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I Hate Men

I really don’t have time to write today, or for this week either. But, when I saw this website, I just had to create a post right now.

I get a LOT of hate mail from feminazi women who curse the ground I walk on, call me bastard and all sorts of colorful language and then in the same sentence they tell me that feminism isn’t about man hating.

Really, all you have to do is do a Google search.

I digress.

I received a “trackback” from another site – basically, a feminist site posted a link to one of my posts. When this happens, I usually get a dozen or so hate emails from the Trogs that frequent said site.

Trog (abreviated for Troglodyte): a female creature of such alarming appearance that it is know to frequent bars after midnight in the hopes of ensnaring a man who is suffering severely from “beer goggles’ syndrome.

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On  my admin page for this site I get a list of all of the sites that have a link for me on their site. I click on the site of some Trog-site and while reading the comments about “Hey, check out this loser at westernwomensuck.com.” I read the comments of the “ladies” that are bashing me and I see that they are all man-haters, have an absolutely horrible attitude towards men and have such a wicked case of arrogance that I can hardly believe it.

While visiting said site, I saw a link for another ‘affiliated’ website called “I hate men.” The site boasts 100,000 members and growing.” I really couldn’t believe it. I just sent a link to Alana – she regularly argues with me that American Women can’t be as bad as I describe. I’ll post her comments when she replies.

Have a look at this site – I really can’t begin to describe what a messed up culture we live in. Imagine all of the young impressionable 14 – 18 year old women that will read this drivel.

Geez, they even have a .org affiliation.

Have a look & post your comments below.

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Welcome Seth
Introducing Seth

50 thoughts on “I Hate Men

  1. wow,lol i went to see that site and i was reading a post then the comments and then im like that name looks familiar and was you lol.
    Well if it wasnt for welfare and child support and “white knights” defending vicious feminists all day they would still feel they need men,actually i noticed its the ugly and fat girls that usually talk like this,and when they lose weight and start looking good they usually stop hanging out with their feminist friends,or another bitter feminist lady is brainwashing a hot girl cause shes jealous lol

  2. They cannot deconstruct your argument. America does not like the truth. They can’t handle the truth. That’s why it’s easy to lie to these Western women.

  3. Paedophiles, rapists, military tyrants and genocidal maniacs, violent domestic abusers. These are almost entirely men. And that’s without even considering the glass ceiling and pay inequality. Now tell me the females victims of this kind of abuse have no right to hate men.

    • Well Rachel from Leeds, UK, what can I say?


      Thank you VERY MUCH for your comment. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I couldn’t have so clearly expressed how the modern feminist woman feels today but you’ve encapsulated it in your comment.

      Have a good look at it Men. This is what a large and growing segment of Western women think about you. Is this what you want to have as your Wife? You will never hear this kind of babble from a Russian Woman.

      I am amazed every time I come back to the US and I see what Men have to put up with.

      After reading this blog, if you marry an American woman, you deserve all of the pain that you’ll surely get…

      • That’s for sure, Scott.

        I don’t know your background Rachel and perhaps you’ve had or know of someone with these terrible experiences. However, on this site, to my knowledge, the men here, including myself, simply want to find a wife to build a family with.

        If you’ve read any of the blogs, you would see that. So, you just want to come along and throw your crap against the wall to see if any of it sticks. Your comments are not necessary in this forum.

        However, as Scott says, you have really proven to be what we don’t want or whom we want to live with. Imagine waking up with you everyday knowing the state of your mind? No thanks. I’ll take the Paradise I live in.

    • Your facts are not facts, but fake news and distorted facts and outright lies. Where do I start? There is no glass ceiling just for women, there is a glass ceiling for both men and women and to think it only applies to women shows just how sexist your are. Checkout how many women have sex with children, maybe you are just to blind to see, but do the research. Domestic abuse? Again, you are drinking feminist kool aid. Based on government statistics, domestic abuse is pretty much 50/50, but you never hear about it because nobody wants to hear the truth, just the lies. Pay inequality, the same bs. All respected economist have opined on this matter and it is not true. If you take the same criteria for men and women, pay is pretty much equal, except for the under 30 crowd. Know why? Yes, women make more than men. Have a nice day with your feminist lies and bs.

  4. It is not about hating the female. Is about understanding your position. You she can treat you with respect. Then move on.

  5. If you were to believe some women, the only good man is one that can be controlled or “educated” to cater to all their needs. If you have a “frigid spouse or worse one that gives you NOTHING, dare you go outside those bonds to seek comfort elsewhere. Unless that is you live in Canada where that escape is not considered “illegal” like here in the US.

