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Being the Kind of Man We Need
Anna is not as tall, but just too cute for me to not add to my list of "Want to Meet."

Anna is not as tall, but just too cute for me to not add to my list of “Want to Meet.”

I had a Skype discussion with one of the tour hosts last night.  We talked to make sure that I’m not freaking out (I’m not) and to make sure that I had everything ready to go.  I did mention that my clothes were…not new, that I had purchased everything over 5 years ago and that it was time for a wardrobe update.  It’s been common for men going on the tours to have their personal assistant/translators take them shopping, so I requested that my translator be aware that I will want to do shopping before meeting ladies.  The host bit her lip and considered for a second before telling me that she did not trust the fashion sense of her translators and that she’d rather do it with me.  From what I’ve gathered her shopping is like a special forces team clearing a building.  Get that, I don’t like that, that’s too expensive, bring that.  Half an hour tops of me running around trying to keep up with a short woman in high heels.  I look forward to it.

Another interesting conversation I had was with a patient.  I have been informing my patients of my trip and my intentions so they don’t think I’ve moved away.  This woman was about 50, was definitely showing her age, once divorced and on multiple psyche meds.  She asked me if any women were going to be there.  Of course women are going to be there, men wouldn’t be going if they weren’t.  “No. I mean are there any women going overseas to find husbands on this trip.”  My reply was that there is a shortage of Ukrainian men wanting to get married, so it wouldn’t make sense for women to go there.  “Then where do women who want a husband go.”  I let her know that they go to the westernized countries, America, England, Australia, Canada, even South Africa.

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There was a noticeable deflation in her posture at this point, as it probably penetrated her skull that she had been living amongst the highest concentration of marriage-minded men  in the world.  I tried to soften the blow saying that women here in America want to wait to get married until their thirties.  She overzealously agreed and stated that it was a very good thing.  I pointed out that it was not, that most men want to be married between 18 and 28, because by the time women want marriage these days, men have checked out.  After all, if they don’t want to marry us on the ground floor while they are young and have their beauty/fertility, why would men be interested now that they’ve hit “The Wall” and men have been promoted and have money to enjoy that they worked for so many years alone.

What probably amuses me most is the assumption that there is a country(s?) full of single handsome, rich, popular and pious (or at least monogamous) men waiting for women like her to fly in and marry them.  Because let’s face it, that’s what it would take for women to be doing that.  It’d have to be an island of millionaire movie-star Billy Grahams.  Even if there was such a place, why would those men be waiting around for Western Women to find them?  They’d be flying to SE Asia, EE, etc. just like the Western men.  Furthermore, the idea of a woman setting out to another country to find a spouse is just…masculine.  Women don’t go on quests like that.  I guess it goes to show how masculine women in western society have become.

I promise to be a good wife, the best one, bring you coffee to bed...I am nice supportive and very caring lady. I love to make my home cozy and love when it's comfortable.

“I promise to be a good wife, the best one, bring you coffee to bed…I am nice supportive and very caring lady. I love to make my home cozy and love when it’s comfortable.”

One last conversation was with an old couple discussing my trip.  They’re from marriage 1.0 and over 80 years old, fit and mobile and clear of mind, the kind of relationship everyone wants to be in when they reach that age.  They even have cute names that go together like (not actually) Marty and Martha.  “Martha” was telling me about how she approached her initial relationship with “Marty”.

“He moved into town and right after that I grabbed his arm like this and never let it go.”

She curled up into him put her near hand into his and her far hand on his arm in a firm grip, looked at me and smiled.  Marty was smiling too.  I let them know that what I was looking for in Ukraine was exactly that.

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Being the Kind of Man We Need

7 thoughts on “Conversations I had Recently

  1. Exactly what I have with Alana and I hope you find it too.

    Just had some similar conversations like this at work today. Was discussing with the guys at work how feminism destroys every society that embraces it. Eventually, one of the younger women (22 years old, single mother, never married) came in and announced that feminism “was necessary because all of the women [in America] were being ‘oppressed.'” I said, “All women?” to which she replied, “Well, most women.”

