Passport Requested

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I finally got around to scheduling my passport this week.  The process was surprisingly easy, although I was not expecting them to mail in my birth certificate with the application form.  Cost me a total of $150 including the photo.  They say I should get it in early November.

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Storytime: Breaking Through the Lies
Manly Monday: What Do You Want? Part II

3 thoughts on “Passport Requested

  1. Congrats!

    Yesterday, the immigration guy commented “fat passport” (it has quadruple pages because I’ve filled so many) and all I could think to answer was, “75 countries worth.”

    I hope that you use and abuse that passport until you find what you seek!

    • It’s quite interesting to me that people in the States don’t really use passports on a daily basis. Europeans use it as ID and it’s quite obvious we will go abroad for holiday, so we ask for the passport as soon as we can.
      Sadly, this leads to the lack of perspectives of the outside world for you guys. I hope Seth will find happiness abroad.

      • Most Americans will never need one. Some of the states are larger than many countries, so I understand why many people only travel within the States. It’s nothing to go from one state to another, but it reminds me of that submarine officer from Hunt for the Red October, “Imagine, you don’t need papers to travel!”

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