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It’s been really crazy in the office de la Seth, but today I got to relax with some family and thought I’d update you all on events.

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I’m going to be a bit of a tease and say that there are some Big Things happening.  One of those things was my trip to Ukraine is being moved up to January.  I’ll have more information later, for both you and myself, because I don’t even know what dates I’m going over yet.  The details should be forthcoming in the next month (they’d better be for my sake) but needless to say, the process of my overseas experience will be very…publicized.

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Letter from George
Stereotypical Romance Tour

7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Update

  1. If you’re looking for a relationship, don’t buy your airline ticket just yet. There’s a lot going on there, and I found that the desirable girls were difficult to find on the streets and in the meeting places. Wait until the political unrest resolves itself. I was there last month; I left the day before the shit hit the fan. Ukraine is not safe right now, especially Kiev and points south / west.

    If you’re only looking for pussy, then you’re probably in a better position, but I’d still be careful. Get up to date withe the protest history, be prepared to talk about it with a protester that can speak English, and you’ll probably be successful. I’d stay away from the large demonstrations. Keep clear of the police too – they’re pissed.

  2. Hi! Its Thanksgiving Eve here in Germany and I wanted to wish my American colleagues here a Happy Thanksgiving. I, for one, have many thanks for the wonderful and amazing family that I have. 3 years strong and it’s like the 1st month of dating with all of the amorous kisses, hugs and love that I am showered with on a daily basis. Not to exclude my adorable daughter (1/2 Ukrainian and 1/2 Latina), who is soon to be 11 months. My wish is for the serious men on this site to find the love of their life, whether she be Western (a rare non-feminized one), but more likely East European (YES!). God bless all.

        • Hi Rodney ,

          Well , we have no Thanksgiving in Holland , as you may know.

          With my lady , things are going well.Unfortunetaly I cannot go very soon.Add to this , the sometimes , strong winters.
          And you may understand , that I rather go a bit later , too.

          But it is in planning , that she will come here.It is not decided , when exactly.

          For you guys , who , use Skype , at this moment , you can use Viber also.
          And it is until now , completely free.

          Making Phone calls or video calls , don`t cost you anything.
          But , you and she , will need a wifi or an internet connection , on your cell Phone.

          I can say , that the sound quality is rather good.Also the video image is oke.

          So , it may be worth while to check it out.For women in Ukraine , it is a good alternative , at this moment.
          Of course , she must pay for the internet connection.

          But things are going well.
          Thanks for asking , all the best


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