    From what I’ve learned from this young lady is that she chased a “bad boy” who cheater on her, smacked her around, used and sold drugs, got her pregnant and then left her. She has concerns that her son is now around this “culture of violence and drugs.”

    Hmmm…. how is that feminism working out for you now?

    It was what I was thinking and I thought (as she is quite attractive) that she probably had a lot of nice guys following her around in high school: young men she had no interest in. She hooks up with a felon-drug user-woman beater and somehow feminism was “necessary because of all the oppression.”

    Interestingly, all of the men, who I would have called feminists 2 or 3 months ago, began arguing with her – using all of my arguments.

    It is an argument that it easy to win.

    American women suck.

  2. Unfortunately the modern women is preoccupied with her career, social status, and corrupted by partner ideals that are beyond what many of them can command, so the idea settling down before they are 30 is out of the question except for a rare few.

    The one thing feminism can’t argue against, is the biological fact that a women’s fertility starts to expotentially decrease when they hit 30. Women these day’s have competing objectives, the main one being between pursuing a career and various other social activites, or settling down with a man and having a family.

    Before most women hit 30, they usually have had swarms of good-looking, decent men hitting on them and taking them out on dates. Their bargaining positioning is superior due to the collective naiviety of most men, unaware that they can meet someone more feminine, attractive, family orientated and likely to stay thin, if they went overseas to South East Asia or Eastern Europe. In the midst of a surplus of men, women think they have till the end of time to settle down with a decent guy, and at the snap of a finger, they can have their ideal man, in an ideal house, with their ideal family life. Little do they realise though that not only does their fertility start plummet at 30, but also their physical beauty. This age coincides too with when men are starting peak in-terms of their financial and careers goals, and also their level of attractivness. Why would a guy at the peak of his earning potential and level of attractiveness, settle with a women in the west who has berated and rejected him all throughout her teenage years and 20s’?

    It’s really a false dichotony if you think about it, because any insightful guy who’s done his research and has some foresight, would see dating a girl from a hyper-feminized culture is setting oneself up for heartache and problems. Women are at liberty to live the “Sex and the City” lifestyle that has been glamorized, but there are consequences to this. Many are complaining because they forgot to read that in the fine print.

    Your female patient might have thought things were unfair for the western women of the world, but the truth is any decent in shape women in the west, is living in paradise. If they were a little more down-to-earth and not so over-entitled, then maybe they’d realise this. But alas, advertising and marketing is more effective against women than men, and it’s not too implausible to infer the media and its Hollywood ideals have a much more pervasive influence on a women’s mind than a man’s, seemingly irrevocably corrupting it.

    Women are getting upset that decent, successful and younger men are starting to realise they’ve been duped in the dating scene here, and are taking their stock elsewhere to find a marriage minded women, who I reiterate, is more feminine, attractive, family orientated and likely to stay slender; compared to a western women who is argumentative, over-entitled, dwindles in attractiveness due to massive weight gain in their 30s’, and not as family orientated. I mean, what guy in their right mind would choose the later?

  3. Women do go on similar tours. They go to the caribbean, fall in love with young men and seem surprised when they realise they are just being fleeced.

    Of course the key difference is that even in that scenario, its the women that are taken advantage of :)

    • Good to see you again Ian. Hope you’ve enjoyed those trips to the Mediterranean.

      I recently watched a docco about English women who were traveling to Tanzania on sex vacations. They interviewed these lovely women (big as a house; I suppose the word ‘flabby’ would best describe them) who would take an apartment on the beach, go to a local night club and pick up a local ‘stud’ and bring him home for sex. The young man (men) would stay over and be treated to wild night club nights, free drinks, shopping sprees and all sorts of fun. For the women, it reminded me of a never-ending Vegas bachelorette party.

      If the single guys from Africa want to hook up with some post-middle aged women from England & the English ladies want to sex vacation on the East African coastline, more power to them.

      But if I was a young man from England, I certainly wouldn’t want anything to do with it…

      • When a man does this, it’s called male exploitation…when a woman does this, it’s called female empowerment.

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