Finishing Up Packing

Sevastapol blonde with child

… even the Moms in Ukraine are hot… I’m feeling good today.  Got up all by myself without an alarm.  Was told yesterday that the Discovery Channel show was actually some [redacted].  That pissed me off.  A lot.  Called the … Continue reading

Three More Days

Ukraine beauty with long hair

It’s full preparation mode at the Connor residence.  Little things to think about like medicines I might need overseas, new socks, and those electronic devices (or more specifically, their individual chargers) that you can’t seem to find.  I have all … Continue reading

Conversations I had Recently

Ukraine blonde woman

I had a Skype discussion with one of the tour hosts last night.  We talked to make sure that I’m not freaking out (I’m not) and to make sure that I had everything ready to go.  I did mention that … Continue reading


Ukraine woman in tight dress

I have my list down, all I need to do is double check over some of the extra girls (who I affectionately refer to as “the short list”).  It was a busy day involving new hardware, medical systems training and … Continue reading

Regarding Choosing Profiles…

Svetlana Russian - C

I’ve mentioned before that narrowing the number of girls down to 20-30 is a difficult decision.  This is mostly because I don’t want to narrow it down…I want to meet them all!  I know I can’t feasibly do it.  Sometimes … Continue reading



I suppose I enjoy profiles that are more…prolific.  There’s a couple of them that say nothing more than “Ask me what I like to do for fun”, but Victoria’s doesn’t disappoint.  She’s definitely in my -Want to Meet- list, but … Continue reading

Update 1/6/14


My trip is only two weeks away and I’ve decided to shift my focus from writing in a presentation format to a more raw and reflective one.  Whereas before I would tailor my writing with various niceties and the relationship … Continue reading

Happy New Year and Worldy Wednesday: Junk Mail

Junk mail

I want to wish you all a belated Happy Holidays and New Year.  Although I’ve been busy with my work (and have to put in extra time tomorrow in prep for Obamacare) I should be able to update with more … Continue reading