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Thanksgiving Update
Seth's Vacation Adventure: Day 1

There’s a lot going wrong in this and I’m too busy to break it all down, but here’s my observations from watching this video (from an Anastasia Date tour).

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  • I can pick up a few of the words in Russian even when they don’t have the subtitles on for it.  Makes me excited and want to keep learning.
  • Arthur is creepy even by my Western Male standards.
  • Anyone with a paycheck can come along, the men are not screened.
  • Women are not screened, anyone can come in off the street.  I don’t even think they check to see if they are married already.
  • The translators seem to be taking a reactive roll in the process rather than a proactive roll.
  • Bald guy talks too much, the translator Julia is not amused.
  • Some men seem to have good relations, some seem to be at each others throats, either way I would not like to be on that bus.
  • Nobody remotely my age (within 5 years) is there.

Watch it for yourself if you want an idea of what the usual big-box romance tour is like.  Being hauled from city to city, meeting different women (and sometimes their moms) with the hope of finding that connection.  Every meeting is a bar/disco with music so loud the girls will end up thinking you sing for Motley Crue (see-ing vs sing mistranslation).  Rather eye opening.

I’m also going to point out the mother who writes for her daughters and shows them the correspondences she has with the men.  The girl is pretty cute and shows humility (already better than most Western Women) but doesn’t so much pass the mom check.

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Thanksgiving Update
Seth's Vacation Adventure: Day 1

One thought on “Stereotypical Romance Tour

  1. Hi Seth ,

    Well you are right on some parts.Are you sure , that this video was posted by Anastasia tour department?
    I am under the impression , that it was posted by A Foreign Affair.I have watched all the videos , that were posted by the this dating agency.In the past months this year.

    Yes , there are situations , where you can have mixed feelings , about all this.You know that Scott , attended one of these events , and he said that it was a waste of time and money.He did not take the whole tour , he just paid to go inside , and watch what was going on.

    But like I said , coming from USA , and not knowing the country and the language , these tours can be a start , to become familiar with the people and their customs and traditions.

    Just to give you some insight , on myself , and what I have already done , to find my Ukranian wife.No , we are not married yet , but it will come in time.
    First off , I use an alias for this post ( I think that you can understand ).
    Secondly , I am not new , with all this internet dating.But I did not had the opportunity , to travel around so much.

    I suppose , you understand , that time and money , are always the key factor , in these matters.Yes , your daily job , is also impacting this.
    Anyway , I joined many years ago , the Chinese dating site.And had some communication with Chinese ladies.Went over there , had a meeting and all was good.But she was pressing me , too much , to get married.

    Anyway , I thought , that it would be just too fast.We did not had enough time , to seriously talk about everything , in my opinion.She wanted to get married , and I hadn`t even met her son.So , what do you do then ??
    She did take me to her home , and I spend some hours with her parents and her brother , his wife and their baby.

    And yes , they made dinner and we had a good time.If only she had a little more patience , so we could discuss in a serious way , things , that I consider to be important , then maybe things would have gone , differently.
    And I now , would not have find myself , dating a lady in the Ukraine.

    After I broke up , with this Chinese lady , who was very beautiful , I did not spend so much time to internet dating.As you know , that they charge you for every letter , that you send or receive.When she was younger , she had been a model for some years , and she showed me the pictures.
    So , it was not about her looks.

    But how did I ended up in the Ukraine then ?After some years , the site , started to work with this Russian site , with the profiles of Russian and Ukrainian ladies.And so , my profile was also posted there.
    So , after some months , I started to receive these letters , from the ladies.In the beginning , I didn`t know that.And secondly , I was not doing anything , on internet dating.

    It was only after a long time , that I noticed these letters , and they became more.So , just out of curiosity , I started to look more closely at the site , and the lady profiles.

    I have read that Scott , has said something , about sites , that are not to be trusted.And that there are scammers , on most of the different sites.But at that time , I had not found other revieuw sites of this particular site.

    So , I thought , because it was working with this Chinese site – with which I had good experience , at that time – that all would be in order.

    For now , I will leave it like this , but will continue

    Good luck

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