Seth’s Vacation Adventure: Day 1

Stereotypical Romance Tour
Seth's Vacation Adventure: Days 2 and 3

1463153_700791343278369_1668905469_nAs Scott has alluded to previously, it should be no surprise at this point that I am going with a tour group.  Boo!  Hiss!  I know.  I posted previously a negative review about romance tours, but if you look closely I specified that I was reviewing the “stereotypical” romance tour.  I feel (usually a bad way to start a sentence) that the tour I am signed up for will be different.  I’ll document many more reasons I feel this way later, because the first one I want to hit on is the sense of community.

Outside of the random bloggers documenting their experience (guilty) and the forum Russian Women Discussion (worth a view) there is a distinct lack of fellowship to be found when pursuing an international relationship.  I am told that it goes so far as many tour companies being resistant to give references and discouraging interaction between clients outside of the trip.  The group I am going with, in the opposite mood, has hosted (for the second year, very young company) a reunion.  This event is (was?) for those who have found their overseas partner, those seeking one, and those currently in pursuit.

When I arrived at LAX, the first thing that hit me was the smell.  I’m no stranger to a metropolis, but I can’t get over the smell of large cities.  I’d rather smell peat and manure than smog any day.  The temperature was a balmy 72 degrees F, definitely different from the sub-freezing I left a few hours ago.  Picked up the car, drove to the hotel and settled in to a Pixar movie.  Probably better mention I brought my brother.  He’s very much not into women…at all (passive/unintentional MGTOW), but I offered to pay for the trip and it turned out to be super handy when we discovered this thing called the “carpool lane”.

Anyways, after we got done with Monster’s Inc., I went down to the lobby/bar to see if anyone else had arrived early.  A lot of Asians going in and out, but one casually dressed guy at a bar table killing time caught my eye, and we seemed to notice each other.  After it’s obvious we’re having a standoff, I walk up and ask “Privyet?”  After that the standoff vanished and we talked like friends about American women, why we are here, what led us here, etc.   Eventually a few other guys showed up, then a married couple. It was really nice to talk connect with people on the same journey.

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Eventually, the Founder and Wife showed up.  I had to sit and stare at him for some time.  He was about 5 feet away from me sitting in the plush chair with his legs crossed, but it was so shocking that I was sitting next to the guy I had spent almost a year watching give weekly presentations.  He noticed I was being quiet and asked if I was all right; I replied that I was getting used to seeing him in 3D.  It was very true.

Wife (who is very much as in charge as Founder) had already gone around and given everyone a hug was over answering questions for some of the rookies (an affectionate term of mine for guys super excited and just realized that Western women suck, Eastern women rock, etc) and otherwise just letting them do some much needed releasing of their enthusiasm.  Founder is reconnecting with some of the oldtimers, including the couple.  I sit back, soak up the energy and take notes for names, relationships and the group dynamics.  A very friendly and, dare I say it, comfortable bunch despite the age range being +30 years.  Everyone had a polite, hmmm, cultured attitude.  After some time we head over to our first group event: Medieval Times.

The show is worth seeing if you haven’t before, but it is a show/dinner theater and was somewhat predictable.  I don’t want that to diminish the talent and skill of the performance, however, but I do recommend putting a couple extra paper towels from the restroom in your pocket before the dining starts, because you don’t get any silverware.  I got to have a great conversation with the guys on either side during the show and really enjoyed myself.  Afterwards the ladies wanted to pose with the knights, and later the group went back to the hotel and talked until midnight or so.  My brother and I decided not to do any of that; we had been up since 3 A.M. local time to catch the plane.  We went to bed.


One has lived here for 7 years, the other about 7 months. I challenge you to figure out which is which.

It was a great day for introductions, but the I feel like the real fellowship and interactions happened later, and I’ll write about it soon.  Any questions so far?

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Stereotypical Romance Tour
Seth's Vacation Adventure: Days 2 and 3

8 thoughts on “Seth’s Vacation Adventure: Day 1

  1. Hi Seth ,

    Well I hope you will have much fun and success , in what you are searching for.Just help me a little , from what I read , this tour will be in the USA and not in Eastern Europe (countries) , right??

    So , there are only women from Russia or former CIS countries.Do they have an even match , like so many single men , and the same number of single ladies??

    I was under the impression , that you were going over to Eastern Europe , to look , search or find a suitable bride or partner.

    Anyway , the best of luck


    PS I did comment on your Stereotypical tour post

  2. Understood , but I guess you are not there yet.And the (Eastern) ladies on this trip , will go with their Western spouse , I suppose.
    Very interesting combination.

    As you have planned this trip , some time ago , and you had your mind set , for an Eastern European lady , as a possible partner.Do you have a woman , from a particular country in mind??
    Like one from Russia or from the Ukraine??Or is it not really clear , what characteristics , they or she must posses?

    Furthermore , you obviously , did comment on many post from Scott , in the past.But did you do some inquieries , about the traditions and or the culture of these ladies?

