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Before I even get into this review, I’d like to give a special thanks to Darryl for pretty much doing all the writing. Kudos & three cheers for Darryl. Next we meet in Russia, the first round is on me!

The reason for this post is a response to this inquiry I received via email from Mark:

I am writing you to get your honest opinion on these two sites, please. I have been and will continue reading your entire site as the information appears to be truthful, straight forward and not watered down. I have been on these two sites for a short period and don’t wish to waste time or money on a ton of lies and BS. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and opinion. Thank you

And I also received this email from Guy; I’ve truncated the message because it is a bit long. But, as you read Guy’s message, and my reply, try to realize the trap that he has fallen into. I get many many many emails each week that are similar and  it seems to me that this industry just preys on the ignorance of Western Men who have never been to Russia or Ukraine.


I Have been writing to women on agency. They have video chats with the girl, and arrange tours to see the women you choose, providing they want to meet with you.

Have you heard of this agency? I’ve been corresponding with different women over 3 years, but still unsure what to do. This is a real concern to me. Times are changing, there are so many women and so few quality men. I have had letters from over 3000 women, some of which I know are serious. also the agency interviews them for cammers before they join.

You don’t know who to believe anymore,

Tell me what you think.



First, my congratulations to Guy for thinking outside the box and looking overseas. But, I really don’t think that he has a realistic understanding of this industry. He has been corresponding with women for 3 years? I can’t help but wonder if writing to women is just a hobby for him? I can’t imagine any woman who is looking for a husband to be willing to have a pen-friend for 3 years. I’ve mentioned in other posts, if you are corresponding with a woman and she isn’t asking you when you are coming to visit, this is a sure sign of a scammer.

Scammers don’t want you to EVER come and visit. Because if you do, the gig is up and you’ll discover the scam. If you correspond for 6 months, they get PAID for 6 months. I would think that as early as 2 or 3 weeks into chatting with a woman, no later than 6-8 weeks, she should be asking you if you have plans to come and meet. Until you meet a woman face to face, YOU HAVE NOTHING. It is easy to be in chat-mode with a woman. Where the rubber meets the road is in the first 5 minutes when you first meet. Sure, it is scary. Maybe she won’t like you. But for heaven’s sake, don’t fall into the “virtual-dating” world that Guy is in. It is a waste of time and money. Unless you like the idea of a man or a secretary sending you some model’s photos and pretending to be them.

I sent a reply similar to this to Guy and told him that I would write up a review of on this blog. His reply was much akin to the Stockholm Syndrome when he replied:

[When you write your review ofUADreams] don’t demean UA Dreams agency. I have been treated very fairly by them.

Guy, how do you know you’ve been treated fairly by this agency? You’ve never met any of the women. For all you know, Ivan at this agency has been writing to you for 3 years and he smiles every time your credit card transaction is approved again. I’ve received some hate mail from men-readers of this site about my post  “No Game Whatsoever.” Yes, it was perhaps a cruel post. But, it probably has saved some men making the trip and blowing five or ten thousand dollars on women who have no interest in them.

Seriously Men, think about it. Expect that the dating process with an Eastern European Woman will be no different than if you meet on eHarmony or Match. You exchange a few emails, see if you have anything in common and then you meet. If you have chemistry, you date. If dating goes well, you make plans. Writing to women for months and months is silly.

Guy also comments that this website can be trusted because they “screen for scammers.” Uh, Guy, what if the website IS the scam?

I believe that any dating agency that “screens” your ability to contact the woman directly to be an outright fraud. You should NEVER pay money to chat with a woman if you can’t talk to her outside of the supervision of the dating agency. Put simply, if you can’t send her a message and ask for her phone number or email address (it is blocked by the agency) then it is a scam. An honest agency wants you to communicate with the woman – through their email system or outside of it. A scam agency (wherein you aren’t really talking with the woman) will never give you the woman’s contact info. BECAUSE YOU AREN’T REALLY TALKING TO THE WOMAN. Agencies that charge by the letter – a ‘translation’ fee – is a sure sign of a scam.

Elena’s Models lets you email the woman directly and encourages you to use free translation services like Google Translate if the woman doesn’t speak English. No other agency (that I know of) does this – and this is why Elena’s (so far) is the only agency that I have recommended. If and when I learn of other agencies that do the same, I will also recommend them. But so far, Elena’s is the only game in town (that I know of).

All of my advice (above) is in regards to agencies that only offer online profiles and contact information. Other categories of agencies are those that do “romance tours” and those that facilitate meetings (matchmakers). I also believe the romance tour websites to be a waste of time. I met hundreds (no exaggeration – each week, 100 or more men came in for these meetings and everyone knew me as the “go to guy” for advice as I’ve already tried most of this) of men and they ALL had the same replies about the romance tours – COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

As for the other category, the “matchmaker” agency, the jury is out (at least in my own mind) about this type of agency. Seth is working with one agency and I’m curiously waiting to see how his visit(s) go. If he reports back that the agency did right by him, we will probably add them to the “approved list.” I’m sure he will be writing about his experiences with them as his trip nears.

My first thought off the top of my head is that matchmaking agencies are quite a bit more expensive than a subscription to Elena’s. The downside is the $ spent, the upside is that you have someone showing you the ropes. And if the agency folks are legitimate and care about your success, this may be just what works for some men.

Whether or not the DIY (do it yourself) method works best for you or not – only you can decide. I can see how dropping a couple of thousands of dollars on a matchmaker could save you in the long run if an outside adviser can help you see past some of the emotions that you may face in meeting a beautiful Eastern European Woman. I’ve met Western Men in Eastern Europe (with their EE girlfriend in tow) and they are ear to ear grins, so proud of their woman and the woman’s body language says, “I hate this guy, I’m here for the money.” Maybe then, a matchmaker can smack you in the side of the head and let you know your barking up the wrong tree.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

Worst case scenario, you have a paid guide and subsequent visits to the East will be a lot easier. One could always go again, on their own guidance and try the DIY method.

Let’s get to our review (Darryl’s review):

Darryl points out in his first comment that UADreams charges $6.99 per page of translation. I can say that this is going to be VERY EXPENSIVE. Alana and I email and text each other dozens of times each day. I can’t imagine having to pay every time we pass messages. I might have to drop $100 a day – that would be $3,000 a month or $36,000 a year. Geez, you might as well just fly to Kiev, rent the penthouse suite and put an advert in the local newspaper saying, “Rich American Man wants to meet beautiful and charming Ukrainian lady for marriage.” No joke, you would probably have better results and it would cost less!

pay for chat

Darryl signed up to UADreams, sent messages to some ladies and he had a 100% response rate. Darryl admits he’s not Brad Pitt & he was even surprised at the high response rate. I consider myself “average looking,” with a semi-athletic build. I do exercises and I like to think that I’m in good physical shape. Of all of the women that I emailed at Elena’s, 50% refused my email saying, “Not interested.” Of the 50% that replied, 1/2 didn’t send a second email. Of the 25% that did, half of those didn’t send a second email. I was contacted by many women who were, how can I say this delicately, not the most beautiful or thin women on the site. You see what I’m saying? If you sign up to a website, post no photo and say that you’re blind, poor and in a wheelchair and you get a 100% response rate, well, it’s just a scam.

If you are so seduced by the photos of the women on UADreams, you can video chat with them for ONLY $80 per hour. Geez, that’s a lot of money!

As I’m writing this review, and looking at the UADreams website, I see that EVERY photo posted is taken by a professional photographer. This is a sure sign that many of these pics are purchased from modeling agencies. Have a look at Elena’s website and notice that many of the pics are taken by the woman or one of her friends. Most of the photos look like a pic you would have a friend take of you, not an airbrushed-professionally taken magazine photo:



On a positive note, UADreams does have an interesting gallery of “success stories” of couples that were married. I have no way of verifying if these are legitimate or not, but just know this, those men paid a LOT of money to screen through dozens, perhaps hundreds of women before they found their dream. Maybe its just me, but I really don’t like the idea of some agency bureaucrat choosing whether or not I can communicate with a woman without their say-so.

Darryl also points out UADream’s ‘gift shop’ sells Tulips for $198. A hundred and ninety eight bucks for Tulips? I can get them at the grocery store for $15!!! It isn’t hard to see that this site is preying on men’s wallets. They also offer perfume for $258, a “festival cake” for $82.50, biscuits for $45, and a small box of chocolates for $69..

Men, don’t ever mail ANYTHING to a woman you haven’t met. She isn’t expecting it. If you act weak in front of a Slavic Woman, she will not respect you. Sending her $258 perfume screams loudly, “I’m a chump and you can walk on me.” Certainly, UADreams cares more about their profits than your success. I don’t ever want to do business with anyone who is out to screw me.

Darryl also shares that UADreams upcharges you to post a profile pic – what kind of dating service charges you to post your photo? Instead of a small thumbnail pic, if you want a “regular” sized profile pic you have to pay $7. And when you write to a woman (already $7 per page for translation) you have to add another $7 to include your photo. $14 per email, wow. And when you realize that women at this agency write to you without a photo, what’s the point? To add “decoration” to your email, add another $7, for a total or $21 per email. Unbelievable!

Darryl writes:

They are masters of squeezing money out of you, no matter what you do you have to pay huge. Who could think of all these charges and angles to make a guy pay? Well apparently they have, I have found a 100 more things but it would take a book to write it all, bottom line it is one huge money pit, plus most of the girls have low to zero English skills, which means yet another charge of $6.99 per email to get it translated each way, which means that one message I described above now is gonna cost you $28.00 [Per message, then they charge you another $6.99 to get the ladies response translated back to you. So now we are at $35.00 for that one message and her reply back to you translated back to your native tongue.

$6.99 + $6.99 + $6.99 + $6.99 + $6.99 = $35.00 per email…

So as you can see there is a never ending list of charges and fee’s till they milk you completely dry.

Guess what? They also do tours too and personal introductions as well, but that has a whole new list of fee’s that would take me some time to all write down, but unless you are worth millions and millions, I would stay away. Far far away…

And he adds:

I found this online about that uadreams

I have girls trying to write these long letters to me even though I have no pic and only put a few words in my bio, yet 22 year old girls are writing to me with one page letters and I put my age at 50 even though I am 39….

But if I want to respond I have to pay big :-)

This site is a joke.

In looking at their frequently asked questions page, I notice the following BS:

“What do Ukrainian women think of interracial marriages?” UADreams says this is no problem, all Ukrainian women are open minded and don’t mind mixed-race marriages. This is a straight lie. Eastern European Women have racial biases just as women in any other country have. Some are open to the idea, some are not.


The use of copyrighted material in this website is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, which allows for the sharing of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism and education. All shared material will be attributed to its owner and a link provided when available. All other stories, posts, reports, photos, videos and content on this site is copyright protected and is the property of the Western Women Suck blogpage, all rights reserved.

UADreams says:

First meeting is to be held in one of our offices in the Ukraine. We follow antiscam program and don’t allow our customers to exchange personal information (emails, addresses, tel. numbers) before a personal meeting. We do it for the security of both parties concerned.

So, to “protect you” from a possible scam, this agency won’t give you any of the woman’s contact info? Yes, you are a 13 year old and need their supervision. How insulting.

I hope this review is of use to anyone considering using this site. Remember to think with your big head, keep a close watch on your wallet and be wise. Romance causes men to act in ways that are unusual and illogical (ask any deer hunter and he can tell you how wise bucks lose their minds during the rut).

Good luck!


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Manly Monday: What Do You Want? Part II
Feature Friday: Local Shopping

118 thoughts on “Website review:

  1. Great story. Shows the classic mindset of most guys. Its called cognitive dissonance. Plainly all websites that put themselves between you and a so called woman are a scam as that “woman” does not exist, or if she does, is probably not interested in you.
    I brought this fact to the attention of the Maine Attorney General office and they did start a file on Anastasia. If your readers who have paid any money to Anastasia would send them copies of your payments, credit card bills, etc as proof, they apparently have an investigation going. You must have a substantial subscriber base now and if you post a story about it, maybe we can collectively bring down Anastasia, who probably has bilked the majority of your readers.
    It would be especially helpful if someone can get affidavits from some of the employees who write the bogus letters, or if someone will make a statement that they were told by a girl that the letters are false.
    Regarding Elenas, yes the majority are genuine, however I have had attempted scams there also.

    • Elena’s agency is legitimate; as for all of the ads, I am sure that they have a few, no different than or eHarmony. I heard about this scoundral who targeted fat women on eHarmony. He told them what they wanted to hear and then “borrowed” money. They never heard from him again. Shame on him, shame on the fat ladies for sending $ to a man they don’t know. Does this make eHarmony a bogus service? No, they offer a legitimate service. Their problem is that the product that they offer (Western women) is a defective product.

      My email is listed on the home page of this blog; send me what you have on the Anastasia story and I’ll write a post on it.

