Storytime: The Cost of Doing Business

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MoneyIt’s no secret that women, and relationships in general, cost money.  I sometimes think about the crazy amount of money I’ll be investing next year in pursuit of an Eastern European woman.  The other day I took it a step further and thought about what this money could buy me in American Women currency.  The figure I came up with required some self-evaluation, to say the least.

The long and the short is that by going the route that I am pursuing, adding in extra niceties (several multi-state trips to visit established international relationship couples), I could afford to take about 100 American women on $90 dates.  Or if I were a sex-crazed degenerate like some people claim, I could purchase about 30 one hour “sessions” with a “licensed professional.” This is what they (and I) am missing out on.  I would never have imagined when I was younger that it would cost that much up front to simply assure myself that I will be introduced to decent women.  There are but two alternatives.

1. I could not be pursuing women at all.  It would be a lot cheaper, but it would be boring.  One of the main reasons I’m doing this at all is because I don’t have much else to do than go “serious wife hunting” for a few years while I build “Doctor Reputation/Experience”.  There’s also societal expectations/biological drive, but that’s no biggie, I’ve been dealing with/suppressing that for years.  If nothing else I’ll get to visit a foreign country and irrevocably become disgusted with my eligible native female peers.

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2. Actually date those American women.  I’ve only scratched the surface as to my own experience with dating, from the one who offered to put up her child for adoption to single mothers galore.  I’m also sure you know what’s up with Western Women if you are a man reading this blog, so I’m not going to elaborate on why I have a bad taste in my mouth about this.  Dalrock (married christian blogger of repute) published an excellent post yesterday empirically proving why women price themselves out of the dating market after 25.

After thinking about it for a while I resolved that my decision was sound.  I did dedicate an entire year to my decision, so I certainly hope so.  Really, I hadn’t given a second thought about the cost.  If someone could arrange me a marriage with a woman that I could trust, I mean really trust, and who was at least moderately attractive, how much would I lay down?

A years wages?  In a heartbeat.

5 years?  With some hesitation.

10 years?  If it was satisfaction guaranteed.


Unfortunately there is no such thing. The ridiculously high chance that a western woman will decide to trade her man in for the cash and prizes in society today is a direct result from offering HER the money back guarentee (the man’s money, of course) if she’s not haaaaappy.  This is why I’d rather pay a high fee and get a quality spouse.

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Saturday Satire: You forgot to Photoshop the mirror
Example of How Not to Be

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