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kayleefrye08I was watching Firefly for the first time and noticed in the comments section a recurring theme: Everyone thinks Kaylee is hot.  Kaylee (pictured above) is the rather plain-jane mechanic of the crew that was described by her actor as “wholesome, sweet, and completely genuine in that sweetness”.  There were two other female characters:  the warrior-woman-esque first officer and the “certified companion” (legalized prostitute).  Amazon woman is fairly attractive, but already married to the talented but otherwise unexceptional pilot, while Super Whore is only engaged by those young enough to have naively not known as to what they are doing and those old enough to know exactly what they are getting.  Of course, it’s implied subtly that Ms. McTrampy is hiding an attraction/loathing for the ship’s Captain McAlpha, who takes crap from no-one, much less her.

firefly women

Left to Right: Miss Independent, Crazy Psychic Teen, and Aloof Seductress

In the midst of the discussion between various dudes as to Kaylee’s attractive qualities and how they would dump their girlfriends and wife her up in a heartbeat, there was the occasional female voice.  “What’s so exciting about her?”, “I don’t get it, [other woman] is much hotter.” etc.  The truth is, most women in western society can only relate their natures as aligning to Aggressive First Officer (actually crazy bitch in practice) or Professional Prostitute (so hot that if only half the men in the room are staring the other half must be gay).

The problem is men have seen enough of these two individuals in real life, both the advertisement and the reality, that they are now even subconsciously gravitating to the loyal, feminine woman like they always did, but entirely ignoring the other two.  For women in western society who have been sold that they need to develop themselves into strong (bitchy), independent (uncaring) women this is now a real problem.  The facts speak for themselves, the marriage rate is plummeting, singleness is on the rise, and the question of the decade is Where have all the Good Men gone?

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Today’s western woman spends her first adult years avoiding responsibility and commitment, “spending her sexuality” because there is plenty of it.  Eventually, however, the other shoe lands and it’s time for the next generation of women to steal her spotlight.  Now they live in the glow of male attention while she is left in the cold.  Of course, there is only one thing to do: Blame men.  All men are now sex-crazed video game porn watching beta schmucks who are too shallow and intimidated to appreciate the developed mature female.

The few whose nature resembled Kaylee’s?  They’ve been happily married for years, and enabled their (satisfied) husbands to lead the family in a wholesome direction.  To Westernized women this is travesty; these women are giving in to males, subjugating themselves to “the patriarchy” and betraying all women.  Again, it’s all about the (western) woman and their failure to understand that what men think actually matters.

I was listening to a Christian podcast recently where a woman on a forum panel gave the often proposed view that Christian men peruse marriage as the only sanctioned avenue to sex, and that they could become jealous of married peers because husbands were receiving sex while they could not.  A very young man on the same panel gave the insight, after some hum-hahing around, that what made him feel jealously from observing the example relationship was not the sex, but the commitment showed to man by the woman.

Who would you rather take to a class reunion: A gentle well-recieved woman who amplifies your positive attributes or a hostile spouse who publicly proclaims your shortcomings?

Who would you rather take to a class reunion: A gentle well-received woman who amplifies your positive attributes or a hostile spouse who publicly proclaims your shortcomings?

Sex might be a female’s currency, but the premium woman’s value to those men who want a lasting relationship is her pleasantness and her committment.  Princess Snark and Independent Achiever are both the antithesis and in direct competition with Kaylee.  The tragedy is that these “anti-Kaylee” women do not understand, or even wish to understand, why they are failing to receive men’s adoration while Kaylee herself receives it in spades.

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Worldly Wednesday: I would like...
Saturday Satire: You forgot to Photoshop the mirror

16 thoughts on “Feminist Friday: The Perceived Danger of Kaylee

  1. Firefly was a pretty good show overall when I watched it, and Kaylee’s character was by far the most attractive to me out of all the female characters because of her sweet, caring nature. Just like this article talks about it, most western women simply have no idea because they have all been brainwashed by feminism to become overbearing super cunts in so many varieties. Do these women actually believe that us decent men enjoy being treated like shit? I mean she is either “strong and independent” or she sleeps with so many douchebags that it puts her in the unofficial prostitute category. Few exceptions may apply but such women are happily married or engaged to be so. The fact that most western women don’t care about hardworking average men is a clear sign for us to look overseas for the only chance that we will ever have to find a nice, feminine, CARING woman who will place some sort of value on us and actually give us a chance.