  2. I also noticed another thing that I forgot to post before.

    The ladies on uadreams, when they write to you for the first time, they send all these additional pictures (A dozen) and also audio clips, video clips etc… (Who would do that normally in a first message, or what real girl would do that?) The one girl who wrote to me attached like 12 pictures to her message to me but I could only view one of them… Stranger yet she sent me all these pictures of herself and a long letter yet I have no bio even and no picture in my profile.

    So what is their catch or scam with this one?

    Wellllll…..If you want to view the other dozen pictures you have to pay credits for EACH picture or video to view from her message. And I think it is $5 to $6 for each credit or so for each one, prices vary from audio or picture credit etc.

    So how on earth can you even think of all these charges, or dream them all up, and if you add the charges for the translations and responses costs, plus to view each picture costs that first email if you decorate with a nice back ground etc could cost you big time…

    On top of that uadreams is sending me free messages…

    Free messages???? I must be making this stuff up right?

    No I am not…

    But the free messages are reminding me that all the girls writing to me seem to be having birthdays or their daughter are having birthdays coming up and they are suggesting I buy a small box of chocolates for $100 for her… Uadreams says “that it will help me stand out from the other guys if I do that…”

  3. This is an actual letter I received from a 21 year old, even though I had no picture or writing in my bio and say I am 50 years old…. What do you notice about my name in the letter?

    One good thing she wants to meet me in real life and does not want to chat first, must be trying to sell me a tour later down the road maybe :-)

    Anyways here is my new girl

    Hello dear DARRYL!))

    I’m glad to meet you! I am very glad that you are now reading my letter smile))

    It is hard for me to write the first letter to you … I’m apologize for my politeness smile))

    When I can get to know you better, I’ll be more emotional.

    For me, really hard to write about myself for the first time.

    I will try to tell you a little about me …

    I am kind, industrious woman, I am considerate, good listener, thoughtful, honest and respectful.

    At least I try to be. I love to feel comfortable at home, coziness.

    I’m family-oriented and my big wish is to create a family with mutual understanding, love, faithfulness, taking care of each other.

    I’m full of questions to you. Are you adventurous? I want to meet a man who is ready for a serious relationship.

    How do I know you are sincere?

    As for me, I am not sure how to prove the sincerity of my intentions, but I am open to your suggestions.

    Do you know Russian? I’m trying to learn English.

    I want someone who does not want to chat online – someone who will meet me in person & try out his Russian

    as I try out my English.

    Tell me about you DARRYL Also I will be glad to answer your questions!

    I really would like to know you better and to see where it will lead us too))))

    Until next letter wishing you only the best.

    Looking forward to your reply,



    • ha ha ha – all caps, they just cut and pasted your name into a form letter. Yes, this is exactly what I’m talking about. Guy, go back and read your letters, I bet you’ll see (in the 3,000 or so ladies you’ve talked to) the same letter used more than once!

      • you could not be more wrong i have been with this agency for 2 years never once recived the same email visited tons of girls from her all the same in the pictures amd all know what i’m talking about that we chat with in letters and my current fiancee is a women from ua dreams you could not be so wrong

        • “visited tons of girls,” and “my current fiance is from ua dreams…”

          So, please, do tell, in your two years with this website, how much have you paid to receive these two years of letters at $10 a piece?

          How much have you paid for video chats?

          How much did you pay to meet all of these women?

          How many times have you met your “fiance?” and how much money do you send her each month?

          I suspect that you work at UA Dreams.

          • She is no longer with ua dreams she quit the day i proposed so we don’t use them anymore she already knew english yes i do admit i paid up my arse for the services i think they are well to expensive and do have underhanded tactics ie when i first joined them it was a plant on another site and all international dating sites from countrys like ukraine all talk site about each other but i think some people only focus on countrys like that i have been in online day longer than i can remember and even in places like english dating sites have these underhanded tactics. i am from london england and have been scammed bye dating scammers and talk to scammers pretending to be in the dating scene to try and catch them out all of what i have learnt from that i saw nothing like that at ua dreams but of course if you still don’t belive me i am willing to give you my email Facebook and so on but i have hidden her profile on my social media sites as she still gets messages from us dreams clients thinking they still have a chance

          • There are three types of scam sites, those that present bogus profiles, those that present legitimate profiles but then limit access to them – you have to “pay per letter” to communicate, and sites that are a combination. As best as we can tell UA Dreams is either category two or three. Many of the profiles appear to be bogus and I’ve received letters that many of the profiles are bogus. If so, you pay for 10 profiles and maybe 3 or 4 of them are legitimate. Even if UA Dreams has 100% legitimate profiles, they have a “charge per letter” fee system that ranks them as BOGUS in my book.

            You capture this best with your own words:

            “yes i do admit i paid up my arse for the services i think they are well to expensive and do have underhanded tactics”

            If Bank of America has free checking, free ATM machines and free checking and Citibank charges you each time you use the ATM machine, each time you call customer service and each time you write a check, you wouldn’t use them. The ONLY reason people sign up to, UA Dreams & similar websites is because they don’t yet know that there is (at least one) another option (Elena’s models).

            I appreciate your comments but you pretty much prove my point with your own words.

            This website is here to spark a debate on the subject and I appreciate all input. As with all things, if you study something long enough, the truth usually shines through.

          •, e-harmony, And dating direct where all caught out making FAKE profiles when you are signed up to them but haven’t paid for a subrsciption admins will send you a messages from a fake profiles and you can’t send one back untill you pay for a sub then once you have they stop sending you messages ultimatly they are all out for money you think i am a staff member from ua dreams but how do i know if you are a staff member from Elena model just bashing ua dreams so people go to your web site?

          • Thanks for your comments Richard; by your own admission(s), UADreams is a scam site. I’m sure that there are scammers who use any & all dating sites to find their victims. Elena’s is a legitimate site and they respond quickly to complaints when a scammer appears and they take down their profile. Everyone is free to make their own decisions – in the case of Elena’s, I know them to be on the up and up and I’ve heard the same from everyone I’ve met or talked to that have used their services.

        • If your financee is from UADreams then prove it. Give me your e-mail address, Facebook, etc. I joined the site a few weeks ago and I have my doubts. However, I did video chat with a few women and the women in the pictures are really them. However, I am skeptical because for all I know the translators could be the ones sending me a message and not the women.

  4. This agency is a real scam , being there my self face to face , the girls meet guys from all over in a weekly basis , the agency care not for you but for how much you will leave on their pockets $$$$ and the girls get paid from the agency a few dollars , i’ meet two of then in two different cities , and one was nicer then the other but , the out come the same , they get paid and you go home with empty wallet ! you ask then how they feel a bout you and this is what they said, ho my heart is not ready yet , i’ not sure !! after i’ have expend a hole year talking to the via web cam and letters ! what a joke .

    • I’ve said before, eventually, over time, the truth comes out about everything. I’ve heard from dozens of guys what a scam this agency is ~ it seems that the only people defending the site are those who have spent thousands there. I suppose that it is human nature to deny failure; no one wants to admit when they’ve been burned.

      This site is a knowledge platform for men seeking an alternative to Western feminist-minded women. And with that in mind, I thank you for your comment.

  5. Hi Darryl

    I enjoyed reading your information and comments of others emails. I am a sad statistic of these sites especially charmingdate .com of thousands of dollars of I call it a love story with Maria from Moscow russia the girl with the huge tattoo of an eage on her body that still prays on men to this day as I just returned to send a few bashing letters of how they destroyed me emotionally of a correspondence from Jan.thru April 2013 Yet it got worse after going to Moscow to meet another girl seeing I had already booked a flight to see Maria.I will not get into the horror of my wallet being emptied other than I happen to bank with Bank of America and I put in a complaint with them of being scammmed sent endless proof and many phone calls explaining my concern and wanting to be returned my money I was sent a box of every transaction I did on that site and the reason why they would not have to return my money of their bogus rules which is unbelievable of 130 bucks out the window of some way to meet and get info from girl you are talking with.I can imagine you know all about their deceiving ways all lies all expensive and all a scam. Nice the are in Hing Kong(NOT) very difficult to get refunded from that country.I am so angry you can imagine and it soon will be April 11th the day I was axed and the feelings sad to say are still deep yet I need to let it all go. My biggest reason to write you is to ask what you know of how to remove these corrupt sites from the internet of doing what they do and I have an idea to hold personal banks accountable for they allow sites to get funds from guys like me a good lawyer or a wise person could easily find the law to make these entities accountable as the ways of greed is unreal how it takes from innocent people. I have written a few stories to Scambook and found stories there from a friend who told me to see the information of guys being scammmed and since I have looked the other day and I am in shock of other guys stories even 1 guy being taken for 25,000 more than I and asking in his letter if I could respond of what to do to get help from his bank.So I join Scambook to reply to his and others stories and oh yes even they want money to use their site otherwise I may as saying pound sand since I sent an email asking to send what is needed to activate my membership so I can respond as mentioned days have passed no return email telling what to do I hope they see this and realize the poor quality there about their site always amazed at money money money I hope this all made sense as I am quite pissed off at being scammed I want to find a way to put these scum sites out of business and have them pay us back and pay an even bigger price for destroying so many mens innocent hearts You seem to be a very smart man to comment and look into these sites Oh the UADreams scam with me is thank God I didn’t spend to much there and yes of all the sites it was Elena’s Models that a girl hooked me into going from Elena’s Models to UADreams to communicate with her there so stupid me gets hooked on some young girls playing there games with the agency still keep getting emails asking me to video chat for BIG bucks and others sending letters missing me.Sad sad way to run a business making people lie and deceive men out of their hard earned money enough I mean enough already They all should pay and pay BIG good idea we can put Russian uniforms an them all and let the democratic innocent people of Ukraine and USA put them where they all belong underground Better yet I sent my message to charmingdate .com they all should be buried alive to let them feel the pain of a bleeding heart.Post this I am so angry I think it will be a refreshing relief for all the guys out there like me so guys lets get our BIG head together and figure out how to get this scum off the internet

    My deepest blessings to all

    John Ebbs New Hampshire USA

  6. I just want to confirm about this site Elena’s Models being legit and upstanding as I have had great success there could have had many wives if I had the funds to go back as I took to trips with some what success be careful though as even there girls scam as my trip to Belarus turned out met the girl but not what i was hoping for.Been quite the ride going over there 3 times last year still single but always trying I will succeed only matter of time.I feel terrible for the people in Ukraine now and it has been odd communicating with both Russian and Ukranian women. I hope to bring a girl home here from Ukraine in the near future if there is a democratic Ukraine to go to my thoughts are yes as we Americans will help Ukraine

    Peace and Happiness

    John Ebbs

    • John, you can fool some of the people… and we know the rest.

      Each time I come back to Eastern Europe, I meet one or two guys on the flight who are coming to meet their women and any time the guy has been on Elena’s, I hear no complaints. When guys are forking out thousands on websites that won’t even share contact info, I hear nothing but complaints.

      Really, the only complaint I’ve ever heard about Elena’s is that there is an occasional bogus profile. But, I have reported a few and they were taken down immediately. Some sites, I’ve seen known bogus profiles stay up for years.

      As for me, I think it is a shame that so many good men are throwing away tens of thousands of dollars on sham sites. It really is a full fledged industry in Ukraine and Russia to fleece Western Men of their $.

      And so, I do what I can do. In the end, it is up to each man to make his choice and to weigh his own fate.

  7. This is nothing but a scam. Everything single letter is written by the agency and NOT by the girl. If you write a simple letter and include information such as your favorite color is blue and you grew up in Idaho. You will get a love letter back from the agency. Now you ask your girl during video chat “what is your favor color” or “where did you grow up?”
    Your love interest will not know the answers. Why? she never read the letter.
    The agency called me “rude” but I told her that it is a scam because the girl know nothing about me. Uadreams never inform the girl any of my information. Try my method. Don’t be stupid my friends. Hope this help you naïve men out there.

      • Lui,

        Your review caught the attention of UaDreams’s official representative and they responded:
        “Dear Lui, Thank you for taking the time and writing a review of UaDreams. However we find it necessary to disagree your statement that this is nothing but a scam. If your love interest forgot the favorite color and the place where you grew up it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s never read the letter. It’s quite possible that she simply forgot the word, as Idaho is not something she daily uses in her life. Besides you could sent a letter long before the actual video chat with the lady and she simply could forget what was there, since there was no frequent communication between you and the lady did not feel you take a serious interest in her. If you feel you need more clarification, please contact UaDreams customer service. UaDreams customer service”

        This girl wrote to me not once, but 6 different times. She longs to know me. I finally wrote back a distinct email, including Idaho and my favorite color is blue. Forgot? how many men is she in communication with?
        The girl never read my letter because uadreams kept her in the dark.
        Also, the turnover rate for the girls are high. I am sure some of the girls know this.
        BTW, I got so many email from many young girls from
        I am twice their age.
        This is 100% Positive respond rate. Wow. At other sites such as, maybe 5%.
        In baseball term, my batting average is 1000. LOL.

