I’m Gettting Cynical…

Detached from reality
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Yesterday in the checkout line a woman (obese, late forties) was buying a book and wanting to know what the populace was buying these days I asked her about it.  It was titled something like “Twin Miracles for Christmas” and had a pair of twin babies on the cover.  Looked like your usual Christian fluff story.  On the back was a synopsis (paraphrased).

[Amy] is alone and pregnant after leaving an abusive relationship.  Falling into despair she returns to her home town where she is taken pity upon by Stephen, who offers her temporary work in his store.  Unbeknownst to Amy, Stephen has always loved her.  Through their interactions together she discovers that she has feelings for Stephen and that he was the husband and father for her children she was always meant to have.

If you’ve been paying attention to how the world works in reality for any length of time, you would know that a more accurate version of above would be:

Faced with the consequences of her poor life decisions, Amy has to rely on her family to support her.  Don’t worry though, there’s a beta schmuck she ignored in highschool who did quite well in his spurned single years who is quite happy to take sloppy seconds.

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“I see this a lot in real life,” was my first reply.  Checkout woman told me how heartwarming that must be, so I clarified that I only meant the part about the young woman becoming pregnant and having to face the reality of her decisions.  Checkout woman wasn’t too discouraged and went on about how she liked these books because they were Christian and did not have cursing or sex in them.

“Apparently that all happened in the prequel.”

Everyone around me looked shocked, and to be honest, I was a little shocked myself.  I had just come out with a blunt statement about the situation that shattered the kittens and rainbows feelings the book was trying to induce.  I thought it best to extend an olive branch to the woman but the best I could come up with on the spot was about how I wish more situations would end up like the one in the book.  It’s not true though.  I wish all the single moms who made their own condition would be an example to younger women on how they should not conduct their lives.  You play with fire, you get burned.

I don’t feel sorry about it, but it is important that I conduct myself in a professional manner at all times (highly public figure and all that).  I also feel that I should not get too cynical at the world, lest I become a bitter person.  If I’m too cynical about American women without proper temperance it will carry over to my interactions with Eastern European ladies in the future.  The last thing I want to do is sabotage a relationship before it begins.

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Detached from reality
Are you going into business together?

7 thoughts on “I’m Gettting Cynical…

  1. Interesting; the glass is half empty or half full depending on how you look at it. Today’s society is a honed example of political correctness gone a muck. Don’t feel too bad about being cynical; I’m like this all the time and – at first – the Joes at work would roll their eyes a bit – until they saw a few pics of Alana, and a few met her and now I have sort of an Obi-Wan Kenobi status at work.

    Never be afraid to call out the bullshit in life when you see it – especially towards feminism. Women here will be shocked but when you use reason (as you did with the woman on your American online dating chat) they begin to realize that the rainbows and butterflies sold by the popular culture is bunk.

    As for your attitude in Eastern Europe, don’t worry about being cynical. I believe that you’ll find you need to toughen even more lest you get chewed up by the women out there; feminist they are not. But expect a strong Alpha man they do.

    • Thanks Scott.

      Like I said, I’m not sorry I said it, but I have to be more mindful in the future because things that I do in public can negatively impact my employer. Someday I’ll have my own practice and I’ll be able to tell people what I think with impunity, mwahaha!

      It does remind me of a quote regarding positive vs negative leadership of a man in his family:

      A dominant man takes charge and leads. A domineering man is demanding, arrogant, churlish and unpleasant. A dominant man protects and leads those under his charge. A domineering man cracks the whip, pushes too hard and then complains when things don’t go his way. A dominant man commands respect by his mien and bearing, and his wife and children are safe and secure with him. A domineering man gets no true respect, only superficial submission, and his wife and children secretly hate and fear him behind his back.

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