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… you don’t need to carry a gun to “be the man” …

A worker in a department close to mine is a single mother of three.  She is slightly younger than I and rather (very) unattractive.  The mileage of a prior narcotics addiction and three childbirths would do that to you, I suppose.  She expresses a desire to never marry, but has a live-in boyfriend (who may or may not be a father to one of the children) who, as she states, takes $40 out of his paycheck for himself and gives the rest to her.  Because she works a minimum wage job, there is obviously government assistance being used to support the “family”.  If I mentioned previously a woman was informed by me of a possible food-stamp shortage, who decided that the time was ripe to get a tattoo that had to have cost several hundred dollars (possibly money that could have been needed for food), this was her.

This family was dysfunction by the book.  All three children were all developmentally challenged and on several psyche medications.  One was attending government sponsored classes to teach him not to burn down his own house (which was government sponsored as well, most likely).  Although there were only three under this woman’s care, the total sibling count was actually 8.  This included the half-siblings sired by the three men who had children before or after them with other women.  Only two of those 8 have the same last name.  I’ve known this woman for several months and never had any disgust, I’m long over that, but pity, which has only deepened further…

Her youngest child died recently.

In my adventures through the manosphere I have never…ever seen anyone with any amount of weight to their name wish for a mother to lose their child.  I’ve seen lists of dire warnings about relationships with single mothers, insults direct and indirect leveled at feminists of the western world, and even postulations that without men to hold up the system that many of these “thugspawn” could not be alive today.  It does not give me pride or a level of dignity to observe this (or lessen it, I might add), but I think it shows a fundamental difference between what men who are engaged in understanding and dealing with the truth of feminization and those trying to perpetuate it.

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In the office there was a sign up asking for donations.  I do not know the cause of death, it will become my knowledge in its own time, but it was the will of the mother to donate the organs to other children.  I don’t feel that I can understand how difficult a decision like that must be, to allow people to put cold metal into your child’s body while it still retains some of the heat of life and pull parts of him out.  I learned that the heart alone saved four other children.  Part of the agreement to donate the organs included rights to visit with the children saved, but for that she needed to arrange her own travel and motel.  And of course, there was the cost of the funeral.

As an increasingly fierce denouncer of feminism and all it has wrought, it would be easy to use this child as an example of why a two parent household is important.  Under my fingers, I could write him as another martyr to the exposition of the fate feminism has provided for him and others like him.  It would be true.  Additionally, it would be easy for me to justify not donating to her misfortune.  About 60% of my wages end up taxed, and a quarter of that goes towards welfare programs directly or indirectly against my will.  I had never met the child.

Some men believe that women everywhere are not worth effort, and have gone their own way.  Others take advantage of what Western women have become, turning their nature against them and using them on an individual level for carnal pleasures, or on a societal level as a herd-like voting base.  Most men seem to be simply still stuck in the belief that women are the morally and intellectually infallible creatures our culture asserts them to be.  A large part of the desire to seek a woman overseas is the belief that women can be different.  Men can observe and recognize that women seek and respond to strong, masculine leadership.  This comes from nature, a reflection on the society, as well as treatises on human nature going as far up as the Bible itself.  So I ask myself, constantly, what kind of a man’s leadership do I wish to subject a woman to?

Someday, maybe soon, maybe in several centuries, I believe men will come to be back in their rightful place as heads of society.  What men will society have for those women then?  I do not think they will be vengeful as the feminists, or apathetic as the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).  I certainly hope that they are not ignorant as most (although shrinking) number of western men are today.  For my part, I hope that they are resolute in their ideals but generous in their mercies.

I don’t think anyone saw me put the envelope in the box, but it has gotten around at least to lower management that it was me.  I’ve been thanked twice in private, and told that my contribution doubled the fund at the least.  I’ve asked people to keep it anonymous, as I intended it, but word gets around at small offices.  I don’t think any of the other upper staff donated much.

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Conversations I had Recently
Three More Days

One thought on “Being the Kind of Man We Need

  1. Hi Seth ,

    Well , I read this post with great interest.It seems to me , that you are a person , with his heart , on the right place.And I am sure , that you did want to make a donation , without anyone knowing about it.

    But I believe , that you cannot say , that she made the decisions , in the past of her life , due to a feministic vision.Obviously , I don`t know her background , nor the way that she grew up.
    How and why , did she become an addict??How was the relation with her parents??Did they raise her , or was she being slept , from one institution to another??

    What was the emotional bond , with the people , who she trusted the most?And did they gave her enough love or affection , when she was growing up??
    Did she hang out with the wrong persons and got in contact with the drugs??Or was it just to escape from the situation , that she was in??

    I myself tend to see these persons as victims , who must have help.Of course , it is difficult to judge , if or when , she had some opportunity , to receive help ,or if she herself , wanted to stop with this drug use.

    Maybe the need for drugs was just to strong , to stop.Of course it is sad , how her life has developed.And what chances , she may have thrown away.I mean chances for a better life , for her and her children.In these situations , there are no winners.Only losers.

    At this moment , I have now almost 8 weeks , since I came back from the Ukraine.One day late afternoon , I was just walking to go to meet with my lady.Suddenly at a corner , 3 young boys came up to me.And the asked me for 1 dollar (American).

    In broken English , they said ” hungry” and ” food”.While making this gesture , at the area where their stomach is.So then I asked them , you don`t have money to buy food ??I`m not sure , whether they understood me.But they said “hungry”.

    So , then I gave them 200 HRV.Their eyes became very big , because they did not expected , that I would give them so much money.They shouted ” thank you , thank you” , and then they ran away.

    Some days later , I was going to have dinner with my girl , and sure enough , they saw me walking , while they were at the corner.Maybe looking , if they could see me again.So , they ran over to me , and again aksed me for 1 dollar.But this time , there were only 2 boys.So , I gave them 150 HRV.
    And again , they shouted ” thank you , thank you” , and ran away.

    Now , I had read and seen a video , about these children , who live on the street , in some Ukrainian cities.And I know , that many of them are drug addicted.
    Now I don`t know , if there are hard drugs available , in this country.

    My lady , was a bit reluctant , that I gave them money.She said , they will go and buy glue , to sniff and get high.But , what if they really were hungry??
    When I asked her , why they run away from home , she could not really give me a good reason.

    It is a fact , that there are some social workers and volunteers , who try to help these kids.They bring food and if possible , other goods , to these children.In the video , they show you , some places , where they stay and sleep.And there are girls as well.And yes , they will sell there body , to get some money.

    As far as I know , this is the only help , that these kids get.From the official responsible department ,there is not much being done.Maybe this , has not a high priority.
    Why they run away , I don`t know.But it is a fact , that many families , have a hard time , to make ends meet.And unemployment , has gone up , in the past 18 months.With so many jobless people , and very few jobs , the amount of the wages are under tense pressure.

    In my country , children run away too.But at least here , there are institutions , where they can find help , when they want that.And it is possible , to find shelter or foster parents for them.

    Over there , these young kids are on their own.The boys , that asked me for money , were certainly not older than 14 years.I suppose , that the youngest one , could have been 10 or 11 years old.

    It is very sad , that their outlook ,for a happy and good future , is very slim.Some may have chosen , to live this type of life.Some may have been forced into this.But still , it makes me sad , to see such a young life , go to waste.

    One thing we know for sure.It is not caused , because feminism , played a part in this.

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