    How “Lucky” we men are in the US how we can be kept in bounds with laws that will criminalize men by putting them on a Sex Offender list just for soliciting for outside female comfort!! I even ran across 1 proposed law that said those comfort givers? could not give consent for this service but equating it to sexual assault!! That might explain many court decisions where men are responsible for any crime but the women are ajudged to be not responsible for their actions. And the laws and penalties continue to mount!

    • Even some of my “regular” readers here question my antagonism towards feminism. They don’t see (yet) the problems that Men in America face. I’ve talked to quite a few Men (some relatives) who are just screwed in court. Child support payments that are ridiculous, alimony and divorce settlements that just bent them over. The law has NO sympathy for the Man.

      In one case, a Man I know, his Wife became a drug addict and then abandoned him and the kids. He raised them alone and then she applied for alimony and he argued, “Sure, I’ll pay, but you owe child support.” A few of her friends gave her some great ideas and the next thing you know, this crack head has 1/2 custody and he has to pay for his apartment and hers, his living expenses, and hers, he pays for the kids to live at his house, and hers. She does nothing, he still has the kids full time but since she maintains a separate residence and he can’t get 100% custody (impossible) in American society except in the most extreme cases. And so, he is forever locked in a web of bills and drama.

      Why any Man would get involved with a feminist American woman is beyond me.

      • Sounds like the courts found a “mule” to pull the train for this derelict female that would otherwise be a “burden to society”. She gets free rent and play money and he gets the burden of providing for this irresponsible, disfunctional female that would be unable to provide a descent home for the kids.

        I wonder if they make him responsible for her treatment or actions like they would a child!

        Now if it were him with the drug problem I think we know the outcome. Child support payments X unable to pay = jail. Of course.

        I have heard that all too often!!

        • I stated the same scenarios about 2 months ago and I was literally called a sensational lunatic (by a former regular) although there are thousands of documented scenarios of this happening in the US. Hell, everyman knows at least one man that has been raped by divorce court, alimony, and child support.

  6. Scott and all: but if things are sooooooo damn bad for a male in America then WHY isn’t there an exodus of males from USA, Canada, Australia?
    What’s stopping them????

    • Depending on individual situations, things such as family, legal and cultural familiarity, age, income. Ideally if you had enough income you could maintain 2 residences – where you want to live temporarily and where your residence is. If you work it’s pretty hard to be gone for a week every month.

        • Hardly. There are a lot of hate mongers out there. So it is better not to give into those impulses. One looks to better situations overall. Short periods of time might be just right, ya know!

    • FC, I think because the change to radical feminism took a couple of generations, men did not realize what was happening until it was too late. I became an adult in the 1970’s – sex, drugs and rock&roll generation, which became the hedonistic yuppies of the 1980’s. …..In hindsight I realize my generations contribution to the sh*t situation we have today. If we had only known then what things would become. And I will say the feminists then were laughed at and ridiculed, but their ideology seems to have flourished. And the trend to Political Correctness has made it worse.

      • Sorry, I didn’t finish that. Men now have come to accept the situation now as the normal state of things. This is not new, in some old texts..GOD had to banish Adams first wife, Lillith, from the Garden of Eden and replaced her with Eve. Apparently, Lillith was a b*tch.

        • It appears the new political correctness does incorporate some misandrist elements.from feminist. I read some comments regarding sex offenders and how the smallest crime, urinating in public, soliciting will put a man on the list, but murderers, felonious assaults, armed robbery, home invasion are not listed or made public. So you don’t know if a murderer lives next to you after all it was only murder!
          I do have a problem with crimes against children though! That is horrendous.

          It looks like the worst crime a man can commit is ANY Crime against a women! There is really something wrong with that picture. Sick!

          • Just look at the news. All these scenarios are horrendous. A woman drowns and murder her 4 kids, she gets 5 min of infamy. A female athlete on steroids beats up and bloodys her boyfriend’s face, that’s not news. A male athlete hits his girlfriend, everyone has to hear about for the next 2 years and the sports organization has to fund campaigns addressing violence against women. If the woman that kills her child is young and attractive, well everyone she’s not going to prison…and thirsty males with money will even fund her legal counsel. That’s America.

  7. In Hawaii some time back the cops were called about a woman with a gun that was threatening a man as he tried to enter his car. When the cops got there they “witnessed” her shooting the man then standing over him and shooting him point blank – killing him. The cops did NOTHING to stop her! She walked over and threatened the girl that was waiting in the car, then drove away. It seems he was leaving her for another girl in the middle of the day!. She dropped the gun and was arrested. After the trial she got 2 Years for murdering a guy who was leaving her!!!! Why is there no justice if you are a man!!

    • BECAUSE western males have succumbed to the politically correct mainstream pressure and often supported/promoted political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring, tolerance and multiculturalism!!
      Y’all folks got what you DESERVE for all your cowardice, indecisiveness and inability to stand up and be counted and to lead by example.

