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Chances are you’ve tried internet dating.  Big emphasis on “tried”.  Before you started, you probably had this idea that there was an information bank of attractive women who were tired of the bar scene and looking for the real deal.  Then you found reality.

In today’s sampling I take the a more conservative slice of the “local” (USA) dating scene.  I’m going to restrict myself to small towns in Kansas, the geographical centre of the continental US, where feminism is least likely to have taken hold.  We’re going to see if there’s anything (and I mean ANYTHING) that would make me consider flying to Kansas as opposed to the Ukraine.  Truth be told, it’s already too late for those moss-goblins, but I like to remind myself what I’m missing out on.

Attractive lady seeks man for fun times. 

I’m a man, and I like attractive ladies/fun times.  What am I waiting for?


I know this kind of nuts but i proised my kids a vacation this summer but i lost my job and just got another one. I was going to see if anyone would like to take us this weekend to worlds of fun please please no crazys or weirdos. My kids would be the happiest kids in the world.” 

Wait, no pictures of “attractive lady” and no mention of “fun times”.  Only “I want money, but only from people who are good enough”.  I don’t suppose her baby daddy (daddies?) want to spend a weekend with the kids?  Wait, they’re probably out chasing attractive ladies.  And fun times.


any good men still left out there?? 

I’m a good man.  Better check it out.


So about me. Im 23, single mom… 

Yup, nothing attracts good men more than the knowledge that you will be raising someone else’s crotch-dribble (probably a “bad man’s”).  I bid you good day Craigslister.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

Over on POF (aka Plenty of Fatties, Plenty of Whales, Plenty of Flakes, etc) it doesn’t look much better.  Pregnant…fat…single mother…fat pregnant single mother…Oh, what’s this?  Looking for a Serious Commitment.  Who puts that on their headline?

Good POF profile

Wait, attractive educated single Christian woman looks to marry?  Pinch me, I’m dreaming.  Ouch, now I’m crying.  It’s so beautiful, the correct spelling, the multiple pictures of well-lit settings and the close-ups of the face.  There’s not laundry list of “wants” (dealbreakers) and interests include domestic and worldly activities!  Gentlemen, I believe we’ve found her.  The one (truly) attractive single female in North America who wants to get married.  I don’t know what to say, or what this feeling is.  Is…..is this love?  I must know more!

Good POF profile2

Wait a minute, what’s that up there in the red box?  Second Language: Russian.  Well, that explains it.  Turns out this woman isn’t just different from other American in +50 ways.  Fact is she ISN’T American.  Sorry guys, false alarm, it looks like what one of Scott’s comments earlier is true.  You can occasionally find a diamond in a coal mine and coal in a diamond mine, but if you want to find the right diamond put yourself in a diamond mine before you start looking.

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Website review: UADreams.com
Storytime: Smackdown the Unworthy

9 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Local Shopping

  1. You notice that the woman “any good men still left out there??”

    Does not include a picture of herself, yet she wants “All replies to have a picture”

    I went to Asia for years to date better women, found that those women were much much better…

    Alot of scams with the Russian women that my friends experienced since they were using the scam or free dating sites of Russia and Ukraine etc…

    I just thank my lucky stars I found this site and also very grateful for helping me to see that Ellena models is the real deal.

    Great post and I agree with it 100%

    • Actually, I didn’t pick up on that because I actually did stop reading at Single Mother. I think fat was in there. Or maybe I imagined it. I’m not going to click on it to check though.

      Could be that Craigslist censored the photo’s as well. You know, so their viewers don’t get sick.

      • “Could be that Craigslist censored the photo’s as well. You know, so their viewers don’t get sick.”

        that’s two posts in a row and I’m laughing really hard – ab workout two days ago and it really hurts to laugh – I can see that this is going to be a fun year…

  2. We’re going to see if there’s anything (and I mean ANYTHING) that would make me consider flying to Kansas as opposed to the Ukraine.
    That’s the funniest thing I have read for a while.
    It’s like comparing a Ford Escort to a Porsche Boxster.

  3. I was laughing hysterically at that plenty of fatties !! i had no idea so many men felt the same way we need to invade the Ukraine Rescue all those ladies from Russia and the men there.!! LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! LOL
    I think feminism is a large part of the problem as American women tell themselves they can do anything a man can do men built and created the world women strip by bitching about when it was going to get done !
    the other things you left out about American women they are the most selfish self-centered creatures on Earth !! Me, myself and I are there first three thoughts about any situation. LoL
    I have a sister unmarried, of course liberal western femanist, hyper agressive western woman basically is a bully !!! As they have been taught to torture mens peace of mind through Nagging, complaining, bitching, sniping comments, demasculating comments, big tough mouthy, mindless social media flirting, sluts, disloyal, ladder climbing gold diggers, ganster biatches tough girls, western women in general completely lack the femanine Characteristics of dress, they dress comfortably ( especially once most are married, they are tired of keeping a nice appearence up, BBW C’mon in reality its BFLZ Big Fat Lazy Woman, with porn star tattoos. !!!!
    Damn we are a nation of Partying Fat Lazy tatood Bimboo Nation, not all western women apply to these traits but in general our diluted polluted cultural traditions got lost by many non traditionalist people. This is why we say old fashioned in USA because its so rare to find anymore !!!!!

    • Jeff, that pretty much sums things up. Thanks for sharing.

      Well just look at their role models (mom or grandma depending on their age).

      Women over 40 with neon colored hair, piercings, and tattoos? C’mon! 50 is the new 30? Really! Any size is beautiful? Ha! They really believe men with their sh#t together in their mid 20s to mid 40s are really interested in pumas, cougars, and jaguars that have been riding the carousel because they still got it? Might be the cash!

      People are free to do what they want but let’s not buy the lies these women tell themselves everyday. Over time human biology is not changing to suit anyone’s ego or social agenda.

      Just like men do not have a mid-life crisis. This is western female projection. The crisis is women in the west constantly fear men waking up and realizing that if they are middle aged and taken care of themselves they are very valuable on the sexual market and they don’t have to pay for the crusty leftovers…the poor decisions she made during her most marketable years…her youth.

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