  8. This is what I wrote to Uadreams not long ago.

    Alina #2457. I received many beautiful and professionally written letter from Alina.
    At first, I thought she was a college graduate who study English as a major. NOT.
    You can check these letters out. They are still in my mail box.
    I request to see Alina about 1 year ago and was told she was “Not Available”.
    Let see, I receive all these lovely emails from her and she wants to be with me.
    yet, when I am willing to travel across the world to see her she is too busy to see me?
    I finally saw her on chat and Alina have no interest in me.
    Bottom line, Alina didn’t write all these letters. It was the agency who wrote them without her knowledge. Some of these letters were pre-written to be use again on naive men
    Guys, we should laugh at ourselves for being naïve. ;)
    Alina, the English major when she works part time as DJ in a night club.

      • Everyone should consider hands on training as a must. You will never get anywhere just sitting behind a computer or playing with an ipad, eventually you have to mingle with a real human being in person that you can communicate with without an interpreter not an online profile.

  9. I have been on for an insignificant amount of time (a couple of months) with only a few letters sent. I am a pretty good looking guy (20s), extremely well educated, with a great well paying job that puts me possibly around the 15% mark in terms of income for my country (USA). I am also very sharp, intelligent, and approach all situations in a very methodical research like way.

    I have read the various reviews and the warning signs offered by the good men on various forums across the internet. So, being trained in the arts of soft interrogation, intelligence analysis, and a keen intellect, I have come to a few conclusions based on the language of the letters I have received.

    1) Direct appeal to your interests in order to establish direct emotional connection.

    I am very interested in reading, literature, higher learning, academia, studying systems, art etc. In one correspondence, a lady I was corresponding with mentioned a series of books she was currently reading. I in turn, trying to engage, mentioned that my favorite work of fiction was Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.” The response I received after was just a direct line by line ENGLISH quote of a review of the book. In fact, a google search where I copy and pasted her letter came up with a line by line match of the review of the book in the letter. I highly doubt that a review in English translates directly word for word in Ukrainian for multiple sentences if she actually bought the book as she said. No copy of “To Kill a Mockingbird” to my knowledge has this line by line review in its cover as she has stated. This is a red flag. This sign indicates that the translator was just copying an internet review. Rather insulting to his/her intelligence and to the brilliant work of Mr. Harper Lee. I do give them some props (but seriously, just Cliffnote the damn thing if you want to be passable in your knowledge of an American classic).

    2) Appeal to emotions and their market

    Every single letter was immediately engaging and appealing to my emotions. In truth, I do wish to find a woman that ____ etc. etc. Who doesn’t? But real people approach the beginning of a relationship with varying degrees of escalation. Immediate emotional attachment is often a tactic used by various ex-USSR intelligence operatives in honey pot schemes. This was reminiscent of my studies into the SVR operations during my M.A. degree work on foreign intelligence services. I do not think that any Ukrainian intelligence was operating on the site but the cultural/operational traditions seemed to surface here quite a bit. I chuckled a little and played along a bit. A little ashamed to say, the translators/writers are a little too eager to engage me. Though this might actually be an optimal method to target a specific market (very desperate and rather gullible fellows). I guess if they wanted to specifically target that market, they are probably going to succeed for a while until legal action is taken.

    3) Inconsistency in information relayed

    I work a very demanding job and when I do a video chat, I intend to insert leading questions to affirm certain things that have been said about the site. To find an intelligence leak you reveal false information and see the response (you can also do the opposite). However, I have informed the ladies that I am rather busy (I work 15 hour days sometimes… finance is a bitch). However, when I went on to check my inbox at 4 am (their time), a lady which I have informed just 2 days ago that I will not be able to video chat until April was contacting me to chat. She responded that she understood my schedule in a previous letter that I could not chat and furthermore who in God’s name is up for video chat at 4 am?!. This situation is what we call a break in the communications chain. It seems that they are compartmentalizing the flow of information both ways. It is done in the intelligence services around the world to help contain information and control a certain situation. This was a slip up. If anything, this shows how sometimes this company can be sloppy in their execution. Not really professional intelligence service level of control but to be honest, after reviewing their business model, I am a little impressed with their application of key operational rules. I guess that is why they have a decently profitable scam going.

    In conclusion:

    They appeal directly to your interests to engage the target emotionally and they compartmentalize information to maintain control of information and the situation. I highly advise people to not to use the site.


    There may be honest ladies on the site. No one can be 100% sure until you audit the business. BUT the ROI (return on investment) and the risk is too high and I highly suggest people look elsewhere.

    I hope this helps bring some light into my experience with this site. Too bad, the ladies were kind of hot, only kind of (I live in Los Angeles so I have some pretty high standards in beauty). Cheers gents.

    • Thanks for your interesting, unique and thorough review of this agency. I feel it is pretty easy to say that UADreams is a sham!

      I hope you didn’t give them too much of your money!

  10. thanks for your comments, it really is a machine to scam money. blind men in love at first sight, they see bank account scam to look puff. You can ser a Russian with ferrary paid for FALSE “love”

  11. Having recently been contacted by UaDreams (of which more below), I have just read through all the above comments with great interest.

    Firstly, I fully endorse all the positive comments about Elena’s Models. Having been encouraged to join an Eastern European dating site by a friend, I joined Russian Cupid, which he was on. It is a genuine site but not immune to scammers. I think that the “xxx Cupid” sites are just too big to be able to keep the scammers as fully at bay as they might like.

    I communicated with a few women on Russian Cupid and got suspicious about some of them. A couple of common themes running through the emails are:-
    1) They are in love with you/you are the best thing since sliced bread after only a couple of emails;
    2) They are very keen to visit you in your home city to see how you live, but seem strangely reluctant for you to visit them.

    Also, they often won’t have a mobile phone and won’t have a home computer so won’t be able to talk to you by phone or on Skype. The lack of a computer is less of an issue than no phone, but if they claim to have neither, be suspicious.

    A couple also tried the translation scam on me (or more likely some hairy bloke behind the scam). No money was asked for outright. In one case, after exchanging emails with one girl for a little while, she sent me an email saying that they had a sewage leak in the basement of the beauty salon where she worked and that she and her colleagues had been laid off for three months while the damage was fixed. She was very upset that she wouldn’t be able to write to me as she couldn’t afford the translation costs. I told her, no problem, write to me in Russian and I would get it translated at my end. Guess what? Not a dickie bird back! Surprise, surprise!

    I communicated with another, who claimed to live in Tyumen (2,500 km east of Moscow) for some time and even spoke to her on the phone. Interestingly, I wasn’t able to phone her (because hers was a work phone). We planned a meeting and she gave me details of the travel agency in her town which would arrange everything. She wanted to come to see me, but would need around 1,000$ to cover visa, flights etc. I didn’t send her any money. I persuaded her that I preferred to visit her and eventually she (reluctantly) agreed. In the interim I investigated the travel agency concerned. The address in Tyumen didn’t exist and the numbers for the two offices in Moscow and St. Pete’s were cellphone numbers. Almost certainly a bogus agency. When I confronted her with this, she got extremely defensive and needless to say the relationship didn’t go any further.

    As a footnote to this particular episode, at one stage in our “relationship” I sent her a small teddy bear, posting it to the address in Tyumen that she’d given me as her home address. Bless the Russian postal service, it was returned some time later, delivery address unknown :)

    I did some research on internet dating scams and through this discovered Elena’ Models. I have been to visit a couple of girls I met on the site and while in neither case did it turn out to be true love, the girls were real people and I had a great time. I also agree with the comment that on EM you get photos posted that are normal everyday shots and not just studio shots. There are of course studio shots as well, but in many cases the photos are not exclusively studio ones.

    I apologise for the preamble, but this is a roundabout way of getting to UaDreams. I recently renewed my subscription to EM after my relationship with the last Ukrainian girl ended. One woman sent me an EOI. At first, I rejected it, but then had second thoughts and sent her an email (via the site) saying that I’d clicked on the reject button by accident and I did want to get to know her better. I fully expected not to get anything back.

    But after two weeks, she sent me an email apologising for not having written before and wanting to get to know me better. I wrote back suggesting that she contact me on my private email, which I gave her. Nothing for a few days and then suddenly I get an email from UaDreams about the continuation of my acquaintance with the lady in question. There was a full profile with some of the photos from her EM profile as well as others plus a short video which you could access. There was also a lot more detail about the lady and her likes, aspirations etc than on her EM profile. Interestingly, my name was in the top right hand corner of the email with a “membership” number underneath, despite the fact that I am not a member.

    You are invited to send her a free letter or have a video chat, but if you try to go further you have to register. Needless to say I haven’t!

    The first thing I did after getting this email was to check out UaDreams on Google. It became apparent almost immediately that the word “scam” was writ large in connection with the site.

    I received a second email yesterday from UaDreams saying that the lady in question “invites you to video chat” and giving a time. This would be very interesting, considering that her English on EM is described as being “basic”. But, as I have discovered, there are variations on “basic” and some girls with supposedly basic English manage remarkably well – not brilliantly, but you can have a conversation with them.

    I am not going to do the video chat. She has my email address and if she is genuinely interested in me she can contact me via that or via EM. Her profile is still on EM, and at the moment I am giving her the benefit of the doubt and, until I have evidence to the contrary, will assume that her profile has been hijacked by UaDreams.

    So, I think that the best advice is to avoid UaDreams like the plague. Yes, international dating will cost money, but the money should be spent on buying tickets to go to see your girl, not on some dodgy agency fleecing you for supposedly translating emails. Okay, you might not hit it off with your lady when you meet her, but hey at least you get to visit somewhere you might not have been to before. I’ve been to Kiev in both Summer and Winter and had a great time – it’s a lovely city and well worth visiting. I was there in February 2014 and saw the demonstrations in Independence Square firsthand. An opposition leader was giving a speech and then everyone sang the Ukrainian National Anthem. Very emotive!

    To sum up, other than the obvious rule of not sending money to a complete stranger, you should also try to communicate with your lady offsite as soon as she feels comfortable about this. The best way is to use Skype, particularly with webcam. That way you get to see what she is like and see her reactions. Also, exchange photos of your everyday lives and activities.

    There are lots of very useful tips and guides on Elena’s Models, by the way.

    Thanks for reading!

    • Thanks for the comment; you’ve done well to observe what seems realistic and what seems bogus. Unfortunately, too many Men get a bit desperate and if any email with a pretty photo comes along they’re prone to believe ANYTHING they read.

      I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that Men should spend their hard earned money on flights to visit Women they’re interested in courting, not on dodgy agencies. Really, a membership should cost thirty or fifety bucks a month. Period. I see some of these Anastasia guys buying “credits” just to chat and end up spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month. If they were talking to interested Women, that would be one thing. It really is crazy, the few legitimate sites are the cheapest.

    • What you are describing , seems logical , and may go , in the direction , of a scam.
      But , still , I am not sure , about some parts.

      If her profile on EM , is the correct one , then , why did she not put her video , there also ?
      My second remark is , that you got a reply , on your mail ,from her profile on UADreams.
      And it had more photos , more details and the video.

      Now , she invited you , to have a video chat , with her.I understand , that you are reluctant , but , would it not prove , that she is real ?

      There are many sites , where these women , can post their profile.Many men , may think , when they see this , that it probably , is a scam.

      Well , in some cases , it may be.But , I also believe , that these women , have their profile , on two or three different sites ,to increase , their chances , to find a suitable partner.

      And , they don`t post a video , just for the fun.But , there are exceptions.

      So , I`m not really sure , which of the profiles , was/is the right one.
      Search on Google image , with the pictures , and see , if it will lead you , to other dating sites , with her profile.

      As for the moment , I am not really sure , what to think about EM.
      I still , have not paid , for a new subscription.

      Yes , it still says – Expired – on my profile


  12. I’m still on the fence about any site but at least EM seems a little bit more legit. Rodney’s McD approach seemed more like my style but that would require at least a 3 to 4 week stay in one city/area and some very basic language skills, plus a few visits through out the year. Well whatever approach the guys use, it beats match dot BS and plenty of fat bitches dot BS…until you meet the girl face to face you won’t get anywhere though.