      • The American male indeed must stand up for themselves and verbalize and articulate their needs to have a sea state change to address their needs.To do nothing will not bring any relief!

        However, based on past experience women have not led by example as they continue to address primarily women’s issues, not men’s issues or both equally. Men are still shown as aggressors, brutes or abusers to be controlled. There are surprisingly few if any articles written by men in the media on male/female issues for considering legislation, unless they are PC. It’s painfully obvious every day of the treatment of men in the courts and the discriminatory decisions that are rendered in criminal, family and civil court. Is that right way to treat men or anyone?

        But yes, men have to get a grip, stand up and lead, even if you have to sleep on the couch or go celibate for a while but do the right thing.

  8. Don’t know how things work in other cities but I am aware that for those in the Detroit area, they have a sting going on in some sections of the city for soliciting. It seems they have cops dressed up as “ladies of the evening” and if you stop and talk to them, whether or not there is an actual solicitation you can get arrested and your car forfeited on the spot. By the way the “offer to engage” as they call it – is a mandatory 45 days in jail. Some guys have commented they did not ask for anything and they were arrested.

    Some call it entrapment as there was no offer. One said he just lit her cigarette and he was arrested. Cost $900 plus $200 for towing and with an attorney about $2500 plus court costs plus a fine for a reduced charge. Without an attorney you can guess the consequences!!

    • So WHY in hell are males STILL staying in North America? What’s stopping them from getting a plane ticket, packing their bags and leaving North America behind for good?? Mere complaining ain’t gonna change nothing!

  9. Complaints, not a complaint, If you are looking for complaints sometimes that is all you see. When you are born and raised in a particular location, such as the USA, it is like an investment of time, effort and emotional energy and you want to see your investment turn out well. Don’t know why some would think it is time to cut and run. Hardly, it’s time to make it better, correct the situation. There are some females that confirm their misandrist views. Too bad!

    • Ok, then tell me HOW you will make the situation better?
      How are you gonna change the system of North American values?? How are you gonna get rid of political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring, tolerance and multiculturalism?? Tell me, man!

  10. Interesting. That’s what some with conservative values appear to be saying this election year as they are sick of accommodating every group and indulge every whim and of every perceived want without earning it.

    That seems to be why Donald Trump is leading on the Republican side. He is not politically correct, he made it clear what he would do on immigration, he’s not tolerant and he is decisive. What would he do as President – Unknown.

    What got us into this mess is trying to play “Nice” with everybody, not making hard decisions on issues and NOT fixing immigration. That’s why everyone has been jockeying for who’s the favorite to get the goodies. By doing nothing and thinking it will go away just compounds it!

    • I honestly doubt that Trump will win it all. Yes, he might win an odd primary or even become a Republican Nominee but he doesn’t stand a chance in the long run.
      It’s impossible now to change the system of core American values like political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring, tolerance, multiculturalism.
      The only thing any normal North American male can do is packing his bags and leaving North America behind for good.

      • He probably will not even though he’s being financed by the same circles financing the other candidates. They want a well behaved dog on a leash…he’s too unpredictable.

  11. If there is that panacea out there for men, I am ready to listen. But one size may not fit all. Nice to think all guys could get in on the act but there are differences that change the result.

    • Yes there is a panacea. Of course ONE size does not fit all, but in general it’s called Getting the hell out of North America. I strongly recommend going to Eastern Europe for all white males, but even South East Asia and Latin America don’t sound too bad.
      I guess that every able bodied North American male is capable of getting sporty and educated, learning a trade/EFL and a foreign language, saving some money and buying himself a one way ticket.

      • So true FC,

        “I guess that every able bodied North American male is capable of getting sporty and educated, learning a trade/EFL and a foreign language, saving some money and buying himself a one way ticket.”

        Unless you are full blooded Native American every North American male reading this blog is descended from people(s) that were forced to come to North America — for whatever reason — and their dirt poor DNA survived and thrived and is probably doing OK since they are reading/commenting on this blog on their own computer at home.

        I get your point.

        • I agree there are more Male friendly countries than the US but there are some pitfalls especially in Latin America where I am somewhat familiar. Such as unstable governments, unfamiliar laws (guilty until proved innocent) and criminal activities directed at foreigners, armed robberies, kidnappings and murders.

          The more you get to know your neighbors and they know you the better off you will be. Some folks are suspicious of foreigners and may associate you with sensational headlines from the US such as kidnapping of kids and atrocities they read or hear about.

          Also health care facilities and payments can be significantly different that in the US.

          So before you go do your research and be prepared for changes!

          • Then Eastern Europe is your BEST choice by far! You have Russia, you have Ukraine, you have Belarus to start with. Russia is huge and very different. Ukraine is more compact. And so is Belarus.
            I only mentioned Latin America as an option since some males tend to like Latin females.

