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While I do realize that the readership is far from being contained to America, the pun was too much to pass up.

There are many things in life that people will tell you that you cannot do.  Some of these things have apparent reasons, such as eating 200 hotdogs in one sitting or trying to give a Brazilian wax job to a grizzly bear.  However, if we listened to all of our critics we would hardly get anything accomplished.  All reward requires risk, and making sure that the reward-to-risk ratio is favorable is the name of the game.

There are critics who believe my ability to find a quality spouse in Eastern Europe is a high-risk/low-reward scenario.  I do my best to empathise with them.  To them it sounds as crazy as if I told them that I was going to rent a boat, go to the Pacific Ocean and strike oil.  What lacks on their part is a matter of perspective, and with that I will attempt to describe the enlightenment process to use when dealing with the two biggest arguments used against persons seeking international relationships.

“She just wants to use you.”

I’m not saying there aren’t those unscrupulous individuals out there, but people presenting this argument are saying one of two things.

  1. If I were her position, I would use you.
  2. I do not trust your ability to not get taken advantage of.

The counter to the first is to appeal to the nature of EE women in general.  If there is a living example it is best to use that person as a reference, otherwise it will be a hard sell, because the only human nature the skeptic is exposed to is the Western nature.  To respond to the second, you can assure the other person that you are taking appropriate precautions.  You can even detail them of the measures you are taking to prevent being scammed and ask for their suggestions.

If you want to take a more proactive approach, remind the person that it is just as (actually more likely) for a woman to be using you in Western culture simply because of their marinating in Feminism for so long.  Furthermore, you can always bring up the statistics involving the divorce rate domestically and internationally (over a 2:1 ratio) as well as the higher happiness ratings for overseas marriages.

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“You’ll never be able to win over someone that beautiful”

Much like trying to explain the inner beauty of the EE woman, it is difficult to convey that most women in EE countries are beautiful.  I would even expand that to most women -everywhere- if they didn’t have a dozen kilos of extra weight and a perma-glare affixed at all times.  The best way I have to explain the concept to my critics is to have them view it as the Cold War arms race (a FSU reference most people understand).

Eastern women are competing to become the man-attracting superpower, and to let your hair down or your makeup slip for even a moment is a sign of weakness.  If you want to get married in EE, you have to compete with all the other women in EE for a finite supply of marriage minded men.  If everyone else is thin, put together and dressed fashionably, then you’d better be too or you’re out of the running from the get-go.  They aren’t dressing to the nines every day because they want to flaunt their good looks like Western women, they do it because anything less is lower than the standard.

Excuse me while I nuke your mind.

Excuse Oksana while she nukes your mind.

Note that there will be many people who you will never be able to convince.  My own mother refuses absolutely to be a part of the process, instead suggesting (re: demanding, lol) that I get a dog, cat, or spend time in prayer, after all if I pray really, really hard and wait long enough, God will plop someone in my lap and we’ll be just peeerfect for each other.  Let me ask on the singles forums (Christian or otherwise) how well that’s working out for them.

Most people who aren’t convinced will usually come around after you found someone.  After all, who wouldn’t dream about going to some exotic locale and coming back with a beautiful feminine woman on your arm if they could.  Expect jealously, the good kind, and reaffirm to them that you didn’t get lucky, you put in the work and got your butt on the plane.

Manly Monday is semi-regular feature of regarding the state and development of manliness.  If you have anything to add or feel that this post contains errors, please submit corrections in postings below and I will be happy to review them. 

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Worldly Wednesday: Names

15 thoughts on “Manly Monday: Dealing with American(t’s)

  1. As a Christian I can agree with you 100%. God helps those who help themselves. WAY too many Christians sitting on their asses waiting for God and that’s why so many are poor financially too.

    As for other people’s reactions about Eastern European women, if you’re thinking of going, believe me they’ll come around. My family had the exact same negative initial reaction but when they met her they could tell me enough how I’d “found a treasure”. One other lesson one can learn from that is that you should resist the nonsense the feminist influenced media programs your mind with.