    • Hello Gentlemen. Rodney here with another story. This one is live and hot off the press! As of today, another client (actually former) of mine, has found love and happiness. That was bottom line up front. Here’s the story:

      We’ll call him Richard, from Australia. He signed up with me about 2 years ago after getting seriously hurt by a very good scammer that he met from a Dream Connections tour. I intro’d him to one of our available ladies and after several skypes, he told me he wasn’t “attracted” to her. I had built a small support group of men on skype, who became buddies. One of my clients referred Richard to a lady that he had met previously and Richard took off in search of new love. I warned Richard not to pursue this lady as I believed she may have been tainted by too much exposure to Western men. He ignored my advice and pursued her. He went for a year, visiting her in Ukraine twice and the last visit, he took her to a foreign country in Asia for a vacation. It was during this vacation that her non-ethical ways appeared and it strongly smelled of getting used for money, gifts and vacations. They broke up. By this time, I had already left Ukraine in search of a job in Germany due to the creeping war at our door.

      I tried to get him set up with another young lady, but I wasn’t feeling the vibes for them. She didn’t either and they faded quickly. This young, very sweet lady, and we’ll call her Dasha, had approached me after teaching English class, that she’d heard that I was matchmaking couples from foreign countries and she wanted me to help her.

      When I left for Germany, I still had not found her a suitable gent, but promised her I would look for her as I would have contact with many young US servicemen. She said she would wait. In the meantime, she moved to Kiev to pursue better job opportunities in modeling.

      Richard and I kept in touch and soon he had found another lady through VKontakt, the Russian facebook. I wished him luck and he would check in every now and then. He hired my translator so she could teach his new “girlfriend” English. Then, he decided to come to Kiev and visit with her. He wrote me several days after he arrived that it had bombed. She ended up using him as well. The woman’s daughter had brought her boyfriend to shack up in Richard’s apartment. He drank all the alcohol. Eventually, this woman just upped and left him.

      Richard contacted me and asked about meeting the lady he was “not attracted to,” a couple of years ago. A lady that I told him a hundred times was sincere, and honest. We’ll call her Angela. Richard contacted her through Vkontakt and asked if he could come visit her. Angela is 34 years old now, with a young daughter and lives with her mom. She’s not hanging out on agency sites, waiting for her Prince to show up. In fact, she sort of gave up on ever having a man again. She was very excited that Richard was going to come see her. I arranged for my translator to set Richard up with an apartment and to escort him from the train station to his residence. I advised Richard on places to go in my former town and even advised him on how to date Angela. I counseled to take it slow for the first 3-4 dates and near the end, be the man and make the romantic move. This time he listened.

      He wrote me yesterday that he had asked Angela to be his girlfriend and she accepted. They’re now looking forward to his next visit so they can increase their care for each other.
      He sees her now as his potential future wife and she is willing to move to Australia now that she has met him in person. She’s a typical shy Ukrainian girl, who could not give concrete feelings to him when they were skyping. He was looking for feelings to give him motivation to come visit her. When he didn’t get this, he sought another lady, who obviously saw his weakness and gave him feelings over skype and he fell head over heels (twice!!!).

      That’s my point gents. Be careful even when you skype with a woman. Don’t invest emotionally because the smart and devious ones know this all too well. Give a Western man some affection and he’ll bring his wallet to win her heart. I’ve seen it a dozen times.

      My other point is going to be reiterated. If you don’t have the time to spend in EE, and naturally meet a woman, then I just have to hope that you know someone there that you can trust and can set you up with a lady.

      For those that cannot afford to stay for a long time, then I’d advise to break this up into segments. Go to EE for a couple of weeks. Make it this your fact finding, information gathering and networking trip. Go out and meet people as I’ve said before. Find the English clubs before you leave the West. Find International get togethers in Kiev (that’s where I met a lady that I dated). Find a sports club. Do everything you can in advance and then go there to introduce yourself. Once a Ukrainian gets to know you, they’ll become your friend and they’ll want to help you find a kind, caring lady. It seems like everyone there knows someone who is looking for a husband to make a family (as they like to say).

      You might get lucky on this trip and meet someone just before you head back to the West. If not, you plan to come back, but now you have contacts that will help you find someone and then you can come back and meet them in real life. They all want to meet you in real life. The true Ukrainian girls don’t want a relationship over the internet. The scammers do because you’re an ATM.

      I don’t actively work our agency anymore, but it was nice to know that it had residual success. Wishing all you gents the best in your search for that incredible and gorgeous EE lady.

      Rodney, OUT.

      • P.S. I forgot to conclude with Dasha. Just recently, I found a young, bright and polite young US serviceman. I felt like he and Dasha would make a great couple. I contacted Dasha and she wrote me back yesterday: Here’s her copied quote:

        “I now live in Kiev,found a job organizovuyu weddings)creative work and I like it)and more free schedule really do not pay much, Mom helps me, yet come to know a guy meet, that’s how I live now)Thank you for not forgetting and that fulfilled his promise and I found the groom)but I met a guy, and I really like ….”

        Yup, she met a Ukrainian guy and she’s happy. She’s 29 years old and gorgeous. She was happy that I didn’t forget my promise to find her a good man, and although he was American, with a good JOB, and a brand new Honda Civic SI, it didn’t MATTER! I didn’t know she was with a man, but I had written her a long letter describing the gent I had found for her. As you can see, that didn’t shake her one bit. The true Ukrainian girl is exactly this: LOYAL and no Western man with a passport, great money, can seduce a lady from her home. They prefer guys from their own countries. That’s what I am trying to pound into you guys, its not EASY! You need time to find a good lady there. I know nothing of Elena’s Models, and for those that found love, God bless them. EM may be the only honest one out there, seriously. Other than that, please heed my advice. Good luck!

        • Glad to hear most of these Slavic women are gems with hearts of gold that are 100 percent loyal to their boyfriends and husbands. Well even the bad scammer stories are tame compared to the nightmare of dealing with a western woman.

          • I’ve also heard about the loyalty of Eastern European women compared with their Western counterparts. But I think you have to be careful when generalising – there are always exceptions to every rule.

            It is easy to get into stereotypes, whichever side of the fence you are talking about.

            As regards Rodney’s comment: “They prefer guys from their own countries”, I think this could well be true where they can actually find someone in their own country who fits the bill of what they are looking for. In response to my question about why she was looking for a foreign man, one girl I am talking to on EM at the moment told me that she wasn’t especially looking for a foreign man, it was just that all the good Ukrainian men were already spoken for. Of course, this was just her view, but I think that there are many Eastern European women who share it.

          • If I held up a beautiful Eastern European Woman next to a nagging-American woman who’s let herself go, and told 100 American Men, you can choose A or B but B involves getting a passport and getting on an airplane, 90 Men, right off the bat, will choose the local girl because its easy.

            As a side-note, I find it incredulous that any Man would choose a fat-American woman over a hot Russian. But then again, I have colleagues at work who don’t take the free 5% pay raise in the form of the company 401(k) match. I guess you just can’t fix stupid.

            That said, there are a lot of Ukrainian Women who prefer the local guy. Why? Cause its easy. If an American business man is in town, he will clean up all day and twice on Sunday over Ukrainian Men. Assuming of course that he’s not a pussy. A confident ‘A’ Male who is a gentleman will always win out over a drunk, gambling womanizing Man.

            As for generalizing: a woman will cheat or not based on her moral (parental, grandparental and societal) upbringing. But, here is where the Russian/Ukrainian has the advantage. Her society tells her that she should be a good wife/girlfriend. American society teaches the woman to “get what she can, when she can.” And so, even if you have a good woman in America, as soon as she has troubles, her “friends” at work will start telling her things like, “You know you get 1/2 in a divorce AND child support and alimony, right?”

            If you marry a trash girl, in any country, you’re doomed for trouble. The difference between the East and the West, is the spread of feminist thought. It is coming to Russia, its just not fully cemented yet. 99.9% of American women think feminist even if they don’t identify themselves as feminist.

            I was reading an article as to the origin of Chinese characters and I read that the character for happiness was originally the charicature of a pig and a woman (in a submissive pose) under a roof. I told this to my Mother and she was horrified. Realize, my Mom is a 1950’s stay at home Mom who took care of kids and never worked. Even though she was raised traditionally, the thought of a woman being subservient to a Man is abhorrent to her.

            And it will be abhorrent to many Men who read this. And while 99.9% of American women are infected with feminist ideas, so too are American Men (myself included). When I told my Wife about the Chinese character she was not shocked at all. It seemed absolutely normal for her that the Wife be subservient to the Husband. It is the “natural order of things,” as she put it.

            Now, the feminist women in Ukraine, they’re sort of stuck. They want to be like the characters they see on “Sex and the City,” but they’re stuck in a country full of Men who treat them like its 1784. Their only recourse is to escape to America where some feminist Man will put up with their shit. And this is the delicate tightrope that you walk. First, make sure your Eastern Woman wants to FOLLOW you. Next, be sure to LEAD. Every day in the park I see people getting walked by their dogs and in every case, they think they’re walking the dog.

            Go forward, and think with the big head. Be Wise, be Sane and be Careful.

      • Amen Scott. If you really want something you have to go for it. In life, I’d rather swing for the fence than bunt. As for the comment the women prefer locals…you have to do the math. What she wants and what she can get are two different things. Right? If the potential dating pool of local guys is small (I’m not even including economic or social issues) then some people are left out. Just like in the west quality guys are left out, it’s a numbers game. It’s a match made in heaven, it’s just that the western guys have to be a little more patient and travel…he has to recognize his SMV on a global scale.

  13. Always great anecdotal info that you share with us, Scott. Hit the nail every time. Hope your wife is feeling fine BTW.

    For simplicity sake, in a parallel structure to Mr Forrest’s comments – In nearly 3 months time, I still haven’t changed a diaper (excluding the first few days due to my wife’s c-section)!! My wife has never asked me. And I recall living in Ukraine, my wife’s brother and his wife, had their second child some months before we left. I had noticed then and had asked if he was “required” to change diapers and he smiled and said, “no.” My translator has a 2 year old and her husband didn’t change diapers. And I know of a couple of other guys as well. To me, this is what I call a Trend and not a generalization. I asked a lot of friends and friends of friends, if they had a choice between a Ukrainian guy and a Western guy and 100% of them thought about my question and then said no, they preferred a Ukr guy. I asked why, vs the riches and opportunities that the west has to offer? Bottom line, they didn’t want to leave their families and their homes. And from my own brother-in-law, to my landlord, to the married male friends I had, these were all good guys. Didn’t cheat on their wives, weren’t alcoholics. Had responsible jobs. To me, and this is an opinion based on my 2 years of living in Ukraine, the statements about EE men being drunkards and irresponsible has some truth in it, I cannot deny this. However, in the circles that surrounded me, it was hardly the truth. Quite the opposite in fact. I’d say, take the time to look for the trend, among a larger sampling of the population rather than the comments of a few. There’s an expression in the West we are all familiar with, “Action speaks louder than words.” The Ukranians have a similar expression, especially the ladies, in regards to men. For those talking to EE ladies via electronic devices, just be careful about what you are hearing. Many EE ladies on dating sites have learned to say the right words to win your affections, because then its like leading the lambs to you know where.

    • Amen Rodney. What’s said and what’s done are two different things. If you are a man and you stop pursuing your quality foreign — women and your potential — wife just because someone said they prefer local guys…well then quit. Less competition for me and everyone else. I’m more than happy to eat your lunch, just like plenty of other guys seeking the same thing. I’ve met plenty of happily married guys that are from the cultural and physical polar opposite of their foreign wives but they are still happily married with a wonderful family. So screw what others have to say. I have seen the proof.

    • Good points. In the case of my Wife, she had no desire nor intention to move to the US. Herr perceptions of America were pretty far off. She had some things right (lack of movement, over indulgence in the burger culture) but in others, she had no idea. What really made her fall in love with America is how “easy” everything is. Roads work, bureaucrats serve (compared to Russia) and people are friendly and helpful.

      She was reading me an article the other day. It seems that Russia is leading most of the world in its abortion rate. One reason for this is that Women can’t afford to have children. It isn’t usually possible for a Ukrainian Man to have a Wife and 3 kids on his salary; 1 child families in Russia & Ukraine are common unless someone is making bank or lives in a village and makes their own food. A lot off the Eastern European Women I’ve talked to are looking West because they want 2 or 3 kids and the Men in the East can’t provide.

      • Hey Scott. That’s good to know. This post gave me a few chuckles especially towards the end, really what is with most westerners (especially Americans) believing that every person on earth has to like them? Seriously all you need are a few quality girls to want you (that are up to your ethical and physical standards) and you are set for life. As you said before…that’s good to know because I want at least 2 or 3 kids in the future, since I’m an only child and Catholic…pretty much only South America and Russia/the rest of the FSU have what I want.

      • Yes , bureaucrats serve , is not so developed , overthere , like we would wish.

        I remember , back , when I was in Poland on visits.At one time , I had to extend , my visa , but I cannot recall , for what purpose.

        So , I went , to the foreign police buro , in the morning.And , yes , you had to wait , in the que.You should understand , that the office , is only open , for a couple of hours , in the morning.

