Storytime: Breaking Through the Lies

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Breaking through

It wasn’t always that Seth was driven passionately to try finding a spouse overseas.  Only a few years ago he had graduated and Young Seth became Dr. Young Seth.  With only a few licensing examinations and the acquisition of a lucrative job in the area of his choice, Young Seth started to realize his potential as quality husband material.

In Western culture, the enterprising young man is told that he should make good grades, go to college, secure a stable job and somewhere a long the way a good woman will come along and snatch him up.  While Young Seth was interested in finding “the One”, he considered it prudent to wait until he was more accomplished before aggressively pursuing that path.  There were the usual number of minor heartbreaks and friendzones, but the vision of an idealized marriage was solidly engrained.

During this time Young Seth learned about “Game”, and more than most about international relationships, but he couldn’t have cared less until he gave a fair shot at a “normal relationship”.  After all, he had carefully spent over a decade of his life trying to model himself into the ideal husband.  Young Seth did not drink, smoke, or profane, listened carefully to the advice of his elders and had a pleasant, engaging personality.  He knew that because of his careful stratagems and marketing to the right people that he would obtain an illustrious position with significant monetary compensation and political power.  With no emotional baggage or financial debt, Young Seth looked forward to a future involving devotion to a loving family.

So it was, with a new career, new town and new outlook on life that Young Seth entered Western society as a productive member.  It seemed to Young Seth at this point that the world was his oyster and all the Western women in it were pearls to be plucked when he saw one of sufficient quality.  So too was this recognized by older individuals in the community who immediately saw the potential of this man.  Dinner invitations were put forth and accepted, and who should happen to also be at those parties than the young ladies whom Seth had been acquainted with from afar via numerous pictures, newspaper clippings and verbal descriptions.

How odd it was, that those nubile women whose parents or grandparents had put so much effort into spotlighting seemed to take no interest in Young Seth.  Even the more homely of the forced applicants showed no real interest outside of social niceties, having tuned their *ahem* “bitch shields to maximum”.  One mother even confided to Seth that after he took his leave the young woman received a thorough chastising.  No matter, Seth would try on his own.

And try he did, after all, if women did not find him attractive then apparently he was not attractive enough. It even went so far that one Valentines Day, Seth dressed up in a suit, bought 4 dozen roses and spent the day as he normally would, but gave out flowers to women.  Not all the women were attractive or even remotely appropriate for Seth, but he was dedicated to improving his appreciation for the Western woman.  Some women accepted the unwarranted gift graciously.  Others were lacking tact, immediately stating that it would be a fine gift for them to give to their boyfriend.  It struck him as out of place, however, that nearly every woman took the approach in the manner of, “Well finally, someone who sees me for the special person I am.”  As if the whole world’s male population should be on bent knee, offering gifts and affirmation of value to them.

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It was sad on so many levels…

Only a few days later, Seth was reading a website regarding international relationships (a pastime he often indulged) when he read the following passage; “Mr. Local, an American guy with good social skills, has lived his whole life in [Western City, USA]. Because he only dates American women raised in [Western City], Mr. Local has no point of comparison…Mr. Local dates American women who have high expectations of him and call him a loser whenever he disappoints them…Mr.Local kicks himself for his lackluster dating life. He tries to improve his love life by improving himself, spending money on health supplements, gym memberships, fresh haircuts, clothes, so he always looks slick. He buys jewelry and fancy watches; he just financed a new Lexus to impress the ladies in [Western City]. And what reward does Mr. Local get for all his efforts? He gets crappy treatment by the sophisticated, self-centered ladies of [Western City].

That in bold was EXACTLY what Young Seth had been doing.  Seth became excited…someone else knows his problem!  Maybe now he would learn the secret ingredient to what Western women really wanted, and he would finally be having them falling over to get to him.  He read on:   [Mr. Global] knows he isn’t the problem.  Ok, then what is the problem?  Western women are the problem…

Suddenly, everything clicked.  Everything made sense, from the droves of women absorbed in themselves, to the desperate appeals from the older/used up women, to the reasons for “Game” and, most importantly, the reason that women from foreign lands are so much more attractive!  It had never occured to Young Seth that the amount of effort on the part of women was lacking.  To be nearly be the literal definition of “husband material” wasn’t enough for the Western woman.  What they were waiting for did not actually exist: Studly McSixpack, Lord of the Trust Funds, someday standing on their porch with his supercar in the driveway ready to wisk them away from their boring existence into a land where their every whim was catered to and all other Western women looked at her with admiration and desire to be her.  The first thing that Enlightened Seth did was cut his hair, dressed the way he wanted (still professional) and lived for himself.  He researched more into the nature of men, women and himself and became more involved in “the manosphere”.

