Worldly Wednesday: Parade of Brides

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Today I present Tanya (Tatayana) Poyko who is broadcasting for an event held multiple places around the Eastern world known as the Parade of Brides.  Women put on makeup and dress as if they are going to their weddings, then parade around the city to advertise their support or willingness for marriage.  There is often a sponsor, competitions and prizes, but not like you might see at a similar event here in the west.

If you can get past the hat she wears (it’s making me jealous), you can see from the other participants that a lot of work went into making this event.  Aside from the effort on the part of the ladies to do their hair and makeup, you can see that there are many themed outfits complete with accessories.  As someone who had been a part of the bridal industry for several years, I can also add that these ladies show more shoulder (and do it better) than many of the (western) women I’ve seen.  There’s even some pretty daring cleavage sneaking in at 1:08.

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Most importantly, it stresses that Eastern European women think very much about being married.  Many consider it a fantasy that they entertain, and dressing up like this will be something like us putting on a superhero costume for Halloween.  To maintain a willingness to hope for marriage despite the odds says much about their character.

I can't hear how much you want to be married over the sounds of's all my fault, I know.

A Western Woman’s solution to Singleness

Worldly Wednesday is possibly a semi-regular feature of featuring information regarding the culture of Eastern Europeans.  If you have anything to add or feel that this post contains errors, please submit corrections in postings below and I will be happy to review them.

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Sign of the Times: Monopoly Edition
Fatty Friday: 3 to 8 by Losing Weight

4 thoughts on “Worldly Wednesday: Parade of Brides

  1. I’m a long time reader. I emailed Scott some time ago what a brilliant blog he has. I think I will enjoy your posts as well, Seth. Thanks for joining in!
    A cousin of mine is East European. She couldn’t wait to get married to the guy. They spent around 6000 pounds on the wedding to make it the way they wanted. She loves him even more after they’ve done it and she respects him because he makes her feel special. It must be a miracle to you reading this. She has even lost 5kg since they met and she looks like an angel on a daily basis.
    I wish all Western would get marrie to themselves and died out so we can merge the East with the West excluding the Western women of course.

    • Thanks for reading, Andre.

      I am told stories by those people who have married internationally about how the couples grow only more fond of each other. I think it has to do with both parties finally finding what they could not in their own respective cultures and not being limited to the Western script of marital realationships the culture tries to impose on us.

      I’ve also heard about how those women either maintian or lose weight throughout the relationship, even after having children. I think it’s great that these women make it a priority to look attractive for their men. They’ve got it figured out what Western women have forgotten: You can get your man to do anything for you if you treat him right and are his woman.

      I had never thought about all the “wrong” women getting married to themselves, but if you think about it, they are. It might be boxed wine or their carreer, but I suppose it’s true that it’s working out that way more and more as men start wising up.

  2. Gentlemen.

    No more ,no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As from the end of this month I am canceling all my profiles on these dating/marriage agency sites. I have spend thousands and thousands of $ communicating with scammers, women that are here for the wrong reasons and money hunters.

    During my visit in Ukraine in July this year I met up with two ladies that are personal matchmakers. They have a total different approach comparing to all these other dating/marriage agency scams.
    I will be saving thousands of dollars and will be meeting honest and serious women.

    These two ladies(matchmakers) are serious in what they are doing and always have my best interest at heart.
    This is the way to go……………….do your self a favor and start doing the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Pieter, what agencies have you been using?

    In my own personal experience, with the exception of Elena’s Models, there isn’t a legitimate agency out there.

    As for personal matchmakers, I’d be curious to know what results you get. Off the top of my mind, some issues I can think would be that the matchmaker might have limited access to women that are appropriate for you. And another issue I can see with a matchmaker is that she/he has no vested interest in getting you connected and married. If they hook you up, they lose a paying customer.

    Your comments about spending thousands and thousands of dollars is more common than most (who’ve never tried) realize. And, as you said, this is because the industry is rife with bogus sites and agencies. But, that said, you must take a little personal responsibility. YOU spent the money. No one flew from Ukraine, held a gun to your head and made you surrender your credit card.

    I get weekly emails and I’m often amazed at how some men delude themselves into thinking that, as a 57 year old man, that a 23 year old model wants to cook and pamper for them only because they have a blue passport. It seems, that when some men see a pretty photo and the girl (supposedly) emails them, their brain goes right out the window. I’ve said it dozens of times, THINK WITH THE BIG HEAD.

    Some quick and fast rules:

    1. Don’t do business with any agency that won’t give you the woman’s contact info right off the bat.

    2. Challenge the woman’s identity – this can be done discreetly; run an IP search on an email that she sends you. If she claims to be from St. Petersburg and her IP address reads Kazan, Tartarstan, you know she’s a scammer. Call her on the phone. Skype (video) chat with her. Write her an old fashioned email and see if she responds in kind.


    Men, you must really take personal responsibility for your own due diligence. You must take responsibility for your own credit card and bank account.

    My next post, will be a review of the website UA Dreams – I rec’d an email from a man who swears by them because, as he says, “They’ve always treated me right.” I came to learn that he’s corresponded with a few ladies for 9 months and has never gone to meet any of them. HOW DOES HE KNOW THEY TREATED HIM FAIRLY? He’s probably talking to a secretary or a man.

    3. Be realistic. Don’t expect an age difference of more than 10 years. Expect to date women from 5-10 years your junior, no more than 15 years. Unless you’re really rich, really famous or you play professional sports.

    RUN don’t WALK from ANY suggestion that you should send a nickle. Eastern European Women don’t want your money. Scammers do. Eastern European Women don’t want to email back and forth for months on end. Scammers do. Any woman that you talk to for more than 3 or 4 weeks who doesn’t ask if you are coming to visit her on your next scheduled vacation or in the next 3-6 months, yes, you guessed it, she’s a scammer!

    Go forth and be wise!

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