Storytime: Smackdown the Unworthy

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Today I have a special treat.

During the first half of my “Year of Contemplation” I entertained a few dating profiles on some of the free websites.  I had already figured out that there were no attainable quality women, but you can’t win the lottery unless you buy a ticket…right?  Since I had already come to peace with possibly being single forever, I took to writing snarky comments in the “explanation” portion of some of my questions.  Several of these comments, explaining how dedicated I was to finding a suitable match, were challenged by the odd female.  I took these as an opportunity to either troll or destroy them.

The image below is one of my favorites, indeed the crown jewel in the Harddrive de le Seth: A single mother who disputes my rejection of her ilk.  While a few attributes were exaggerated (I am very much a novice at West Coast swing) the entirety of the message is true.  To prevent confusion, please note that the first paragraph of her message is one of those “explanations” she copied and pasted from my profile.

How it Is Edited

Realize this: She starts by challenging my authority, known in the PUA industry as a “shit test”.  She ends by apologizing, then groveling.  And not just groveling in a “please try to make me yours” way.  It’s all the way down to “I am unworthy to be in your glorious radiance”.  I smacked down the hamster so hard the only thing she could do before bellycrawling away with eyes lowered and face in the dirt was to learn some spelling, grammar and formatting skills.

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The very last part of the last sentence, “I shall remember not to just run my mouth.”  I got a woman to say/write this and it still shocks me today.

Also notice that this woman still has feelings for him.  My guess is that guy demonstrated the same unadulterated man-confidence that I have.  Of course, he used his to cause harm to woman, while I try to use mine for their betterment.  In Western society, this largely goes unnoticed save for the occasional shit-tests and misogyny accusation.  The only difference is that now she’s on the OTHER side of the fence in terms of being divorced, postpartum and fat (sorry no pic, but true story iknowitsohardtobelieve).  If more women would subject themselves to a wise male’s decision (typically their father’s) they wouldn’t end up in this situation in the first place.  But men in Western society are worthless, disposable and only out for the poon as per the womanz, so you’d better follow your heart (‘gina tingles) and not use that pesky brain or logic, after all, Big Papa Guvmint will be there with a check to subsidize your brief, but exciting, times if it turns sour.

PS: Of the three ladies “on standby”, one decided I was creepy, one decided I was only for the friendzone and the other tried to use me, but this time knew about the other boyfriend before hand.  I interact with none of them today.

PPS: I have deleted all my online dating accounts since making the decision to look overseas exclusively.

Another Jewel de le Seth’s Harddrive: Click for larger image.  And put a bowl under your face, you’re drooling.

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Feature Friday: Local Shopping
Manly Monday: Understanding SMV over Time

4 thoughts on “Storytime: Smackdown the Unworthy

  1. Wow, I suppose I have about a 1/2 dozen comments, I think I’ll fire them off in no order.

    Yeah Seth, you do have a way with writing. About 1/2 way through your reply, I could hear Sheldon’s Mom on the “Big Bang Theory” chastising him, “Remember Shelly, it its one thing to know you’re the smartest kid in the room, its another to tell the other kids that they’re stupid.” LOL

    You know, I’ve never read The Pickup Artist (PUA) – I’ve read DeAngelo and I’m told it is similar. But, here is where most Western Men go wrong. They fill that space in the gender roles called “the friend zone” and don’t realize that being a strong A-type masculine male is what works with women. And not just a strong Man; sometimes you really have to be a dick. Well, not a dick per se, but you need to act like a traditional man and call bullshit when a woman starts to act like she’s running the show. Trust me, you’ll do well in Ukraine.

    I was dating a Hollywood actress that I met in California. She is a transplant from Ukraine and was miserable dating Cali men. She said that the only “real men” were the porn producers and they only used women. Think about that for a moment. No, really. Stop and think about that. She identifies porn producers as “strong male roles.” Like Seth, I’m a good guy. I’m a nice guy. I’m monogamous and I take care of my woman. I’m responsible and I pay my bills. But I don’t ask permission to take a piss and when I want a beer I tell her to bring me one. I was in shock when (recently) I asked a colleague to step outside for a chat after dinner and he said to his girlfriend, “Can I go outside?” I predict she will be cheating on him in a few years.

    Men, be men. Don’t be afraid to act like Men. Don’t be ashamed. And when a woman tries to pull her bullshit on you, think back to this post. As we have all been raised feminist, it takes some schooling & some practice. But in time, you can learn to be the way men acted a generation ago.

    That all said, even if you play the role, American women won’t. And it is a waste of time to try with most of them. Just tonight I ran into a colleague who I worked with in 2011. I had shown him a hard drive of photos from a dozen or so countries and he was inspired. In the last 2 1/2 years he has traveled to Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Thailand and he lived in (and studied Spanish) in Guatemala (just as I did and recommended). His epiphany after this travel (he was mesmerized by my stories of the Trans-Siberian Railroad) was that “American Women Suck and I’ll never marry one.” I gave him the address to this blog and I’ll check with him in a few days to see how he’s making out. Really, American Men don’t know how bad they have it until they get outside of the country. Think about it. If you lived on a dairy farm, you would think that the whole world smelled like cow shit.

    As I was talking to this colleague, I told him about Alana and he asked to see a photo. He said, as they always do, “Wow, she is so hot.” I smiled and thought, “Yes she is.” He asked about her work and I told him and he was rightly impressed. He says that he will start planning for a trip to Ukraine or Russia although he commented that the Colombian Women were the most beautiful that he had ever seen.

    Last thought. Men, go back and read Seth’s reply and observe that yes, this woman who popped off with her typical feminist “I’m woman therefore I’m right,” attitude was not only shot down but she came back asking for forgiveness – actually, she was almost appealing to him saying, “Please, you strong man, your masculinity is like perfume to me as I am lost in life. I wish that a strong man like you would come along – a man who will lead and allow me to follow – the role that I not only desire but the role that is natural for me.

    American women don’t follow American Men because – by and large – American Men are pussies. The few men who aren’t are assholes and are serial misogynists who screw one woman after another – ruining them for the “nice guy” who should have been a dick (in attitude) and a gentleman in practice.

    • I didn’t know there was a book called The Pickup Artist till I googled it now. I also just learned who that ‘Mystery’ person was. Outside of the Dating for Dummies I don’t actually have a book about “game”, but I do keep tabs on a lot of websites who discuss the principles.

      I found it interesting that being around Eastern Euopean women who were in a friendly disposition to you helped foster game-like tendancies. The EE women in my life demand that I act like a man and in return they make it a point to be the woman, even if it is as a classmate or a coworker. It’s hard to describe, but they do things like make sure nobody is hungry, or ask you to take out the trash. It’s tough to put my finger on it all the time, but you know it’s there.

      • “Realize this: She starts by challenging my authority, known in the PUA industry as a “shit test”.”

        I thought your reference to PUA was the book Pickup Artist.”

        • Sorry, I call it in industry now, with all the books and websites coming out with “red pill knowledge”. I’d even expect to see it mainstreamed before long.

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