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Ham PlanetLast week was Fat Shaming Week over at the Return of Kings blog, and of their many delectable posts was the innocuous “Thin Privilege Doesn’t Exist”.  Of course, being thin is not a “privilege”, but rather something that shows hard work that a woman (or man, but mostly women) has put in to looking healthy and attractive.  The most entertaining part was the actual website they are critiquing, “This is Thin Privilege”.   It’s hilarious to see how the rationalization hamster has spun in these women’s minds that it’s attractive to be fat.

Some of my favorites.

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  • Thin privilege is not having to explain to a child that you are not having a baby when they ask.
  • Thin privilege is not crying in a dressing room at the mall because you can’t fit into the dress you’ve been looking forward to getting for weeks.
  • Thin Privilege is not having to split up with your friends when you go shopping because you have to go to the “Plus Size” section.
  • Thin privilege is your mother not cooking dishes with things she knows you’re allergic to because she “just wanted to make it easier for you to eat less.”
  • Thin privilege is not being a public laughingstock for your size.  I was at the pool, swimming, minding my own business. Lovely day, sun streaming down… Then suddenly I heard a child’s voice – “Look, it’s a whale swimming!”
  • Thin privilege is not jumping or flinching at the sound it makes when you open food packaging.
  • Thin privilege is being able to serve as an egg donor because your BMI is between the “acceptable range” of 18-29. Thin privilege is being a woman that can create the kind of children people want — AKA nobody wants fat kids because they’re not as “good” as thin kids.

It’s eye opening to see how many disadvantages fat women actually have, but even more amazing to see the amount of work they do to blame someone else for the problem instead of trying to fix it.  Dr. Seth will admit that it is difficult to diet, but I’ve seen many women with thyroid problems (and I mean totally cooked thyroids with zero function) take control of their lives and manage their weight.  I assert that most individuals have “thyroid problems” (and hormone/mental/joint) because of their fatty lifestyle.  Well, until I buy my island and found the Land of Common Sense, I’ll just have to add one more “privilege” thin women get:

“They have attractive, marriage minded men fly from other countries to meet them.”

Don't let yourself be one of these guys.

Don’t let yourself be one of these guys.

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Worldly Wednesday: Names
Storytime: Diet-time

13 thoughts on “Fatty Friday: Thin Privilege

  1. That last pic says it all…

    It looks so strange yet funny and ironic at the same time.

    The men just don’t suit those fat porker girls, the guys look in shape and reasonably thin, and the girls are just fat and porked out, yuck.

    It reminds me of Canada and how the women look here, no style of dress, and just fat and bloated, looking like a men except fat yet, the men in the picture look like they do not belong with such things….

    When I go to other countries like Philippines and Thailand and see normal looking guys with thin decent looking girls in their arms or are waking hand and hand with.. Then I come back to Canada and see this not bad looking guy with this plain looking fat girl who has a greasy hair and sweat pants and a tight stained t-shirt were you can see rolls of gooey fat under (yuck)… It looks so strange and odd to me, like the guy could do so much better, yet there are no decent looking women around, so we have to go abroad to get a real women, so sad indeed.

  2. It’s bizarre to see women towering over their men *gulp* I wouldn’t wanna be in that kinda situation, ever!

    • Hi Aquarius Moon!
      It’s always enjoyable to get your input on this site.
      I could not agree more. It’s not so much the towering part (since genetics and childhood nutrition pretty much predetermines most peoples height) but the girth of these women have compared to the men they are with.
      Yikes! These women are wide and weigh more than the men they are chasing after.
      Rolls of fat does not equal cute or pretty…it is neither attractive nor healthy and I wish more people would just speak up and tell the truth.

      • Hello there, thanks for the welcome : )

        There’s been much debate about whether or not thin privilege exists and, of course, some of the loudest fat women will deny that not all slim ones are naturally thin, can eat all they want and not exercise.

        So now I tell them that, much like anyone happily uses the privilege points they earned by spending at stores, I WILL enjoy and revel in my thin privilege because I EARNED it.

