Letter from George


… the pot calling the kettle black… I received this letter from George a few weeks back and I thought I’d post it as he come to many of the same conclusions that I have regarding Western women. I’ll let … Continue reading

Example of How Not to Be

Crazy woman - Copy

This is an overly attatched comment posted in communication to an international marriage broker.  English as a second language aside, relationships beginning with this premise should be avoided. Hai [Owner] Firstly thanks for creating like this tour; i check [tour] ladies … Continue reading

Feminist Friday: The Perceived Danger of Kaylee


I was watching Firefly for the first time and noticed in the comments section a recurring theme: Everyone thinks Kaylee is hot.  Kaylee (pictured above) is the rather plain-jane mechanic of the crew that was described by her actor as “wholesome, … Continue reading

Worldly Wednesday: I would like…


If you’ve taken my recommendation and used Memrise to help you learn Russian you have probably encountered the phrase: “Mne b’ hotyelas chia, pajzalsta.”  In case you haven’t gotten this far, the term translates to, “I want tea, please.”  Because I like to break … Continue reading

Female Friday: Automobile Edition

Ferrari prank

Today’s delving into the female psyche involves their attraction to high status symbol items: expensive cars.  I’m not a car person, but every year or so I’ll find myself at a car show talking to the owners about what year/make/model … Continue reading

Are you going into business together?


It seems that everyday I hear that he and she are “partners.” She’s not his girlfriend, his “live-in,” fiance or even wife. No, she’s a partner now. When did this happen? In the movie “Ameican Beauty,” a pair of gay … Continue reading

I’m Gettting Cynical…


Yesterday in the checkout line a woman (obese, late forties) was buying a book and wanting to know what the populace was buying these days I asked her about it.  It was titled something like “Twin Miracles for Christmas” and … Continue reading