    I will go further to say that even the “good” western women are impossible to please if you are an average hardworking man. I met up with one of these “good” western women this past week for a coffee date. The first time in a very, very long time since I work a lot. Both of our families had set us up at random, and I set up the time and place with her for the coffee date after I called her. The point with this type of meeting is an introduction to get to know each other. So we met, and had a good 2 hour conversation over some hot chocolate. We had much in common which kept the conversation going. I could tell that we connected on some level, and she liked me enough too just the same since she stayed there to talk with me instead of making an excuse to leave early. I actually liked her. More than I can say for most western women that I meet on a daily basis. She was a little above average looking, slim, smart, caring, and a great listener with traditional Christian values like mine. It was getting late so I ended the date, and I asked her if she would like to reconvene at a later date. She basically smiled and nodded her head in agreement with a yes. We parted ways with a hug and that was that.

    Two days later, I sent her a text to ask how her week was going. Her response was something that I will never forget. It was a long, drawn out message that said this:

    “The weeks going well, thanks! I’m glad we got to meet up and get to know each other but I must be straight forward with you and let you know that I feel I must put the breaks on this. I don’t see us going forward with anything but I think it was really sweet that your dad set us up. I don’t want to lead you on in any way; I’ve seen it done and I don’t want to do that to anyone. Thanks for meeting with me though!”

    I thought WTF! We had a great time and connected with each other, and she pulls a 180 on me like this all of a sudden?? As pissed off as I was, I kept it respectful to respond with a short message saying that I appreciate her honesty and wish her the best of luck. She responds with this:

    “You seem like a quality guy; we’re just not a good fit for each other. Best of luck to you as well.”

    I think “Wow, according to her I’m a quality guy. Just not quality enough for her, eh?” Then it occurred to me that she is a western woman who probably expects Mr. perfect high status to come for her. I don’t own a house, drive a Ferrari, or have a high-income career(yet), nor am I some kind of celebrity that she saw in the media. No wonder she wants nothing to do with me…der! She is 27 years old, so she is probably waiting until the last minute like most western women for the “better” option. I should have known better, but I held onto that last glimmer of hope that she may be that rare needle in the haystack of America. I was wrong. At 33, I’m too old for this shit! I’m taking my “quality” hide, and going overseas where the women are more down to earth with their expectations where I would be a “fit” for one of them. Good bye western women!

    • I can almost guarantee you that if she doesn’t find anyone by the time -SHE- is 33, she’ll be crawling back to you. Don’t give in to that.

    • To be fair, not kissing her on the first date, especially after two hours of a very positive interaction, can really set the tone for you showing her you aren’t as direct as she wants you to be with your intentions. If anything, you came off as wanting something more serious by not kissing her instead of being casual as a first date should be. I recently had a similar situation happen to me, but it was a few steps down the line: she immediately broke things off two days after propositioning me for sex, simply because I wanted to wait a bit longer due to actually liking her (for a change).
      The rules of western women and dating nowadays make less sense than ever, but they are what they are and if you want to play the game and be successful at it, then learning the rules (along with a LOT of trial and error) is a must. I truly think it is sad how any girl I’ve casually been having sex with has been able to turn into a relationship for me (basically whenever I want it to), yet anyone I, say, take out to dinner before having sex with for the first time (you know, courting done right like in the old days… heaven forbid I may actually want to know you *before* sleeping with you instead of afterwards) immediately disregards me and ends things within a few days.
      Anyways, this blog has me strongly convinced to actually go through with this Eastern European dating scene, rather than joke about it with buddies of mine.

      • Interesting that you post this:

        “The rules of western women and dating nowadays make less sense than ever, but they are what they are and if you want to play the game and be successful at it, then learning the rules (along with a LOT of trial and error) is a must. I truly think it is sad how any girl I’ve casually been having sex with has been able to turn into a relationship for me (basically whenever I want it to), yet anyone I, say, take out to dinner before having sex with for the first time (you know, courting done right like in the old days… heaven forbid I may actually want to know you *before* sleeping with you instead of afterwards) immediately disregards me and ends things within a few days.”

        I read about this in DeAngleo; I’ve been meaning to post a review of his book “Double Your Dating.” In this book he describes exactly the situation you describe, saying:

        Two Ways Women Think About Men And How You Control This

        I believe that women see men that they get involved with as either ‘long term relationship’ material or ‘sex’ material. You have to make the choice about which category you’d like to be in. By the way, if you get involved sexually, you can usually extend that for the long term.

        If, on the other hand, you don’t get involved sexually, but you still buy her dinner, call her all the time, and pursue her, there’s a good chance that you’ll NEVER get involved with her sexually.

        Many, if not most guys think that if they play the dating game that they’ll wind up ‘getting some’ eventually. This just isn’t so. I’ve met so many women that say “Well, I have this guy that I let buy me things and take me out, and I have this other one that’s my sex toy.”

