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There is a book called The Decline of Men which, among other things, discusses how advertisers had discovered in the 19th century that women did most of the spending.  This led to a massive shift in who advertisers marketed to and you can readily see it in the featured commercial.

We set the scene with a married couple passing by a tethered-off car display.  The man gives a brief, longing look at the automobile and his wife, following his gaze, lifts her eyebrows as if she’s finally giving in to a small child and gives “we” the permission to look for an SUV.  Husband grins at her like a boy who just got told he can have sprinkles on his ice-cream cone.  This is just the first five seconds…sick yet?

What follows is a chase scene.  Two chase scenes really.  The woman starts with her husband but soon outpaces him as he becomes distracted by effeminate advertising (it exists even in the commercial), food (men can’t control their carnal natures of course), and finally the clumsiness of the woman as she rushes to outpace him (he manages to save the mannequin, but cannot manage to fully rectify the blunder and has to tear off after her).

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There is a little saving grace in that she waits for him before finally crossing the “Start Line”.  Let’s not kid ourselves, though.  She is the one holding the purse and it is her hand on the keyboard typing (he’s being a good boy and looking over her shoulder).

I don’t have an antenna or cable, but even as disconnected as I am I know that commercials today are extremely rare if they follow a vein of thought where a man made his own decision and was not one-uped by a female who happened to be in the vicinity.  You probably have never seen one before, so I procured one for your education and enjoyment.  Notice the women’s responses are par for [How dare you spend your money on yourself!] one even exclaiming, “You are selfish!” and the random acts of destroying (presumably the man’s) property and kicking him out of the (presumably his own) house.

Bask in its glory and assert for yourself that you will be the man for yourself.  Don’t get tied down to a westernized woman who’s been fed by the culture in the first commercial, and they won’t act like the women in the second commercial.

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Worldly Wednesday: Watch Your Language
Feminist Friday: Become a Man, Blow Your Mind

4 thoughts on “Sign of the Times: CarMax Commercial Edition

  1. I wish there was a u tube video showing the scene that is being described. Videos seem to be more powerful and communicative of such points. There used to be a fed x u tube video that showed a mangina husband wimping out in fear of his dominant (parent figure) wife who was scolding him like a little child for stealing supplies from home for his office. Man, that video was spot on!!! It’s since been removed from u tube : ( I wanted it so badly for my website but my webmaster failed to back it up so it was lost : (

    • Are you refering to a video of the scene that -I- am describing? Because the top video is that video.

      If it is not working, please let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

  2. There is one that I would love to re-find:

    It was a working class man sitting down in front of a TV. He switches the channel and lo and behold, the host is interviewing a “Russian beauty”. He asks what Svetlanna wants in an American husband, so she describes “hard muscles and handsomeness”. The guy switches back to the sport channel, grabs a beer (it’s a beer commercial) and the Narrator says, “Sorry, she’s not looking for you…enjoy [beer brand].”

    On my most recent Manly Monday I posted about how no one asks you what you want in a commercial…they tell you, and that was the perfect example.

    • Not only does our society do it, they train the women to do it. Women don’t ask what you want in a woman, they give you a grocery list of what they want in a man. Our society trains a woman that she is the center of the universe and if a man is lucky enough to get sex once in a while, he should just shut up and be thankful.

      Eastern European Women (and Women from other “traditional” countries) WANT to do what makes the Man happy and she expects that he will do the same. Its a two-way street, something glaringly missing in the West.

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