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Been a little while since I checked the email; a few messages I thought were worth posting:

John reports that his woman from Ukraine has joined him in his home country for the last 2 months now. Congrats to you and I hope everything works out with you both.

Pete emailed that he was heading over to Ukraine for his first visit. His trip report includes the following:

It was interesting, learned a lot and made many mistakes.Costed me a arm and a leg on the end of the day. Next time I will know better.
It is going to be more difficult that I thought. Its is not that easy for any of the ladies to take leave and visit you in your country and most of them have no passports yet and they all say they will have to save for a couple of months so they can apply for one. Most of them can not speak any English although on their profile they state that they speak some English. Never again any meeting with a lady that does not speak English.Making use of an interpreter is not easy and very impersonal. It is sad, there are many, many very beautiful women but don’t speak any English and as they all told me that they can not afford English classes, even if they could afford it ,it will take very long for them to learn due to their work. They will not have much time.
My suggestion to any gentleman and as sad as it may be, only communicate with women that can speak English.

I completely agree with Pete’s comments – I don’t have a lot of optimism for Western Men trying to date Eastern Women who don’t speak English (or the language of the man). The industry is rife with con-artists (read – agents and interpreters) and you’ll end up spending a boat-load of cash trying to have only simple communication with women.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that any man seeking a woman in the East – only contact women who profess to speak your language. Try a few emails and then GIVE HER A CALL or a Skype chat & confirm that you both can at least have a basic conversation.

I’ve received a lot of emails (& comments left on this site) telling me that I’m being shortsighted & that it can be done. Sure, anything is possible. You could win the lottery also. But, speaking from my own personal experience, it is difficult if not impossible to have a relationship with a woman who doesn’t speak your language. If you care to test my advice, do so at the risk to your own bank account.

Chuck writes:

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid
Hey Scott!AWESOME net site.  Have quite a few questions and comments for you.  Been on a quest for a good woman for 20 years; I cannot believe how accurate and concisely you captured my own observations and sentiments.
Please feel free to reply at your convenience, I’ll forward some feedback and a few ideas.
Sincerely look forward to hearing from you, thanks again.

It’s always good to have feedback – if anyone has any questions or comments, my email address can be found on the home page. Or you can email me here:

To email me click here

John asks:

We have talked to some men who state they have actually married women
from this site.??

Have any opinion??

Regards Howard


Martin asks the following question:

I am writing you to get your honest opinion on these two sites, please. I have been and will continue reading your entire site as the information appears to be truthful, straight forward and not watered down. I have been on these two sites for a short period and don’t wish to waste time or money on a ton of lies and BS. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and opinion. Thank you

Regarding the site that John inquired about, Anastasia.com – I can say without remorse that this site is a 100% total fabrication – it is a scam to the 9th degree. Any man who sends money to Anastasia after reading this post, well, you deserve to lose the $ that you surely will lose.

Regarding the other two sites, I’ll put down what I emailed back to Martin:

I am not familiar with either of these sites. When I have a chance I’ll give them a look over and put up a review on the blog. I’m pretty much looking for one thing when I’m looking for an international dating site – and if the site doesn’t have it, it receives a “fail” in my book.

Does the site allow you to contact the women directly?

If the answer is “no,” the site FAILS and I won’t recommend it – and you shouldn’t spend your $  there.

If the answer is “yes,” then I’ll give it a review based on the fees charged, the support offered, etc.

In my next few posts, I promise to review these two websites. As I’ll have some time in the next few weeks (vacation is about to begin) I would like to review some of the other websites that I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about.

Thanks for dropping by :-)

WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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Feminist Trifecta
Putting my money where my mouth is

13 thoughts on “Hodge Podge of emails

  1. Do not settle for a girl who does not speak a high degree of English. I’ve probably made 10 trips over and met 30 girls. Even on Skype and email they use translators. If the English isn’t good.. It’ll fail.. There are some beautiful ladies trying hard, and they will tell you what you want to hear.. But trust me.. You have to be this tall to ride this ride.. Good looks can only take you so far.. Good luck

  2. Hello Scott

    Very good site by the way. Wanted to inform the folks on your site that you can go
    over to Russia meet a nice and attractive women who does not speak English (or much) bring them back to the US and marry them with a successful outcome.

