Manly Monday: What Do You Want? Part II

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Aliona knows what she wants in a you?

Aliona knows what she wants in a spouse…do you?

It was early December, but not so early that a company Christmas party couldn’t be held at a management member’s farmhouse.  It was late and most partygoers had left for their homes.  A few of us, however, stayed well into soul’s midnight talking and making merry.  At this point I had “come out” to several of my co-workers about my desire to pursue an overseas relationship, and one of them looked over her drink and asked me point blank.

“What kind of woman ARE you looking for?”

I was not shocked at the directness of the question but to the lack of answer that I had for it.  I knew that “not Western” was the wrong answer, not only because it was politically incorrect but also because you do not describe things by what they are not, but by what they are.  It had never occurred to me that I might want to give consideration to the qualities of a woman I would want to spend the rest of my life with.  If I could not describe it, then how could I know when I have found it?

Last week I pontificated on the seldom-asked question “What Do You Want?”  I purposely specified to be devoid of female aspirations so as to discuss the matter this week.  Some men seeking an international relationship are so caught up in how bad Western women are that they seldom take time to consider what it is about an Eastern woman that makes her so attractive.  If you can, describe a normal day that you would have if you had a loving, caring spouse.  Let me take you on my journey to define the allure of the Eastern woman and we shall see if we can come to the same conclusions.  I mentioned in my preface that there were many qualities I did not want my spouse to have, so I started there.  Today’s Western woman can be notably generalized as:

  1. Physically Unattractive
  2. Demanding of a 50%/50% Relationship 
  3. Self Absorbed

Obviously, since I didn’t want that, I should seek a woman who embodies the opposite. This leaves me looking for the following:

1. Physically Attractive  Try to tell any feminist to her face that you’re looking for a woman who’s physically attractive if you want to get publicly shamed.  In the Western woman’s fall from grace, she lost her ability to give a damn about how she looks.  Simply trying to look better than the other doubl-X chromosomes around you sets you apart in Western society.  Desiring only women who do that puts you in the “shallow” category for some reason.  If some feminist libtard tries to pull this on me, I let them know that I have a friend who needs a date for a wedding, would they please accompany this guy?

Keep an image on your cellphone for those important times.

Keep an image on your cellphone for those important times.

Of course they don’t want to.  If they wouldn’t want to be seen with someone unattractive, then why would they demand that I marry one?  I hear that Eastern women have the idea of how everyone looks and dresses in America based on the Hollywood movies.  Once they get over here, boy are they shocked!

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I often respond to people who tell me that there are gobs of good girls right here in my home country, “Why haven’t they made themselves attractive to me?”  Often they are suggesting fatties or sweatpant queens and quickly take offense that I should be so naive to suggest that looks matter.  Then I gently try to remind them that Love-At-First-Sight is not derived from the quality of one’s personality.  If the girl isn’t even trying to look attractive, how can I assume she will, in the context of a relationship, meet me halfway?  This brings me to my second point.

2. Demands a 100%/100% Relationship  Nothing slips a laxative in my Viagra like the idealism of a 50/50 relationship.  We all know what that means in the context of the legal system in western society.  It means that half is hers and the other half is “ours” (also hers).  You’d better not forget it bucko, because if she ever decides she’s uuuunnnhhhaaaaaappppyyyy then you get to pay for her divorce fee and possibly a lifetime of wage-slavery to support her “accustomed standard of living” (your’s be damned) as well as “child support” which overwhelmingly goes to the woman, even if the woman doesn’t have custody of the child.

No!  I demand 100% woman to go with my 100% man.  We don’t strictly need each other to survive, I want our relationship to feed into a positive energy loop that results in the ultimate [1 + 1 = 3] scenario.  I want to be inspired by her feminine energy, not live under its shadow in fear of a browbeating by it.  Not only do I demand 100% from my woman, but I want her to demand 100% from me as a man.

3. Outwardly Engaged  Too many women in Western culture could not tell you anything about the world that was not spoonfed or shoved into their brains.  While I don’t go seeking females to discuss theological / political / economic / cultural matters with its refreshing to actually find one (or anyone, really) who is beyond what I refer to as the “First Phase Logic.”  Any woman can tell me what political party they support, but few can elaborate on why the support that party or even describe basic differences between parties.

