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… two Ukrainian Women…

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I finally connected with TDH, off of the 10 hour flight.  Was not a bad flight overall.  Turns out TDH is participating after a few months of contemplation.  Because we have overlapping professions and worldviews, we hit it off well.  Our next flight was 1 hour long north over the black sea to Odessa.  It was 3 hours until takeoff and the gate was not even set yet, so we settled in and shared fellowship.  After some time, I rechecked the gate status and we moved to the new gate.

There we soon encountered [Redacted].  Later as we waited, two more people showed up, the Tour host, Mark Davis, and YB, a participant.

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Our flight was uneventful.  When we arrived, we had to put our bags through scanners (customs).  We were met outside by Anna Davis, the Wesh, and the Mark Davis-in-training [Jason].  We were driven to our respective hotels (mine being the “Hotel California”)  Later we connected for a late dinner at an Irish themed pub where I tried a [$30, not familiar with local currency and ridiculous prices yet] hamburger.  I was amused as we were leaving; two girls walking past asked where we were going and if anyone “needed a massage.”  Welcome to Odessa?

Odessa is a tour town, and like many the prices tend to be higher.  As a general rule, I learned to start paying attention to prices of things when they go over 100гпн (about $12).

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