Update: Taking a Break

Storytime: Diet-time
29 and 31

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Just letting everyone know that I’ll be taking a break for two weeks or so.  I write most of the articles a week or two ahead of time, but I haven’t found that time to keep up due to the Flu season starting.  I have drafts of articles prepared, and I’m sure I’ll find inspiration for quick one-offs, but articles will by me will not be coming in as regular as before.

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Storytime: Diet-time
29 and 31

2 thoughts on “Update: Taking a Break

  1. I just spent the last few days reading the articles and posts you guys have written here and there, and now I’ve probably read close to 70% of the content of this blog. Being a guy who has recently found his perfect match in Russia, and seeing things first hand, I couldn’t agree more with your observations (I want to point out though, that not only is your typical Western women a fat monstrosity, but the typical Western man is as well).

    Unfortunately I feel most Western men have been so corrupted by feminism, that they think the dating situation in the West is all there is, and the idea of international dating freaks them out (No thanks to the hordes of old-fat Westerner men who go to these countries that perpetuate an unfortunate stereotype about international dating).

    Nonetheless, for those who have the courage to pursue this important facet of their lives by going overseas to find a decent wife, they need to be reminded about how bad the women are and how the courtship dynamics here isn’t the West isn’t the way it should be.

    We’ve become accustomed to over-weight and over-entitled pigs that is the typical Western women. It’s time for a change!

    Great advice, great observations and a great blog!

    • Thanks for the comment Dave. You’re right, most Western Men are feminist. As I watch the info (propaganda) put out by the American government, I realize that feminism has become institutionalized.

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