        Now, admittedly this isn’t all women. But believe me when I tell
        you that if you get on the ‘friendship’ program, you’re very likely to stay there. And the friendship road is paved with gifts and dinners.

        And so, unless you have some prohibition to sex before marriage (perhaps religious), you should strive to bed every woman you date. In this way, you will (eventually) have the option of keeping the relationship physical only or making it into a long term proposition. Most every long term girlfriend I’ve had was hot and passionate at first but those that I “slow courted” didn’t seem to respect me. I know one European Man who has been courting a woman in Ukraine for 2 years now and hasn’t so much as gotten a kiss from her.

        And this is why so many “nice guys” finish last. You can be a nice guy, you just need to hone your skills towards being a strong Alpha Male. Be nice, but be strong and be aggressive.

        You can read it for free here:

        Double Your Dating
        (since I wrote this comment, this site was taken down; you can search for the book on Google to find alternate sources0

        • It’s funny that you mention DeAngelo, Scott. I used to read his stuff back in the day, and, ironically my dating life got much better after following his principles. Before the double your dating series, my dating life was at zero. It really is sad that it takes PUA for us guys to learn western dating rules these days which are completely opposite of what our parents taught us back in their day for what worked(open doors, buy gifts, be chivalrous). Thanks for the link; it looks like the new edition compared to the older one that I read. You will need to write your own e-book one of these days telling us the rules of dating Eastern European women.

      • You are probably right, Nik. I remember being too damn tired that day from work before the date. The last thing that I was thinking about towards the end of the night was something as simple as a kiss that can either make or break any future interaction I would have with her later on. It has been so long since I’ve been out with a woman that I completely forgot that western rules of dating even exist. I honestly think these ‘rules’ are kind of stupid because they vary too much depending on the woman. Moving in for the kiss would not have been a problem had I remembered that women take this sign more seriously than us even on a first date. I think us men are all guilty of this at some point. As you say, learning the rules is required to play the western dating game. It is unlikely that I will meet another gem like her in the west at my stage in the game. I’m concentrating my efforts now on going east where the women like her are in abundance. Having lived overseas in the past, I can certainly tell you that just about everything this blog talks about is true. Foreign women are so much different.

        • The rules aren’t necessarily specific only to Western women; what DeAngelo points out in his book is how women’s & Men’s minds work differently (something lost on most feminists). By recognizing and capitalizing on these differences, you can make yourself more “attractive” to women. I found that this book helped me a lot to realize how confidence attracts women. I remember trying to “fake it til you make it” and it worked. I played confident, women were more attracted to me and after some time I became more confident. I remember one Ukrainian Woman (she was quite hot) said to me, “I really like you, you just exude confidence. I find it a real turn on.” After you gain more confidence you will soon realize that the more you ignore women, the more they want to talk to you. The more you talk to women, the more they ignore you.

          Case in point. We had a new worker come on. In my opinion she isn’t that great: not very competent at work, perhaps just “gets by” so far as the standards go. I quickly believed her to be an affirmative-action hire. She is a bit overweight, not beautiful to look at by any means, frumpy body overall. I met her on her first day and the next morning when I was at work in the break room having my coffee, she said, “Good morning.” I just grunted back, with a 1/2 “annoyed” sound. By the end of the day, she took a chair next to me and asked how long I’d been with the company, my background, etc. I acted annoyed that she was talking to me and she kept asking more questions.

          The following day, another colleague of mine commented that he didn’t like her at all. When I asked why he said that “she is rude.” “Please explain,” I asked him and he went on to tell me that when he greeted her she didn’t acknowledge him at all. He tried to talk to her a few times and she seemed disinterested in talking with him. He found this to be rude.

          In reality, she has set, in her own mind, the pecking order of this place. She sees me as an Alpha-Male, she’s a beta and my colleague is an Omega.

          Regularly at work, the women mention this or that and the Men listen as though they were about to find the answer to the universe. And it is no surprise that the women here don’t date any of the guys – all of their boyfriends are from “outside” of our peer group. As for me, I don’t even look at them. I have to be careful to not be overly rude because, most often, when I hear my female colleagues speak I just want to say, “Shut the f*ck up, you are so full of sh*t.” In reality, they are quite arrogant, think men are stupid and should cater to them. I act indifferent, act confident and it is amazing, they kowtow to me and treat the other guys like play toys.

          Since I’ve put up a free link to DeAngelo, really, there is no reason why every guy reading this blog shouldn’t read that short book. I think I’ve read it 8 times myself and as I’ve read some pages to answer these comments I’m reminded of some psychology that I’ve let slide a bit. I think I’ll read it again this week.