        So , it is best , to be there (very) early , otherwise , you have the risk , to still wait in the que , when they will close the buros window.
        And you would have to return , the next day.

        When it is your turn , you say , for how many days , you want to extend the visa.And they will check , if your pass , is still valid for this period.
        Then , they will give you some documents , that you have to fill in.

        NO , no , not there!At home.
        Because , the buro will close , AND , you must go to another ADDRESS , with the completed documents.

        So , again , the next morning , very early , me and my girl , were standing in the que again.Yes , this buro , also closes , after a couple of hours , in the morning.

        When it was my turn , I was wondering , what they would let me do.
        Imagine my surprise , when all they did , was to glue some sort of postage stamp , on my documents.
        And hit it , with a buro stamp.I ask you ………………….
        what the @@@@ …..

        You ask yourself now , was I finished???
        No , no , not yet.

        Now , with my fresh stamps , for which I had to pay , of course , in US dollars , on my documents , yes , you have guessed it correctly , I had to make a trip , to a third buro , at another address.

        And , again , wating in the que , because this buro , also closes , within a couple of hours , in the morning.I am not really sure , but I believe , that is , where , I had to pay , for the extra days , of my extension.
        In American dollars.Yes , in those days , the Russian , were fond of US dollars.

        A couple of days later , we were at the house , of some Polish friends.Well , my girl , was friendly with them.We knew , that they were members , of the communist party.

        That`s why , my sister-in-law , and her children , didn`t had any contact , with them.It may sound strange , but , people , who were not members of the communist party , didn`t socialize , with party members.

        I guess , you can understand why.
        Then the woman she asked me , what I thought , of all these buro visits.Because , I had made some remarks , about it , to my girlfriend.

        I then told her , I think it is , unbelievable.And , to me , it seems , like some sort , of provision of work.
        To stand in a que , for 1 or 2 hours , only , to get a stamp , being glued on my document , and a buro stamp on it , is just ridiculous.

        They could have done that , at the first buro also.She had to laugh , and said , yes , it seems a bit like that.
        But , fair is fair , in those days , there was no unemployment.Everyone could have a job.
        Even if it mend , to put a stamp , on some document.

        I wonder where the word : RED TAPE comes from



        • haha red tape

          I think it comes from the red tape that was put over classified documents and the reporters could never read anything secret because of all “the red tape.”

          I was in Russia for 6 months last year and we tried to establish a residency visa for me. Even after 6 months it was impossible. If you don’t pay, you don’t play.

          Last month I renewed my 2nd passport. I was frustrated because it took them 3 hours to make it instead of 1 hour on my SAME DAY APPOINTMENT. My Wife’s parents couldn’t believe I could call the passport office, get an appointment the next day, walk in and in 3 hours have a new passport. Go team American, we get some things right.

          • No. You could get a 1 day passport 50 years ago too, if you knew the system. I’d say that our bureaucracy has increased at the same rate as feminism. Bigger government walks hand in hand with all of this current “I’m special and the government owes me a meal,” and “all Men are evil, give me a Man’s job even though I’m not qualified” liberalism.

          • Hey Scott,
            Interesting. So it is not the efficiency but the growing and obese size of the system. Yeah, I’m special, that’s another topic, kind of ticks me off because it’s a complete slap in the face to those that are intelligent and have put in the work.

  14. Here in the Channel Island of Jersey (which is part of the United Kingdom in some respects: self-governing, has its own constitution), you are told to allow up to 6 weeks for the processing of a passport renewal. They offer an 8-day express service (at extra cost and only of they’re not snowed under with normal applications). Of course, all you have to do is fill in one form and submit it with a couple of photos – there is no standing in endless lines, being moved from pillar to post, etc, etc.

    Regarding the “government owes me a meal” syndrome, I reckon this is as much a disease in the United Kingdom as it is in the USA. People expect hand-outs and the State to look after/do everything for them, without having to do anything in return, i.e. an honest day’s work. There was something in the Press recently about some man in England who had fathered something like 13 children (by various women, I believe), has been on benefit, doesn’t work, and his attitude is ‘God said “Go Forth and Multiply” so I’m just doing what God wanted. I can’t help it if I’m very fertile.’ Yes you can, mate – you can show some social responsibility. Not surprisingly, he can’t remember all their names!

    There is another malaise in the West these days – the “it’s never my fault” syndrome. People seem incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions, of accepting the blame when it’s their fault. Oh no, we’ll find someone to sue! And as for Political Correctness, don’t even get me started!

    Back to UaDreams. I had a repeat message from them about that woman who wanted to “continue our acquaintance”. It was followed not long afterwards by another email about a video chat. Interestingly, I’ve heard nothing further from her from EM. I wonder when they will give up. This dude ain’t registering!

    • 13 kids on welfare…interesting how some bastard can do that but the taxpayers are stuck with the bill…but a hardworking husband/father could virtually (and legally) be raped in divorce court and threatened with jail time (and actual rape) for missing an alimony or child support payment.

  15. Guys, I have a very big and a long term with uadreams that I wish to share with everyone here to save your money for nothing will never happen.
    Please, I’m 32 years old, handsome living in one of the dreams country. I tried many of their ladies, video chat, flowers, writing emails and everything.
    They’re stealing you guys and no one will get marry from any lady.
    If anyone wants to share my experience I’m more than happy to warn him about all the same lies from all the girls.
    Too all let you know guys. all the presents for the ladies such as the flowers are charged as minimum for 120$ in the mean time when I visited the country three times, you can buy a whole shop of flower for $120. The best flower you can get for $20. Imagine what is the rest.
    They charge you $15 for translation to your scam lady. In the mean time the translation cost in whole Russia and Ukraine is $5 per hour

  16. Hey all,

    Found on youtube, some interesting reviews of Ukraine: dating agencies, history, culture, religion, etc. It is narrated by an attractive, kind and honest young Ukrainian lady. Good for any and all guys who would like to increase their knowledge of Ukraine. Cheers!

      • Thank you my kind friend. I wish the blessings of Easter to be with you Seeker, and our friends on this site (Scott, Paul, Bryan, FC and others).

        • Rodney and Scott ,

          And all other men , with E European and Russian wives/girlfriends

          Yes , a Happy Easter Orthodox holiday to you and your families.
          Hope it will be nice and fun days.


  17. Rodney ,
    Thanks for the info.Yes , on many parts , she is right about the way it goes.And , it`s true , that for some girls/women , it`s just a job.In some cases , it` s better , to go there , and try to find your partner.

    For most men , the problem is , that you don`t speak or read Russian.So , starting a conversation , may be a bit of a problem.In some situations , your smart phone , may help , to have a basic first acquaintance.

    Yes , paying for translation per letter , is just to make money.While I have done it , for a while , I did found out , the tricks that the agency uses.Also , a big warning , to not buy flowers or gifts , through the network or agencie`s dating site.
    Some or more of these flowers/gifts , are (very) heavily overpriced.On one occasion , I did sent some flowers and gifts , to a lady.

    Yes , I did pay the price (eehh , you can interpret this in 2 ways).
    So , the the main office , where the site , was part of , told me , that it had been delivered.But when I asked the lady about it , she (he or big fat Boris) , told me , that it had not been delivered.Strange , or maybe not ???

    The explanation , I got , from the agency , was , that the agency , would make the order , with a local provider.The gifts were then delivered , at the agency , and the they would bring it to the lady , or she would come , to collect it.Go figure this out.

    I never used Anastasia or A Foreign Affairs.So , no experience with them.
    She , Olga , I believe is her name , is also giving a warning , about the women , in Odessa.It`s a big city , many visitors and also many (beautiful) girls.
    So , it`s tempting for them , to join an agency , to get some extra money.On the other hand , it can be a bit more appealing , for Western men , to visit this very beautiful , and historic city.There are many places , buildings and sites , to see , when you are there.

    Me , personally , I love this place.Yes , I know , that times are different now.Things have changed , financially and economically.
    Unemployment has gone up.Social security is low and medical care is high.There is still some corruption , and families have hard time , to make ends meet.

    On my second visit , I did notice , more people , who were asking for money , in the streets , compared to my first visit.I always carry , different numbers , of money bills , to donate to them.I do have , a certain amount of money , that I wish to spend for this.

    What I also noticed , is that there are collects , for special social projects.Like for a childrens hospital , or for an orphanage home.It is my personal intention , and my wish , to donate , as much as I can , for these
    My girlfriend , she has seen me doing it , several times.And then she also began , to donate money , to the people in need , and for the projects.
    And , I believe , that it is a good thing.And , I will encourage her , to keep doing this.

    This gives me , way more inner peace , than buying gifts , at an agency.If you understand my words


  18. I have just trawled through the UAdreams scam article via the Facebook link and it is truly frightening what a minefield there is out there for the unwary. I was disappointed to read the negative comments about Elena’s Models, which is the main site I have used after a brief flirtation with Russian Cupid – RC dished up some scammers (of the classic – in-love-with-you-after-two-emails and my-darling-I-am-so-sorry-I-have-lost-my-job-and-can’t-afford-the-translations variety), but to be fair these scammers were quickly removed.

    I was not too keen when I first saw EM’s new-look website and felt then that they could be going the way of other sites. But when they took a second 3-month subscription from me (I’d forgotten to uncheck the auto renewal tick box) and I spotted it just too late and told them that I did not wish to renew (I had met someone), they refunded me with commendable speed. I also found their customer support to be very good, and they sent me an email telling me that a member I’d been chatting to had had her profile removed (I’d already decided that this particular lady was not for me anyway after talking to her on Skype and seeing how she looked in the here and now as opposed to the glammed-up photos on EM; she was evidently from Latvia, by the way).

    I was recently told by an old flame of a close friend of mine that she met someone who worked for Badoo and how there people are paid to create fake profiles and write to hopeful men. It seems that scammers are everywhere and NO SITE is safe!! You just have to try to keep your wits about you.

    The need to communicate “off-site”, especially via Skype webcam, before any meeting cannot be stressed too strongly, as indeed the warning not to send money before a meeting (I will talk about paying for things and financial help after a meeting below}. You MUST be certain that you are dealing with a real person before arranging that first meeting.

    Human relationships are a very complex business, especially where sexual attraction is concerned. It more often than not takes time to build a relationship with someone, to build trust and develop closeness, to properly fall in love and create something enduring. Do not expect sex on your first visit – it may happen, it may not. It can actually be a good sign if it doesn’t, especially if it doesn’t happen after only the first day together as it surely means that the girl is not one who drops her nickers at the slightest encouragement. It can actually take quite a bit of time and the right sort of effort to thaw out a Ukrainian/Russian woman.

    Do not forget that the woman you are trying to build a relationship with (assuming that you have met someone where the age difference is sensible, e.g. if you are 60 you are not pursuing a 25-year-old) is likely to be divorced or just had bad experiences with men, and therefore very possibly carrying quite a bit of emotional baggage, just as you might be yourself. Assuming you like each other enough, you have to work hard at the relationship to achieve the thaw, to warm things through and create a lasting bond. This applies no matter where you are or whom you are dating and in what country, home or abroad.

    I have been to Ukraine a few times – I am in fact there at this very moment, at the start of my third visit in my current relationship (which of course I hope very much will go the distance). The previous two relationships did not pan out, for one reason or another, which I don’t need to go into.

    This one got off to a good start – we met for the first time earlier this year after writing and chatting face to face on Skype (her English is good – do not underestimate how important this can be, guys), and we met in her home town. Not only that, but on one occasion a female friend joined us for dinner (she paid for her own meal as well), so (a) she wasn’t afraid to be seen with me in her own city and (b) she had no problem introducing me to her friends. On my second visit, in the summer, we spent a lovely weekend on a resort on the Sea of Azov, east of Crimea, with this same friend, her husband and their three-year-old daughter. It was a great time and very cheap (of course, as we are talking genuine people here, I only paid for me and my girlfriend). The three-year-old has been asking my girlfriend when I’ve not been there: “Where is your Sinclair?” :)

    Now to money. Yes, I have bought her nice gifts (clothes mainly), but nothing over the top expensive (she doesn’t ask for expensive things), and I take her out to dinner. But shouldn’t men buy nice things for their girlfriends? Shouldn’t they take them out to dinner? (the only difference here is that it’s a lot cheaper than at home). Girls here are old fashioned – they appreciate being looked after; they like men holding car doors open for them, etc. Feminism doesn’t appear to exist. My girlfriend has a good job (which can get in the way a little, but it is very important to her – I mean, she doesn’t know how our relationship will pan out, so she isn’t just going to give up her job on the off chance that it will work long-term), but I help her a little financially, to make her life easier. I can afford to, and it is not a lot for me.

    I think that the bottom line is when you are with your girl, don’t go over the top, but don’t be a scrooge.

