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I received this letter from George a few weeks back and I thought I’d post it as he come to many of the same conclusions that I have regarding Western women. I’ll let his letter speak for itself:

Hey Scott,

I just wanted to write to say a warm hearted “Thank you” for the honesty and candor you have when talking about your own experiences in dating Western women. I’m sure you have heard this before, but your stuggles is something I can relate to, and it’s good to know I’m not the only person out there, who feels incompetent in something I feel should be so fundamental, as to be able to find a partner.

I am currently 30 years of age, and have had my fair share of datelessness and horror stories with regards to Western women. I was lucky in the sense that when I started my university studies, I spent a good chunk of the time in a relationship with a girl most men would be considered very attractive. When we broke up, I thought maybe I’d be single for no more than a year before I found someone else, but how wrong I was! Afterwards I spent the next 4 years basically dateless and not being able to figure out the conundrum of Western women. I thought to myself that I did everything right, I graduated from university, got a good job with a decent income, bought my own apartment and got really involved in the sport of Olympic weight-lifting (it became obvious to the point where random people I met, and work colleagues, would ask me for work-out tips.) So I thought I ticked all the boxes in what constituted a decent, potential partner. Despite this though, things remained lackluster.

Like most guys in my situation I did a google search on how to pick up women, and discovered the PUA (pick up artist) community and got heavily involved in that for the next couple of years. My dating and sex life went from being non-existent to mediocre. However though, I noticed that if a male doesn’t fit the narrow conventional paradigm of what constitutes an “attractive male”, you were destined to datelessness and sexlessness. Guys who time and time again I noticed that fitted this description, would end up dating most of the girls I found attractive, and I realised from then on looks takes precedence over game, and the PUA communtiy was largely a fraud preying on decent men yearning for affection.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

That was when I discovered websites like yours and Winston Wu’s, which informed guys like myself that 80% of the women in the West have been programmed to like the top 20% of males. If you’re not in that top 20%, then you’re screwed. Reading both of your stories really opened my eyes, and made me realise the checklist mentality of many Western women, where they fail to apply their own standards against themselves was just down right hyporcitical. Not to mention the plethora of other things like obesity, lack of affection and blatant double standards etc made Western women particularly undesirable.

What I dislike about Western women is their hyper-focus on indviduality and their careers, to the point where they neglect the idea of having a family. I also feel many of them want something beyond what they can command. Women from Eastern Europe however, are completely different. I am still amazed to this day, at how family orientated these women are, and their total committment to their spouse. Sure they might have careers and go on to further studies, but that always takes second place to the prospect of finding a good man and starting a family. What can I say, feminism has really messed with my head.

I have always noticed that women outside of the West, especially from Europe, tended to have healthier looking physique and were much more friendly and feminine when engaging with men. The thought of dating someone from overseas never occured to me though, as I thought I just had to date someone from my own country by default.

I could write a lot more (and I’m tempted too) but I’ll just cut this long story short by saying that upon further research into international dating for a few months, I discovered with the help of websites like yours and Wu’s, that international dating is a viable option.

I joined Elena Model’s sometime ago, and have been corresponding with a couple of women. It’s still early stages, but the communication between us has been great, and I’m hoping that if things continue this well, I’ll hopefully be travelling overseas sometime soon to see if there is any chemistry between us (I’m careful not to rush things.)

Thanks for sharing your story and all the advice about what to avoid whilst overseas. Your advice in particular about avoiding tour guides and the fradulent dates they set up has been very helpful. I’m paying off a mortgage so spending 500 dollars per fraudulent date doesn’t sound like a worhtwhile investment.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your current partner and that you have the family life you so obviously deserve.

Best wishes,


P.S. Those photos you posted of guys with no game going out on dates with local Ukrainian women not only cracked me up, but was extremely educational. Keep up the good work Scott! Best wishes once again.

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Saturday Satire: Marine
Thanksgiving Update

5 thoughts on “Letter from George

  1. This was an excellent post, and is my thoughts and experiences as well.

    But did you notice again though, that Elena models was once again the key to the whole thing….

    I know Scott that you had a post on Ellena models in the past and gave us some of the basics on the sight and how Good it was and you compared it to others to, that was another great post as well, perhaps the best on this entire site and for good reason…

    You know yourself how many fraudulent sights there are out there, and that Ellena models is the real deal and without Elena models it would be an nightmare and an extremely hard up hill march for anyone trying to find a mate in eastern Europe. Just that there is so much fraud in this industry, alot of guys wastes years and thousands on other sites, we know that we have something good here, without it, it would be very difficult to say the least.

