Female Friday: Automobile Edition

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Today’s delving into the female psyche involves their attraction to high status symbol items: expensive cars.  I’m not a car person, but every year or so I’ll find myself at a car show talking to the owners about what year/make/model and the history behind their equipment.  What car you drive can be an important status symbol and a litmus test of your income.  It’s not as easy to fake as your clothing and serves to help the Western woman understand how having you committed to them will affect their status.

The young men in the video above warm my beating heart.  They understand the social dynamics at place and the fickleness that these American women display.

Of the first two girls, the more attractive one makes it about directing attention to her when offered a ride in the Ferrari, “Rock, it’s my Birthday!”  Rather than showing interest in him or thanking him for the opportunity, a tidal wave of narcissism hits.  The second girl dumps her boyfriend to ride off with the prankster.  She dismisses the boyfriend outright and is filled with compliments towards the new guy (or at least, the car).  Middle-eastern girl doesn’t even want to talk, but immediately turns heel and starts asking what the prankster can do for her.  The only woman who even told him thanks was from Japan, that’s right, the FOREIGN girl.

Yellow tank top girl…he could have impregnated her right there if he wanted to.  She even admitted when asked that “it’s the car.”  Really, he should be the one mad and cursing, she’s only going “on a date” (see how she escalated their friendship to boyfriend/girlfriend status).  After all, she’s blatantly using him for the status and connections it will give her and doesn’t care in the slightest for him or his feelings.  Like a pussy, he starts apologizing.  I’d be laying into her the cold logic of the situation and how she’s an enormous bitch.

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I hear women talk about how some guys are players or yell that men are rapists.  It never made a lot of sense that if all these women had their rape detectors set with such so high sensitivity that it would be almost non-existent.  Take any of those girls (or most women in America) and notice that the bitchshields can go from maximum to zero.  To quote an MGTOW, if these guys had been Ted Bundy, the girls would have been dead in barrels right now.

Compare this to a friend of mine who brought his Eastern European bride home.  At one point she expressed that if they were to have children (something they both wanted) the car they had (a two seat convertible) would not be able to fit them, but she did not want him have to sell “his car”.  It shocked her when he replied that he would buy another one when it was needed.

There was a miscommunication between them: She thought that he would have to sell his car to get a larger one (she wanted him to have the car that was important to him) but was unable to consider that they would be able to afford two cars at once.  The woman was falling over herself trying to figure out how they could transport a child while keeping his car (in her lap, on the floor by her seat in a baby carrier, etc).

In my own life I’ve been well aware of how appearances make a difference with women.  I dress how I like, using garish, high-visibility clothes (the working man’s wear).  Nothing turns bitchy women away like dressing as though you do physical labor for a living.  As for my car?  A Subaru Impreza.  All wheel drive, seats up to five, great gas mileage and the hatchback hauls anything I want.  I’ve had many women, married and single, tell me that they would expect more of the shiny red Ferrari (which I affectionately refer to as a Penis on Wheels) for someone in my social and financial situation.  One even flat-out told me after learning what I had bought that she wasn’t impressed.  My reply, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to Impreza you.”

I don’t like gold diggers.

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Are you going into business together?
Interesting Respondant to Pregnant and Dating

4 thoughts on “Female Friday: Automobile Edition

  1. Wow! Another example of American/Western women with such high morals. These very average and subaverage western women expect abnormally high standards but as I said yesterday us normal (real) men usually just want slim (normal) and proportionate women that can fix themselves up with good homemaking skills. Something over 90 percent of western women under 35 are capable of doing but less than 10 percent can accomplish on a daily basis. Even if I was a multibillionaire I would have nothing to do with western woman…even many professional athletes with cash, ample access to women, and international exposure (professional footballers/soccer players in Europe) are increasingly choosing Eastern European or Latina women. I’m shocked!

    • Man, trying to get a number from these girls is like pulling teeth. That is one of the first things I noticed when I moved to Kiev, asking for a number and receiving it without hesitation, was like manna from Heaven.

        • This post still gives me cynical chuckle a year later. I think this is one of the reasons many men in the west are spending long hours in the office, going into debt, conducting unethical business practices, or involved in criminal activity…infamy and cash…for at best mediocre a$$. I don’t even think greed, basic survival, or the love of power is the main motivator anymore for western men. They just want access to women. A western man is willing to risk his life and freedom for something that is readily available outside of the west.

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