Detached from reality


It seems like the only time I ever look at the ads of Western women is when one of the guys at work says, “They’re not that bad,” as if I’m exaggerating the narcissism of Western women. Realize now, I’ve had this … Continue reading

Update: Taking a Break

Russian Women soldiers - Copy

Just letting everyone know that I’ll be taking a break for two weeks or so.  I write most of the articles a week or two ahead of time, but I haven’t found that time to keep up due to the … Continue reading

Fatty Friday: Thin Privilege

Ham Planet

Last week was Fat Shaming Week over at the Return of Kings blog, and of their many delectable posts was the innocuous “Thin Privilege Doesn’t Exist”.  Of course, being thin is not a “privilege”, but rather something that shows hard … Continue reading

Manly Monday: Dealing with American(t’s)


While I do realize that the readership is far from being contained to America, the pun was too much to pass up. There are many things in life that people will tell you that you cannot do.  Some of these … Continue reading

You’re so lucky


Nicole, that’s what we will call her for this post, engaged me in a conversation earlier. She is a colleague at work and she asked me a few questions in a sort of a “let’s get better acquainted” way. She … Continue reading

Doctor Phil in Russia


This post may – at first – seem a bit disjointed, come along for a few minutes and let me see if I can make my point. For the last month, an idea has been bouncing around in my head … Continue reading