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I just noticed that the hit count on this site passed 200,000 this week and the number of visitors passed 100,000.

Just want to say thanks to everyone who has dropped by to check it out and a special thanks to those who have returned. We hope you come back again :-)

And also thanks to Seth for including us on his journey as he works his way out to Ukraine.

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Finishing Up Packing
Seth update

6 thoughts on “200/100

  1. I’ve been following this site since last spring, when I met a Russian girl here in the US, and was looking around the internet for advice on how to date Eastern women. I’ve learned a bit about Russian culture, but most importantly, a lot on how to be a man in a traditional relationship.

    I’ve selected her as my mate, but if this does not work out, I will be using Elena’s Models to travel East to find someone.

    thank you, Scott.

    • Thanks very much for you comment ~ really, its what keeps me coming back to this site.

      I’m as good as married – I hope everyone can find the happiness that I have :-)

      • Hey there, so I have a very interesting story to tell….

        I used Elena’s models about two years ago and I met a number of different girls. Some were batshit crazy…but others, they were very nice girls. One girl in particular, I just took her to Thailand about two months ago and it has gotten a bit serious between us. She’s now looking to come to Chicago by herself with a student visa (she’s looking at various graduate programs). We’ll know in a few months if she is able to come here, but so far I’m excited!

        And btw, I’m 29 years old, and she’s 26. The whole going abroad to find a girl is not limited to those past the age of 40 as some people think! Younger guys like us are taking notice and getting in the game as well :)


  2. Believe it or not, I’m actually 27 years old and I’ve become a bit tired of dating girls in this country. Not necessarily for the reasons you’ve stated, but still…I’m looking for something new. Hence I actually did make an account on Elena’s models and geez…within two days I’m talking to some extremely gorgeous women.

    I’m actually doing a world tour starting February 21st and I won’t be back till late May. I decided to give Elena’s model a shot and honestly….I might be visiting either St. Petersburg or Moscow to meet some women. Both of these girls are engineers, so neither of them are dumb Russian girls wanting to get visas to come to the US (matter of fact, one of them already came here as a tourist, and can get a job here if she wants). Since I’m around their age, work a professional job, and am in very good physical shape…I think I have a good chance with these girls. And I can go for a girl as young as 20 since I’m young myself. I’ll let you know how it goes if I ever do meet some of these women in real life.

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