    Thus Since Elena models is the secret to this whole thing, and is vital to our success if you could have more posts on this site which I think would really help us out… Any tips would be helpful really, mistakes you made, things that might save us time, or recommendations since your last post…

    It could be so many things we could discuss like meeting girls from the same city if you can for travel reasons, things you noticed, things you would do the same or differently if you had to use Elena models again etc. Even which price package plans you would recommend from this company, if you used the companies EIO messages and if they should be used and if so how.. Just so many things which could help the guys out, and it is really such an important topic.

    This is just a suggestion, but I thought it would be most helpful, thus I thought it would be great to revisit the topic of Elena models sometimes again in the future.

    Even if others wanted to share knowledge from there experiences with the site as well…

    Thank you Scott for all the help you have have shown us and in making this site.

    Have a great week guys….

    • [24 July 2014: Update on Elena’s Models]

      Thanks for your comment Darryl.

      A few thoughts:

      I don’t think that there is a shortage of ways to find Elena’s on this site, I have a link at the bottom of every post.

      As you’ve said, I wholeheartedly believe that Elena’s is the real deal. I’ve heard a few folks say that they’ve seen some profiles that are bogus. But interestingly, if you email the staff at Elena’s, they take those profiles down right away. Compare to Anastasia or other sites that have the same 22 year old girl’s profile for the last 8 years. She’s 30 now, probably married with two kids yet her photos remain, and will likely remain for another decade.

      I went back through all of the pages on this site and clicked on all of the Elena’s profiles that I had profiled and at least 1/2 are married, engaged and/or already dating some Western guy. Elena’s has a “thanks for your interest, but I’m engaged now.” This is a good sign; Elena’s takes down profiles of women who are not available. This is an easy litmus test of any website: click on 20 profiles and then come back in 1 year. If all 20 are still “active,” its a bogus site.

      As for your suggestions on how to improve the site, yes, I’ve got a lot of “draft” posts that talk about some of my earlier experiences and I just haven’t had time to finish writing them. I don’t want to sound selfish but I spend my days with Alana and when I’m away at work, we Skype chat for 1.5 – 3 hours daily. After work, gym, eating, shower and chatting on Skype, it doesn’t leave a lot of time to write creatively. In that regard, Seth has been a Godsend – and his writing is quite witty. I look forward to his experience(s) next year as he heads west. I expect to hear a lot of awe in his writing akin to “I can’t believe how beautiful the women are,” kind of posts.

      I plan to open the blog to articles written by readers, specifically those who have or are dating Eastern European Women. And so, if anyone is in this process and would like to share a story, please email it to me and I will proofread it and add it as a post. I’d love to see some of the other guys share their experiences.

      Seth is going a different route than Elena’s; he is going through an organized tour. I’m curious to see how this experience works for him & I am sure he will post his results. I suppose that Elena’s is more of a DIY experience whereas a tour is more like an organized vacation with a tour guide. I suppose that both have their advantages.

      I just really can’t help but roll my eyes at the vast majority (99%) of the EE dating websites that are nothing more than a way for some schmuck in the East (or West) to prey on Men who are looking for a traditional wife.

      Thanks again for the comment and suggestions.

  2. Hi Scott ,

    How are you doing??Well I hope great.Just want to tell you , that I have been reading your blog , for almost 1 year now.And although , I do not agree , with all that you say , I find that there is some usefull information here , for guys , who wants to find an Eastern European wife.

    I have just commented on Seth`s post , about the dating tours.Where I tell a little , of my own experiences , about internet dating.And will tell some more , about my trips to the Ukraine.
    I am not sure , if I missed your post about , Your girl friend visiting you , or if you are already married.

    But I want to wish you both , all the best of luck and happiness.I know , that you are talking a lot , about how feministic our society is.And that we all , are brainwashed , and now think in this particular way.
    I suppose that you have a good point , with that.I understand , that many men , read your blog.Men who wants to find a Russian or Ukrainian wife.

    And , yes , I am one of them.But read my post to Seth , for more details.It is without a doubt , that these women are very beautiful and gracious.And that they take care of themselves.
    You are right , that until now , their world , has not been affected by all this feminism.

    But sooner or later , it will happen also.So , guys ,don`t wait too long.I was also going to comment , on Darrylls letter.
    While Elenas models , may be a good and trustfull site , it may not hurt or harm , to look and search for your perfect match , on other sites.If you are going to spend money , just be careful , and do it moderately.

    Another thing , I would like to point out is, that some knowledge of the Russian language , would be a good thing , and can help you , in some situations.When I went over there , on my first ever trip , to Ukraine ,and no I had no smart phone , I made sure , that at least , I know the Russian alphabet.
    So , I could read the names of the streets , in case when I got lost.

