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Nice guys finish last
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In response to my post Nice guys finish last, Youngblood posted this reply and I thought that it was good enough to be a stand-alone post. He makes some valid points and does so with a nice and artistic writing style:

It will be interesting to see how a westernized woman responds to this. Because they have the mindset (even if unconsciously) that men are all evil, overbearing oppressors, they try to browbeat men by using shaming language and verbally/emotionally assaulting masculine behavior. This leads to “Niceguys”, not wanting to “offend” them, ending up in the friendzone and into a very unfortunate position.

On one hand, they can continue being Niceguys and not get any, being forced to hover around the western woman in hopes of a scrap of affection while really being excluded from that woman’s list of romantic possibilities (“Why can’t I find a guy like you?”). On the other hand, if they assert their dominance, the woman backtracks immediately, tries to reassert the man into the friendzone (“I don’t want to lose our friendship!”) or puts the man into the “creepy/loser” category (“I thought you were different, all men are the same!”).

What really boggles the mind is the trifecta of:

1. Western women are in no short supply to men who are assholes

2. Western women and media is always calling for men to “man up”

3. Western women who marries someone who is not socially dominating them express having “settled” to marry

Soooo….on one side, we have western women desperately seeking masculine energy from the other half of the population, while they fervently tell us that we should be nice and submit to their will.

patriarch loser

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… I get regular ‘hate mail’ from feminists who tell me that I stereotype feminists as ‘men haters’ – hey, you only have to do a Google search to see what feminism is all about…

To add insult to injury, it does not seem to me that western women know (or even care!) about what western men want. If we are to take the western women as our exemplifying of what a man wants, then we would have to conclude that western men desire career driven, ball-busting, overweight and crass individuals to spend the rest of their life with. The truth of the matter is that not a thought is given to how MEN feel about the situation. I can recall a time where a (not overweight) fellow student and I were studying calculus at her house. She took a break to prepare tea and slip into pajamas (ok…) and then suddenly launches into a monologue about her views on premarital sex. I had to stop her at 10 minutes and ask if she was trying to make a pass, and she was mortified … at -me-. It had not occurred to her in an inkling to think about what effect she would have by talking to a male peer about sex while wearing her pajamas in her house after dark, none at all.

Essentially, western society has trained the women to degrade masculine energy while simultaneously being unable to remove the desire for it from them. What this has left us with is a population of women who are completely unmarriageable because they have been taught to outwardly reject men and additionally make themselves unattractive. Blessed is the woman in America today who truly desires a husband, because they easily achieve their goal of a happy, sustainable marriage (there are still some men with the traits of real masculinity left). Any man in western society would be winning the lottery to find such a woman. Fortunately, you can rig the lottery by going overseas, to where there are many, many more women who care about men and what they think; who stay in shape, express loyalty and are not wholly selfish.

So, western women, do your worst. If you comment that Niceguys don’t finish last with you (and it happens to be true), then you are the exception. If we’re creeps and losers, then surely you don’t care if we go somewhere else and experience bliss. Shame us, tell us we have no attractive features, that we look like trolls and micropeni, that we’re disgusting manpig misogynistic backwater miscreants.

Too bad for you, we’ve noticed the hole you’ve dug, filled with your own offal and filled up with Niceguys to try to keep your feet clean. We’ve decided not to go down in there with you.


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Nice guys finish last
Hodge Podge of emails

9 thoughts on “Feminist Trifecta

  1. This sentence wraps it all up:

    “Fortunately, you can rig the lottery by going overseas, to where there are many, many more women who care about men and what they think; who stay in shape, express loyalty and are not wholly selfish.”

  2. Well articulated Youngblood ,if we opt out of their game, they no longer have the power.
    A high ranking commanding officer I knew stated after the failure of his second marriage to a western woman ” If they didn’t have Vaginas they’d be stacked 6 foot high at the garbage tip” !

  3. An interesting experiment is to check into a good Russian-Ukrainian dating site, and one from your own western country. Check in once a day and compare the profiles and expectations of a broad cross section of the Women on each of them; the differences in gender cultures is astounding.

  4. Ths is a classic example of WHITE MEN’S chickens comin’ HOME TO ROOST! You spend centuries wipin’ yer ass with hole civilizations and think your is impervious to KARMA? Guess again. If you’re expecting sympathy, look elsewhere! Know for a FACT that while your lil kingdom of dirt collapses, there’s gonna a sound in the background. THE SLOW CLAPPING OF THE DISENFRANCHISED COLORED PEOPLEALL OVER THE WORLD!! RIP WHITE MEN!

    • Thank you “Light of Truth” for your candid and revealing comment. If ever there was a comment that proved the thesis of the post: this is it.

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