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Rather interesting being on an aircraft where English is not the primary language.  On my right two men are talking about their travels.  One is an actuary from [redacted].  He is going to spend time with a woman in Istanbul he met in Rome last year (woman is from Istanbul).  The other is going with 7 other coworkers? on a buddy trip to explore the city build an orphanage (also a church event).

On my left is a family of 3, the infant sits ion the father’s lap next to me.  The mother is obese, but not surprisingly speaks perfect English.  Dad seems to have trouble saying anything in English, but his wife lording him about makes it hard, I’m sure.  Don’t forget, [Dad] is the one bottle feeding [the baby] right now…

Because my flight was slightly delayed and they board an hour early (apparently), I did not get to share fellowship with TDH.


The plane is leaving 10 minutes early.  Maybe all passengers are on?  [My] seat is an aisle seat at the front, so plenty of legroom.  The stewardess hands out Turkish Delight before takeoff; heh.  The eats are much more narrow than American airplane seats.  I’m about 36 waist and I don’t touch on either side, but I probably would if I were 42+.

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The menu also comes before takeoff.  Baby is fussy, and horizontal.  I can hear at least 3 other children on the flight.  I tried to savor the feeling of the landing gear leaving the ground, after all it will be the last time that I make contact with America for some time.

I get a front row seat watching the stewardess assemble some table equipment while still in ascent…while wearing 2″ heels.  The chefs are right in front of me, but that’s where the kitchen is (and the bathroom).  I get a hot, wet towel from the stewardess.  It is HOT!  I use it to wash my face and hands.  The towel was rolled up small and tight, and presented with a pair of tongs because they are so hot.  Reminds me of an experience with an autoclaver…

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m trying to schedule these posts to reflect the time that I wrote them.  They will come out over the course of about two weeks, if I stay on top of it.  Real-life notwithstanding.

While I was fortunate enough to sleep 6 hours on the trip over, I would like to mention that I knew nothing of the in-flight entertainment system (movies, etc) until the very end of the flight.  Ask an attendant if yours is not readily apparent.

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