          Short disclaimer: the book is pretty much designed to help men become more confident around women. I don’t agree with everything in the book, nor all of the tactics. But all and all, it should be enlightening to most men and you stick to the basics of the book, it certainly can’t hurt you with your confidence and how women view you. Interestingly, I read that book years ago and as I talk to Alana about what she finds attractive in me and in men in general, it is amazing how her views towards men mirror this book exactly.

          • I don’t know Scott. It seems to me that you lose by “winning” — the girl that sleeps with you on a first or second date doesn’t necessarily respect you, she just finds you attractive and fun enough to have you inside her. I suppose that’s great if all you want is sex, but at this point you’re merely allowing her to get away with having a half-assed relationship with you. As long as she gets what she needs physically, she’ll keep it going for as long she cares to, which inevitably isn’t long enough if you’re actually trying to build a family.

            It’s not easy (I’ve still not been able to find what I’m looking for) but the only thing you can really do is try to identify the immature, selfish types early and waste no further time with them. You really have to know what to look out for (it’s tough — the most clever of their ilk have been disguising themselves as genuine human beings by dressing down and reading books for a few years now), but eventually you’ll run across one of the “keepers”.

            In the meantime, sleep with older women. There’s no BS.

          • Sorry James, but you’re just, well, you’re just wrong. I HIGHLY recommend that you read DeAngelo and see the relationship between the two categories of men (as perceived by women) in the early stages of courtship. Women see two kinds of Men, Type A sexually appealing men and “providers.” A woman will often sleep with the first type and later convert (in her own mind) him into the second type. But a woman will almost ALWAYS keep a man in the second category – IN the second category.

            We have a lot of social baggage that we carry but none of it can erase thousands of years of programming. Women see men in two ways, you can opt to be viewed as an Alpha or as a long-term provider. IF you are the latter, expect to spend a lot of money and time and MAYBE you’ll see sex down the road.

            Remember, most of us (Western Men) are programmed to be feminists AND we carry the baggage of a Judeo-Christian-Western upbringing that includes all sorts of ideas about chivalry and the “correct” roles for men AND WOMEN. A woman who will sleep with you on the first night is viewed as an undesirable slut. But let me say this, the VAST MAJORITY of “good” girls will sleep with the “right guy” if the right conditions exist.

            Really, read the DeAngelo book and you’ll understand it a lot better. I was “skeptical” when I read it but I flew on faith, attempted the techniques and I found them to be 100% correct – right on the money. They blew out my beliefs about how women think (as you believe now that they do) and in time I came to look at women quite differently than I do now.

            Interestingly. when I talk about this with Alana, she looks at me like I’m half dense and says, “Of course that’s how it works.” Interestingly, women view women quite differently in the East than in the West. They don’t have feminism-filter-goggles on I guess…

          • I don’t think I ever attempted to provide any insight into “how women think”, I merely explained how you “lose” by “winning” upon execution of various deceptive strategies.

            Ultimately, I “get” how attraction works, and thanks to my genetics, I’m often propositioned by women (and men for that matter) for sex without ever having to lift a finger. Sex is easy though. What isn’t easy is getting someone who understands that a lasting relationship is different from just carnal attraction, and requires some amount of dedication and vested interest from both parties.

            Maybe you disagree, but for me, I’m not interested at all in any girl who’s not willing to give me everything she has to give in a relationship. She knows she wants me. She knows I command respect from everyone around. So she can either own up or take a hike.

            The whole truth to the matter is that people have to know what they want and make tough decisions about the inevitable trade-offs that exist on the path to getting there. No way around it.

  2. Great post – you make some very valid points here. While a slut may be popular for locker room gossip, no one wants to marry one.

  3. it was a good show, but the women seemed like characatures to me. joss wheden is either overrated with what he knows about women or he was prophesizing the future where sluts are queens, women are more manly and the females who are decent and feminine are basically the last choice of any of the “men”

    • It’s unfortunate that he never got to flesh out the characters more due to cancellation. Keeping in mind that it is a “somewhat serious” sci-fi western I don’t find it hard to believe that the women, heck everyone, had to be tough. I read that Dr. Prodigy and Kaylee were destined to fall for each other (and actually did consummate their love in the related film).

  4. I just noticed this post…
    Sex might be a female’s currency, but the premium woman’s value to those men who want a lasting relationship is her pleasantness and her committment. Princess Snark and Independent Achiever are both the antithesis and in direct competition with Kaylee. The tragedy is that these “anti-Kaylee” women do not understand, or even wish to understand, why they are failing to receive men’s adoration while Kaylee herself receives it in spades.
    I couldn’t agree more.
    In this western society a woman that is over 25 and really wants to be married…and is still single…can look in the mirror and blame herself!

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