Politics isn’t really that important, but I would expect a woman to have an interest in literature.  Try finding a woman who has read a book in the last year (Twilight, 50 Shades and Eat/Pray/Love don’t count), much less identify a book written by any of the more famous authors (easy one: A book by Mark Twain?)  If you can even find one who understands the meaning of the word “genre” it is nearly impossible to get one to divulge their favorite and describe common plots involved.  Needless to say there is much to be desired from the majority of Western women.

Someone drive a stake through their hearts please.

The height of literature appreciation by Western women today

All that could be overlooked if there was in inkling of interest outside of the smartphone alerting you to your googol of Facebook likes on that picture of your lunch you posted.  On the other hand, if a foreign woman is interested in you then you at LEAST know that she’s interested in other cultures, learning another language, and values you as a source of fulfillment.*

Who you want your relationship to be with is up to you.  Think carefully about what kind of person you want to be with for the rest of your life.  If you’ve made mistakes in the past, learn from them, but be aware that many Western women would like to give you nothing less than a very raw deal if you let them.  Head overseas, meet other women and consider all of the options before selecting one.

*Use the big head, make sure she’s after you for your soul, not your money or international passport.

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5 thoughts on “Manly Monday: What Do You Want? Part II

  1. Actually, for item#1 on physical attraction, a even better example than that photo is simply to ask the ladies if they would be in a relationship or marry a man shorter than them. They have to answer “no” if they are being honest. I point out that after all, height is just a physical characteristic as weight, and I ask them whether I (or we) should label any woman who is not willing to date or marry a man shorter than her as shallow? This always gets them. lol. They know they cant answer “yes” in all honesty. lol. And actually, studies show 96% of women will NOT date a man shorter than her. So if she goes for the politically correct answer and says “yes”, I tell her that she must be in that 4% of women which studies show who are willing to. Furthermore, I tell them just go to any mall or sports event or any public gathering and see if they can spot a single case where a man is shorter than his partner. They know they cant find it out there. Bam batta bing! Case closed, you lose!

    • Steve- Not to argue, but your comment made me think – I believe that most females might *think* that they would not date a male shorter than she, when they are thinking about it generically. But women lower their standards when they become mentally attracted to the man. Asking a woman ‘if she would’ is merely a conceptual exercise. Often when it comes down to it, if a woman will get to know a man and the chemistry is there, women begin to look beyond a man’s physical appearance, but men have trouble doing that for women. I think that’s what men do, anyway. It is just a difference between the sexes that women have no choice but to accept and therefore appreciate, but they fight that.

      For some reason, sometimes women have lower standards for male attractiveness. Women are more mental creatures. Asking men vs. asking women about what their bottom line is for attractiveness isn’t really asking the same question. Your [and Seth’s] resentment stems more from women not understanding this fundamental difference between men and women, leading to the opinion that ‘men are shallow’ and is not from women having a double standard. Women just don’t think about it enough.

      Why is there such emphasis on female appearance ? Think cosmetics, fashion industry, and the media? Standards for female attractiveness are more contrived than for males. That is what women often resent. It is a burden. I think that is what they are really talking about when they call men shallow.

      I think your observation that the male-shorter-than-female-combo is rare is more a function of biological height difference between males and females: males tend to be taller than females, and so I would think it is less about female choice than it is about typical height difference between the sexes.

      And we women may be biologically programmed to want men who are bigger than us, because that is typically how it is. If so,you can’t blame us.

      • “And we women may be biologically programmed to want men who are bigger than us, because that is typically how it is. If so,you can’t blame us.”


        And if we men have been biologically programmed to want women who are beautiful, well, you can’t blame us either :-p

  2. Here another good one from Seth.
    — —
    “What kind of woman ARE you looking for?”
    — —
    Lets get the easy stuff out of the way first: she was not born in the west nor were her parents or grandparents and English is not her first language. Great! Now we can move on to the more important stuff….

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