    However and there are alot of howevers it all depends on how you do this. If anyone thinks for a second you can go over there and pick up a gal in 1 or 2 weeks forget it. I ended up living over there and learning some of the language. Also the women that you become involved with better be smart and adaptable. Bring anyone else over and there will be problems. Also be prepared for trips back and bringing the mother back over here. My children speak Russian and so do I. Also another fallacy about the whole silly idea that Russian Women seek an older more mature man. They have no idea what that is since many men over there along with your interested party are in a completely corrupt state run my yes THE MEN. So time to take all those rose colored glasses off, lose some weight and get a nice hair piece and try your luck in Russia.

    I have contacts over there now including in-laws so if anyone wants some valuable advice or info let me know. Maybe I should start a site what not to do when meeting the natives in Russia! Yes almost all the sites are scams and con
    games run by you know who THE MEN. Russian Women do not trust the men
    and looking at any of the sites would you list yourself on any of them knowing the
    system over their is completely corrupt and all about MONEY?

    Regards Howard

    • Thanks for your reply Howard, good points all around.

      In my own experience, Russian Women don’t have the prerequisite that they must be the same age as the man they are dating or the same age + 3 or 4 years. It is not uncommon for a Russian Woman to date or marry a man who is 5 or 10 years her senior. Maybe 15, but I believe that 5 to 10 is more common. I agree that this idea that a 58 year old man is going to meet, date and eventually marry a Russian Woman of 25 years is a fallacy; a fallacy encouraged by the marriage dating industry. A 58 year old man should not expect to meet, date and marry a 25 year old woman. A 58 year old man should be looking at women aged late to mid 40’s.

      I agree with your opinion that dating a non-English speaking woman is difficult if not impossible.

  3. I spent a few hours on the above websites, and here is my take on them, just from my observation…


    Looks like a scam …
    1 email credit $6.99

    Email credits? Pay per email, seriously?

    Also decorate your emails for yet another $6.99 each? seriously?

    “Romance is the best way to win lady’s heart. Ladies adore surprises and romance. You can decorate your letter and after it’s translated it will be given to your lady beautifully printed like a post card.

    You can choose any background you like. Besides, there are a lot of elements like flowers, hearts, stars which you also can add to your letter. Decoration of the letter will help you to express your feelings – love, attention, care and moreover show how romantic you are!

    NOTE: Decoration credit is equal to e-mail credit. One E-mail credit is needed for the letter itself and HALF of an E-mail credit is needed for decoration.”
    Then there is video chat credits as well…

    This is a dead giveaway… Seems there is always girls online to take your money, I mean chat with you 24 hours around the clock…

    “Even if you didn’t choose the lady you can start chatting with any lady who is online right now. Purchase chat minutes and use them by your choice. For example, 5 minutes with one lady, 10 minutes with other lady, etc.”

    $15 for 10 minutes of chat…

    Worse yet it calls a whopping $30.00 to call the girl..


    So I guess it is not possible to call the girl direct, only to chat for $30.00 an hour with their chat girls.

    Looks like Anastasia date more than anything else.

    http://www.uadreams.com looks the worst to me of the two by far.

    • Thanks Daryl – I was planning to do a write-up on that agency, if you don’t mind, I’m going to use your comment for part of my review.

  4. Yes you can no problem…

    These two websites look great in appearance only, but seems to be many problems with them.


    Seems to have many offices and is a huge organization with alot of staff, seems they are making alot of money charging guys $6.99 per email.

    Also I just checked up on my messages from these two mentioned websites and I a not bad looking guy, but come on, so many young model types want to write to me? No girls decline me?

    Oh but wait it is $6.99 per email… :-)

    And young hot model types want to video chat with me, so many hotties wanting to talk to me and get to know me better.. I so happy and lucky guy:-)


    But wait…. video chat is a whopping $80 per 30 min… :-)


    I would say Anastasia date is even worse though, half naked 22 year old models jumping out on the screen dieing to talk to me even though I did not post a pic yet and only have a 3 word add. Must have been those 3 words I wrote, I must be a good writer.. :-)

    I also love http://www.uadreams.com special of the week in their gift shop..

    You can buy your new chat girl
    “Bright Tulips”

    “A bouquet of fresh tulips that has been just taken from ground will bring her merry moments!”

    All for only $198, but we are told “this deal won’t last long”, and is for “this week only” at those prices.

    Plus perfume for $258


    Then there is the festive cake for only $82.50


    The festive cake

    “Lush, incredibly beautiful, fine and , the main, so tasty cake must be always on any holiday table and in every house. Even, if Your beloved isn’t a sweet tooth, she would be pleased to taste such cake, because its outer beauty is just beckoning. Besides, the guests of the house and her family will surely appriciate thus attention from your side”

    For $82.50 it should be tasty…

    A few Biscuits for $45 anyone?

