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Iron replaced by Cat

It is probably old news to some of you, but earlier this year the board game Monopoly decided to retire one of their figurines and replace it.  In case you somehow missed this cultural icon, Monopoly involves moving your token around a board buying, upgrading and trading the real estate in an attempt to leverage control of certain properties and achieve economic domination. Replacing tokens is not new to the popular Hasbro game, but I thought it was amusing that the final selection (voted by the interested population) was to lay down the Iron and pick up the Cat.

Doesn't she look opressed?

Doesn’t she look opressed?

I’m no psychic, but if I had to guess what token the feminized population of the western world would NOT pick, it would have been the Iron hands down.  It harkens back to an earlier era in western nations when women taking up a housekeeping role was not viewed with disdain.  After all, giving yourself into demeaning labor for the benefit of your family shouldn’t be considered by the modern woman.  Now go back to your soul-sucking cubical-farm job and quit complaining.

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For men, however, being able to support a woman to stay at home and raise their family is many times a mark of status.  It works well for a woman who truely wants to invest time in her children to be able to stay at home and…well…invest that time.  Interesting it is, that the voting population (I’m sure substantially female) selected the Cat to replace the vernerable symbol of the married woman.  What do you think of when you pair Cat and woman together? Crzy Cat 2PS: We don't own the Simpsons, so don't sue us please

I can only guess that today’s western woman have put down the Iron (or forgotten it altogether), waiting for Ultimate Man: Studly McSixpack, dressed stylishly in Top Hat to appear at their door.  He’ll be pushing Wheelbarrow full of money, have expensive Car in the driveway and bringing her a gift of yappy Dog.  They’ll dance away on Shoe of the finest leather to his private Boat.  Of course, it would be a rare circumstance to find Ultimate Man, but rather than “settling” for someone with just one or two tokens, they’ll just keep holding on to Cat.


And Thimble better not show his face, that deadbeat.

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Introducing Seth
Worldly Wednesday: Parade of Brides

3 thoughts on “Sign of the Times: Monopoly Edition

  1. Ah, the repressed women of the West – you can see how well their liberation has worked for them…

    You get what you wait for, cats! hahaha

    • Ha ha, I always picked the iron too ~ I thought I just liked the shape of it, but you’re probably right, it was a symbol of my bachelorism!

      A wise uncle once told me to learn to cook, to wash & to iron – then I wouldn’t be dependent on a woman; I could take my time and select a woman that is best for me. And so, Alana is always impressed that I can cook, that I know how to run a washing machine and that I know how to make a bed. But still, she doesn’t expect me to do housework, if I do it, its a nice gesture, but it isn’t expected.

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