        By doing this, I don’t let them have the satisfaction of indulging in more playing the victim AND because I earned it like a store privilege card, they can’t begrudge me for it because they do the same using privilege points :P

        • Thin privilege, that’s rich.

          What’s next, rich privilege?

          When I see so many 3 wheel electric scooter bound welfare collectees at Walmart, I think about their privilege; they get to sleep in late, hang out at the house watching TV all day, collect their disability/welfare payments, shop for groceries on my tax dime and just be fat and lazy.

          My “thin privilege” involved getting up early, going to work, commuting long hours, travel, sleeping in hotels, in general: work.

          And while many people who don’t have “thin privilege” work also, they come home from work and watch TV, eat fast food and drink beer.

          Let me says this, it is impossible to lead an active lifestyle and be obese. Watch the Boston Marathon and count how many morbidly obese people you see running.

          Alana had an obese (Russian) employee. He complained that he could never lose weight. She told him, walk to work and walk home every day (it was about a 30 minute walk) and at the end of 6 months, if he hadn’t dropped 15 kilos (32 pounds), she would buy him a case of Scotch Whiskey. He never collected on that bet.

          We walk every day, usually an hour or hour and 15 minutes. It really is hard to put on weight when you’re active. So, if you’re a little out of shape, go for a walk!

          Thin privilege, should be called “walking privilege.”

          • Yes. Many of them claim that it’s genetics or slim people have faster metabolisms. This implies that thinness is not earned, hence the privilege.

            They conveniently leave out those who conscientiously make an effort to exercise and be physically active. Some people take the elevator even if they’re just going up 1 level. I take the stairs 4 storeys up and there’re others who do that too, I’m sure. Some of us wake up earlier to squeeze in workouts before work and sacrifice TV time after work to exercise too.

            But our efforts are undermined thanks to claims of better genetics or faster metabolism. If these people would make use of the time spent cooking up flimsy arguments to search online, there’re so many write-ups about proper, nutritious food, exercises for a good full body workout and how to lose weight.

          • There are many benefits , when you want to lead a healthy lifestyle.As for me , I have been trying , to be in a good shape , for almost all my life.

            And it is also important , to consider , what type of work , that you do.Are you sitting behind a desktop , the whole day??And the only part , that is doing excercises , is your left or right hand , together with your computer`s mouse ??

            I remember , on one of the last dates , on my first visit , my girlfriend ,took me to the port of Odessa.Where all the ships , come to dock.

            To get there , you need to go down the Potemkin stairs.Well , it is one route (there are others too).
            When we came back , I sort of , let her determine the pace , up the stair steps.

            And she really , did step it up.I believe , that we were doing , almost , 1 1/2 step , per second.There is a 27 meter level difference , from down to top.I must say , that it was just a good exercise.

            On the flat parts , you could catch , a little breath , and then you go again.The higher we got , the more , I started , to feel the weigth , from the prosumer camera , and the video camera , that I had with me.

            She had her hand bag , which did not carry too much.
            I`m not sure , if she wanted , to test me out.
            On the other hand , I was a bit curious , if she would go , in one pace , to the top.

            I guess , we both , didn`t wanted to give up , for each other.At the top , she gave a sigh of relief , and I could see , that she was happy ,that we had finished it.
            And I was too.

            On another occasion , we had to hurry , to the Opera , for a performance.On her high heels , she really speeded it up.I mean , I had to go , more than just , relaxed strolling pace.

            So , guys , get your physics together.There will be moments , when you don`t want her , to be the better , over you !!

            And for sure , it will get you some bonus points (at least , that`s what I believe).


          • Impressive! Well, my work is mainly desk-bound, so it’s either sacrifice a little sleep and a little TV time or balloon up.

            Since exercise feels good, especially the shower afterwards, the sacrifice – if it can even be called that – is worth it.

