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1/22/14  6:00 p.m.

Plane arrived slightly delayed.  Found out that having a socket-splitter makes you popular in airport waiting lobbies.  Will consider an extension/splitter in the future.  After a quick observation it surprises me that out of ~50 people only I and one other person have a physical hardcopy book.  Having  enough room in your suitcase for your coat is very convenient.  With a fannypack [go ahead, laugh], I can have both hands free (when not pulling a suitcase).


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The waist-pack contains: Passport book /w/ creditcard, driver’s license, medical insurance (including traveler’s insurance), cellphone, camera, datebook and money ($200 in crisp, unfolded bills), Ipod, headphones and car keys.  Because I  had nothing in my pockets and was not wearing a belt, security was as simple as unsnapping the pack ans putting it in the tray.  I’m not worried about being late, because I’m flying into a 2.5 hour layover.  The credit for this fortuitous planning goes to Victoria Yemnivelnovasomething, the travel agent recommended by the tour group.  She has been ever so personal and accommodating in solving and preparing all my travel arrangements.  She specializes in tours to the Ukraine and actually comes from the city I am about to do my “bride-hunting” in.

Everyone on this flight looks old.

Right now I’m mostly logging in traveling stuff.  It’s things I observed and it may be helpful to anyone who, like myself, has never traveled overseas before.  Travel Agent Victoria recommends Turkish Airlines because of the lower wait times.  It’s more expensive to travel with them usually, but it’s personally worth it to me to not spend an extra day (or two) in a Moscow airport rather than to have the extra $500.  Your travel arrangements may vary, do your own research.

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1/22/14 3:00 PM
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