    “Gift box of different delicious biscuits will have a corner in her heart. Treat your special lady with tasty biscuits.” Biscuits for $45? Seriously?

    How about a box of small chocolates for $69?

    I could go on and on, but I have no time to waste with you guys, I got five girls lined up who want to video chat with me latter tonight :-)

    Gotta go…. :-)

  5. There are two sides of the coin when it comes to the language barrier:

    1) When meeting girls online, many men only go for girls who can speak fluent English. That makes competition for them, especially the beautiful ones, quite rough.

    2) Speaking from experience, though, my girl had basic/moderate English speaking skills and on the one hand it’s a great adventure. She would describe things in a way that gave our interactions spice, for example, in asking what a butterfly is in english, she said, ‘colour moth’ and for haze or mist, ‘white dark’, or for hail, ‘little ice balls from the sky’. It made our conversations fun.

    But the language barrier also caused unnecessary strife when she misinterprets what I say or when you get tired of always engaging your mind in what should be a simple conversation so you rather don’t say anything at all and then she asks why don’t you talk to me.

    Overall, from my experience it’s been incredibly worth it and I would recommend anything from basic/moderate English speaking skills with a willingness and intention to learn.

    My best advice in speaking with a girl with less than fluent English would be to get a smartphone and load the google translate app which is quite good and very free. You then double translate, i.e. translate into Russian and back into English. If the translation back into English makes sense, then chances are good it was a good translation. It’s a bit of a hassle, but that’s how I did it and it works a charm. It’s worth the effort to have one of these incredible women be with you. You’ll never go back to American/western bitches ever ever again. You won’t even want to look in their direction. Trust me.

  6. I just wanted to add this as well, http://www.uadreams.com Is a huge money pit, they want more and more money for any reason or turn…

    Since my first posts and by playing on their site for a few days now I have found many more over charges.

    For Example if you upload a pic to your profile it is degraded to a lower quality on purpose till it gets so small you can’t even see it, and if you want to publish the original quality picture of yourself to your free profile you must pay a credit to do that, and each credit is $6.99

    If you want to upload 5 pics to your profile then you must pay $6.99 for each photo you upload. So it would cost you $35.00 to upload your pics to your free profile, I not sure how they can call it free if they charge you $35.00 for 5 pics..

    To make it worse, since you can never get the ladies email address, so if you want to send her an additional picture in a message…. It is… you guess it $6.99 for every pic you send every lady..

    So to write to one lady with a decorative email with a pic it would cost
    $6.99 + $6.99 + $6.99 = $21.00 per email…

    They are masters of squeezing money out of you, no matter what you do you have to pay huge. Who could think of all these charges and angles to make a guy pay? Well apparently they have, I have found a 100 more things but it would take a book to write it all, bottom line it is one huge money pit, plus most of the girls have low to zero English skills, which means yet another charge of
    $6.99 per email to get it translated each way, which means that one message I described above now is gonna cost you $28.00 [Per message, then they charge you another $6.99 to get the ladies response translated back to you. So now we are at $35.00 for that one message and her reply back to you translated back to your native tongue.

    $6.99 + $6.99 + $6.99 + $6.99 + $6.99 = $35.00 per email…

    So as you can see there is a never ending list of charges and fee’s till they milk you completely dry.

    Guess what? They also do tours to and personal introductions as well, but that has a whole new list of fee’s that would take me some time to all write down, but unless you are worth millions and millions, I would stay away. Far far away…

  7. Great advice -Dont want to write emails to a Love for sale factory.I spent time with Ladies overseas in Europe that didn’t understand English-(didn’t last long,sex-week or two)-and time with foreigners in the States (as us Soldiers say)that didn’t understand much English-we studied eachother language to our ability,Spanish &German ladies with basic english knowledge was my encounter,but if basic language isnt there,how can you exlpain to her how to pronounce and what’s the meaning,but only in person you can communicate halfway properly, translator isnt going to be out to the movies and park with you if on a date in your city,,if both can’t learn the other ones basic language bad deal.!! Surely our phone can translate and speak whatever you say in their language but Hello Scott-how about Charming date & China love site,Foreign affair site ??? Yes Sir still looking for my foreign Bride !!!!!

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