    I’ve probably rambled on for too long, but one final word. The way I look at the whole thing is this: if it doesn’t work out, at least you’ve been somewhere you might never have been before and hopefully had a good holiday. Yesterday we visited a private zoo where I was able to hold a lion cub on my lap – the very last thing I was expecting :)

    • Sinclair, thanks for your thoughtful and informative comments.

      Just from reading your thoughts, I can see that you see what most other guys don’t see (and you didn’t see) before their first trip.


      For the Men who have only “chatted” with an Eastern European Woman online, you’re not even 1/2 way in this journey. I’d say step 2 of 10 (step 1 being the decision to make a try).

      It is not a short or easy process. However, I wouldn’t go back and change it for the world. There is no obstacle large enough to make me EVER want to pursue a Western woman again.

      • Scott, I agree with all your observations, especially that it will not be a short or easy process. And I would also not go back to pursuing a Western women. Today I achieved another first – watching a movie in a modern Ukrainian multiplex with seats so comfortable you could fall asleep in them. Okay, so it was in dubbed Ukrainian (interestingly, not Russian, which my girlfriend was expecting and apologised for), but the gist of the story was easy enough to follow.

        That was after a great afternoon and a walk in a park in the evening sunshine before the film.

        Perhaps interestingly, I have never felt threatened or unsafe in this country, but of course you follow the same rules as in any city or country: don’t go wandering about in unsafe areas

  19. Hello I have been writing to a lady for over 2 years now and I was a bit puzzled today, But first I would like to know, The lady I chat with is very nice looking and seems to have her things in order, I have noticed that some times she looks up and to the right as if someone was directing her on her conversation, I asked her who is she looking at but no answer, Then I never see her type or her lips move to answer a question I ask, Someone else is answering her questions for her, Some times she is speaking to either a microphone or a person, I know that she is in her home because of the cat and small dog and her son, I guess I would be very pissed if I was being used as a puppet and taken the money for my experience, Now here is what I noticed today, My lady wrote me a small letter today and would hope to see me in chat, Well Today I meet her in chat and she asked if I had received her small letter, I said yes but I did not read it yet because I wanted not to keep her waiting, So then I asked did you receive my letter that I wrote last night and she stated yes she did and told me it was a long letter, I really expected some other reaction from her but I keep chatting, Well in her letter she stated that she was a bad lady because she had forgotten my birthday, It was not a big deal to me, But then as we were chatting I told her that I was happy to see her after the last few days of my life were not so good and my loss was hard to take and that seeing her was the best part of my day, That she made me feel great even if it was for such a short time, She then asked what loss are you talking about, I said it was not a big deal but it was written in my letter to her, Now in my letter I stated that I had gone with my children to a movie and that they treated there Dad because it was my birthday, So I think it let her know that it was my birthday and that is when she wrote me a belated birthday letter, How nice but she forgot to read the part that my best friend had passed away two days ago and she never said a single word about it, Most of the letter to her was about my friend who was heading to Ukraine to visit a few ladies in Nikoleve but now it will never happen for him, So here is the question was my letter not translated totally because she stated in chat that she picked it up, Or did someone else write me a birthday greeting?? I feel that I need to find this out, There is way more to this story but I want to know this answer first Thanks


    • Raldo, what can I say? You obviously haven’t been listening to my advice.

      Guys: this is a perfect example of “don’t be that guy.”

      • Hello Raldo,

        I don’t mean to pull your chain, especially after Scott added his spot on advice, but maybe…………….there is a sliver of hope??

        Though I would be super cautious that you have been corresponding for 2 years, as that is a serious red flag. I say that because although ladies are loyal to their men, if they are not committed, they have no trouble having a boyfriend or more.

        Now, my sliver of hope for you. Did you use the words, “passed away,” in your letter? Its quite possible the translation of this does not mean “died.”

        Also, have you directly asked her if someone is translating for her at that moment you are talking to her? Its no big deal if she is, although strange that its not disclosed. When I was running my own agency, my translator sat next to our female client so the male prospect could view both.

        Don’t be afraid to ask direct questions. Some guys are afraid to be direct for fear of insulting her and thinking he’ll lose her. If she’s a scammer, and you’ve asked a direct question or making a statement such as, “I don’t want to use your translator, I want to use mine.” Or, “I am picking the restaurant because I know a great one.” Any of these type of direct questions or statements will fire up a scammer because obviously she’s not going to get paid on the back end.

        You need to make a trip over there. That’s the only way you will know, is to meet in person. Again, use Scott’s advice and be mildly prepared for disappointment or too high expectations. Have a Plan B and I saying this in your case, because you have never met her in person before.

        Even if you make plans to go see her, again be mildly prepared that at the last second, she makes an excuse to back out and cannot see you. All crumbs of clues that she’s a scammer.

        Good luck!

  20. Hi Raldo ,

    I would like to add , some of my vieuws , on this , if I may.Well , you already , have gotten , some good advice , from Scott and Rodney.

    1 – Who is asking for the chat ?Is it you or her ?
    2 – How come , that you had not planned a visit to her , until now ?
    3 – Do these chats , end in a proper way ( I mean is it a sudden abrupt end)-Is she saying goodbye – Is she already making an appointment for another chat ?
    4 – You don`t see her lips move or typing something – So , the images , that you are seeing , can be a pre-recording , at her home
    Which they play , at the time for the chat –
    5 – It is possible , that your letters , are being translated at the agency.And she only gets a brief description ,of the content by Phone
    6 – Chats without any inter-action , should make you aware of possible fraud
    7 – Has she asked you for money , at one time ?

    If you really like her , have you suggested to her , that you want to come to see her ?
    And how did she reacted ?

    Have you made any personal Phone calls to her ?You have her Phone number ?Or email address ?

    The fact , that she is not chatting with you , directly , can also be , that the agency , doesn`t want , you or her , to give each other , personal information.

    I would say , it doesn`t look good.But , you should go over , and meet her in person , as Rodney has said.

    All the best to you , and good luck


    • Hello Paul
      1. Ok first question is who asks for the chat, I have always told her to set when she can come to the chat and we always end up on the same days for chat,
      2. I did try to go there last year, I wanted to meet her and also Irishka who lives in Sumy, I went to Sumy and waited for my reply from the lady in Kharkov, The problem was she finally did get back to me and wanted to have dinner on the same night I would be traveling back to Kiev, I felt that the agency did not do its job to keep this lady informed, I called the agency (Maria) and she said that I will be getting a letter from the lady maybe today, back then
      3. The chats are live and I can see that, She reacts to my expressions and smile, She also will show me things at her home, Cat, Dog, Son, drinking Tea,
      4. answered in 3.
      5. I think that the letters are not translated in full to her only the high points,
      6. In the chats we have interaction, And I have a chat today with her,
      7. No she has never asked for money,
      8. I have asked her if I can come to see her and she now says that this time we need to make sure that we have the same time free to visit each other, She has informed me that the months of November and December are very busy for her at her job, But she made it clear that we need to make sure this time to not miss each other,
      I have not talked to her on the phone, And I do not have e-mail address, If I did then the agency no longer makes their fee,
      This lady is very nice and she has a very busy schedule at her work, She is also the mother of a 7 year old who is always in the back ground of the chats running past and just being a kid, Our chats are at the end of her day and I can see that she is tired but always happy to be their,
      Paul I want to thank you for your questions to me, My thoughts are that the agency is not doing its job proper and the letter that I sent may have not gotten the translation that it deserved or its true meaning, I do plan to go to Ukraine soon to visit her, So wish me luck and I know it is a long shot but for me to find happiness I will travel to the other end of the world, I have been there twice Ukraine and will go again, Again Thank You

      • Raldo,

        Remember, the longest river in Africa isn’t the denial.

        You aren’t chatting with this lady.

        She isn’t really “your lady.”

        You’re talking to an employee of a dating agency who’s job it is to string you along as long as possible and suck as much of your money from your wallet as possible.

        Let me ask you, if a Woman flew all the way from Russia or Ukraine to your home town to visit you, would you make time? She didn’t meet you because she has no intention of having a date with you.

        You need to step back and separate your emotions from your actions. Step back and pretend that this is some other guy, read your own comment, as though some other guy wrote it. What advice would you give him? It is obvious to most anyone reading that this is a scam.

        • Good point Scott, Let me tell you that yes indeed she is not my lady, But we do seem to have a good time with things, The reason I will travel there is to see if it is real, Next I will not let much more time pass on this, There is not much I can do until I meet up with her in person, If at that time she is a bit distant then I am out of there, If she insist that I keep our communication with the agency again I am out of there, Yes I know I must keep my emotions in check, I know that the agency is not here to hook people up but to make money on the suckers that will pay, I am always getting new pictures but never except them, I know what she looks like, I hope to find the happiness that I search for, I know that I will not find it here in these western woman, One thing I do know I have meet some real nice people while I was in Ukraine and plan to go back and see them also, I will go and visit Irishka in Sumy and also Malak who was my interpreter who is a great guy who is going to the university of Sumy and is from Jordan,
          Scott thanks for the heads up, Going with eyes wide open, Yes I will take a chance, Thanks again


          • Hey Raldo,

            Glad to see you are taking Scott’s advice seriously. The thing that grabbed my attention was her saying to you that she wanted to see you after December, but yet she didn’t say she wanted to see you at New Year’s. I have commented here before that Novi Got (New Year) is their #1 holiday. Loved ones or someone you really care about is important to spend New Year’s with. They have a saying, “That whom you spend New Year’s with, you will be with them for the whole year.”

            Also, during this time, everyone is off for a minimum of 3 days, and many others, off for a week. This makes me suspicious, due to this reason. She will have free time, and yet she didn’t offer to want and spend it with you. The scammers slipped up.

            I have to admit, they could be reading our blogs and have learned to cover their tracks, i.e, the skype is at her home, the child is in the background…and yet, you don’t have personal contact information.

            I know how you feel and so do they, believe me. You come home from a long day and you get to chat with a pretty lady. Yeah, its better than a Western woman – I get it. But they are Pros in knowing how to play a Western Man and their feelings. They also know now that they are commodities and can pull western men by the nose wherever they want.

            Western men are such easy prey and are so easy to open their wallet. For example, we’ve all been brainwashed that the bigger the engagement ring, then the bigger the love you have for your lady (bullshit western brainwashing).

            With an EE lady, the less you give, then the more you’ll know that she really cares.

            With your last reply to Paul and what I read, I’d say you are being played. Sorry to say this.

            Better to use your time wisely when you visit Ukraine and find an English Club and ask if you can make a guest appearance. The teacher and students would love to talk to a Native Speaker, then……find the lady that’s single and go for it. That’s how you find them naturally. Stay away from the damn agencies, man!

          • Thanks Rodney good advice, Yes I could do what you said about finding a English club, And I will have Malak show me these places he is surly a great guy to help me out when I was in Sumy,
            And I do know that I want to go to Kharkov and I did not mention about there holiday but she said that we needed to be sure that we both had the same time available to meet, She really left the end of December open and January, I will mention the Novi Got time with her, And its meaning, Information I can use, Also as long as I am going to go I will also keep any one informed here, I can not go until I finish my season here and hope after our Christmas time, Thanks Rodney


  21. Just wanted to share my experience with uaDreams. I signed up after literally having my socks knocked off by one ladies “free” video contained in her profile. Now what impressed me with this lady is she appears natural (no elaborate make-up) and in my opinion displayed her true personality and quite honestly she appealed to me in every possible way. Her name is Eugenia from Kharkov. But she isn’t the reason for me writing this.
    About the second day after registering on the site and my profile very brief and lacking a photo of myself, I received a letter with photos from another lady. Now this raised my suspicions immediately. This in turn told me that I need to some research and what I discovered not only from all the negative reviews but I also found a video on YouTube posted by uaDreams and who did I see, but this lady. Now you may think, so what. First you should know of this lady’s particulars. She is 27 years old, her name is Julia #1977 from Sumy and she is absolutely stunning. The timestamp of the YouTube video indicated it was posted July 30, 2014. Two years ago!!!!
    OK maybe she’s picky, but then in her letter she claims; “I need a family now. And now my heart is lonely!”. In my mind I had this burning question, if she needs a family NOW and as beautiful as she is then how is it then that she has been with this agency for two years now? If uaDreams wasn’t producing a result in finding her man then why stay with this agency and not go elsewhere?
    In my research I also conducted price comparisons of the “gifts” and as an example a bouquet of 21 roses from the site will cost you $169.95us. Now in my research using Google maps and using the “nearby” option you can get a bouquet of 51 roses from a Sumy flower shop for $65.00us, that’s almost a $100 cheaper for 30 more roses.
    Here’s another red flag for me; while on YouTube I also came across another uaDreams video titled “Parade of Brides 2011 with” and who do I see at 2:02 of that video? I swear on my mother’s grave (and she is in fact dead and buried) it was Julia.
    With these three I can only conclude uaDreams is in fact a scam, too bad because I was seriously considering contacting Eugenia.

