges I did. Oh – and lastly, I was not upset that a man did not want to date me while pregnant, as you so above depicted. I had the courage and the strength while pregnant to ask Beau why men do what they do and not what they say they are going to do. Our dating ended way before I was pregnant. I just happen to call him out during my pregnancy when it no longer mattered. What matter’s is making lemonade out of lemons for my son who won’t ever understand why his dad chose not to be active in his life. That burden is on me. I am beyond sad that my son won’t have what I had growing up w two parents, but I will teach my son the values of family and commitment.

        • “Anonymous,” thanks for your comment. Despite your logic being a bit misguided I appreciate someone of your celebrity status taking the time to post to my little blog.

          You write that some of my assumptions are incorrect and I’m going to counter that your thought process is riddled with inconsistencies and illogical thought.

          You write that you were in a long term committed relationship with a man who also wanted to have a family with you. But only a few sentences later you write that he did “not understand nor has a strong experience with family.” You then complain that he “jumps ship” as it seems “so common these days” and then left you high and dry.

          I see you pointing a lot of fingers but I don’t see you taking much personal responsibility for your actions. It seems pretty obvious that this man had no interest in a life-long relationship with you or with raising children with you. Yet you chose to have a child with him. You say that “none of us women wanted to be pregnant and single, and you also write that you “never thought I was to be pregnant and single.” I’m not sure if you were awake during sex-ed class in the 4th grade so I’m going to share some knowledge with you. When a man puts his penis inside of a woman’s vagina and no birth control is being used, pregnancy ensues. That you chose to not use birth control responsibly was your mistake. That you are now having a child alone is your mistake. That you selected a bad man who would dump you after you were pregnant was your mistake. By your own descriptions, this man was irresponsible and has no interest in being with you until your old age. You even wrote that “My ex decided he wanted to be taken care of rather than take care of.” I doubt that this behavior suddenly emerged after you were pregnant. He was probably always like this and you ignored his behavior because you convinced yourself you were in love and that he would stay and change after you were pregnant.

          Here is a simple litmus test: did he marry you? If not, it is a good indication that he had no interest in having children with you and living his life with you. You also write that your parents were married for 60 years and that they instilled their values in you. Were you born out of wedlock? Did your married for 60 years parents play chances with birth control and then decide about marriage after the kid was on the way? Did your mother bed a bum and get pregnant by him without knowing if he would stick around? It seems that “their” values are a bit different from yours.

          Basically, you didn’t think and you expect that society will look to you as a victim rather than someone who acts irresponsibly.

          You complain that no one criticizes your ex for dating while you are pregnant and this somehow gives you a pass to continue to act irresponsibly? In reality, neither of you should be dating during your pregnancy. Both of you should be saving your money and energy for the baby. But for you to take this attitude shows a very high level of childishness and selfishness on your part. Good luck to your new child in this twisted environment.

          You then go on to say that this show is not about feminism. Oh dear, this is where you couldn’t be more wrong. The rest of your comment just reeks of feminist thought. You also say that this show is about “making the most of an unpredicted situation.” I actually laughed aloud when I read that. Go back up and read the sex-ed lesson and maybe you’ll see that pregnancy isn’t an unpredicted situation; the stork doesn’t bring babies and I very much doubt immaculate conception in your case. You say that “Dating while pregnant was a way to take back my power, beauty and dignity.” If ever I’ve heard a feminist cliché; it sounds as if you cut and paste that from some woman’s empowerment website. It sounds good but words like “empowerment” mean nothing. If I teach my daughter(s) anything, it won’t be about empowerment. It will be about acting responsibly and making good choices in life. I think that you would be much more empowered if you had a good husband and your son had a good father.

          Let’s recap so far: you’ve acted irresponsibly, you continue to act childishly and rather than make your bad situation better you decide to further complicate your life and call that “taking back your beauty.” But your next line really sums up your thought process. You write, “Why [should I] lay down for 9 months for a man who decided you and his baby were no longer a priority?” Say what? Are you saying that you’re dating to get back at your ex or to make him jealous? Your logic is that you shouldn’t have to quit your lifestyle of unprotected sex because you don’t care about your ex. Hmmm… what about your kid!? I see so many single women with children who bring home new bums who abuse their kids. You haven’t even had your kid yet and you’re making additional life mistakes.

          And this show applauds your disgusting behavior as if it is something to be looked up to and revered. It is a symptom of a society that shows more and more symptoms of degradation with each new generation. I think of how many 14 and 15 year old young girls will see this show and will think that having a kid on their own is “cool.” Shame on you and the show. This show is so disgusting that it makes my skin crawl. And that you even feel your argument is viable is further evidence of your detachment from reality. And this really is so common with American women – a complete and utter detachment from reality, the embracing of victimization and the disregard for personal responsibility.

          The rest of your post is full of hopeful clichés like making lemonade out of lemons and empowering women during the “most challenging of times.” Really, the best way that you could empower women would be to tell them about the mistakes that you made. Specifically, that you made a bad choice in your man, ignored the sings that he was a bum and then got pregnant by him without a wedding ring and a ceremony. I’d like to see someone make a show about that.