    And , yes , I was going over there , all on my own.The only contact , that I had there , were the lday , who I was going to meet , and the interpreter.And she would take care , of my place to stay.
    But at the very last moment , I changed this plan , and booked an appartment , where the staff speaks English , and they would come to the airport , to pick me up.
    The interpreter was there also , so I told her , that I had made a reservation for another place.

    She would take me to the appartment , from the airport , and there we would make the reservation.So , there was no harm done.
    So , knowing the alphabet , I could at least see , on which street I was.And then I could find my way back home.

    Later I found a shop , where I could buy a city map.But at that time , I already had to leave already.Anyway , I bought the maps , for when I would return.

    Another thing , that I want to point out , is what Seth , commented on the video , in his post.He said something , about the different men , and their behaviour.
    Knowing , what I know now , I understand , that they behave like this.

    Let`s talk about feminism , one more time.Here in our society , we have learned , to behave and think in this way.We want to be the stud , and we want to impress women , right??
    Because , that is , what we have learned to do ( or in other words , we are brainwashed , to behave in this way ).Women are equal to us , yes , so we approach them , in this way.

    Not so , in the former Russian countries.I now know , that I must think and act , like a real male.I should not be the person , that this society wants me to be.
    I was having dinner , with my lady one evening.And when it was time for her , to go home , I asked her , if she was going to dream about me.

    She said , “Oh Paul” , and then she wanted to give me her answer in Russian , which I would not understand.So , with the help of the modern technology , and my smart phone (this time , I had one with me ) , she gave me her answer.

    Now for us , here in the West , this is just an ordinary question , and you would not give it a thought , right??What answer would a Western woman give you??
    She would say – no , maybe or you are not hot enough etc.

    Her answer was just as revealing , and made me realize , that I am in a different world.I should not think like the guy , from the West.And therefore , I must think , what sort of questions , I should ask.

    Even though , I had met her 1 year ago , and we had been corresponding , all these months , until I came back to see her , her answer was an eye opener for me.
    It is the same thing , that you had with Alana , when you aksed her , to stop at the restaurant , on your way home.

    She said to me – ” you are embarrassing me”.Wow , why did I not think about that , beforehand!!!It is because , we are not supposed to.

    So , all you guys , who will go over there , remember , when you get off the plane , re-wire your brain , and be reborn.
    Because you will enter a different world , with different standards and traditions.Different standards and traditions , mean , you should be honest and sincere.Behave like a real gentleman , and know how to treat a lady.

    Treat them with respect and dignity.Because you have more money , than them , doesn`t mean , you should walk around , with a certain attitude ( if you know , what I mean).
    You will make more and a better impression , if you say the truth , and that you mean what you say.And of course , dress properly.

    You should also consider , not to wear , too much expensive things.Like an expensive watch , a very expensive golden ring or neckless with pendant.
    How do you think , that she would feel , when she shows up , with her less expensive juwelry (although for them , it is expensive).And she is doing her utmost best , to look very glamourous and elegant for you ???

    Just think about that for a while.Now you get the picture??Personally , I don`t wear watches , rings or necklesses.So , with me , there was no problem.She could wear , anything , that she wanted , and she would still look good on my side.
    This will give her confidence , and she will like you for your simplicity.

    Because she knows , that you give her some room , to be herself with you!!!
    Now this is very important.But I think , that you know , what I mean.

    Well , this is it for now.

    Good luck

  3. Lol, didn’t know you were going to post this. I actually saw it a couple of days after you posted it. Just to let you know Scott, I am in deed “George”, I sent that message from a now defunct email account. I’ve given you my new email account, and if you want, I can also personally email you my old email address I sent the above letter from just to confirm it’s me.

    To cut a long story short, I’ve been exclusively communicating with one girl from Russia I met on Elena’s Models for the last few months now, and on January the 16th, I will be flying over to Russia to meet up with her. Personally I would have liked to have gone earlier, due to other committments on both our parts though, it just wasn’t feasible until now.

    I am looking forward to it, and am shocked on another level that I’ll actually be travelling to Russia in less than a week’s time to meet up with her.

    I’ve learnt a lot through this process of communicating with Russian women online thus far, and have been forced to learn a lot about the realities of international dating.

    The one unexpected thing that hit me in the face recently is the 100 dollars per month membership I spent on Elena’s Model is nothing compared to the overall amount of money I have already, and will be spending when I get to Russia. This might sound naive, but I was completely unaware. Luckily I have a lot saved up.

    I don’t mean to get all existentialist on you guys, but my background in philosophy and mental health though naturally inclines me to think this way. I resonated with one of the article’s Seth wrote titled “The Cost of Doing Business” and I’ve been thinking along similar lines for quite a while now. The amount of money I will be spending is nothing compared to the years I’ll be wasting trying to court sub-par, unfeminine and over-entitled western women.