    • Another thing, after reading a review that pointed this out I thought I would pay attention to it. Once signed in you get chat requests from these ladies, now over the course of 3-4 days I began to see exactly what this review said, it’s always the very same ladies, with some spending the entire day doing chat requests. Guess the job they say they work at is really working for the agency.
      I did make a couple of carefully thought out suggestions for their site ideas to show a little legitimacy to their service. In the only reply I got they told me that: “they were forwarded to our managing department for further consideration.”. How much you want to wager that managing department was the trash bin? My other suggestion was 2 days ago and I have yet to get a reply.
      After seeing that YouTube video I decided to ask them “On average how long a lady typically remains available/registered on their site”. Well they replied with a 3 paragraph spiel but the second sentence of this spiel stood out to me. It stated; “Regretfully, we do not keep any statistics that may allow to answer your question with the exact numbers and dates”. Really? Well I wasn’t asking for “exact numbers”, I was asking for an overall average, which wouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Surely they have a record of registration/starting date of all the girls.
      I’m happy to say that knowing what I know now about this site I’m sure glad I haven’t spent a dime there, nor will I.

  22. If you want to spend that much money that’s up to you. But you don’t have to. The sooner you meet her the sooner you don’t have to use the website. It’s that simple. There are a business trying to make money. But there are ways of going around that. See the aforementioned.

  23. Uadreams is scam site, I am working as dating detective and know many about their girls, most of them are just for money there. If you wish to check any girl from uadreams you can contact me on facebook

  24. Hello. let me tell you something about uadreams, IT’S A PERFECT ELABORATE PROFESSIONAL SCAM AGENCY !!!! the very best, as in the scam and as in the service what they provide,there is no doubt. I have been a customer for more than two years at this agency,and i lost about $ 10,000 !!! in these two years. I have long talked with only one girl at first, as others have written before me, the girl was so romantic so eager to know me,we change letters every single day and chat every week.she wrote me many times that she found me very attractive, indeed i’m a good looking man in a very good shape but not that is the point. The point is that she want to see me so tremendously she feel connected to me she feel so attracted to me, and so on etc etc. And when we finally met, I literally dropped my face to the ground I did not have words I was so stunned,because she was so cold with me,It was like she put a wall between us.I did not understand why she did that at that time, but now i know a lot of things how uadreams works. After that fail with the first girl , i meet another 5 girls and none was seriously interested or commited, but everyone was interested in video chat or letters. From these six girls 5 have a relationship.The sixth girl was from Ivano Frankivsk Tatiana and i find to late that she have also a boyfriend , i gave proof to the agency and they kick out Tatiana .after that i wanted to close my profile ,but uadreams convince me to try with another girl ,so i try with Nastya 3141 from Kremenchug ,she tell me that she is interested in me,so we change leters and talk in video chat. After a time i find Nastya profile on VK and her boyfriend profile also ,WTF yes she have a boyfriend,i gave prof to the uadreams agency ,but they not close Nastya profile because she is in heavy intense chat with other 4 or 5 man so she is generate a lot of money to uadreams . All man must know one thing ,these girls are the golden goose to uadreams !!!!. i think one girl can generate from one man between 150 and 1000 $ a month. And yes a girl can have multiple video chat in the same time ,she can chat with 4 man if the translator is very good ,if not they can chat with two man in the same time. Some men complain that the video connection is slow in chat ,well its not slow its very good , but the translator need a little time to translate for both man.The girls also receive money from uadreams 5 five percent from what you pay to uadreams , chat ,letters ,meetings, ect.And a lot of girls are friends in branch,if you find a girl profile on VK or facebook you can be sure that she have 2 or 3 friend in her profile from the agency also. so if you talk in uadreams with more girls from the same branch, you can be sure that they talk and know. Another thing is that no matter in which branch you will go, you will never see an advertising billboard ,not even on the agency door!!!!!,because uadreams and what they do is illegal in Ukraine. At most you will see writing on the door ” modeling agency.” Also true that the very big majority of the girls have boyfriend ,i find a lot of girls on VK . i made a little experiment before i close my profile on UAscamdreams,i talked with several girls 15 ,20 girls , and all that girls was eager to talk with me , i wait 2 weeks after i closed my profile and i find all that girls on VK and i sent friend invitation, which followed did not surprise me at all, they block me on their page or never respond and ignore me. They have 600 girls but the real chance to find your wife on UAscamdreams is way more less than 1 one percent, and that is not a joke gentleman!!!!! .About – anti scam policies, that is the bigest lie . They do not care whether a girl has boyfriend or not ,if you find that the girl who fools you have a boyfriend ,only in that case they do something ,but even when i gave proof they dont care, if the girl is very beautiful and talk with a lot of man she generate a lot of money ,and that’s just what matters. They are very proud that they have more than one million customers worldwide,now everybody can make their own calculation how much money they rip off out of man’s pocket.They are masters in what and how they do.I think is stupid to talk about that the girls are real or not , the girls are very real ,everything is very real in UAscamdreams yard, because they roll the perfect scam,so if the girls are real ,video chat with the girls are real ,service everything is made in a high level ,that is the perfect way to a perfect scam. If you want an ukrainian wife ,you take your vacation for 3 weeks then take your ass and go to ukraine,you will spend far less than on the site.Ukrainian girls are very Nationalist they love their country ,they don’t really want to leave their country,and a lot of these girl have a good live in ukraine especially from uadreams ,they thrill on your money . You think that because they live in a poor country they want so much to leave ? nothing more wrong, but they are interested if you are rich and not an usual random normal guy,they want a careless life in a high level, if you can offer that ,than you are their man.uadreams is making a very severe contract with the girls ,and their is under uadreams total control.if a girl wants to go to another city even if in Ukraine she is obliged to tell to the manager branch where she want to go and when and how much time she will stay.If a girl leaves the agency she is not allowed to contact you in any way ,otherwise she will suffer the consequences. Other thing, ukrainian girls are big expert in hiding their boyfriend, so if you find your girl in social media and you not seen a picture with any man on her side ,that is not mean that she not have a boyfriend. i find girls in VK and facebook with no boyfriend, but in instagram the same girls in very tender relationship with a man. You always need to search in their friend list after their friend pictures in that way you have a lot of surprize.Uadreams is a greedy scam agency,the majority of the girls are in relationship.!!!! They are interested only to chat with you as more as they can, to generate money for them and for uadreams,The girls get paid. The man are the milky cow for uadreams.They deceive you and lie to you till the end of the world, i hope everybody who take share from their stolen money will drop dead and burn in hell with all their family .

    • 10 000$ lost??? Wow! Then it’s ENTIRELY your fault.
      Any wise male would stop any contact with those scammers after having lost 100 or 200$ max.
      I would like to reiterate that modern situation in the world of dating is only and entirely male’s fault!
      Males have allowed women to take control, to encourage and promote values like multiculturalism, affirmative action, quota hiring, divorce laws etc etc etc.
      Those who ever dared to object have been labeled “losers and enemies of the state”. And they were very few and far between.
      Ain’t it ridiculous that a modern male HAS TO PAY some freaking online dating agency in order to continue to communicate with some onscreen female he has never met in real life?
      Blame yourselves, men! YOU are soo damn desperate and sex hungry and you are willing to pay some phantom on the other side of the screen to chat with you!! Just think about it…

      • don’t play the smart guy !! but yes it was my fault that i lost money. smartass ,if i was a sexhungry there are much more better place than ukraine.

        • ;)) well, I didn’t spent 10 grand on some behind the screen phantom lady from nowhere;) Thus I am the smart guy.
          I can justify spending 300$ on a lady, even a 1000$ may be OK for a newbie in a learning experience, but 10 000??

          Sorry, pal, but it DOES smell desperation and sex hunger;))

        • edy its not your fault all blame is Always on the scammers.
          All victims is Always innocent.
          Its _Uadreams and other scams fault that you lost Money and none else.
          Its nothing desperate at all to try to find a soulmate using a dating service however the sad part is that so many is getting fooled by the scam ukrainian russian date sites.

          The honest places is Russian Cupid.
          Sorry for your loss in Money and heart acke.

          • well… NO, it IS his fault! No man in his right mind will spend 10 grand American on some behind the screen phantom lady miles and miles away from him!
            10 grand will buy you 4-5 months of a luxury stay in Russia or Ukraine without ever even needing to resort to a desperate online dating agency.

          • there is no honest agency,all agencies are all big agencies I found girls with stable relation with their boyfriend.

          • This seems an unduly harsh comment! Do you have experience of every single one? I mean ones that aren’t pay by letter? There are any number of honest Ukrainian and Russian women out there, you just have to search diligently and carefully and be aware of the all the pitfalls.

            I am on my way to Ukraine for the fourth time this year to spend the weekend with my girlfriend. I was last there for ten days in August :)

  25. Hey Sinclair! All the best! And thanks for sharing your proof, that of course, there are still many sincere and honest Ukrainian ladies. FC and I have been debating this for over a year now. My experience, observations, and successful marriage comes from southern Ukraine. FC’s observations and experiences come from northern Ukraine. Let’s do a very unscientific poll. Your lady, my guess, comes from west or south?

    • Hi Rodney. Yes she’s from Zaporozhye, which is sort of South-East from Kiev :) I fly to Kiev and then to Dnepro where she meets me. We stay in Dnepro when I go for the weekend. All the best :)

      • There you go FC! Unscientific first sample poll goes to my favor! All kidding here, but my personal bias remains.
        Edy, you only talk of UA dreams. Did you meet any ladies naturally without an agency? What is that saying about insanity?……..
        Congrats Sinclair. Have the best time ever.
        So, 3 years later living in Germany, we run into a former American acquaintance. He’s retired and married to a Polish lady. He asks my wife if she’s homesick for Ukraine. My wife replies: “No, no, my family is my home.” Meanwhile she points to our car with our two sleeping beauties in the back.
        My friend was taken aback, because honestly, you don’t ever hear that type of response from American spouses. He says to me, “well, that was a hearty response.”
        So guys, don’t listen to the negative. Listen to your heart. If the voice is loud, then don’t shut it off.

        • the truth is that Im tired of stupidity,I did a big stupidity that’s true.but we can say anything,the true is that the girls all girls is get paid from the agency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. if someone is not totally stupid he knows very well what that means,unfortunately I knew that too late. I’m not interested in any Ukrainian woman ever ,there are probably sincere women in ukraine but in no case part of an agency.

          • Hi Edy,
            Your last sentence speaks volumes. I know you feel like you gave it the “ol’ college try”, but if you are truly looking for love, beauty and grace, Ukraine (south or west…lol) is still a goldmine.
            Good luck mate, wherever you go.

          • I think I have to say in other way. In ukraine people know and consider that a woman who is registered with such an agency as uadreams ,it is not serious to find a life partner from abroad,everybody knows that, man or woman ,but nobody talks because why ruin a good business?.this is Ukrainian politics.when I talked to people when I was in Ukraine and I told why I am in Ukraine ,they, everyone, said it was all a scam,and I’m not going to find anyone if I’m looking through an agency. “no matter in which branch you will go, you will never see an advertising billboard ,not even on the agency door!!!!!,because uadreams and what they do is illegal in Ukraine. At most you will see writing on the door ” modeling agency.”

          • I think the whole issue here is how you choose to find your lady and what your expectations are. Scam dating websites wherever they are exist to make money on the back of lonely Western men. I discovered Elenas after some dodgy suspicious encounters on Russian Cupid. Nothing wrong with the Cupid sites; just that they are so big it is difficult for them to monitor 24/7. I didn’t get scammed btw, but I googled how not to get scammed and that’s how I came across EM.
            Before I met my current (and hopefully permanent) lady, I was talking to a woman from Latvia on EM. She was far too pushy and when I spoke to her on Skype she was rather different from her profile pictures. So I broke off contact. Some time later, I got an email from EM saying that they had noted I had been communicating with her, that she had been kicked off due to unacceptable / inappropriate behaviour and that they strongly advised against me continuing the relationship, or words to that effect. This is how to should work!
            If you are interested in finding a decent Eastern bloc woman, you can do a lot worse than use EM. Of course don’t expect long term success to come easily, it rarely does without time and effort, and expenditure (in the right way).
            If, in the other hand, all you want is a shag…

    • I still beg to disagree since I am able to understand everything they talk about, I can foresee their next step, thought and action, whereas you, my friend, only get to know what you are “allowed” to know;)
      Obviously every Ukrainian female will try her best when dealing with a foreigner thus your misconception about Ukrainian women;)
      Moreover , any conversation will NOT be deep enough to uncover anything significant in a female way of thinking, world and life visions and attitudes;)

  26. the first time I registered in uadreams more than two years ago,Before I did that I documented well,I found tons of scam reviews made by girls and agencies.but I thought it could not be that bad the situation ,that there must still be girls who even want a new life with a man from abroad. But that was the biggest mistake and stupid thing in my life to think that!,the real situation is a nightmare over expectations!! I have been in Ukraine three times I spent a total of 3 months,my experience and what I saw what I heard and what I talked to people tells me, it’s a hundred percent scam!!!!!! A very very vast majority of girls do not think of looking for a man from abroad , is a kind of work for them making money, because yes they get paid from the agency in this case from Uadreams. many girls told me they hav a good life (of your money of course) I found many girls with boyfriend , registered in uadreams . girls from a city know each other,one brings the other to the agency to make money. I have said uadreams has about 600 or 700 girls, I personally think no more than 50 or 60 seriously think of a relationship. the rest is chatting for money. Anyone has more chance of finding a nice girl in his own country than in uadreams !!.