On his next birthday, Seth resolved to spend the a year thinking about the possibility of pursuing a foriegn wife.  During that year he made connections with other people who had similar interests or had already completed their journey.  He scoured the internet for videos, forums and information about the process of developing yourself for the quest and why the quest was worthwhile.  And at the end of the year, Seth deemed it good.  He “came out” to his relatives, friends and coworkers.  Some had negative reactions, but Seth was prepared.  In this issue Seth goes forward now with willingness only to accept a spouse who had spent as much time and effort in consideration of their future spouse as he has.

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Feminist Friday: Become a Man, Blow Your Mind
Passport Requested

8 thoughts on “Storytime: Breaking Through the Lies

  1. I really like your way of writing Seth. Indeed those women are the problem. I remember how arrogant and primitive the French women were. They were not only ugly and fat, but thought they looked like a million dollars.
    The best women I have met so far are from Hungary, Romania and Russia. They are sweet, polite, feminine, delicate and know how to cook. They look better without make-up than those monstrosities after a 3,000 dollar treatment we’ve had the displeasure of meeting. The world (literally) is your oyster. There’s actually a double-meaning to that I guess. It means you’ll get the oyster when you finally fly out into the world.

    • Absolutely right. I remember one expat writing about how lucky he was to be born in America because of all the opportunity it gave him to end up wherever else he wanted to be.

      As to women, there was a book written about Christian relationships called I Kissed Dating Goodbye, and while I don’t feel like it has any relevance to those who are not inclosed in the tight network of a church, it did have a tool that I use frequently. Essentially, if you see anyone attractive (physically, that is), imagine what they will look like at 50. This is similar to Scott’s Mom-Test and I’ve gotten a lot of miles out of applying the thought…Would I want to be with this girl when she’s 50?

      The flip side happens to be that I personally know TWO Eastern European women barely on either side of the number, and not only do they have strong, feminine and tender personalities, but they look great too! One of the things I’m reminded of while at work is the amount of effort she goes into looking good, and I get a kick out of looking at the paper cups in the break room: I can tell which paper cup she is using, it’s the one with lipstick on it.

      • I was in a large Midwest airport recently and I saw this tall & thin blond stunning Woman. She appeared to be in her early 30’s but had thin & muscular legs (high heels with well defined calves), tight dress, very feminine and beautiful. She looked like a Russian Woman.

        She had 3 children, probably aged 5, 3 & 1. Wow, that is rare in the corn-belt.

        At the body-scan machine, I was putting my passport & wallet back in my pocket and I heard her speak, sure enough, Eastern European accent.

  2. Nice article. I only wish that I had learned the lesson a decade earlier as you have.

    Yes, I also “came out” to my family and they were quite skeptical at first.

    Mom did all she could to “set me up” with a local woman. One woman, we’ll call her Carol (because that’s her real name) was quite a piece of work. She expected that I would work AND change the baby’s diapers while she went to Starbucks & the kids taken care of by a nanny. Why? Because she’s pretty AND American. Duh! What’s wrong with me?

    I swear, I’ve got to write a post about her – she is the poster-girl for what’s wrong with American women.

    Bravo for you Seth, you’ll do fine.

  3. “Everything made sense, from the droves of women absorbed in themselves, to the desperate appeals from the older/used up women, to the reasons for “Game” and, most importantly, the reason that women from foreign lands are so much more attractive!”

    That was funny…

    But basically I got to confess to you guys that the above article pretty much describes my life to a t…..

    Seth if I not mistaken are you not going this year to eastern Europe to meet some ladies? I sure hope you write us some stories and keep us informed. It would be a great educational experience for the rest of us and also enjoyable reading as well. I hope you will do it for us.

    Good article by the way since it pretty much described my life experiences and life perfectly, I like your style.

    Take care guys

  4. I want to let Seth and everyone else know that I’m really excited about where this website is going. I’ve been following it for over a year, and to get articles of this quality so frequently really takes it to the next level. This story in particular resonates with me, as it echoes a good part of what I went through.

    • Yeah, I have a lot of time at work…

      I think I have about 3-4 weeks left of constant content, but it feels good to have a platform to write it from and get it out there. After that updates will be more sporadic, with more linking, especially with Manly Mondays as I am a mere student-practitioner of the Red Pill. As I accelerate towards finally going over next March-ish I’m sure I’ll have increasingly more personal insights to share.

      Yeesh, I just realized that it’s less than 6 months away.

      • When I started this blog, I had ‘lots of time’ LOL. When I’m with Alana, I don’t really have any time at all to even log in. When I’m at work, I’m on Skype video with her two or three, sometimes 3-4 hours a day. I guess that is a good sign that we are well matched. Needless to say, I don’t really have time to write here like I would like & it is nice to have Seth’s contributions. Thanks Seth!

        btw, I’m enjoying reading your articles also ;-)

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