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Female Friday: Searching for The Earl of Piety

Evgeniya 2

Nicole, that’s what we will call her for this post, engaged me in a conversation earlier. She is a colleague at work and she asked me a few questions in a sort of a “let’s get better acquainted” way. She is friendly and well liked at work & I didn’t mind sharing a little about my personal life.

I told her that I was planning to get married. Her eyes lit up and she looked genuinely enthusiastic for me.

She then told me that she had a child and showed me some photos of her daughter. Very good looking child, so I thought.

It seemed (to me at least) that this was a cue for me to reply in kind so I whipped out my iPhone and showed her a photo of Alana. Her reply surprised me a bit, she said:

“You’re so lucky!”

I’m so lucky.

I thought for a minute.

Does she mean that, as an “average” looking guy, I am lucky to have found such a beautiful woman to love me? I wasn’t sure. My brain raced quickly and I replied, “I’m not lucky, I’m smart.”

I could see a puzzled look on her face and I began to explain. I told her:

“I believe it was Edison who described luck as the intersection of preparation and opportunity.” I continued that “Each of my previous girlfriends, I broke up with them. I didn’t want to be tied down when I met the woman of my dreams. It wasn’t “attached” when I met Alana and – by waiting – for the perfect woman for me, I combined my winning plan (preparation) with opportunity (our chance meeting).”

She nodded a bit in understanding.

She asked me, how long did it take before I knew I would marry her; I answered honestly, “I knew that I would marry her on our second date.” She was a bit impressed by that answer. I then told her about an old colleague that I worked with back many years ago. He was on the phone with his wife and listening to him he clearly sounded like a newlywed. He was all schmoozy and cheesy and they sounded like they met a week ago. When he got off the phone I asked, “Rusty (his actual name), how long have you been married?” His answer really surprised me.

27 1/2 years.

Wow, how did he do it? How did he stay in love with this woman all these years? I asked him just that. He looked me dead in the eye and even pointed a finger to my chest as he replied:

“When you find the right woman, you’ll know.”

That always stood out in my head.

All of my past girlfriends, I applied this litmus test. And I knew that none of them was “the right woman.” It was hard to break up & in many cases my mother gave me grief, “I liked her.” But in each case, I knew she wasn’t right for me. In some cases, it was merely because she was Western and I couldn’t stand the feminist overtures. But even past Ukrainian and Russian Girlfriends, I just knew that they weren’t the right one. I often second guessed myself and thought that maybe there isn’t really someone who is “perfect for me.” But I had dumb blind faith that it might be true and I traveled light looking for “the one” who would end my quest.

And glad I am that I waited.

When you know you know and Alana often says to me that to herself she is even shocked that we could have found each other, from other sides of the planet and could have found such a harmony, such a perfect match of our personalities and how we could be so in love together. I reply to her that I am shocked as she is. In the past, I had blind dumb faith that it would happen but always secretly doubted that it would. But now that it has, I feel VERY VERY justified in having waited.

“You’re so lucky.”

I thought about it, “yes I am.”

And I thought about it more. In Russia, most Women would have said, “Nice for you.” What made Nicole think “Wow, she’s hot,” is that

1. she is hot, and

2. she is really super super hot compared to most American women

Men, for those who have been to Russia & Ukraine, back me up on this, unless you’ve been to Eastern Europe, you can’t really understand how hot the women are. I can’t wait for Seth’s daily posts of “Wow, the women are really hot.” And, “I need a neck brace from all of the head turning looking at the gorgeous women.” In Nicole’s mind, I’d scored the equivalent of a super-model and she doesn’t really understand how an “average guy” can do that.

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Eventually, she will learn, through other colleagues at work that Alana is Russian and her comments (and attitude) will inevitably change to, “Oh, she’s Russian, now I understand.” She will say it with a tone of condescension that, somehow, Alana is defective because her passport is red and not blue. This is common among Western women because it is easier to bash the competition than to go to the gym and to change your attitude.

And along that theme, have a look at Evgeniya in the top photo. Yes, she is a real Russian Woman. Yes, there are many many Russian Women that are that hot. Luckily for Evgeniya, she is a dancer so you can rest assured that she will keep her figure ;-)

Evgeniya 3

In case you’re wondering what she looks like in “regular clothes:”

Evgeniya 1

 A quick synopsis of Evgeniya’s bio (you can get to her profile by clicking on any of her photos):

28, 5′ 10″ (179 cm), 130 lbs. (59 kg), hazel eyes, brown hair and looking for a man not older than 40. Seriously guys, those of you in your 30’s, have a look at the women in your city and compare to this woman.

She also writes:

Personality:   I’m down-to-earth, easy going, friendly, funny, confident, and understanding.

Interests:   Dancing (classical ballet, Latin, contemporary, jazz), GYM, cooking, reading, movies, running, billiards, music, modeling.

Dancing, no kidding? :-p

Looking for a partner:

Age:   to 40

Other:   smart, well-educated, family-oriented, attractive and fit, funny

Let me translate that last bit, family-oriented means that she expects marriage (you know, with a ring and a church ceremony) and children.

I hear it ALL THE TIME from Americans (usually women) who say, “Oh, those economically disadvantaged women only want a green-card. Hmmm… if that was true, I’m sure they wouldn’t want a family. ALL of the guys that I know that married Russian/Ukrainian Women either have kids or are “working on it.” Compare to the women in your town.

Another profile that popped out at me – actually, about 20 profiles “leap off the page” every time I go to Elena’s website. Back to Nicole’s comment, “You’re so lucky” (meaning that Alana is hot) – you only have to look at so many Russian Women before you know that there are a lot of hotties. In fact, Alana always tells me (with a bit of Slavic pride) that Slavic Women (Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Belorussian, etc) are the MOST beautiful women in the world.

Who am I to argue?

This is Kira-Tatiana. She actually lives in Kazakhstan. Trust me when I tell you this: almost NO ONE is going to Kazakhstan. The economics of love tell us that Kira is going to get a LOT LESS competition from men than a beauty from Saint Petersburgh, Kiev or Moscow. Kazakhstan requires a visa same as Russia, I’ll let you do the math on your own choices.

She’s 27, Grey eyes, Blonde Hair, 5′ 6″ (170 cm), 119 lbs (54 kg), and (again) looking for a man no older than 40.

Like Evgeniya, Kira speaks English.

Kira-Tatiana 3I decided to throw this photo in because if you don’t know how Russian Women dress, have a good long look at this photo. Tight skirts and tall heels are commonplace:Kira-Tatiana 2

Kira also threw in a photo taken at a local cafe. I’ve been to Central Asia and this cafe looks typical of something that you’ll find in Kazakhstan. Even without the makeup and tight skirt, she really is quite pretty.

Kira-Tatiana 1Bottom line up front: there are a lot of hot women in the old Soviet countries. Do yourself a favor and “be lucky.”


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Female Friday: Searching for The Earl of Piety

2 thoughts on “You’re so lucky

  1. Classic…
    “Eventually, she will learn, through other colleagues at work that Alana is Russian and her comments (and attitude) will inevitably change to, “Oh, she’s Russian, now I understand.” She will say it with a tone of condescension that, somehow, Alana is defective because her passport is red and not blue. This is common among Western women because it is easier to bash the competition than to go to the gym and to change your attitude.”
    Personally I would think the opposite.
    A woman with a blue passport and no foreign accent = ruined…or simply a beat up Escort vs. a Porsche.

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