    • “after all if I pray really, really hard and wait long enough, God will plop someone in my lap and we’ll be just peeerfect for each other.”
      Until she forgets her vows, refuses to submit, steals your money, and cheats on you.

  2. Italian hedge fund star Davide Serra told a married female New York Times reporter that the advice he gives to his friends is to “never, ever marry an American woman.”
    From The Times:

    “Never, ever marry an American woman. That’s the advice I give my friends.”

    It may seem an odd way to start an interview, especially one with a female American reporter who is married, but Davide Serra, an Italian hedge fund manager based here in London, is not one to opine gently, or particularly carefully.

    According to The Times, Serra finds that American women are too demanding.

    Serra, who runs $2.5 billion Algebris Investments based in London, is able to divide his time managing a fund, advising governments on policy issues, spending time with his family, and outdoor adventures such as backcountry skiing, mountain climbing, and spearfishing.

    “My wife is the real asset on my balance sheet,” Serra told The Times. (He’s married to an Italian woman, who’s a former model turned interior designer.)

    He’s also crushing it this year. His fund was reportedly up 30% through May 31.

    All this said, we can’t help but wonder what in the world happened to Serra in his past experiences with American women …

    Read the full profile of Serra at the NYTimes>

  3. Pretty good advice!
    One of my friends just married a Russian girl.
    He’s such a loser…
    One of my old coworker’s is married to a Polish girl.
    He’s such a loser…
    Another friend of mine is married to a Brazilian girl.
    He’s such a loser…
    Another old friend of mine is married to a Chilean girl.
    He’s such a loser…
    One of my cousins is married to a Colombian girl.
    He such a loser…
    There’s more…but I should stop.
    These American losers seem pretty happy compared to the champions I know that are married to western women.

    • Last night at the beach watching the sunset (Spanish Mediterranean coast), so many couples came by to congratulate Alana and I on our coming child. Mind you now, she’s visibly pregnant and Men still look at her and smile. They look at me with a quizzical look of “How did you pull that off?”

      British and American women look at her in horror with a look of condescension “Oh, you’re life is over.”

      Spanish & Greek Women look at her and smile.

      No, really, Western (white) women are programmed to look down their noses at family.

      Even Lil has said that her intention (rather than have a family) is to “help the world.” What a misguided waste of time.

  4. Hey Scott, we missed each other in Spain, dude. We were near Alicante. I am of Mexican descent and it was nice for me to get back to the Latin culture. We noticed that there were so many pregnant Spanish ladies walking around. Compared to Germany, where you hardly see a pregnant lady. The Latin culture, as everyone knows, endlessly loves family. My wife and I agree, that Ukraine families would love to have more kids, but they just can’t due to the poor economic straits they’ve been in.

    My best to you and Alana on your vacation. Have a wonderful time.

    Hasta pronto!

    • Scott and Rodney. Your comments address my internal struggle. Latina or Slavic? The losers that I know, ha! ha! ha!, mentioned above said either one beats marrying an American woman.

    • So true. We are traveling with another couple who have a 6 month old and every store and restaurant and shop we go to, the local Women go nuts for the “little Gerber baby” and they pass the kid around like she’s a prize. The American, British and so many Scandinavian Women give the ladies (one pregnant and one with child) dirty looks as you might see for a parent who is on welfare but has 8 kids and one more on the way. It really is like night and day. Before we flew from America, the kid was almost invisible. As soon as we arrived in Spain, it is like Moses parting the Red Sea when you go through a crowd, people move out of their way for a kid. People here don’t just respect family, they revere it. In America, women feel sorry for other Women with children.

      Take Lil for example; she previously made a comment that it was her intention to do something great and to “help the world” instead of having a kid. This is the kind of feminist arrogance that accompanies feminism, that being a Mother is sub-par to being a working woman with cats.

      • You know what’s funny an Arab businessman said that to me about 5 years ago. We were talking about all kinds of stuff and he mentioned the same thing you mentioned. People want to save the world but don’t want a family and raise kids????

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