  27. and I was with my car, so I walked a lot among the people, I saw everything.I also know a blond girl from Zaporozhye, maybe I know your girl Sinclair.

    • Just remember-most modern Ukrainian women are very inhibited, not well educated and extremely scared of anyone who dares to differ, to be the leader, to have an own opinion, to stand up and be counted on and to lead by example.
      They better date an ugly and dirty bum, than a man who has education, does sports, constantly improves himself in all aspects of life and takes good care of himself in general (teeth, hair, skin etc). And God forbid a man doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke nor does drugs! Ukrainian women will immediately look for a hidden agenda with such a male! They can NOT stand any challenge thus resort to dating bums or sell the access to their pussy to the highest male bidder on a dating market hoping at least to make some money on it.

      I dare to say that Ukrainian women in many aspects are now worse than their western counterparts. And I would NOT recommend anyone coming to Ukraine when looking for a wife. Save your money or spend them on American/Canadian whores, they will be at least sexier than Ukrainian females.

      • My man, FC…. I respectfully disagree with you.

        Although you tend to downgrade my “time in service,” meaning my total time of living in Ukraine vs yourself. True, you win the “Time” award. However, buddy, I lived there for 2 years, was married, had my own marriage agency, taught English and golf (in Kiev). I would say that kind of tenure is hard to match by 99.5% of men from around the world. 2 years is enough time to grasp what is going on.

        I’ve been saying for a year now, that I do not see what you are talking about. I can count just off the top of my head, the number of happy and successful couples, that are Ukrainian, with no foreign affiliation – about 8. I know each couple intimately, not by acquaintance. There is no cheating, no games. Just the fundamentals of love. Now, I’ve known them for 5 years, or the amount of time since I arrived in Ukraine to live (2012). How many couples in America or Canada that you know of closely that have such a relationship? Whatever number you come up with, consider the fact that you’ve lived in your birth county a lot longer than 5 years.

        Ukrainian women are gems. True and brilliant diamonds. Sure, some need some polishing, but who doesn’t? Even I do, everyday. To be a better husband and father.

        God forbid and my thought is purely for an assumptive purpose, but if my marriage were to fail, I would make my way back to Ukraine and just get back on the horse again. Why? Because I can and so can anyone with a sincere heart. These ladies want security, confidence, romance and attention. I tell my wife everyday how pretty she is or how much I love her, and her esteem rises each time. They absorb this love from their husbands and multiply it.

        This spring, we’re going back to visit/live for 2 months. That will be another capturing moment, to reassess the life there and pass on my observations.

        • And I beg to respectfully disagree too;)
          I do win the “Time award” but kinda feel that it is irrelevant.
          2 years is indeed a long time and definitely enough to understand locals and their inner world. But still NOT enough to get DEEP down into some dark corners of one’s soul and mind…
          Every day I encounter what I am talking about… On the street, in a grocery store, in a mall, on a marshrutka (public transportation), during English lessons ( I still teach some while I am here), in the gym… And what I hear and see makes me wanna cover my ears and eyes and just run as far as only possible just to avoid seeing and hearing it all…
          I know that I’m very biased now thus may be carried away by my emotions and do not want to elaborate on that as well as local relationships…
          Ukrainian women are gems?? May be, but I’d call them FAKE gems, they are all sparkling with make up and jewelry on the outside but cold, empty and very inhibited on the inside.
          Oftentimes I catch myself thinking that it is indeed easier for me to interact with American or Canadian females now than with Ukrainian ones…

          Never make an assumption about your failed marriage.. BAAAD omen…
          Sincere heart and Ukrainian females are not compatible!
          And NO, my friend, they do NOT want security, confidence, romance and attention! They want a dirty and stupid bum by their side who’ll never challenge them in anything!
          Ukrainian females are extremely afraid of any challenge thus they are after a man who’ll never challenge them!

          • in ivano frankivsk this year I met a girl through the ua(nightmare)dreams agency, who told me that only she will educate their children when she will have, and the children’s father will have nothing to say. Ukrainian society is matriarchal I know that,but for me it’s too much that kind of exaggerate attitude.

          • FC, of course I am not sure exactly what you have seen and heard that has given you this biased attitude towards Ukrainian women. My (limited) experience is that they are reserved and inhibited and that it takes a pretty tough axe to break through the ice.
            I don’t think that they are empty or that sincere hearts and Ukrainian women are incompatible; I think that comment could apply to some women from any culture especially Western.
            The problem here as I see it is that you are dealing with a long history of socially and culturally enforced inhibition and sexual repression dating back to the Soviet Era.

          • Sinclair, my biased attitude towards Ukrainian females is based on YEARS of personal experiences, interactions and observations. I see them every day and hour on the street, public transportation, stores, gyms etc.
            I have to interact with them on an hourly and daily basis in all kinds of situations.
            And I always find them extremely reserved and inhibited in everything they do.

            Yes, they are empty cause oftentimes they are uneducated and unwilling to educate/improve themselves. They are totally pleased with that bare minimum they have and they are scared to go beyond that because that is a CHALLENGE!! And they can NOT stand challenges! Thus they mostly date bums and alcohol/drug addicts!

            Soviet Era? What Soviet Era? It ended more than 26 damn years ago!
            26 years, man! This is the age of a person who’s already graduated from a university and has at least 3-4 years of work experience under his/her belt!! How much more time do they need??? Eternity??
            So pleeeeease do not use the “Soviet Era” as an excuse for MODERN Ukrainian women ;)

          • FC,
            The fact that Ukrainian women are inhibited and reserved is actually a quality I relish. This is a good quality to have because it keeps aggressive and cocky men at a distance. The pick up videos that I have watched in the past, always talk about how their is no one night stand game in Ukraine. Good! I don’t want some easy girl, like the states, who gives it away like old girl scout cookies.

            I like chipping away at their emotions and feelings. Getting to know them over time. Everything in life worth obtaining is worth working for. Same with these kind of ladies. You eventually break through and then you have this amazing, loving and loyal woman that we’ve all heard about.

            That’s why its easy to spot the scammers. Good Ukrainian girls are not spoiling you on the first date, like I saw in my local cafe. Two young and attractive women walked in with a considerably older guy (American, by his accent). Soon, you can see that one girl is the date and the other is the translator. Coffee and cake arrives. Date girl begins to feed the old guy some cake. My Ukrainian buddy and I were laughing our asses off because we knew this dude was being hooked, line and sinker.

            Regarding Soviet era mentality. Yes, it still exists. My wife isn’t some old lady. She’s only 34. Yet, she carries quite a bit of the old mentality. One of them is that she doesn’t trust anyone outside of her family. You don’t see neighbors hanging out in our home for coffee and cake. This comes from the Soviet days when you kept your mouth shut, for fear that your neighbors would report something negative to the authorities.

            Again, I like this trait. I know everyone and anyone that is under our roof and not surprised with strangers. This would be an American women, as they blab away and make friends with anyone that has two ears. I see it all the time with the military spouses as they post questions on FB about getting together with someone, because they are lonely. That crap leads to troubles down the road.

            FC, please explain why you are back in Ukraine, if you are so miserable? Costa Rica sounded so ideal, man. I have two American friends living in Odessa for the past 10 years, and they are totally happy and living the dream. Why is it so different for you?

          • I have to say that I totally agree with Rodney. Yes if the girl is under thirty then it is likely that she will be free of the shackles of Soviet Era inhibition, depending on her parents’ attitude and where in the country she is from. If she is 25 and living in Kiev, the chances are that she will be pretty Westernised.
            But for those of us who are older, I think it is a different picture to the one that you portray F.C. My girlfriend is in her 40s, her mother in her 70s. Inhibition is still there. It takes time to get through the icy shell of the exterior. I have been seeing mine for a little over 2 1/2 years now; we have been meeting on average 4 times a year and I am still chipping at the shell, but I feel I am making steady progress. My lady is not some uneducated shop girl, but an intelligent professional with whom you can have all manner of intellectual conversations. She is also beautiful and reserved.
            But I think reserve is a good thing. It preserves an air of mystery and intrigue. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily. I do believe that women of my girlfriend’s age are looking for reliability and stability. And I think that the degree of reserve and the thickness of the exterior ice shell can depend also on their past history with men.
            The weekend has as usual passed too quickly. My girlfriend has just got the taxi back home and I have an early flight back home tomorrow morning.

          • I have to say that I totally agree with Rodney. Yes if the girl is under thirty then it is likely that she will be free of the shackles of Soviet Era inhibition, depending on her parents’ attitude and where in the country she is from. If she is 25 and living in Kiev, the chances are that she will be pretty Westernised.
            But for those of us who are older, I think it is a different picture to the one that you portray F.C. My girlfriend is in her 40s, her mother in her 70s. Inhibition is still there. It takes time to get through the icy shell of the exterior. I have been seeing mine for a little over 2 1/2 years now; we have been meeting on average 4 times a year and I am still chipping at the shell, but I feel I am making steady progress. My lady is not some uneducated shop girl, but an intelligent professional with whom you can have all manner of intellectual conversations. She is also beautiful and reserved.
            But I think reserve is a good thing. It preserves an air of mystery and intrigue. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily. I do believe that women of my girlfriend’s age are looking for reliability and stability. And I think that the degree of reserve and the thickness of the exterior ice shell can depend also on their past history with men.
            The weekend has as usual passed too quickly. My girlfriend has just got the taxi back home – she is working tomorrow – and I have an early flight back home tomorrow morning.

          • @ Rodney

            Interesting remarks, thanks!

            First of all: I HATE that PICK UP SHIT! And have never ever used it in my life! I am NOT talking one night stands/easy lays here!

            I will be honest with you: oftentimes I do NOT have patience or plain tolerance to chip away at someone’s emotions and feelings for months and months again. I hate it when I HAVE TO explain the simplest of the things which should come natural to any more or less educated person in this world, over and over again, and STILL they fail to understand what I mean or what I am talking about!!! Ain’t talking about intimacy now, more like about life in general.
            And I do not want to break through in about 3-4 months only to discover that it ain’t nothing but an empty space there!
            I do NOT want to be spoiled, I hate it in fact when someone tries to do it to me. But at the same time I do not want to wait for answers forever!! If it takes a person an eternity to figure out what I mean then I do not want to deal with such a person! Period! Over and out!
            I am NOT against things like not trusting anyone outside one’s family or not making friends with all neighbors around!
            I have just ONE real friend in my life whom I can trust and always rely on, under ANY circumstances. ONE!!

            well, I had to come back to Ukraine cause , say… I have some unfinished business here, nothing serious but has to be done.
            I am NOT miserable, just can’t stand those things I use to critisize in Ukrainian females.

            I’m happy for your American friends in Odessa, honestly.
            Why is it different for me? No idea.

          • Glad this place is still alive! Thanks for sharing Rodney. A wife that doesn’t blast family issues on the loudspeaker, that is a quality definitely lacking in the US.

        • Add on: I honestly fail to see where you folks seem to find all those ladies who are NOT after money, money and even MORE MONEY!!
          Every Ukrainian female I have ever come across under all kinds of circumstances was AFTER MONEY! The “money thing” could come up sooner, later but it always DID COME UP!
          I keep hearing your stories about women who never let you pay for them, who never ask for money etc and I honestly find them very hard to believe.

          Every damn female I have ever come across during my years and years in Ukraine has been after MONEY! They all scream “MONEEEEEY!” And nothing else matters!
          Yes, I know, I am jaded and I am biased.
          But I’ve been here for over 9 years now and my picture seems to be very different from yours.

          • To make a long story short: My personal advice to all men who are still considering Ukraine a place to look for a wife- avoid Ukraine and its women by all means possible.
            Ukrainian females will take ALL your money, time, efforts and nerves just to leave you empty handed and broken/bankrupt without EVER giving anything back to you!
            Go anywhere but Ukraine! Better yet, save your money, go to Vegas and spend them on some nice American mature escorts who won’t take you for many years long “ride” and will be both your eye candy and brain candy.

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