    I don`t mean that you should know , all about the Russian or Ukrainian women in particular.But a little background knowledge , the way they live , family traditions ,how their situation is developing , and so on ??

    Because , personally , I am under the impression , that the many Westerners , who go over there , in most cases , don`t have a clue , about their way of thinking , or how they live , and what these women feel , is important for them.

    For sure , it will help , if you understand , what life means to them.And that they always will go , with an optimistic and hopeful attitude.
    Just like us , they also want to be happy , and have a better life.With a better life , I mean to say , to have a loving husband and for the majority , also to have children.If they have not been married before , or don`t have children , when you meet them.

    In many cases , your wealth , is not the criteria.Like I said before , I don`t have so many trips , to these countries.And for sure , I don`t want to sound , like I am the expert.I just say , what I have found out ,with the dates that I had and have.

    And from what I have read , on the different blogs , that you can find about this.Also the blog from this Ukrainian woman , who is revieuwing and telling about different topics , about some dating sites.As well as the comments , from the Western men , who also talk about their own experiences.
    By the way , this lady is married to a Western man also.

    But , I will read your reports , from your trip , with great interest.

    Have a great time

    • Thanks for commenting, Paul.

      In my experience, men who look for love overseas come from two paths, either having been burnt horribly by Western women, or by getting to know the nature of Eastern women. Usually it is a combination of both, but in my case it is purely the later. I have several friendships formed over years of interactions (in one case spending 6-8 hours a day in direct interaction for several years) with Eastern women, and my circle of friends both online and off has only grown the more I pursue my dream.

      I had mentioned earlier that my trip will be publicized, and I’m comfortable saying at this point that we will be featured in a documentary by a major cable channel. The idea is to put on a documentary that sheds a positive light on the industry and there was a very specific reason I was chosen to be offered the oppportunity to be filmed: I’m positive, I’m comfortable in what I’m doing and I’m fully prepared. One of the gentlemen at the event (actually the husband of one of those ladies above) took me aside to chat. He became aware that I was well versed in MGTOW, MHRA and political feminist issues and was suprised, but wanted to make sure I had a solid understanding of the cost of this venture and the expectations I should have. Founder came out later and the husband asked him, “Have you met this guy? He’s ready. If we could get an army of men his age like this and send them overseas we’d see feminism reversed in five years.” I was flattered.

      As to your earlier question, I do not have a particular woman in mind. In that sense my strategy is the direct opposite of Scott’s: Go over not knowing any women. There is an important caveat to this, all the women I will meet have been pre-screened and personally invited by people I trust and am friends with. They are screened just as rigorously as the men at the event and if they misbehave (practically unheard of) they are not invited back or even ejected. Systematically and personally introduce 100+ such beautiful and marriage-minded women to a long-term oriented man and there is no way you won’t find someone you feel chemistry for. Practically every man goes back without a special someone and vows of commitment (usually boyfriend/gilrfriend) and with all the coaching and counseling to both parties, it’s my battle to lose. Let nature take it’s course and you end up with something just under a 50/50 chance of finding your wife. I expect my tour, hand-picked creme de la creme, further limited in number for focus on personalities and braving the January weather, may actually excede that statistic. I know I’m going to do my best for my part.

      Characteristics I’m looking for? I’m keeping my options open. Physically looking for a fit woman with very few/no tatoos and hair that is a natural color (not red/purple/etc). She’s going to have to be cerebreal because my humor can be complex and my vocabulary excedes 500k words, buy by all accounts there will be few women who do not meet that standard. I might aim for a quieter personality to match my own, but it’s really down to feeling the chemistry; if we set each other’s world on fire, then what else do we need?

  3. Well , having had this interaction , with some of the Eastern European ladies , certainly is giving you an edge.And also , your vocabulary of some Russian words , will help very much too.
    I am also trying to learn some Russian myself.I believe , that if you want to make the relation work , you also should do your part.It will help me , in future too, when I can speak a little Russian.And she will notice , that I want to work for it.

    And that I don`t mind , to put some effort , in getting to know her culture and the traditions , of her country.I am not saying , that it is easy , or will be easy.A long distance relation , is always harder , and with the language barrier , things don`t get better.But it is , what you want , and what you believe in.

    Of course , from her side , their must be some belief , in you and your intentions.I already knew , that Slavonic women , were very beautiful.Because in the past , I had a long term relation , with a Polish woman.And I had visited her country several times.
    And back then , it already had struck me , how good looking all these women were.They look after themselves very well , and are always dressed very well , when they will go out with you.

    So , I was well aware of all this.But after many years , she got more and more homesick.No , I don`t live in the USA , but in Europe.And she was going much more and longer , to see her relatives.
    Of course this is oke , but you should also be willing , to talk about certain issues.Anyway , we ended up , parting as good friends.
    But some years ago , she was diagnozed , to have this terrible dissease , and some months later , she passed away.But that is in the past now.

