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29 and 31
I'm Gettting Cynical...


It seems like the only time I ever look at the ads of Western women is when one of the guys at work says, “They’re not that bad,” as if I’m exaggerating the narcissism of Western women. Realize now, I’ve had this conversation a 1,000 times – usually in defending my choice in taking an Eastern European Woman as a bride. It really is amazing to hear guys say, “I heard women from Russia were sold as brides in the sex-traffic industry,” or “Russian Women only marry Western Men for their money.” It is comical how there are so many wive’s tales and stereotypes out there – usually spread by feminist women (and men).

And in having this conversation a 1,000 times, I can confidently say that I’ve become an expert in the subject as I NEVER lose a debate. Most of the time, the women nod in agreement that I’m right or else hate me (I guess the truth hurts) and the men end up spending the rest of the day looking at profiles on Elena’s Models. Either way, if you’re armed with the truth and you know what your talking about, its hard to lose this argument. Said pointedly: on the whole, most American women under the age of 35 have an intolerable case of feminism that will lead to nothing but despair for the men that they marry (if they marry at all).

And so, we were doing a “comparison” of some Eastern and Western profiles and this is one of the first that we pulled up:

I am adventurous, relaxed, introverted, introspective, open, sarcastic, lazy
I like roller coasters, trying new things, my cat, travel, hockey, brussel sprouts
I have a mortgage, extra pounds, a thrift store addiction, absolutely no idea what I’m doing
I am not beautiful, rich, simple, political, tidy, narcissistic (despite the posting title)
I do not like smoking, religion, knick knacks, washing dishes, bingo, bugs
I do not have patience, STDs, a drug habit, children, excessive baggage, a criminal record

How about you? 

And so, lets analyze:

She says she is lazy, this means you will be expected to cook and wash the dishes. And forget about ever getting a blowjob.

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She says she is sarcastic. This means that she is a raging bitch and she will expect you to kiss her ass.

In one sentence she says that she has a mortgage and an addiction to shopping. This means that her FICO score is below 580, bill collectors call the house and she will expect you to spend your paycheck to keep her solvent.

She says that she has a “few extra pounds.” This means that she looks like a Ziploc bag full of fat squeezed together inside of a spandex outfit.

In the next sentence she says she has absolutely no idea what she’s doing. Yeah Sister, you and all of the other feminists.

She then says that she is not beautiful. This probably means that she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

She says she is not narcissistic and then gives a disclaimer that even though her title is narcissistic, she isn’t. Read the whole thing quickly; does it sound odd that she talks only of herself and posts nothing of what she wants in a man nor does she post what she offers? This IS narcissistic.

She says she does not like washing dishes. Check one for Scott; see above “lazy” reference.

She says, “I do not have patience.” Check two for Scott; see above “bitch” reference.

She says in her last sentence that she does not have excessive baggage but in the previous sentence says that she doesn’t like bingo or bugs. She sounds like she has a lot of mental baggage (in addition to the baggage attached to her back side; see above reference “few extra pounds”).

Compare to the message of Nadejda from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine:

Personal message 

Hello, our future family must be united, strong, large, financially secure, full of love and children. An ideal relationship means devotion to each other. I want to spend our honeymoon on a deserted island. I could fall in love with a strong, intelligent, self-confident man with a good sense of humor. Write to me!))


Really, its that easy to win that debate. It is amazing to me that some guys I meet tell me that American women aren’t that bad and then a week later I hear stories that their same girlfriend, who “isn’t so bad,” won’t give them sex, spends all his money, is lazy, etc. I often begin to believe that many men are just afraid to look outside of their comfort zone.

If you haven’t visited Eastern Europe yet, what are you waiting for?

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29 and 31
I'm Gettting Cynical...

7 thoughts on “Detached from reality

  1. Yeah, I had gotten away from my commitment to only write while drinking so as to reveal a certain level of bluntness…

  2. I just met a Canadian girl online here in Canada first time in years, most are so ugly I can’t even write them, I was just thinking about all this today after reading her emails then I just seen this post.

    All she does is talk about her gold business and what her man has to do for her, never what she can do. In my first few emails to each other here are some of her comments so far.

    “More about me,Divorced,no kid,Live alone,self employed.Born and raised Canada”

    “I like man things and I am fairly open to trying something new”

    “i am here to seek one good guy for fun,love and Happiness inspite of his Marital Status”

    “I want someone who can take my breath away and knows that “build-up” is important. He has to know how to get down and dirty whether out the mountain four-wheeling or working on his car but also know how to clean up nice and know how to make a girl feel special out on the town. Shy guys are great and even those ones that pretend to be shy, but he needs to be able to warm up after a bit too and not be afraid to take control of the situation in an awkward moment.”

    “There is more, but it would be better for you to find some things out for yourself”

    Then she gives me an interview in her first letter to me with all these questions.

    “I want to know more about your family, your background, your life experiences, past relationships, your goals and dreams, your interests, and anything else you want to tell me?”