    I have seen first hand what the effects of loneliness and dating in the west has on many decent men who seemingly got everything right except for their love life. I see it time-and-time again in a clinical setting amongst those diagnosed with “depression” and various forms of addictive behaviours. Trying to date western women has completely destroyed their self-esteem beyond repair.

    There are also a lot of guys out there who go about their everyday lives, simply living and being in an existence completely devoid of any affection whatsoever, and it’s almost always due western women living in Disney Land in the romance department and not reality. No one should have to “conpromise”, but women here are characterised by the inability to look into the mirror and be objective about where they stand in the attraction/romance department; “conpromise” is not possible for the delusional.

    When I factor these things into consideration, a year, two years, three years, four years etc., worth of savings is negligible. Continuing to try and find a partner in any western country is an exercise in futility, and I’ll only be subjecting myself to more problems than what it’s worth. I’ve been on that path before and recognise the arbitrariness of it all.

    Thanks to this site and the alternative views espoused, I’ve been able to see a different facet of reality that was hidden to me for the last 31 years.

    I’ll be gone for about a month, and I’ll let you guys know how things went as soon as I get back.

    Thanks again guys!

    • Thanks for the follow-up George.

      I think that some of the guys get wrapped up when it comes to some COSTS in regards to dating in Eastern Europe:

      * Elena’s membership or membership with other agency or tour company
      * Travel to Russia/Ukraine
      * Long distance phone bills
      * Visa costs
      * Fiance visa
      * Flying overseas family in for wedding

      etc., etc…

      There is a vice-president at a client company that I’m working closely with this year. He is in his early 50’s, married to a feminist-American woman and has 3 children. He’s working his way towards a divorce and was asking me how he can shield his 401(k) and company pension from her if he does divorce. I sadly told him that she is entitled to half. He didn’t look very pleased.

      And so, I estimate his 401(k) to be about $750,000 and his pension will be maybe $4,000-6,000 per month. The amount capital it would take to generate $50,000-60,000 per year in income (the amount of money to substitute his pension) would be about a million dollars. And so, if his soon-to-be-ex-wife takes half of each, he’s pretty much handing her about $850,000.

      Not to say that marriage to an Eastern European Woman will equal a 100% marriage success rate but here are some of the comments he has made to me about my relationship with Alana:

      “Oh, we’ll see how she acts after you get married.”

      “You think that just because she’s Russian she won’t get fat?”

      “She may be ‘traditional’ now, but after you’re married, its a given that she will turn feminist.”

      “All women cut off sex after marriage.”

      And so, I begin to see the ways that he is unhappy in his own marriage. And, because he doesn’t know any Russian Women, he just ‘assumes’ that Alana will suddenly morph into an angry feminist woman who demands equality in all ways.

      Just last night Alana told me that she would have some reluctance to move to the United States because (her words, not mine), “All of this feminist thinking; I don’t want our daughters growing up thinking that they should be men or compete with men.” She went on to say that she would prefer to home-school the children or have tutors because she doesn’t want her daughters (and sons) exposed to “so much feminist talk.”

      You can’t turn a tomato into an apple. If you marry an American woman, you’ll get a feminist (there are rare exceptions). In fact, as a Western Man, you’re ALREADY ARE A FEMINIST YOURSELF.

      Really, the only way out of this conundrum that I can see is to transform your mind out of the feminist indoctrination mindset, learn to embrace traditional patriarchy and become a strong-traditional Alpha Male and then FIND YOURSELF A NON-WESTERN, NON-FEMINIST TRADITIONAL WOMAN.

      How much will it cost? It may cost $10,000, $20,000 or more based on flights to Eastern Europe, visas, etc.

      How much will it save you?

      1/2 of your 401(k)
      1/2 of your pension plan
      1/2 of your home equity
      1/2 of your motorcycle, car, boat, airplane, etc…
      1/2 of your coin collection, gun collection, sports memorabilia collection, etc…

      Feminism is indoctrinated into Western women (and Men). No matter what you do, you won’t change a Western woman’s internal “sense of fairness” that equates to the idea that she is entitled to everything you own. This type of thinking ushers in the idea that “I don’t have to give him sex, don’t have to do any womanly duties, can do what I want, can divorce at will because if I leave I get to take the assets…”

      Pay now or pay later. If you pay now, at least you’ll have a traditional marriage and get to act like a man. Pay later and you will likely live a sex-deprived life with an angry, fat & nagging woman.

      The cost of doing business…

      The best lesson I learned in life was to avoid making mistakes by NOT REPEATING THE MISTAKES I SEE OTHERS MAKE. Any man who visits this site and then marries an American woman, well, when he’s ass-raped in divorce court, he has no one to blame but himself.

      Good luck to you George, I hope all goes well in your upcoming trip…

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