    Still , it was only some years later , that I started , with this online dating.And like I said , in one of my other posts , I registered , with this Chinese dating site.
    I went over , met the lady , and you know how it ended.At that time , the agency had to take care of everything.
    And you didn`t had to pay , to meet the lady.Now the conditions have changed.

    Why did I wanted to meet a Chinese lady ?Well , for one , I am not a caucasion.
    I have some Chinese roots , but don`t have all the typical characteristics.If you know , what I mean.
    I am more of a mix type , and I could go as a Hispanic also (but it all depends , on how you will interpret my appearance).

    For a long time , I was thinking , to go and live somewhere in China , with my Chinese lady.When I had found her.I was not really planning , to bring her here.
    Sooner or later , she would get homesick , or adapting to the feministic ideas.And that would mean , some problems for me.
    I had gone through this before , so a second time , is not really my idea.

    Anyway , then I received this admiration letter (one of the many) , from this Ukrainian lady.And ,I don`t know , how to describe it.But , there was something about her.At least , from the pictures in her profile.
    Yes , I know , they all look so devastatingly beautiful.But , looking at her pictures is one , reading her profile is just as important.
    And , no , I did not replied to her , at that time.Because , I was already communicating for some months , with another lady.

    And ,it was , besides the costs , for my own state of mind , to keep it at one lady.And , so , after some months , I decided , that it was time , to go over and to meet , with this lady.And , all I had , were the articles , from the different blogs , comments and the videos.
    Of course , I also checked out , as much as I could find , about the city and the country.

    It is funny , that you mention , that there will be a movie about your trip.And that it will be aired on some tv channel.There is one video , about a tour from AFA , that is also here on the National Geographic Channel.
    At some point , in this video , there is a man , who has a meeting with some lady.He gets into the cab , where she is in , together with the translator.They then drive away.When he returns , he is a little pissed.

    He complains , that she took him , to a restaurant (he thought , it was somewhat expensive) , where they serve her traditional meals.She told him , that she originally , was from another CIS country , and she wanted to taste her country`s food again.He also complained , that he had to pay for the interpreter too.

    All this guy wanted , to have a cheap meeting with her .He was planning , to have a (little) walk with her.And then discuss a little , and get to know each other better.
    Personally , I don`t think , that walking , is the best way ,to know someone better.
    Especially , when it is the first meeting for the both of you.

    Sitting in a nice , quiet place , with some background music , and drinking some coffee , or whatever , would be more preferred , than walking.
    You have the chance and the opportunity , to look each other into the eyes , make notes ,show that you are the man , by placing the order for the lady.
    It will also , be pleasant for the lady , if she wants to go to the powder room.

    There is no way , that he can know , how long it took her , to arrive at his place.For all we know , maybe she was on route for 50 minutes or more.
    I understand , that they want to meet as many women , as possible.But when every meeting , is going to be , some walking , for 30 minutes ,I wonder , what will go through the minds of these ladies.

    In another part , of this video , this man , says , that some years ago , he was in a Russian city , where he met , his now ex-wife.He said , that he just met her , at a meeting (with other ladies) , and he almost practically could take her back home.

    I cannot help , to think , that he was under the impression , that the same would happen here too.Obviously , he did not do his homework , or he was relying too much , on what the tour agency told him.

    Not spending some money , on the lady , on the first meeting , is not showing , that you are an attentive person.Offering a cup of coffee or some the like , with a piece of cake or dessert , will make her feel more comfortable , and can give the conversation a positive boost.
    She will surely appreciate it.And remember , that it was he , who asked , to setup the meeting with this lady.

    Getting angry , afterwards , is no proof , of being the Alpha male , that they all seek , so desparately for.If you want to be the man , you should be always in control.
    If you control yourself , you will control , almost every situation.To control yourself , you must know yourself.
    You must be confident.When you show confidence , the ladies will notice that.
    And it will be much easier , to approach them.

    Or …… they will approach you !

  4. “One has lived here for 7 years, the other about 7 months. I challenge you to figure out which is which.”

    Challenge accepted :). I recognize the lady on the right, so I would put her at 7 years. That leaves the one on the left for 7 months. Both of the ladies are quite lovely and dressed well. When I go to my local grocery store where I live, I see mostly fat women wearing pajama pants. These women are about as exciting to look at as a dried up meatball served on a sandwich with stale bread.

    Since you aren’t mentioning names in this article, then I won’t either in case if it’s for confidentiality. I do have some questions for you, Seth. What is the game plan? Will all of you be flying over to Eastern Europe as a group on the same aircraft? How long is this tour? What will happen when you get there? I look forward to seeing your progression on your quest. If it works out for you to be a positive experience, then I might hop on board eventually with this same tour from the same Mr. Founder.

    • If you already know who they are, it kinda ruins the challenge, haha.

      All the men find their own way across the pond (or the continent if they’re already located in Europe) because everyone has a different schedule and comes from different places. A little over a week long. Lots of things will happen, it will be well documented by myself and others.

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