Storytime: Answers to Questions

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Manly Monday: What do you want?
The one reading Twilight over there?

Dear Seth: Please marry my (grand)daughter?

Being the devilishly handsome rogue I am, I often get asked questions about my marital status, and inevitably the topic turns into an attempted setup.  It’s always nice to have a few witty lines as backup, as humor can diffuse a tight situation.  Some of these things are what I -wanted- to say, but depending on my relationship with the person/flow of the conversation I can usually slip one of these in like a shiv in the heart of my archnemises.

Why aren’t you looking to find a (read: my) girl in America?

  • -Why aren’t they thin?
  • -Why don’t I just flip a coin right now and on heads mail 60% of my stuff to my least favorite person? (divorce reference)
  • -Women here are too masculine, and I’m not gay.
  • -Tell me, how many euphorically happy couples do you know?
  • -I don’t invest in depreciating assets. (a classic)
  • -I can marry any woman I please, I just can’t please any of them!
  • -Have you SEEN the selection in Walmart?  Not even if they were on clearance.
  • -The good girls have already found men, all the rest have married…to their careers.
  • -I can’t find one that can afford me.

Why look for love in [Eastern Europe]?

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  • -It just so happens that I LOVE borscht.
  • -I just don’t see any other way to save on Russian lessons.
  • -It’s not mail-order any more, they use e-mail.
  • -It’s not e-mail they use, they’ve finally got the 3-D printers at full functionality. (for my more tech-savy clients).
  • -It’s a conspiracy on the part of Russia to invade our country using beautiful, feminine women and overthrow capitalism.  Help!
  • -Did you see the 18 y/o in front of you who just told me that the generation under her was going to pot?  Yeah, the one with a nose piercing, lip rings, arm tats and the name of some guy inscribed on her left boob.  That could have something to do with it. (True story)
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Shashlik (meat-kabob) by

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Fatty Friday: 3 to 8 by Losing Weight
Manly Monday: What do you want?

3 thoughts on “Storytime: Answers to Questions

  1. A guy would be crazy to marry most of the western women today that are fat unattractive and demanding, especially with all the laws etc.

    Eastern women are much better, more attractive treat us better etc.

    But to be honest if I guy could just be single or stay single, have girl friends on the side maybe go to eastern Europe every few years for a 1 month vacation it would probably be even better to getting married even. I guess the story of the noble pilot that was told before on this website is the ideal if most guys could do it.

    Alot of the eastern women will have to have 2 or 3 children and alot of guys who are already in the 40’s or even 50’s etc to have a large family with the expenses and trouble of it all entails of raising kids etc I not sure might be worth the trouble. Alot of guys who look at these women don’t think about it but these women want a large family and at an advanced age alot of men might not want that.

    It is to bad that eastern women are so brain washed in to wanting so many children so badly. Like they have to have it or something, I doubt the marriage would last with most of these women if you did not have at least 2 children, and Ellena the owner of Ellena models even mentioned this fact herself in one of her audio interviews.

    I guess one could look for the 1 in 100 women who don’t want a huge family but it is hard to find.

    Ellena also admitted during the interview that the women change alot once they come over, maybe not as much as our native western women but they do change, so to bad you cannot stay in the east with your women.

    But since you can’t get a good job their that is hard to do.

    I really think that it is the divorce laws, alimony laws etc that also have helped to make the women in the west what they are and not need a man, or be more anit-man.. The laws in eastern Europe are one of the main reasons that women are desperate to find a good man with a proper finances to put their hooks in as with the laws their they cannot easily get the money from the guys through divorce like in the west, and they also do not have a saftey net like we have in the west as well. So I think this fact with feminism combined have made women what they are today.

    Just some ramble thoughts.

    • The ONLY reason to get married is if you want to import you wife to your country or if you want to have children.

      If you only want sex, there are plenty of American women who can do that well enough. But, there is NO reason to marry one of them.

      Marriage = a contract to lose 1/2 of your “stuff” during the divorce. If you can just live with her, what’s the point?

      • With Common Law marriage, all you need to do is live with her.
        Heck, you don’t even have to do that in some states, as per all she needs to do is come up with a receipt that you paid for SOMETHING of hers and she can state that you had implied verbally that you would pay for her and they’ll award her your money.

        “Do unmarried people have to live together in order to prove a palimony contract?

        Recently, the New Jersey Supreme Court held that while a marital-type relationship may be needed to find a palimony implied contract, cohabitation (living together) is not a necessary part of such a relationship or palimony contract. This decision concerned many people, because they feared that individuals who were in long-term relationships may become unwittingly subjected to palimony obligations. That is, without intending to promise to provide support, some people may be required by courts to make palimony payments as though they had an implied contract, even if they do not live with their romantic partner.”

        Expating is looking better and better all the time…

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