          • I tend to like both type of females.

            I have met girls in the US that were half-Russian/half-Brazilian, half-Brazilian/half-Polish, half-Serbian/half-Dominican…they were definitely not hurting in the looks department and very traditional. Non of them were single…of course why would girls like that be single in the US!?

  12. I’ve spoken a lot about HOW life in Canada changes people from Eastern Europe! Here comes a perfect example HOW normal Russian female can turn into Canadian Ice Queen and Princess after several years spent in Canada. Just read this, I ain’t gonna emphasize anything on the profile, simply read it.


    She ain’t got no kids and she doesn’t want them!!!!! She’s divorced and likely “fucked” her former husband for half of his money and savings.
    Males beware! Eastern European females in North America becomes Americanized very fast!!!

    • That about me section kind of reads like a list of demands.

      She’s 47.

      Your Results

      Your Age: 47

      Probability of Pregnancy Each Cycle 1%
      This means that each cycle you have a 1 in 100 chance of conceiving.
      Your probability of pregnancy, based on age, after trying for the number of cycles listed.
      *based on a woman with normal reproductive function who is actively trying to conceive
      Example: After trying to conceive for 4 cycles the likelihood of pregnancy is 3.94%.
      # of Cycles Trying to Conceive Chance of Pregnancy
      1 cycle 1%
      2 cycles 1.99%
      3 cycles 2.97%
      4 cycles 3.94%
      5 cycles 4.9%
      6 cycles 5.85%
      7 cycles 6.79%
      8 cycles 7.73%
      9 cycles 8.65%
      10 cycles 9.56%
      11 cycles 10.47%
      12 cycles 11.36%
      18 cycles 16.55%
      24 cycles 21.43%

      Some of the Risks at Age 47

      Miscarriage Risk 50%
      Trisomy 21 (Downs Syndrome) 1 in 14 (7.14%)
      Any Trisomy (21, 18, 13) 1 in 10 (10%)
      Note: If you have had a previous child or pregnancy with trisomy 21 or another trisomy, your risk may differ from the age-related risks presented. In these cases it is best to talk to a genetic counselor to get an accurate assessment of your risks.



      Unless a miracle occurs she’s not getting knocked up anytime soon. Hey at least the next guy won’t have to pay child support.

    • Again, going to disagree with you here. If she was a whore in Ukraine, why would you expect anything different after she gets a maple flag on her passport?

      You could move my Wife to San Francisco, put her to work at the National Association of Women and she would still be less feminist than most American Men.

      • Hi Scott! One day I’m gonna write more about it, just give a little bit of time. It’s a “deeper” issue than it may seem on the surface so to say;)

        • I would like to hear your ideas about this issue fleshed out.
          I don’t think either option is bad or black and white. I just think there are several grades. Moving to a non-western country and marrying a non-western wife (Latin America, Asia, Russia, including some parts of the Middle East and Africa, etc.) would be the gold standard. Bringing her back to the US, Canada, UK, Australia, or the Scandinavian region is the bronze or copper standard. Silver is something in between instead of living in place like the US maybe Central or Southern Europe.
          I just think it depends on what some people really want plus their personal tolerance level(s); each option carries it’s own risks and benefits.

  13. No, never takes those money oriented types long from any country to catch on to the free for all sweepstakes to grab the gold and run.

  14. In Wisconsin in some cities are requiring Escort Services to register with the municipality and pay a $5000 fee because they say they can’t figure out which one’s are dating services and which one give “extra” services.

    If you think things have been bad before, if the leading Democrat gets in it’ll be a whole lot worse! She will be listening to her female inner circle and push her favorite causes such as “Violence against Women” and the “War against Women” among others to coerce legislators to pass even more restrictive laws to limit men’s choices and criminalize and control their activities.

    It’s no joke and it happens because men sleep and do nothing!

    • Good;)) And now go and tell this to Greg “the phantom fighter” who still thinks that iti ain’t males fault;)
      MALES and MALES ONLY are to blame for the current state of things in North American dating! And if males have allowed and often promoted political correctness, quota hiring, affirmative action and multiculturalism then they DESERVE what they get!

      • Well, there was quite a push over the last 20+ years from the Women’s Rights movement and of course the famous Sex Offender’s Register from 1994 that really energized the generalization that all males are inherently violent and dangerous and must be controlled. They have added more laws where accidental touching, or stupid behavior is no longer tolerated and criminalized where it is soo tight you even what you say can come back to haunt you.

        However, sitting there and letting it happen is negligent and avoidance behavior that is very detrimental and has led to this incredible situation.

        However one likes to view it or whose fault they think it is, is no excuse for doing nothing!

        Hopefully there are other sites that have active conversations on topic that can get guys going.

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