            That girl sounds great! Working out as a couple is twice the fun. I love being on the treadmill beside my man : )

          • I think this is their biggest complaint.
            — — —
            ◾Thin privilege is being able to serve as an egg donor because your BMI is between the “acceptable range” of 18-29. Thin privilege is being a woman that can create the kind of children people want — AKA nobody wants fat kids because they’re not as “good” as thin kids.
            — — —
            Even in an environment that is naturally in their favor because of uneven sex ratios (the west is one big sausage fest) they have been pushed out the breeding game.
            The most desirable of men are not an option for these women. To be fair I will even lower the standard a bit. I have never seen a mediocre semi-professional athlete or a mildly successful small business owner find the above acceptable for dating or marriage either.

  3. I understand , what you mean.Yes , working out , is fun.But , it is , what you have set your mind to.
    Me , I just want to be in a good shape and condition.And , yes , it means , that you should sacrifice , on other things.
    Nothing comes easy.

    And about the girl.Well , I must admit , that I do go to McDonalds , once in a while.So , to in Odessa.
    But , she never said to me , to go inside for a bite.And , I never heard her saying , that she has been there.From what I have seen , the Mac , is doing some real good business , over there.

    On my 6th or 7th date , with her , I asked her , to tell me about her hobbies.Because , she never did mention anything , about it.It could be , that she is just to modest , to bring it up.Or , she was still a bit shy , to tell me about it.

    Anyway , I know , what a Western girl/woman , would answer me , if I would make inquiries , about her hobbies.
    1 – have chats with her friends .
    2 – go to have some drinks and catch up , on the latest news (gossip)
    3 – go on holidays (and see what is going to happen with the guys)
    4 – go to the beach , and wait for interesting encounters , or trying to get a taint
    5 – watching tv or movies
    6 – making phone calls , or checking out the latest apps
    7 – shopping and looking for nice deals
    8 – maybe on a dating site , and see what`s cooking
    9 – etc

    So , yes , I was interested , to hear her part , on this.But , I already had a clue , what she would say.
    Her answer was , that she wanted to learn more , on topics , that had her interest.She wanted to know more , about decorating the house (interesting for men , if you seek for a wife).
    But she had other interests , too.And she said , that she wanted to do yoga.

    I personally , have not heard , a girl/woman say to me , that she wants to go and do yoga.Of course , there are some , who do this.

    On the first meeting , she told me , that she wanted , to take a course , in studio lighting.I know , that she did some modeling work.And as such , she has seen , the effects , of good lighting.
    I`m not sure , for how many years , she has been doing , this modeling.
    But , I can tell you , that she knows , how to pose , and what face expressions , to use.
    This is also , the work of the photographer (to give some indications).
    I have seen , a number , of her pictures , and they are just fabulous.


  4. Good for you Paul. Nice experiences that you shared.

    I’ve been to McDonald’s (all 6 of them) in Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Nikolaev, Yalta (now closed), and Kherson. All I can is that they are the most busiest I have ever seen in my life. The Ukrainians love the ice cream in the summer. Fun place to grab a coffee at the McCafe restaurants.

  5. Hi Rodney ,

    Thank you.And also on your happy life , I should congratulate you with ,your daughter`s anniversary.
    And I hope , that you will have many more moments , like this , to share with your family.

    Yes , I did had some coffees , at the Mac too.But my girlfriend , she likes the feshly grained coffee beans , and then to take the coffee from.
    She calls it Americano.
    And I am not sure , if you can get this at the Mac.On the other hand , I believe , that the Mac price , is a bit higher , than from elsewhere.But , that is just a minor issue.

    Just to make it clear.I didn`t see the modeling pictures , when I was on my first visit there.It was only after that .
    So , I didn`t made the choice , because of these photos.The pictures in her profile , were good enough for me.

    And the way she looked in real life , was still good enough for me.But , looks are not the only important thing.There still has to be something , on the inside.
    At least , something , that would give me the urge , to wanted , to see her again.
    If you know , what I mean.

    And I do raise the bar , pretty high , when it comes to the inner world of a woman , who I see , as a potential partner.
    And for sure , she may use the same high standards , when it comes to my personality and my character.

    I do believe , in a communication , on the same level , in a relation or a marriage.Where respect , compromising , giving each other room , and listening to each other`s points of vieuw , are key.


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