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Happy New Year and Worldy Wednesday: Junk Mail


My trip is only two weeks away and I’ve decided to shift my focus from writing in a presentation format to a more raw and reflective one.  Whereas before I would tailor my writing with various niceties and the relationship between myself and the reader in mind, henceforth I shall be attempting to capture the raw essence of my thoughts on the evolution of my journey.  As such, my quality control and grammar/spelling fidelity may drop temporarily.

The first reason is for posterity, like keeping a diary I may want to come back and view it at a later date.  Secondly it may give you, the reader, some insight into the very real issues I have to deal with when I’m not allowed to gloss over the details with sweeping, almost philosophical observations.  Third, I feel that when approaching a decision of this potentially life-changing magnitude I shouldn’t have to worry about pussy-footing around and making it look good, or intelligent, or whatever.  It’s going to be what it’s going to be.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that you all are not invited to comment or ask questions.  Indeed, I’m going to need all the help I can get.  It is a big step for someone who hasn’t dated in almost 10 years to take the plunge and go to another country.

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Keep in mind that there will be radio silence from me from the 22nd of January till the 6th of February.  My tour will be taking place from those dates and I will not be bringing an easily accessible form of documenting my experience to you directly. I plan on taking a recently purchased camera and a notebook to keep a diary, which I shall certainly hope to transcribe for the readership upon my return.  Additionally, I feel it appropriate to announce at this time that we will be filmed in a documentary for the Discovery Channel.  I am told that it is set to show in August.

Until then, I have a few projects to keep me busy, most notably I got the green-light to select the ladies I would like to meet just this morning.  I am to choose 20-30 girls from their database (all pre-screened).  Those women are then contacted before I even touch down and presented my profile as someone who expressed interest in meeting them and invited to attend a social involving the entire tour group.  It’s a little more structured than that, but that’s the basic jist.

Admittedly, this is the hardest part of this experience so far.  I’ve never really had to make a decision like this before, not so much who I want to meet, but who I have to NOT meet.  I want to meet so many of them :( .  I’ve been browsing the profiles in my age range with no children, (about 80) and it is really tough.  There are some clear winning profiles and I’ll go over a few of my favorite profiles later, but for now it’s time for me to sleep.

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Happy New Year and Worldy Wednesday: Junk Mail

6 thoughts on “Update 1/6/14

    • For anyone unfamiliar with it, Return of Kings (the famous/infamous Rooshv’s brainchild blogging conglomerate) is worth checking out. Not my favorite site for manosphere viewpoints due to the varied and intentionally opposing articles, but it has gems on occasion and serves to expand one’s viewpoint and keep in touch with other aspects of emerging western masculinity.

      I’ve also seen their new sister-site, Return of Queens, aimed as a by-women-for-everyone approach of realizing gender dynamics.

  1. My strongest advice would be to actually meet a bunch of ladies, as you’re doing. Profiles can be deceiving and it’s astounding what makeup can do for a profile pic. You want to see and speak to her in the flesh and the tour or any other method that lets you meet a number of screened ladies really is the best. Otherwise you’re leaving it up to fate- not good.

  2. Having said all this, almost anything better than an American or western bitch! Make no mistake you have some bitches there, but just about anything is better than what we’ve had to put up with! So go get her tiger. I’m sure happy I did!

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