          • She also give no thought at all to men that she is dating which is probably why the father ended the relationship.
            She dates men for a free lunch without a second thought about misleading them and taking them for .. well for a free lunch. Not the slightest thought about the man investing emotions, hopes, energy and feelings plus some money into this date on camera. I treat my dog better than she treats men.
            Then she wonders why the father of her child “suddenly” decided being stuck in a relationship with her and raising a child together was going to be a life of misery.

            To top it all off, apparently all this makes her feel beautiful and empowered.
            Good grief.

          • She’s living in the bubble of Western Feminism. It isn’t just that she (and many many other women) think that this is normal but there is an organized push to indoctrinate the men and women of the west into thinking that this is completely acceptable behavior. There is a feminist war on – I’m not sure that everyone recognizes that.

          • It’s acceptable behaviour for so many because so many western men put up with it. More accurately so many western men seem to have blinders to the fact that they have millions of far better options.
            Having dated and had relationships with non-western women I don’t think I could bring myself to go on a date with a western woman again. Why would I?
            More and more western men are waking up to the huge number of better options they have but it is a gradual process.

            BTW, have you had a chance to read Seth’s reply to this post?

          • You’re right, Western Men do put up with it. I liken it to the battered wife – they really just don’t know any better. Or, they’re too afraid to do something about it. And another big reason is that American Men are every bit as feminist as American women. I find that most Men who don’t play the feminist game are the Men who have traveled. A guy who grew up in the US and has only known feminism just thinks that there is something wrong with him. That, I suppose, is the reason for this blog. For those guys who haven’t traveled and seen how green the grass is on the other side. Hopefully, I’ve inspired some Men to look outside of the prison of Western feminism.

  2. Hi

    The leftist ideas of political correctness and feminism are destroying the western culture. Gender roles are being reversed and societies are getting older and older.
    It’s time to give it away to the Chinese or someone else and just stop caring what tomorrow brings.
    It would be great if you could buy a property in Eastern Europe for 1/5th of the American price and find yourself a job with some overseas branch to escape all this non-sense where they can make normal bread and women do not resemble blowfish.
    I find it distasteful to even think of dating someone who got knocked up with god knows whom and now is trying to find a sucker to provide for her, because the guy got away as soon as he found out, or worse yet, she is such an independent woman (in other words, slut), that she doesn’t know who the father actually is. Instead of playing the lottery and running around after all of the 1000s she slept with one by one, she will now find a some gullible, feminised sucker. He will ideally marry her to give her half of his wealth and then she can become independent again with his money lol.

    永不放弃 (that’s Chinese for “never give up”)

    • Go to Thailand and see the hundreds of Canadian/Brit & American Men who have retired to live there & have young wives/girlfriends. Why not do the same in Eastern Europe? If you stay out of the big cities, you can live for close to nothing. There are many small beach communities in the Ukraine that offer a LOT in the way of a relaxing lifestyle and a beautiful dating pool…

  3. What has the west become? Totally disgusting…

    I was just looking at ladies profiles again from the Philippines, they to are some great girls their. I been there so many times, I know I can get a nice girl friend, Eastern Europe I like to go to, but it is the unknown.
    But after spending more time reading on these types of blogs it really encourages me.

    What I like about Ellena’s is that it appears most girls speak English and you can get their email address right away, so it was a great lead you gave us on that one. Keep up the great articles, I can’t stop reading them.

  4. Pregnant dating? so what’s next? married dating? And what after that?

    My (eastern European) girlfriend loves this site. She shows it to all of her friends and they all have such a good laugh – seeing how western women behave.

    And just to share another bit of treasure with you guys – I was having a conversation with a woman about the high incidence of women lying about being on birth control in order to have a child and obtain support. She freely admitted it is done!. She almost seemed proud of the fact that women engage in this practice. Further, she told me that it’s the man’s problem, and if he truly wants to protect himself then he should get a vasectomy! It’s true – western women suck.

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  6. Just read this post and almost puked but think about it divorced women over 30, single mothers, and fat pigs (some women are all 3) think they are such great catches these days in the west…and there’s a bunch of pathetic idiots always lurking around to mop up their mess…this is just the natural progression of trash and stupidity…single pregnant girls on the town to pick up simps…

    • I mean really, how bad is our society that this isn’t straight blasted in the major media? That this is in any way acceptable makes me have about no faith in our feminist society.

      • Seriously, I see similar crap at work; women over 30 (some that are still decent looking) with children that think they are such a great catch!
        Why would I (a single man w/out kids, never married, with a real job) with any type of self respect accept a feminist over 30 with a kid/kids?! On top of that she’s probably saddled with serious financial debts.
        Then people have the nerve to question why I want a foreign/non-westernized wife. It takes a village to raise a child…blah…blah…count me out, as the saying goes…if you can’t feed them, then don’t breed them.

        • And then the double standard; if you’re not 6′ tall and the woman refuses you, its her prerogative. You don’t want to pay for some other man’s spawn and her bad decisions and you’re somehow made out to be a dick.

  7. Exactly! One of my buddies at work stated that many women stated he was an asshole, jerk, and a dick because he refuses to even consider dating a woman that has a kid. Like it’s his job (literally) to mop up someone else mess!
    I am not trying to win a popularity contest…I’m fighting to take what I want…a future quality wife and mother of my future children.

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