Finishing Up Packing

Three More Days


… even the Moms in Ukraine are hot…

I’m feeling good today.  Got up all by myself without an alarm.  Was told yesterday that the Discovery Channel show was actually some [redacted].  That pissed me off.  A lot.  Called the tour host and told them they will NOT be featuring me or have my name.  [Redacted]  Maybe I’m overreacting and it’ll be a fair analysis.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

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As to more important things, only two pairs of clothes packed as well as some long underwear because it’s snowing in Ukraine.  I thought too late about getting a fanny pack, but I did get a new book, Bachelor Pad Economics, that I’ll be finishing up.  I’ve checked all my e-mails and made a packing list, so I’ll I’ve got to do is drive to the airport.

See you in a few weeks!

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Three More Days

One thought on “Finishing Up Packing

  1. Good luck. I know about the Ukrainian dating tour company you are going with. Personally, I don’t trust a tour operator who calls everyone “bro.”

    [Seth’s Commmentary: I implicitly trust the tour operator despite his speech mannerisms. In a realm of business that is notoriously “behind the curtain” he does his best to shed light and to educate on a very sensitive topic: Human Mating Relations. Even with my experiences with how business and sales works, I have not encountered anything with him that has been outright malignant. Some things may be swept under the rug, but insofar as the intent and direction he is taking, I find no fault in his practicing of a business and art that no-one has been able to replicate the success of yet.]

    Doing the switch about the documentary is low. He knew who was doing the documentary from the start, so he was lying to his customers to keep them on the tour. How low is that?

    [While it may upset me greatly to not know that information ahead of time, I do understand the legality of a confidentiality clause (which, technically, I have broken, heh).]

    Anyway, take care on the trip and make the most of it. You are paying $XYZ, plus another $2000-4000 in expenses depending on the airfare and how much you want to spend.

    [I actually spent much less than $XYZ in payment of this trip. Several factors were involved in that. Needless to say that I consider the trip expense quite reasonable. As for petty cash, I spent over $2000, but it was on purely voluntary expenses. I would highly recommend anyone going over for the first time to have AT LEAST that available, especially if you wish to purchase clothes.]

    Consider it a safari tour off the beaten track, where the excitement is that you don’t know if you trust the tour guide, you are entering a civil war zone, and you don’t know what will happen. Tell us how it goes!

    [As I updated in my most recent post, the “civil war zone” is propaganda insofar as you don’t do stupid things then you won’t get hurt. I did get many more common experiences, however I’ll detail those later.]

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