    After a week of emails back and forth I asked her to meet in the next few days, then she never responded all day, then at 2:am out of the blue and at the last minute sent me this strange message…

    “Am sorry i never write back until now,its just due to the fact that i have been very busy all this week making arrangement for my Quarterly business trip now and this time is Africa(Nigeria)..My very first time to be there and i bet its gonna be a lot of fun and pleasantry moments.I have my flight booked for today at 03;10 Am and will be flying out. Baby,its gonna be nice if we could meet and talk abit before my departure but i doubt if you gonna make to meet me because my flight is is just few hours from now and i guess you should be at work or busy doing something else.But i am gonna have my pc along with me to communicate time to time with you..

    My business is versatile..i mean pratice online and also got showroom and field but my show room is currently under construction which will be completed soon.I get off most of the time unless am going for business trip just like this one am embarking on now.I have been divorce for a year and some months now.”

    She she tells me she sells gold antiques and travels the world, a real international business woman, talk about Narcissistic behavior. And this is the best there is here, she looked better than most, yet only one pic in her add and never sent me any more even though I asked like 5 times for more pics. And about her flight out at 3:10 am to africa, well where I live there are no flights at that time ever. Earliest is 5:00am

    when I asked her what flight it is and I will meet her there she did not respond back. All this happened last night, she knows she was likely caught in one of her narcissistic events, what a pathetic nut case, typical western women, it is almost comical it is so sad and pathetic.

    I dated and wrote to hundreds of asian women from Philippines and never had I seen one that had narcissistic behavior, my one asian girl was a doctor with her own clinic and not once did she ever brag to me in the whole time I knew her.

    Western women are not only fat and ugly, but also have serous mental problems as well.

    • I dated one woman named Carol (yes, her real name) who was much of the same. She told me that she wanted to marry me and have children with me & be “happy.” However, as we talked here and there, she would make statements about this or that, maybe over dinner, maybe while walking in the mall. I took each of these single statements and put them into my “Danger: Carol” file and after about 3 months I wrote them all down. It gave a clear picture of what married life to her would be like:

      I so admire when a man has a good job and his wife doesn’t have to work. My friends who are married meet at Starubucks every day at 0900 after their gym workouts (they have personal trainers) and the girls get to chat until lunch.

      I think that my husband should pay my credit card so I can go to lunch with my friends.

      I don’t know how to cook and I don’t ever plan to learn.

      I want 3 children.

      I think it is great that women can have a nanny to watch the children while they meet their girlfriends for lunch.

      I wouldn’t marry a man who couldn’t support me.

      Don’t you think that the man should get up during the night if the baby is crying?

      If I am a mother, I don’t think I should work.

      No man has ever broken up with me, I’ve always broken up with men.

      “Oh, look at that man changing the baby’s diaper; he doesn’t disturb his wife, isn’t that romantic?”

      Why should I have to give up my ‘girl’s nights out’ just because I’m married?

      I’ve never given a blowjob and I never will. I find the idea repugnant. [Note: never got any oral sex from her but she EXPECTED it regularly]

      I have about 3 pages of these but when you add all of these ‘crazy thoughts’ together I could see that my life would be to slave away at a job, get up in the middle of the night to tend the children while my ‘princess’ gets her beauty rest to meet her friends at Starbucks for gossip.

      “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

      You can show a man the facts, but he will date & marry who he chooses.

  3. Western women now weigh 166 pounds on average, and even most morning after pills won’t work on the western woman since she is to fat for the pills to work, so they will not be able to have as much spur of the moment sex as they would like now I guess, unless they want to born and add to their collection of more bastard children that is.

  4. I was at Walmart shopping about 6 months ago, and I seen these two scary looking men each holding new born babies standing inline waiting to buy diapers… But when I got closer and studied them for awhile I noticed they were not scary looking men at all. Instead they were these hideous looking women… Greasy hair, full of pimples, wearing stained stretched out clothes and they smelled from lack of bathing.

    I was trying to get a pic of them as it was truly a disgusting scary site to behold… My father was with me standing in line and even he was looking in disbelief….

    I latter asked my father, what guy hold be desperate enough, or drunk enough to put part of his body in such a hideous dirty monster….

    I imagine paying child support now, and having to see these ugly women for the rest of your life, and the children would have to be ugly to coming from such creatures.

    I guess they must have tricked some lonely guy and put a half dozen beers in him to lower his senses and standards and turned the lights down low so as not to see what was really going on or happening…..


    I read one study that by 2025 6o percent of the American women will be extreme obese, scary times indeed.

    Take care all.

  5. “She says she is lazy, this means you will be expected to cook and wash the dishes.”
    — — —
    Seems like a third of Americans can’t cook (don’t know how things are in the UK and Australia?) a basic meal.

    Cooking Survey Reveals That 28% Of Americans Can’t Cook

    Plus, it seems like most of the remaining two-thirds can’t cook worth a damn in the US either.

    Americans Enjoy Pretending to Cook Now

    I’m a man that can cook very well but it does not compare to a meal prepared and served by a woman that can cook! It just seems like the food just tastes better — or maybe it’s just primal male hardwiring that makes the meal more tasty.

    The only young woman I have met than can cook without the help of the internet and prepackaging are not from America.

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