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This is an overly attatched comment posted in communication to an international marriage broker.  English as a second language aside, relationships beginning with this premise should be avoided.

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Hai [Owner]
Firstly thanks for creating like this tour; i check [tour] ladies profile
i saw my fiance i saw her photo i get postive vwaves and i feel possitive energy & my mind is telling like that she is made for me. Her name is ******* : MEMBER ID IS : ***** and she is very charming i love her she is my princes I love my princes
i am promising at this time i will make happy my princess at every time. She is attraction of she is my princes her eyes is like a magnet i love her i love tooo much , suppose our dating or marriage and we wil start our happy married life i want to call my princes names like indian godess names and lekshmy – is god for wealth
saraswathy- godess of education and also tulasi – we are using a small leves from bushes use for god pooja ; pooja means= praying god and other fancy names l lke cinderlla and my lovable barbie i am from india and working at ***** . I am expecting a reply from you and i am expecting your help from both side espessially fom [Owner and Owner’s Wife] you coool dudes



sending from ******

with regards and my blessings for both of u

[Owner] i am coming the romance tour at 2014 november last time i wil come i am say to soory you i canot participate at this time my company will not give leave


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Storytime: The Cost of Doing Business
Saturday Satire: Marine

5 thoughts on “Example of How Not to Be

    • A guy sent this message to the operator of a Ukrainian romance tour. I want to leave it as is partially because trying to provide a logical breakdown would be like dividing by zero and partially because it would lessen the impact of the strangeness. I selected it as an example of how some guys approach dating Eastern women. All fire and flash, in many ways it’s more annoying than the homebodies who think it’s all a big scam because there’s a chance these guys (like the one above) get in contact with the Eastern women, giving them a bad impression.

      Also, it could be a guy trolling.

      • I have seen many guys like this one in vk, so no, it’s not a troll.
        I even saw one that bought an iphone for a girl that he had never met before…

        • “I even saw one that bought an iphone for a girl that he had never met before…”

          You meant to say:

          “I even saw one that bought an iPhone for Boris, the fat webmaster of a scam site, thinking it was a girl he never met before…”

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