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Seth update
1/22/14 3:00 PM
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Sorry for the delay everyone.  There were some technical issues with the website that was not allowing me to log in or post.  They have resolved, for now, and so I’ll give you quick rundown that should hopefully answer some of the questions you may have.

  • Seth does have a special lady-friend.  Said lady-friend is the one pictured above (face darkened for confidentiality).  I will state that you can’t appreciate her thick brown waist-length hair in that picture, but I suppose you’ll have to just imagine it.  You won’t be able to find a “profile” for her, even if you knew where to look, because she didn’t have one when I met her (and hopefully does not have one now, lol).
  • Political upheaval in Ukraine is pretty tame, and the current administration is making it seem more violent than it actually is.  I saw some protestors even as far out as I was and they were all calm and collected.  Talking with English-speaking locals reveals that it’s common knowledge that the President is trying to plant insurgents to incite the mobs so that he can have validation for use of force.
  • Don’t ever go in January.  Ever.  Attractions are closed, you can’t walk around the city, and some hotels will not even have hot water.
  • The culture was very enjoyable.  I plan on returning in May either to visit lady-friend or to participate in another tour.

I’ll do more updates on the lady-friend as things develop, but right now we are experiencing difficulty setting up scheduled communications.  People are busy in Ukraine and I imagine once we have one good phone call or Skype date everything will be going swimmingly.  In the meantime I’ll try to transcribe my journal of the experience (of which there is 47 pages).

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***Important Update: I received a text this morning from lady-friend. “I’m so sorry but I reconciled with my ex-boyfriend so we can be only friends.”

It stings, but I’m not hurt.  I kind of expected something like this was
going on, but I was hoping it wasn’t.  I’ve seen this script play out three
times before, so I know better than to fight for her.  I let the Tour Directors know this morning, and I’ll talk this afternoon to them about anything else I need to do and reassure them that I’m not an emotional wreck. It just clears things up that I have to make plans to attend the tour in May.

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Seth update
1/22/14 3:00 PM

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