Fatty Friday: 3 to 8 by Losing Weight

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It usually goes the other direction...

It usually goes the other direction…

This image has made rounds on the internet, but I bring it up here because it’s just that good.  In the land of Common Sense, the government mandates that every woman with a BMI over 25 have this posted on their refrigerator.  Unfortunately, the land of Common Sense is an island I haven’t bought yet and we still live in Western culture.

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The photo speaks for itself, get thinner = look hotter.  It’s amazing that more women in the most educated and “liberated” parts of the world take it as an opportunity to blimp up and pork out.  It goes beyond “being comfortable with yourself” in most cases, and ends up wrecking their health over the long term.

Until then we’re tempted (read: repulsed) by lumbering landbeasts, fat-limping along.


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Worldly Wednesday: Parade of Brides
Storytime: Answers to Questions

6 thoughts on “Fatty Friday: 3 to 8 by Losing Weight

  1. That pretty much sums it up,but one thing i noticed about overweight girls in the usa and or west….once they start hitting the gym and diet and they start getting attention from guys they start looking becoming bitches ! thats right alot of overweight girls are nice and friendly because they arent getting attention from the thugs and drug dealers and pimps that they want to date,so they might sleep with some regular guys just to get some action if they can get any of them to feel sorry for them which is the case most times,but as soon as they look good they will forget about the nice guys that were there with them when they looked like shit…..

    • I have a buddy here in town, he had a great big fat ole wife – I’m talking 220 + pounds. They were very poor but he loved her and looked after her. The local National Guard unit was called up to go to Iraq and because he was a reserve soldier, they took him along. While the unit was training up for the deployment, his wife found out that she qualified for the military insurance and they would pay for a lap-band. She got the surgery and withing a few months she had lost over 80 pounds. Before the guy had even shipped out to Iraq (he was in another state living on base now), she had already started sleeping with 1/2 the town. While he was in Iraq, she spent his paycheck on her boyfriends and lived high on the hog. This soldier sent a power of attorney to one of my other buddies and we went and “stole” (repossessed) his car back and hid it in the armory.

      20+ years of loving her fat ass and as soon as she lost some weight, she threw him to the wind.

      Not saying all American women are like this, but feminism teaches her that it is within her rights, no, it is expected of her to go and “get hers” while she can.

  2. Scott crazy story,
    Yes this happens alot especially if they combine some kind of money from govt or some kind of settlement payout,once the money comes in they start making plans to enjoy the life with the thugs and pimps and criminal gangs that turn them on by watching fake TV shows that make regular guys look like suckers…
    I actually had to google lap-band had no idea what that was lol
    wow insurance pays for that hmmm interesting
    Yeah so your friend serves his country and this lady goes on a binge on his cash …….even buying a car with your friends money….i never understood why they start supporting the new boyfriends…my friend caught his 20 year old younger wife hes 63 she 43 cheating with an almost homeless loser as soon as she got a job out of the house she was using the money to support the homeless guy instead of the family.
    I have seen this alot regular hard working guys supporting and loving (sleeping) with a non attatactive women for years even not cheating at all with hotter chicks man,devoted guys to the max get dumped and used cause the girl is on a brainwashed feminist power trip lol
    But people are waking up people are waking up thanks god…

  3. https://www.yahoo.com/news/internet-reacts-bloggers-claim-wives-185909416.html?nhp=1

    Go to 2:15. “I want you to love me at my worst.” Woo hoo! Applause! Yeah, feminists, just keep plowing away at young female minds, and reminding any potential mates, “you have to love me how I am…” And I love how so many use the word, “my partner.” No husband – partner. Alright guys, is that how you want to be referred to on national TV, as a partner? A loosely engaging, soft committal word, that is supposed to be endearing of the relationship. Ha! Not for me, feministas. I have a wife who calls me her husband – always.

    • Great find Rodney!
      Oh MOG and OMG…will these cackling old hens ever STHU! One of them should not even be commenting because she doesn’t even prefer men! Yeah that’s the one that used the word “partner” the most. It would be like me commenting on what she would like from her female partner…I can’t nor would I try!
      Why on earth would I go through an engagement, a church ceremony, marriage documents, and risk my current and future earnings/assets/time, and fun with other hot young women for just a partner?!
      Sounds like a great deal!
      Wives should work to look good and take care or the home, just like husbands should work and protect their families. These roles (the original version) have been working for over 4,000 years…version 2.0, 3.0, and beyond suck!

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