Three More Days

Being the Kind of Man We Need
Finishing Up Packing

It’s full preparation mode at the Connor residence.  Little things to think about like medicines I might need overseas, new socks, and those electronic devices (or more specifically, their individual chargers) that you can’t seem to find.  I have all day to pack on the 23rd, since the first flight leaves late, and the second flight leaves even later.  I tossed around the idea of buying a Gameboy, or whatever kids use these days, to play with on the long flight, but a quick trip to Walmart to see the $200 price tags was a big NOPE.  I downloaded a game on my cell phone for the first time ever instead for 99 cents.  At least half of “the guys” will show up on two flights within 10 minutes of each other.  Then it’s an hour long bus trip to our final destination.

Julia2Julia is “gentle, tender and feminine…family oriented.”  She feels that “every modern woman sooner or later faces the choice between her job and a chance to have a baby. I will never hesitate if I have to choose between my carrier and the happiness of maternity.”

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She is “searching for a man with similar views and interests with whom I could share my most intimate thoughts and dreams…I want my man to love me as I am and I will accept him fully, with his dignities and shortcomings as well.”


Three more days, gentlemen (and ladies), three more days.

I did have another interesting conversation with a female customer.  Started out with the usual “You’re not married?  What’s wrong with American women?”  Because I can’t give the good answer at work (fat, cranky and they don’t care) I gave the standard “Interested in European culture, colleague from Russia, etc.”  It took a rather unexpected twist, however, when the woman answered my reply with:

“Well, I don’t know what’s wrong with girls these days, a handsome well-to-do person like yourself ought to be something women could appreciate.  Shame on them for making you look overseas.”

I don’t think she was being sarcastic (it rarely is so with women of her era), so it may just be that she’s a NAWALT that’s seen the writing on the wall about the culture we live in.  I wonder how her daughters/granddaughters have turned out?

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Being the Kind of Man We Need
Finishing Up Packing

7 thoughts on “Three More Days

  1. Well , it finally will happen.And I am sure , that you look forward , to the experience and to meet all these beautiful women.I am sure , that you are maybe a little nervous , or not , depending on your expectations.

    I know , that you said , that you will let it all , to overwhelm you.Or at least , to let it happen to you.When I was preparing to go over there , yes , I had many emotions going through my mind.Of course , you hope , that things will work out , and that you will meet the right woman.

    With that I mean , that you will meet someone , who is really interested in you , and not your money.Or someone , who is doing this , just to get some extra money.Although , I can understand , why they do it , it just does not feel right , when you are the one ,who was fooled.

    But , like I mentioned in an earlier post , I went there on my own , to meet with a woman , that I had been communicating through paid letters.Well , you get the idea, it turned out , that it was a different lady.I don`t say , that she was not nice or not friendly.And maybe it could have led to something.

    But you know , a relation should be build on trust.And by posting , pictures from someone else in your profile , she already started on the wrong track.Besides , I had the impression , that she was much younger , then the age mentioned in “her” profile.

    No , I was not pissed , and I surely was not disappointed.Because , as I had read on this blog , and other sites , this is something that could happen.So , yes , I was ready and prepared for everything.Did I had a back up plan??
    Well , not really.But I had another lady , who had my interest.

    Anyway , are you going to Russia and the Ukraine?Or just to 1 country ??I have a tip for you.Bring your best sunglasses , because you will be blinded by there beauty.
    The best of luck , and I hope much success

  2. Uh, hey Seth, are you flying into Kiev? If that is the case, then I recommend you…no I HIGHLY recommend you postpone this trip of yours. There is a serious revolution and quite possibly a pending civil war going on there right now. My boss at work is Ukrainian, and he says his brother was downtown near the conflict with police and rebels. One of the flash grenades from police landed near him and his leg got burned. If you don’t believe me, then see for yourself:

    This is going on live right now. No joke, dude. Do you know about this?

      • This is the kind of party that is served with molotov cocktails and tear gas grenades. If you are still going, then please refrain from going anywhere near the Senate building or other building of political nature. That is where all of the protests are going on, and now have escalated into what you see now. Apparently, there was a law that was passed which prohibits people from moving around in groups no larger than 10 people, and if you drive, you can’t have more than 5 vehicles close to each other at a time. Any violation of these regulations will land you in jail for 5 years. I forgot what else there was, but I am vouching for the rebels on this one. Clearly, it is unacceptable for any government to infringe on basic independence.

        Okay, setting that aside for a moment, I hope you meet an epic lady on this trip. I just hope this nonsense doesn’t get in your way.

  3. “Well, I don’t know what’s wrong with girls these days, a handsome well-to-do person like yourself ought to be something women could appreciate. Shame on them for making you look overseas.”
    Just read this.
    Glad your search ended in success.
    I have heard the comment above occasionally in the west (especially from older and more traditional folks) but also when traveling overseas.
    Most foreigners are shocked but some have been to the US and know most western women are garbage.

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