Manly Monday: Understanding SMV over Time

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The above chart (created by the blogger TheRationalMale) is one that every man and woman in Western society should learn at an early age because it affects them in profound ways at different points in their life.This chart defines your Sexual Market Value (SMV) of the average person based on whether you are male or female over the course of your life.  Your SMV determines how likely you are to attract the opposite sex, have meaningful relationships and land a spouse.

If you are a woman, your SMV is determined by your sexuality (reproductive value and attractiveness) and peeks early on.  Women can increase their SMV by demonstrating signs of fertility, including being healthy (thin), dressing provocatively, and making themselves up.  Because they look best in their late teens and early twenties it makes the most sense to capitalize on it while they are young.  Unfortunately, most women in Western society get the wrong idea and think that because males are paying so much attention to them at that point in their lives that they will be receiving that much attention for the rest of their lives.  Some manage to extend the high SMV period by living modestly, not jumping on every sausage that’s waved at them, and taking care of their health.

Men, on the other hand, have their SMV determined by their ability to provide and protect (typically financially).  Because most men, even the most successful, do not begin accruing their fortunes and gaining absolute confidence in themselves until they are in their mid-20’s, see their SMV begin to develop later.  Women are not as visual as men, and Western women see men rather as a tool or an accessory.  Thus, the more successful your life strategy has been, and the more dividends it has paid off, the more attractive you are to a woman dispite your wearing looks (which many woman will say make you look more rugged and handsome).

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Tom Leykis, shockjock and radio show host, has something to say to those men who look to marry before they are 25.  After all, why would you want to negotiate for a spouse while your SMV was at its lowest point?  Most women cannot understand that your SMV will grow exponentially and you will most likely be “settling” for whoever is willing to invest in you.  As the saying goes: Men age like wine, Women age like milk.

Eventually their cellulite looks like cottage cheese.

As suggests, the best time for a male to pick up a female is his late 20’s, but only if they are looking for women in their early 30s.  According to their research, most women are receptive to men when they hit their early thirties, and most men in their late 20s haven’t yet lost hope of getting married.  As you can see on RationalMale’s chart, the woman’s SMV is dropping fast, while the man’s SMV has not yet apexed (far from it).  This phenomenon is caused by a woman’s rapidly degrading looks (refered to as “Hitting The Wall”), her desire to have offspring before it is too late (known as “Baby Rabies”), and the sudden lack of attention received by males as the SMV ratio flips in their favor and men start pursuing the younger, hotter, tighter.

The take-home point is that, as a man, your SMV starts out very low, then over takes a woman’s rapidly.  The only way to prevent this is to waste your life pursuing meaningless things (eg. cocaine) or get yourself caught up in a destructive relationship with a Western-minded woman.  With enough patience, time alone will see that you have the advantages in finances, freedom and confidence to be irresistibly attractive (or at least your money will) to women your own age and even younger.  And to pull inspiration from RationalMale once again:  Nothing is more threatening yet simultaneously attractive to a woman than a man who is aware of his own value to women.

Manly Monday is semi-regular feature of regarding the state and development of manliness.  If you have anything to add or feel that this post contains errors, please submit corrections in postings below and I will be happy to review them.

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Storytime: Smackdown the Unworthy
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2 thoughts on “Manly Monday: Understanding SMV over Time

  1. A very good post.
    Marriage is a social construct invented by females to secure their diminishing position while benefiting off the ever-increasing value of their male partner. In effect, their strategy has always been to find a pray as soon as it is possible to push him into the marriage therefore securing his future assets. Any loose relationship with a man is a risk of her having to put in the effort and him going away to another women of a higher value (younger age), therefore it must be an amazing feeling for a woman to go through the wedding, not because it’s something beautiful, but because it’s the final stage of her journey of being attractive and eating reasonably. Once she’s married, she can transform into a monster (usually after the first child, which is the best way to feed off the man that is enforced upon him by the state, even if he walks away).
    That’s why dear men, please wait for someone who is not a parasite with no feelings at all ie. please fly abroad to look for someone decent. There are scammers out there too, but none of them equal to the western woman’s mindset. Friends of mine got married to western women, but only because these women were not very attractive, that’s why they didn’t have the mindset of a parasite (too few options). These women were happy to have someone at all, so they still behave reasonably and are thankful for the luck, but is that all you want? My annual income has doubled in 10 years, since I started working in my 20s. I really see no point in going for the worst to save myself from the worst when I can approach it in a smarter manner.

  2. I read this article before but I to constantly have to keep beating this concept into my head due to my upbringing. Men and women are not the same and I’m not a feminist!

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