Manly Monday: What Do You Want? Part II

Aliona knows what she wants in a you?

It was early December, but not so early that a company Christmas party couldn’t be held at a management member’s farmhouse.  It was late and most partygoers had left for their homes.  A few of us, however, stayed well into soul’s … Continue reading

Manly Monday: What do you want?

Russian blonde woman

“It’s a deal.” I held out my hand in the culturally defined gesture of sealing an agreement.  He started reaching back and I started having second thoughts.  This man, only one year older than me, was living in a house so filthy (his parent’s) you could shovel the dirt out … Continue reading

Storytime: Answers to Questions

The one reading Twilight over there?

Being the devilishly handsome rogue I am, I often get asked questions about my marital status, and inevitably the topic turns into an attempted setup.  It’s always nice to have a few witty lines as backup, as humor can diffuse a tight … Continue reading

Fatty Friday: 3 to 8 by Losing Weight

It usually goes the other direction...

This image has made rounds on the internet, but I bring it up here because it’s just that good.  In the land of Common Sense, the government mandates that every woman with a BMI over 25 have this posted on … Continue reading

Worldly Wednesday: Parade of Brides


Today I present Tanya (Tatayana) Poyko who is broadcasting for an event held multiple places around the Eastern world known as the Parade of Brides.  Women put on makeup and dress as if they are going to their weddings, then parade … Continue reading

Sign of the Times: Monopoly Edition

Iron replaced by Cat

It is probably old news to some of you, but earlier this year the board game Monopoly decided to retire one of their figurines and replace it.  In case you somehow missed this cultural icon, Monopoly involves moving your token around a board buying, upgrading and trading … Continue reading

Introducing Seth


Hello everyone.  I am Seth Connor and I will be joining Scott as a contributing writer on his blog.  As a long time reader and comment poster here at and I am excited to be able to share in the … Continue reading