15 reasons why you're a feminist

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Been away for a few weeks – seems the time passes so quickly. Making some long term plans with Alana and then getting ready for our next separation – long distance sucks, we are going to try to keep it as short as possible.

In the meantime, i decided to throw up another profile that I saw at Elena’s Models. This is Tatiana from Krasnodar – a town that is well off of the beaten path (this means there will be a LOT less competition for the man who is bold enough to make it down to Southwest Russia. Krasnodar is near the Black Sea (a little East of Ukraine). The Olympics are coming soon to this area, so you might want to drop her a line before some German tourist meets her at a track and field event ;-)

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There is one thing that I can always say about Russian Women, they dress to the 9’s and they have the most beautiful legs. Speaking from experience, this comes from A LOT OF WALKING. During my last trip to Russia, I lost one notch in my belt in the first month from all of the walking. Be forewarned, if you marry a Russian Woman, you’ll be expected to go on walks after dinner, walks in the evening, etc. The bad news: less time for internet and TV. The good news, you’ll bond with her and you’ll be in better shape and in better health.

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WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

Looking at her profile further, we see that she is 28 years old, studied economics in University and now works as a manager in some capacity. She lists her religion as Christian and most importantly, she writes this in the section “what she is looking for in a partner”:

Hi! I’d like us to have mutual feelings, be friends, respect and trust each other. I have a very strong desire to have a family, to feel the care of my partner. And also to give love and affection to my other half. To make each other happy)

Compare that to any eHarmony or Match.com profile you’ve ever looked at. Seriously, go to a US dating website and see what the women are looking for; they say nothing about what they offer, only WHAT THEY WANT.

Tatiana says that she has a STRONG desire to have a family. This means that she is marriage minded and is interested in a monogamous relationship based on fidelity (this means that she isn’t looking to ‘one up you’ for every other man who comes along). She also says that she wants to “feel the care of my partner & to give love and affection to my other half.” This means she will cook for you, give you regular sex and will defer to you for the big decisions in life.

For her free time, she lists skiing, winter sports, skating, snowboarding and likes to go to the gym. Compare that to so many burger-munching American women who think that it is their right to have a fit man when they look like Jabba the Hut.

If you haven’t considered dating a Woman from Eastern Europe, what are you waiting for?

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WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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15 reasons why you're a feminist

12 thoughts on “Tatiana

  1. Is not being Eastern Orthodox an issue with most of the women in EE? Will they have an issue marrying someone of a different Christian tradition like Lutheran or Roman Catholic?

    • Alana explained it to me that it is the duty of the Wife to follow the husband. She has several friends that married Muslim Men and converted to Islam. If you’re a protestant, she’ll go to church with you. I’m sure that she will still want to find an Orthodox Church and visit there from time to time and maybe even have the kids baptized, but its not like with an American woman where everything is 50/50.

      • Thanks for the information.
        My travel to SA kind of spoiled me a bit because I am Catholic, can speak the language, and even though I’m not Latino, I can easily fit in many areas of SA. My look would definitely stick out in Russia or Ukraine but not in Colombia or Brazil. I’m pretty much only considering the SA and EE regions to find a wife. Since it’s only those two regions that have the type of women I desire; physically and culturally. SA would probably be the easier path but for some reason I still keep looking to EE. Like I will regret it if I don’t give EE a try!

        • Hey Seeker,

          I am 100% Latino origin. I got the occasional stares in Ukraine, but not one SINGLE time was I ever harassed or discriminated against. In fact, many curious folks would ask where I was from, and when I’d say America, their eyes would widen, smiles would brighten (we’re talking southern Ukraine, just above Crimea, so Russian speaking areas). Odessa less so, because its a diverse area. But, when they see you walking with other Ukr’s, I think in their mind, you are “cool.” I typically was with my wife or friends.

          • Cool. Glad to hear that even though I would still consider going if someone told me otherwise. My opinion has always been that I do not have the right to express an opinion about a place unless I have been there for a while. You brought up another important point, whenever I’m outside the US, I go out of my way to mix with locals, whether I fit in physically or not. I have never understood why many Americans and other westerners go out their way to isolate any many times polarize themselves from the locals never attempt to learn their culture and language?! I have at times actually avoided my own countrymen overseas because their behavior has posed a physical and financial risk to me.

          • I’m looking at these profiles….and I still find it so hard to believe that their are literally tons of lonely, young, sweet, intelligent, and feminine women in EE and SA/LA that are single without kids but men from the US/West still choose the domestic path of pain and hell on earth…over and over again?!

          • Only Men who’ve never been to EE choose American women. Yes, I don’t understand why some people keep $30,000 in credit card debt, why some people drink until their liver is shot or smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day. I don’t understand why any Man would choose a fat femininazi from America when he can find a beautiful, thin, traditional woman in EE. I can only bring the horse to the water, I can’t make it drink.

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