Seth’s Vacation Adventure: Days 2 and 3

Seth's Vacation Adventure: Day 1
The American Marriage Industry

DisneylandThe second day of our magical journey led us to the magical kingdom itself: Disneyland.  The duality of this trip was for single men to find fellowship in their quest for an overseas partner and also to celebrate those who had been successful in their journey.  Being my first time I rather enjoyed myself, but I sympathize with those older gentlemen whom enjoying roller coasters (especially with other men) are long past.  There was a nice dinner in Downtown afterwards with the appearance of one more couple.  There was some talk of next year having an alternative event just for the singletons involving cigars, brandy, and a quiet place to connect.

Day 3 began with a panel with two couples.  They shared the story of their journeys, gave a presentation and followed with a Q & A session.  It was essentially the choice bits from lectures I had seen from the past year, but it was interesting to being in the same room and addressed directly.  Afterwards the men left and stood outside the room and took men one-on-one to answer any personal questions they had while the ladies field questions from the group.

I had only one question for one of them: Was there anything else I needed to do to prepare for January?  The answer was no.  The other man, however, wanted to talk to me specifically because I had demonstrated knowledge about MHRA, MGTOW, the social advancement of feminist politics in recent times, and red pill terminology.   Part of it was curiosity about what a person’s life has to include to be so aware of trends in gender dynamics so early, but there were some important questions he asked that anyone would be wise to think about.

Off the top of my head, one of them was “Can you afford it?”  I’ve covered this topic in more detail in a previous post: The Cost of Doing Business and it’s sufficient to say that I have a good handle on that aspect.  The other question that stuck out to me was, “You know you’re not going to get a supermodel?”  I have a hard time answering this question because my premise for seeking an international relationship hasn’t been based in “the woman must be a supermodel.”

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Because my introduction and exposure to this demographic of women has been with 40-50 year olds, my mindset has always been “this is the personality of a woman I want to me married to for the rest of my life.”  Physical attractiveness is important, but I have never felt a need to worry about it because going to Eastern Europe I know that all the girls look great.  On the list of “Things I Desire From My Spouse” I don’t have to bother with “Physically Attractive”, the box is already checked.

It was a rather enrapturing discussion, as we both got to share our favorite websites (mostly the same), compare notes on the shifts in cultural paradigms and reflect on each other’s plans/predictions for the future.  I must have made quite an impression with him, because when Founder came out to chat with us, the guy pointed at me and said, “Have you met this guy?  This guy is ready.  If we could get an army of men his age like this and send them overseas we’d see feminism reversed in five years.” It was flattering.

Not much happened after that.  I got to show off a bit of the Russian I’ve learned so far and promised to make another Skype appointment with Founder’s Wife (which reminds me…).  I’m not really sure what we’ll be discussing, she said something about relieving any stress I had.  Truth be told I really don’t have any at this point.  I’m confident I’ll be taken good care of and as the husband said before: I’m ready.

Our tour-guide around Disneyland.  It was easy to keep track of her.

Our tour-guide around Disneyland. It was easy to keep track of her.

I also want to mention my brother.  He came with me not really knowing what he was getting himself into.  Everyone assumed he like me, seeking a life partner overseas.  When they found that he was just tagging along and had effectively zero experience with the process they all asked him the same thing: What’s your opinion about us men doing this?  Every time he would give them a diplomatic answer.  After all, if he told them it seemed stupid they’d probably get upset.  He did later reveal to me that he had thought what I was doing was “pretty hokey”, but coming to this event made him realize that doing this was “actually possible.”  I hope someday when he decides what he wants to do with his life and that if it includes a woman he will strongly consider looking overseas.

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Seth's Vacation Adventure: Day 1
The American Marriage Industry

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